21 AND OVER ONLY! Your neighborhood gay bar.

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Located in the heart of the Castro, 440 is a great place to meet up with friends and make new ones.

Must be 21 yrs old or more to enter 440 Castro! Id will be asked if you look under 30! Thank you!



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Daniela B.
16:42 30 Jun 24
Bar had old school music. The dancers were a pleasure to watch. The drinks were ok. And the bathroom I couldn't see what I was doing in there. It was so...
Alexis C.
23:01 06 Jun 24
I'm a regular to this iconic bar! Love the drinks and I waited for a drink knowing they serve the best drinks.This OG bartender tall stock Mexican guy...
Prince LaCarlous Jackson
11:31 28 May 24
I really enjoyed myself on Memorial Day will be coming back again….. Great Drinks!!! 🍹 ❤️
16:12 10 Apr 24
Then again, we heard "Cry to Me" by Solomon Burke from 1962 last night and that was great!
Frank Martin
13:18 04 Apr 24
Nice Bar , friendly staff and customers. Had a great lunch time drink session here. May not be everyone's kind of bar but we liked it.Fair prices and good service.
DHH Experience
05:46 22 Mar 24
Kinda small inside the bar, no roomy to sit, not enough seating.Mostly white, black and Latino crowds, racist snobbish attitudes and ignored you like you’re invisible and it’s out of place. 🫥Not much into Asians or Filipinos. (API hate)Also not really Deaf friendly service too.Observed White the bouncer let white, Latino and black in without license or ID, like they’re VIP. Not FAIR to me. He refused me in, required me to show ID based on my race.Bartender seems like their favorite whites the regular customers, MUCH OLDERS and BEARS too.
Phily Browne
08:56 21 Mar 24
Upon entering with my partner the doorman told us the drink deal is but one get one free so that got us in, when we asked the bartender about the offer, he claimed that we needed tockens, as we went back outside to request the tokens from the door man, the bartender snook behind the curtain to signal the doorman not to let us in? Maybe because we are foreigners or because they have favoritism? But I wouldn’t be coming back here nor do I recommend to anyone especially tourists!!
19:34 13 Mar 24
The music had gotten way TOO LOUD lately. And what is the music they're playing anyway? Love the bar and the bartenders and the crowd but...
Nicola B.
12:23 31 Jan 24
Pete DooLittle style of art certainly enhances your experience at 440 Castro. Rock on PD
Scott E
03:23 23 Jan 24
What an amazing bar. Monday night $5.00 margaritas are awesome. Great staff!
John C.
16:34 17 Jan 24
Very friendly bar, very friendly staff, fair price in drinks, laid back atmosphere. I brought a group of five from out of town and we spent a fortune. The...
Dennis Livingston
17:27 22 Dec 23
I went here last week with some friends because of their awesome Happy Hour. The drinks were good and there was plenty of seating for everyone, but one of the bartenders (a short, older man with glasses) was incredibly rude to my friends and I. He had an awful attitude toward us and treated us terribly. We will definitely not be going back here again because no one should be treated badly like the bartender at 440 Castro treated us. There are plenty of other bars in the Castro that have friendly and welcoming bartenders unlike the short, older bartender here with glasses. If you are looking for a spot with friendly bartenders, this is not the place.
Alexis C.
21:37 12 Dec 23
Not recommended for people of color I got served by some new bartenders I never seen before I was waiting for a beer for 15 minutes and got served before by...
04:55 12 Dec 23
Great drinks. Strong. Very welcoming and accommodating. Had luggage with me and it was not an issue. Granted it was a slow time. Just a great bar. Go.
Leanne Pearl
18:37 10 Dec 23
They have the best vibes. Went there for a night cap and loved the bartenders energy. Hi Tony! The Christmas lights were on point and the energy was flowing.
Frank A. Brash
19:13 02 Dec 23
It seems there are less bars in The Castro then in the past. That's unfortunate. This one, in the heart of The Castro is a smallish, narrow, crowded party with two bars filled with bar stools, dark corners for whispering secrets, an extremely handsome, somewhat older but active and friendly clientele, good drinks and on the nights I was there, fun retro vids and music without feeling dated. You're sure to have a pleasant conversation with someone there in a short time. The bartenders are nice and helpful. Good lighting, fun environment. Great place to start your evening.
Jaime Patricio M.
