Elton, Demi, Trixie, Gay YouTubers Made Don’t-Miss Moments; Miley Covers Abba, Madonna, Cher. But, YouTube’s Dan is Magic WATCH

Watch ICYMI June Releases many of us missed with Pride Part 2 : This interview with Billy Porter about all of it with Bill Coleman is another not to miss. Part of the ‘Red Hot’ Release, “aka ‘A Couple of Black Queers Sitting ‘round Talkin’”
Dan of ‘Dan and Phil…’ does an hour of ‘anti-pride pride’ and it has it’s awkward moments, but it hits the mark more than it misses. The Emo King of gay YouTubers brings honest talk, deep fears we don’t speak, funny bits, and YouTube skills from a decade doing it. Plus: a show from the UK by Attitude magazine with artist Ava Max; The full-length version of a Stonewall documentary by the NYC LGBTQ Center.

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ICYMI Releases From June 2021 Part 2

1. Gay And Not Proud – Daniel Howell | YouTube Pride 2021

Surprisingly smart, emotional, entertaining, and shows how a master does YouTube. Dan of ‘Dan and Phil’ dives into his psyche, meets heartthrob singer Will Young, in a mostly clever series of segments to keep you going.

On June 25, join Daniel Howell as he is the only one of the five Pride hosts from the ranks of gay YouTubers celebrates YouTube Pride 2021 by taking a journey through his past, and asks – what would have been different if Dan was proud? It’s going to be an emotional and metaphorical rollercoaster with music, surprise guests and of course a lot of inappropriately self-deprecating humour. Most importantly, it will be a celebration of acceptance and everything Pride stands for.

Dan of Dan and Phil, top emo gay youtubers

What do you think?

2. Celebrate Pride loud and proud with Olly Alexander & Mawaan Rizwan | YouTube Pride 2021

Olly Alexander and Mawaan Rizwan are celebrating the reopening of East London with a virtual Loud and Proud Pride Party on Friday June 25th. Along with LGBTQ+ friends from the worlds of comedy, music, social media and activism, Olly and Mawaan invite you to experience an old Victorian pub turned into the ultimate virtual party pad with a surprise in every room. What is guaranteed: A solid hour of celebration, fan Q&A, and unforgettable musical performances by Olly and others—all in support of akt and The Trevor Project. Watch now, only on YouTube.

3. Celebrate Pride with a purpose with Elton John, David Furnish & special guests | YouTube Pride 2021

Elton John and David Furnish Host and speak with some of the young people helped by their foundation.

On June 25, Elton John & David Furnish are throwing their doors wide open and inviting you to the ultimate, at-home Pride celebration. Join them for an hour to hear what Pride means to them, surprise guests and inspiring messages from people and families across the LGBTQ+ community—all in support of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, akt and The Trevor Project. Watch now, only on YouTube.

Donate to akt: If you’d like to donate to akt, please use the link here: https://tiltify.com/+youtube-x-akt-pr…

Donate to The Trevor Project:

To learn more about the topics discussed in this show, please see resources below:


4. Can Trixie and friends create the ultimate Pride celebration? | YouTube Pride 2021

We are all gay YouTubers Now. Even Trixie and Monet X Change

L.A. nightclubs have been dark for months. But this Pride, Trixie Mattel is going to reopen, reclaim, and re-glam one such club with a little help from her friends. Join Trixie, Monet X Change, Kim Chi, Denali, and Peppermint on June 25 for a virtual Pride celebration as they host 60 minutes of music, makeup, and mayhem—all in support of The Trevor Project and AKT. And don’t miss a minute: In addition to drag performances and spilled tea, Trixie will be premiering an original song, just for Pride. Watch now, only on YouTube.

5. Demi Lovato performs their greatest hits this Pride season | YouTube Pride 2021

Demi Lovato Hosts an hour of hits and discussions with gay YouTubers

On June 25, celebrate Pride 2021 with Demi Lovato as they take you on a stunning visual journey exploring love, community, joy and pure LGBTQ+ celebration. For 60 minutes, experience live performances, special guests, fan Q&A and video calls, an appearance by Trans Chorus of Los Angeles and a spectacular finale performance from Demi themself. All in support of The Trevor Project and AKT. Watch now, only on YouTube.

6. Ava Max headlines Attitude Pride at Home Opening Party, in partnership with Klarna

Crank up the volume as the Attitude Pride at Home Opening Party, in partnership with Klarna, presents a star-studded music extravaganza not to be missed.

Featuring exclusive and specially-recorded performances from Ava Max, Tia Kofi, L Devine, Darin, Madeline The Person, Brooke Eden, Marisha Wallace, Au/Ra, Allison Ponthier, the London Gay Men’s Chorus and an hour-long DJ set from Sink the Pink drag stars Jonbenet Blonde and Tete Bang.

