Eddie Izzard shares touching advice for anyone coming out and living as their authentic selves

Eddie Izzard has shared her touching advice for anyone who is planning on coming out and living as their authentic selves.

Izzard told LBC‘s Natasha Devon that “it gets better” for LGBT+ people who are considering opening up to the world about their identities.

The trailblazing comedian drew attention to heartbreaking statistics about the number of LGBT+ young people who are affected by mental ill-health and suicidal ideation.

“It’s probably easier than it’s ever been to come out, but there might be an idea that when you come out, boom, your life is made, you’re going to have relationships, and a whole bunch of stuff comes with it,” Eddie Izzard said.

“It doesn’t – in fact, once you come out there’s a 10 year right of passage, Arthurian knights’ quest, where you have to learn to rejig your life with your being out.

“That’s a bit of a saga, and I’ve done that. I did my 10 years, finished in 1995,” she joked.

Eddie Izzard said it’s a ‘great honour’ when people use her correct pronouns

Izzard went on to say that she is “ready for a fight at any time” and she will always shout abuse back at somebody if they target her.

“I’m sort of battle hardened now, so I’m sorry if people are having feeling they’re having a tough time. I would say, do come out but realise you’ve got about a 10 year acclimatisation fight after that that is there and you have to account for that.

“Don’t think it’s all going to be plain sailing after that because it isn’t. But it does get better and if you can stay that course your life will be so much better.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Eddie Izzard spoke of the “great honour” she feels when people refer to her using her correct pronouns.

“It’s such a great honour. I’m putting it into words but I can’t quite explain it. Every time someone says it, I just, woah, what a hit, it’s very positive.

“So I feel forwards, onwards, upwards, and the disagreements that are there, they will happen and people get fractious but hopefully we will constantly be moving forward to a better place.”