Chella Man’s cold shower, KJ Apa’s pool date, & Andres Camilo’s black pig

This week Gus Kenworthy bulged for cannabis-infused seltzers, Todrick Hall was robbed, and Pose star Dyllón Burnside talked gay sex. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

John Duff saluted America.

Wesley Tucker found a mirror.

Jason Rodriguez made noise.

Andres Camilo mounted a pig.

Sander Jennings broke a sweat.

Jeffree Star crept through bed.

Neil Milan dyed his hair.

Ronnie Woo rode a horse.

Mark Mackillop raffled his jockstrap for a good cause.

Devin Ibañez grew wings.

Niv Nissim sprawled out.

Raneir Pollard broke free.

Christian Chávez wore white.

Bretman Rock watered the plants.

KJ Apa chilled with his dog.

Chella Man rinsed off.

Tom Daley kept his bag close.

Thaddeus Coates showed off his Calvins.

Duncan James hit the gym.

David Ortega wore pink

Okkar Min Maung kept his beanie on.

And Elliott Norris chilled at the park.