23:27 05 Oct 23
Easily the rudest place in the castro. The door attendant pretty much told me to leave--I have been to hundreds of establishments and have never received...
Josivan Lima
06:28 05 Oct 23
The atmosphere is great, beautiful and fun people, what's not good is the music, they have bad taste in electronic music.
Brandyn D.
02:26 30 Sep 23
The bar has always been a good vibe until this experience. I do not recommend using the communal men's restroom. I had a random man try to remove my pants...
chris kamon
17:44 16 Sep 23
What a wonderful experience. You must stop in for at least one drink. Great staff and very comfortable surroundings.
Ashley B.
09:22 15 Sep 23
As a gay woman I've never been treated so poorly in the Castro. Born and raised here and this is the first time San Francisco has broken my heart and killed...
Andrew W.
16:23 25 Aug 23
used to be a regular! i stop going because the bartenders are rude and unfriendly. never going back !!!
John Martin-Rutherford
14:22 10 Jul 23
A great place to go to be with friends or make new ones. Good drinks, handsome bartenders and an always festive atmosphere. (Some decent wines would be a super addition... )
Adrian B.
22:15 24 Jun 23
Not the place to go if you're a black person, had a very uncomfortable encounter with a staff member that was very nasty towards me and singled me out for...
Jacob D.
09:31 28 May 23
Been here a few times prior when visiting and I really like this place out of the other two I frequented during this trip (The Mix & Midnight Sun). As a...
Andrew V.
19:18 01 May 23
Nice bartenders and good staff.Solid bear type bar but everyone is accepted. Fun pregame place
Rafael I.
01:29 19 Mar 23
From Dan Diego, had an amazing time. Felt right at home, all bartenders were friendly and nice. I recommend this place. N
Deanna G.
19:48 09 Mar 23
I was discriminated against at this gay bar by a white male name shane he is the manager of this space I went in to buy a ginger ale soda he told me black...
Ralph Hibbs
16:28 23 Feb 23
Great gayborhood bar for the older make crowd and their admirers. Fairly popular any night of the week with drink specials most week days.
David George Johnson
01:47 22 Feb 23
My favorite bar in the Castro.There are daily specials or events which is great!The staff is always welcoming and friendly.Cards are now accepted as payments which is excellent!This bar is great!
Robert Taylor
23:56 11 Jan 23
A gay safe space primary for locals. I am glad this place is keeping to the Castro roots and not changing into another gay disneyland site for tourist.
Quinn Calhoun
02:14 02 Jan 23
Underwear night is so much fun! Attended my first one and while it was overwhelming and hectic at times, everyone was generally pretty friendly and respectful enough to not grab or touch without consent.When it's not underwear night, it's still a fun, divey daddy bar to come into. Good music, very friendly staff who look out for the patrons and reasonably priced drinks! I can't say that I've ever had a bad experience here and this is a reason why I choose to return to this Bar in particular.
Hum V.
10:20 05 Dec 22
I've only been there once on a day that they had $5. margaritas. A bargain as the margaritas were great. Friendly bartender. Sat at at bar and felt...
Nathan M.
09:09 29 Nov 22
I'm transgender and was waiting to use the gender neutral bathroom. A couple very large men and a woman cut in front of me. The bartender opened the door...
Thomas D.
07:40 21 Nov 22
Instead of heading home (which we should have!) we wound up here at 440.It turned out to be a real fun night. They have Guinness on tap! The bartenders...
Greg N.
17:02 12 Nov 22
It can be a mixed bag... I came here the first time with a contact who was like "Well, I'm gay so if you want to meet up during pride, we'll have to meet at...
K. Howard
06:35 23 Oct 22
Great bar! Tony, Claudio, and Rex are fantastic behind the counter. Always a great time.
Alan Bushell
11:48 02 Oct 22
Friendly part of San Francisco with plenty of bars and restaurants easy to reach by street car or metro
Eason C.
16:55 28 Sep 22
Came here w my couple of my friends...it was alright in the first place that we got in. Until this shitty ass bar attendant told us that we gotta go based...
Frank Shamrock
02:32 23 Sep 22
The drink specials Monday thru Friday are great. Especially during happy hour.
Harry P.
16:59 26 Aug 22
Super fun place to play. Very intertaining. The drinks are superb and reasonably priced. The crowd is extremely nurturing and friendly. No attitudes...
