C C Attle’s

C C Attle’s

Known for it's strong drinks and good food

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Laid-back local gay bar serving pub food & cocktails with open-mike night, patio & late hours.

CC's has long been a safe place for Seattles gay Community to come and party! Now Located at 1701 E Olive Way, in Seattle's lower Capitol Hill Neighborhood



C C Attle's
Based on 220 reviews
Bobby Black
00:27 06 Apr 24
Great staff great people stiff drinks
Krys Whellans
06:38 24 Feb 24
Good bar for out of town visited introduction to the Seattle scene.Sadly when we tried to go on our last night some OLD queen pretending to be SACuritydemanded ID. Shame you didn’t ask for ID on the presidents birthday weekend when I first entered and left a glowing review.
Wahots Wolf
09:57 17 Nov 23
A nice little bar! Drinks here ain't anything fancy, but the community more than makes up for it. We always come here for the first Saturday night of the month, and the atmosphere is awesome. The owner of the bar is also a great dude.I know it's a gay bar, but I'd love to see you do hot drinks like tea and coffee for people who wanna just socialize on a weekday afternoon with friends. It can be a peaceful place sometimes, too 🙂
Alden C.
05:44 02 Nov 23
I have had CC Attle's on my "to try" list forever. Not really any good excuse as to why it took so long for me to finally visit other than being overwhelmed...
Edwin F.
20:23 26 Oct 23
Friendly staff. Decent crowd. Not disappointed. Would definitely be returning, and enjoying some of the apps
Logan S.
02:37 06 Aug 23
Maybe the rude staff at the door should focus more on the drugged out twink passing out in the lobby (been there btw)... instead of denying us entry because...
05:00 25 Jun 23
Usually I love coming here. I have never been treated so poorly forced out of the building the moment I walked in because I was not dressed the way they wanted me to. They said I was overdressed. The lady at the front should be trained on customer service immediately. You guys will return customers this way. Don't turn away paying customers.
Ken P.
22:30 24 Jun 23
Quite disappointed in your "pride weekend" event. Wanted to stop for a cocktail on my way home. Was denied entrance because I wasn't dressed in leather....
Romy N.
10:55 26 Apr 23
This is one of my "Go to" bars. Depending on when you go, it Could be quiet and cozy or packed and inviting. No cover charge, friendly staff and strong...
Kyle Crowley
23:06 01 Apr 23
A great staple Seattle gay bar! We stop by here whenever we’re visiting.
Michael Perkins
20:14 31 Mar 23
I used to love coming to this place, but my visit today not a single person greeted me! It was a crowd of millennials that don't know how to speak. Or get out of their phones.
Jon M
08:09 04 Mar 23
Steve, Eric and Jeff thanks for being our bartender.*WORK GURL* love ya! 03/04/2023
S S.
20:52 04 Feb 23
Just had a terribly frustrating experience trying to go to CC's at 8PM on a Saturday. Our group of three kinky gay men of various ethnicities over 30 years...
Kwame S.
15:00 10 Jan 23
From the moment we arrived we had rude service from multiple people including the bartenders. I have never been screamed at to MOVE from an area before at...
John S
10:26 04 Jan 23
They are charging $8 for well drinks. They somehow think they are the cheapest on Cap hill, but every other bar charges less for a well drink. This bar is way too expensive for what you get!
Brett K
20:23 12 Dec 22
Causal bar with sometimes grumpy bar keeps, but strong drinks if you leave a decent tip or frequent this establishment. Things to remember: you pay every time you order so there are no open tabs unless you prepay for an extra drink, and not saying hello to the barkeep(s) will likely not get you service.This is a cool place for drinks with friends or coworkers, and billiard and TVs to pass the time.I have not tried the food so my rating is based on drinks, atmosphere, and service.
Carol Sutherland
01:55 09 Dec 22
Love that Lonnie Devine. I look for photos of him in every posting! Best bartender in C C ATTLES!!
Mark L.
01:53 04 Sep 22
Cool bar. Great people. The music, however, is always terrible and always makes me think twice before venturing in. It would be much better if they got a...
A M.
12:10 26 Jul 22
The doorman was super rude to 9 happy lesbians and said awful stuff I don't want to repeat here. Still, we shook it off like the dykes we are, went inside,...
Brett B.
12:35 04 Jul 22