7. BILLY PORTER: “Caught In The Middle” A RED HOT + FREE One on One Interview by Bill Coleman

Billy Porter covers ‘Caught in the Middle’

‘Caught In The Middle’ with Billy Porter Covering the Juliet Roberts’ 1993 dance hit

A Red Hot One on One.
Interviewed by Bill Coleman who produced the cover and the album at the recording session.
(aka ‘A Couple of Black Queers Sitting ‘round Talkin’)

Follow Red Hot Org:
Official Website: https://redhot.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redhotorg

Follow Billy Porter:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/theebillyporter
Website: https://billyporter.com

Follow Bill Coleman:

8. Stonewall Forever – A Documentary about the Past, Present and Future of Pride

Sylvia Rivera at one of the first pride rallies

Stonewall Forever is a documentary from NYC’s LGBT Community Center directed by Ro Haber. The film brings together voices from over 50 years of the LGBTQ rights movement to explore queer activism before, during and after the Stonewall Riots.

The history of the Stonewall Riots is equally as cherished as it is charged. There are questions of who was there, who “threw the first brick” and who can claim Stonewall. This film doesn’t answer these questions but instead it aims to expand the story of Stonewall by including more voices in its telling.

Stonewall Forever brings together queer activists, experienced and new, to look at the movement for LGBTQ equality before, during and after Stonewall. It highlights trans people, people of color and homeless people who were at the forefront of the movement, and who have often been erased from the narrative. It explores how the activism of today stands on the shoulders of the activists who have come before. And it asks us all to recognize the legacy of Stonewall that remains today, when the struggle for queer rights is far from over.

Stonewall Forever was directed by Ro Haber and created by a predominantly queer and trans cast and crew who are proud to be a part of preserving this legacy.

9. Miley Cyrus – Believe (Stand by You Pride Special) | Peacock Originals

Synopsis: This hour-long concert event, filmed at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, will feature multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter, and trailblazer Miley Cyrus performing an array of her hits such as “The Climb” and “Party in the U.S.A.” and putting her creative spin on beloved classics, including “Believe,” “True Colors,” “We Belong,” “Dancing Queen,” and a special Madonna medley featuring “Music,” “Express Yourself,” and “Like A Prayer” all in the spirit of Pride. Miley Cyrus Presents Stand by You will feature special guests, award-winning artists and LGBTQ+ allies Brothers Osborne, Mickey Guyton, Little Big Town, Maren Morris and Orville Peck who will join Cyrus for memorable performances and deliver a night of live music and creative collaboration in celebration of Pride.

10. ‘Stand By You’ Miley Cyrus’ Special for Peacock

Marren Morris and Miley Cyrus

(0:00 – 2:17) Intro
(2:18 – 6:00) Believe by Cher
(6:01 – 9:33) Miley’s Speech
(9:34 – 13:22) True Colors (feat. Little Big Town)
(13:23 – 17:40) My Heart Beats For Love
(18:17 – 22:17) We Belong (feat. Brothers Osborne)
(22:53 – 29:54) Madonna Medley
(30:24 – 34:18) Cowboy Take Me Away (feat. Orville Peck)
(35:33 – 39:23)Dancing Queen (feat. Maren Morris)
(41:15 – 44:56) I’ll Stand By You
(45:20 – 47:53) Heart Of Glass (feat. Mickey Guyton)
(51:00 – 54:56) The Climb
(57:03 – 1:00:58) Party In The USA
(1:01:29 – 1:08:16) Freedom

11. ‘Saturday Night Live’ Gay Super Cross Cut

all credits to snl – https://www.youtube.com/snl

Gay Supercut from Saturday Night Live

New Beginnings Summer Camp – https://youtu.be/eGx7tiNofVc
Advice Show – https://youtu.be/tO1WANL-2Us
The Real Intros of Reality Hills – https://youtu.be/Rl5dZuX7QuU
Pride Month Song – https://youtu.be/ZpoxvdUz2Ac
Around the Town – https://youtu.be/UY1iIsyjKIA
Weekend Update: The Iceberg on the Sinking of the Titanic – https://youtu.be/qP5bu9hLH9E
Fast and Furious – https://youtu.be/EP2380mi7vM
Disney Housewives – https://youtu.be/b-2fnZfK9Lg
Cast List – https://youtu.be/Ve1kmdHTY24
GP Yass – https://youtu.be/DmkPpA2RT-Y
Totino’s with Kristen Stewart – https://youtu.be/A4kpVO56OBU
It Gets Better – https://youtu.be/SFEcUKN6oVs
New Wife – https://youtu.be/OCxx2jFu1rI
Porn Doctor – https://youtu.be/F8TR34viNo0
Marcus Comes to Dinner – https://youtu.be/gTnqJRFL7Gc
The Admiral – https://youtu.be/odqgPRAC1Jg
Xanax for Gay Summer Weddings – https://youtu.be/igDCnUaAxAQ
The Spartans – https://youtu.be/yHrnDi6WbFw
Private Detective – https://youtu.be/MYaGLl7TkEI
Sara Lee – https://youtu.be/aeoxg8hx-lc
Robot Presentation – https://youtu.be/i0dvv4fTiqA
Firehouse Incident – https://youtu.be/grCwwwzYaWg
Supermarket Sweep – https://youtu.be/wh79QUiU4Qo
The Sex Talk – https://youtu.be/eHGm_Rt5SdM
The Grinch – https://youtu.be/9mygIw4Pmg0
The Group Hopper – https://youtu.be/CnTltDzqhzM

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