Mike Dallas
17:33 08 Aug 22
My favorite bar on Castro. Kind of a dive bar with friendly staff and clientele and cheap booze. I kept going back every night during my stay in SF and spent most of the time sitting outside. I made a lot friends there.
Mike Parrish
18:48 24 Jul 22
The music is good for the middle aged crowd, the customers are all friendly and the bartenders rock.
Carlos Chavarin Jr.
01:36 25 Jun 22
I've been coming here for years and have never had a bad experience. Yesterday, I went in after few, (pre-Covid), years and being around people, made my day so much better. Thank you, 440 Castro, these days, I take my "happy" moments, where I can get them.
Christian Sp.
00:48 23 Jun 22
Nice and convenient bar, friendly staff. A bit loud sometimes but, well, this is when many people are within a tiny place.Outside sitting under a roof, so you'll stay dry when it rains.
Jairo J.
12:52 16 Jun 22
Came here on a vacation trip to San Fran. The drinks were strong and well priced. I came on Wednesday, they had 2 for 1 cocktails. Was a relaxing...
Topo Gigio
15:26 06 Jun 22
Great place to start out Saturday night. Quick service and friendly staff. Leans a little older but there was a fairly diverse mix of people out front on the patio.
Krystian Whellans
05:21 27 May 22
A friendly place to introduce yourself to Castro Street - great cute and edible staff 🙃 and good shots in your drinks hiccup
02:19 18 May 22
It has been a long overdue return and I’m glad I went. It was good to see faces and have lent seem for obvious reasons.
Missy Green
01:03 12 May 22
It's a nice place to go have a drink, it's not really my scene me being trans and all but if you are looking for a daddy or a bear 440 is definitely for you.
Greg N.
09:16 22 Apr 22
It's a mixed bag - this was one of the first gay bars I ever went to, I was meeting a former teacher the summer before Snowden. (I was just turning 21ish...
aja monet
09:40 26 Mar 22
I always have a great time when I go to 440 Castro great theme nights great drinks
15:44 25 Mar 22
Good place for locals to mingle and the drinks are priced well.
John Hughes
08:26 12 Mar 22
Great neighborhood bar, friendly to all types of LBGTQ etc folks.
John M.
20:56 26 Jan 22
I go here on Wednesdays because you get two cocktails for the price of one all day. They have other special things they offer on other days. The bartenders...
15:58 31 Dec 21
Great vibe and cheap drinks, but after being there for only an hour or so we went back to coat check and the guy “couldn’t find” one of my favorite shirts. In retrospect and after reading other reviews I’m sure he stole it. Great bar and I will be back, but beware of coat check.
Steven Lastname
00:34 30 Dec 21
It’s OK, but for a similar crowd The Edge is a better choice. For some reason this bar seems to attract weird drunks that you would rather not talk to. It’s also more full of tourists and loud girls on a “wild night out” than other Castro bars. Frankly, if you like the bear crowd the best place to go is Hole In The Wall or The Eagle.
19:02 28 Dec 21
Liked the bar and had a fun night, but the coat check guy misplaced/lost/stole my shirt and based on other reviews it doesn’t seem like a one time thing. Too bad cause seems like a fun spot to hang!
Dusan Jovanovic
19:40 27 Dec 21
Local bar, dark and cozy inside. Fair prices
Infinity Huang
09:36 19 Dec 21
Its the people, I always have wonderful time there, the drink and the music is ok I guess?
Monica T
22:12 14 Dec 21
The energy and vibes were so cold I couldn't stay in past the bar. The way the other patrons looked at me let me know I was in the wrong bar and I'm probably not welcomed there lol. Deeply noted. I will not be back
Joseph D.
09:06 14 Dec 21
I once went here for a work trip (yesterday) to scope out the place before bringing my (mostly) straight colleagues the following day. It was Monday, which...
roger murray
11:27 14 Nov 21
been many years since i was there. had a great time with down to earth patrons and staff . one of the bartenders, Claudio, made my night especially fun. i wont be letting as many years oass vefire i go back again. infact i think it will become a san francisco regular for me when lm in town
Paul Dessureau
23:22 12 Nov 21
Same bartender last 3 times very rude guy was short dont know his name but dont go to him if you have a choice. Just asked for vaccine cert. Just to sit outside. And just was so rude. I said sure and showed but he again was just ryde.
