Britney’s court-appointed attorney quits in protest but somehow we don’t think she gives AF

Britney’s court-appointed attorney quits in protest but somehow we don’t think she gives AF

Britney Spears (via Shutterstock), Samuel Ingham III (via LinkedIn)

On the heels of the resignation of Larry Rudolph, singer Britney Spears’ manager for over 25 years, another major figure in the saga of the embattled pop star has made overtures for his own exit.

Samuel D. Ingham III, Spears’ lawyer since 2008, has filed a request with the court to terminate his association with her.

Ingham submitted documents to the court late July 6, requesting that he leave her employ as soon as possible. TMZ reports that Spears’ statement in court on June 23 left Ingham furious.

In her statement at the time, Spears claimed she didn’t know she could request to end her conservatorship. TMZ further reports that Ingham had, indeed, advised Spears that she could request an end to the conservatorship, though the singer never opted to do so in the past.

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Ingham’s request to resign as Spears’ lawyer follows the resignation of Larry Rudolph just one day before. In a statement, Rudolph revealed that he had not spoken to Britney Spears for more than two and a half years. He also revealed that she plans to announce her full retirement, and will no longer require his services.

A Los Angeles court appointed Ingham as Spears’ lawyer back in 2008, at the start of her conservatorship. At the time, Spears had just endured a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold; the court deemed her not mentally competent enough to hire her own attorney.

Ingham has advocated for Spears ever since, including in hearings last year in which she petitioned the court to end her father, Jamie Spears’, role as conservator of Britney’s finances.

Later this month, Spears is scheduled to appear in court again. Members of her conservatorship have reportedly planned to present evidence disputing or disproving many of her recent claims.