Causal bar with sometimes grumpy bar keeps, but strong drinks if you leave a decent tip or frequent this establishment. Things to remember: you pay every...
Samantha Ikola
14:37 29 Jun 22
This is a very inclusive place I love it. It's not to crowded. Good music, and good drinks the ba food is good too
Diesel Frankenberg
20:41 11 May 22
Love this bar. Very friendly staff and the owner is amazing. Great community support. Love y'all.
Jeff Becker
22:17 07 Mar 22
Great drinks and a fun crowd. The staff is always friendly and great events happen here too.
Samuel C.
20:52 14 Feb 22
I'm slowly getting back out and going to places again. There's something about the front door checking vaccine cards and comparing it to my ID that makes me...
Seann R.
21:35 16 Jan 22
Great neighborhood gay bar. All LGBTQ+ welcome! No judgment from anyone! Unlike other gay bars on the hill. Strong drinks and friendly faces
Chris Mack
01:45 30 Dec 21
It's great for cheap, tasty food like club sandwiches, burgers, quesadillas, nachos, etc. Not a big fan of beers out of plastic cups. Some great, personable bartenders, some that aren't at all. It is a big deal to me for a bar if staff are courteous and welcoming, so I'm not really drawn to CC's as I am to some other places. Still, worth checking out.
Korn S.
02:58 21 Nov 21
Awful customer service, it's a bar I get it but wow some of their employees are rude. First time I asked if they had French fries and the bartender told me...
Anonymous A.
16:51 07 Sep 21
I hadn't been to Seattle for a few years and was looking forward to dinner and some beer here. Unfortunately, the food menu was rather disappointing and...
Jay C.
09:44 03 Aug 21
Discrimination. Why refusing a customer could spell trouble: Discriminating against a protected class can get you in legal hot water. But refusing to serve...
Oars Head
20:04 29 Jul 21
Not a welcoming establishment.
Mike R.
23:23 09 Jul 21
Disgusting. Ugly. Vile. Everything about this place is gross. What a waste of existence.
Ben-Collin C.
22:10 05 Jul 21
Came in with a group of friends and were served by Marcus and Daniel. Best bar experience ever. As a former bartender, I'm a hard customer to please. I like...
Phillip L.
08:44 05 Jul 21
This was one of many "interesting" and "weird" experiences I've had reconnecting with Seattle as an adult after being gone for years. The first time I...
Victoria H.
03:45 25 Jun 21
They keep removing reviews because this place is so bad stay away! They have a special media loophole that makes it impossible to review them (if it's a new...
Raychel R.
01:09 15 Jun 21
My friend and I randomly stumbled upon this bar. It was late, and about 30 minutes to closing time. We managed to order a drink each...something slushie. It...
V Weber
19:30 25 May 21
Not only is requiring vaccination cards for entry a possible hippa violation but if you require your employees to be vaccinated you are responsible for any side effects they have from the vaccine according to the osha website. Update: I've noticed many reviews within the last couple hours , probably people who work here ( since many of them only have 1 review they've done ) also osha changed there rules about making employers responsible, so many flip flops from big pharma I guess they want their money from those shots they made.
Derek Bushnell
22:02 21 Apr 21
The drinks are off the chain,and the staff is fine as hell, courteous.
Ken P
22:23 12 Apr 21
Current Covid Hours 4pm-11pm everyday.Temp checks and plenty of hand sanitizer and masks required.Table markers for available, occupied or needs cleaning.No lines at bar- Take a number and watch screens for your turn.
Fernando Mora
05:55 04 Apr 21
We had a table. My friends and I went for a smoke and when we came back
Curt Mendoza
01:06 22 Mar 21
I really love this place. Pre pandemic they were always friendly and had the best vibe if you want a chill gay bar, not a club scene. Also, amazing place to watch new RuPaul’s Drag Race. Post pandemic they have really made you feel safe and follow CDC regulations and some!The bartenders feel safe so it makes for a happy environment. Very welcoming and progressive. One of my favorite spots on Capitol Hill. 10 STARS!
Andy V.
13:56 07 Mar 21
This is a nice place to check out if you are either one on one or with a closed circle of friends. They do a great job with social distancing because...
Nicholas Quilts
20:08 05 Dec 20
My favorite hangout on cap hill. Very clean, very friendly. An institution.

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