Roberto Vilchez
00:27 28 Oct 21
Love this place. Vacationing in SF and while visiting Castro district decided to take advantage of happy hour. Love love love it. I feel like at home aka NYC. Bartender is amazing, friendly and sexy. The crowd is cool and relaxed. Ame during the day. Maybe at night this place gets wild. Might stay to see the action. Haha. #thumbsup
Matthew Hastings
21:59 13 Sep 21
A fun place to hang out. I always enjoy the crowd at 440!
Andrew W.
16:32 06 Sep 21
The bartenders are rude except Tony. They act like we are doing them a favor for being there. I understand masks BUT MASKS ON WHEN DRINKING??? No bar is...
Angel V.
03:32 28 Aug 21
Bartender was rude as fuck. Older white man. Friend was going to tip in cash and was taking her money out to leave, and the bartender started screaming at...
Christopher Allison
01:55 17 Aug 21
They now have an outdoor drinking area what you get plastic cups but that's fine great place to meet bears and hang out and be social
Livier Garcia
06:52 03 Aug 21
The vibe was the best, it was busy but still had fun. We were there for only one night visiting from Las Vegas.
Salvador G.
10:01 27 Jul 21
I love this bar I been coming for years and is one of my favorite places I always meet my friends there for a drinks service is always excellent and happy...
Nacho Averij
19:00 20 Jul 21
The bartenders here can be rude if you don't tip them well, they somehow feel entitled to collect more than $3 of tips for each drink on a $2 Tuesday 😄, also noticed one of the bartenders hide (steal) a poor man's backpack into an alternative entryway, which most likely resulted in causing the man a ton of stress. They also tend to call police on the wrong people, are very offensive if you believe in God, as I have seen and heard a bartender yell "F your God" to a man who asked him to "stop messing with Gods children" which is a very offensive and wrong thing to say to anyone, especially while at work, while serving other customers. Sorry, but I don't support hate.
Ricardo X.
10:44 20 Jul 21
I love this place, very chill, nice place to kick it and $5 drinks!!! I really like it and every time I go to SF I stop by
Leandro Miranda
04:05 14 Jul 21
Nice place to make new friends and drink .
Matthew Hensley
22:41 11 Jul 21
My favorite Castro hang out. I usually start my evening here. Nice multigenerational crowd with out the Castro clone attitude.
Eddie Navarro
20:58 06 Jul 21
So full of trash, dirty and trong smell of urine.Disappointed
Nacho Averij
13:52 25 Jun 21
The bartenders here can be rude if you don't tip them well, they somehow feel privileged to collect more than $3 of tips for each drink on a $2 Tuesday 😄, also noticed one of the bartenders hide (steal) a poor man's backpack into an alternative entryway, which most likely resulted in causing the man a ton of stress. They also tend to call police on the wrong people, are very offensive if you believe in God, as I have seen and heard a bartender yell "F your God" to a man who asked him to "stop messiNg with Gods children" which is a very offensive and wrong thing to say to anyone, especially while at work, while serving other customers. Sorry, but I don't support hate.
Veronika Fimbres
22:43 13 Jun 21
My favorite Castro Bar! They make DRINKS! Need I say more?
Jamie L.
22:01 13 Jun 21
My friends and I came to this bar for a good time and we ran into so many problems. The environment, AND the service. We got the check and 1 minute later...
Matthew Caputo
05:46 23 May 21
So this is what bars in prison feel like. Sit as your assigned seat. Do not move your assigned seat. To not interact with persons you didn't arrive with. Violation of these rules will get you expelled from the premises. Maybe it was a better place pre-covid. Maybe it will improve again. For now, drink at home
Daron Go
21:04 11 Apr 21
Love this place! Friendly staff and patrons.
Franklin T (Tfl14)
20:31 06 Apr 21
Who said you have to be lonely in San Francisco at night... there is a store on Castro st in who has you covered. Lol
Carlos H.
11:20 11 Feb 21
I'm glad that 440 continues to operate. Every person is friendly & respectful. Times are tough during COVID, so I'm happy to come and help support this gay...
Neil G.
17:34 27 Sep 20
$23 for 2 HALF shots of Bailey's the size of cough syrup in these tiny green cups! 440 just lost a customer. I came here to support The Cove and 440 post...
Diana Tuaty
17:51 07 Dec 19
Great place to drink and have fun at Castro. We went with a group of friends, the place was crowded but the service was good and the price for the beer also fare! There are some chairs to sit at the bar but mostly you just have to stay stand up.

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