Cathedral Station

Cathedral Station

Gay Sports Bar and Neighborhood Pub

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Cathedral Station is a Sports Bar and Pub catering to the LGBT community and our neighbors in Boston's South End. We welcome everyone thru our doors!

We are proud to have a management team with extensive knowledge of the industry and sports. The location provides a bar area, dining area, entertainment area with pool table and dart boards, as well as an outdoor patio area.



Cathedral Station
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Jr Lamont
00:25 02 May 24
Amazing service ! Tried out the chicken Parmesan and was blown away . . . Food was quite amazing . Good crowd! Why aren’t there more people at this place . Strawberry lemon drop 10/10
Ramil Zamanov
21:20 16 Apr 24
Stupidest place ever! They did not accept my European ID card and asked for a passport. Who carries their passport at the age of 30? Ridiculous!!!P.s i tried other bars in Boston and all of them laughed at me when I said about the passport thing. They accepted my EU id without a problem. Maybe, this establishment should accept the fact that they are racists and hostile against tourists. Such a shame!
Ben D.
07:16 05 Apr 24
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Abdel Kawaf
17:23 29 Dec 23
I am surprised about the bad reviews. I have been there several times and I always had a great experience. The place is spacious and has its own charms, staff are friendly, good food and very laidback atmosphere. It’s perfect for LGBTQ people who are looking for places to hangout engage with local LGBTQ community while it’s not too loud and overly crowded.
Benjamin Sanchez
04:00 27 Nov 23
The fish taco are quite special—nothing complicated, just simple and delicious.
Andy B.
14:25 05 Nov 23
These guys are great and I'm so glad they're here! The first room has a good bar vibe, but they need more round bar top tables to the left so all can see...
Meredith A.
10:31 04 Nov 23
This is the "compliment" I received after my review."Shared with management so you don't have to deal with such terrible service anymore. Or you can keep...
Ken C.
10:38 03 Nov 23
Went for Sunday brunch. I ordered the Breakfast Burrito which I would not recommend. Friend ordered the Steak Tip Salad which they enjoyed. Service was...
02:44 05 Oct 23
The man at the door was super nice. Told him we were there to eat but the kitchen was closed. He told us to go down the street and feel free to bring food we bought back inside. I’ve never experienced that before. We did as he said and he brought us napkins and picked up our mess when we were done. So kind. We had a great time.
Emily M.
22:44 26 Sep 23
I am not someone who would typically post a bad review, but this is a warranted one. Went here with some friends this weekend. Place was pretty dead, yet...
Alexis M.
06:40 20 Aug 23
Good vibe. Strong drinks and the fries are delicious. Thursday nights they play old school R&B and funk which I love and the servers are very attentive and...
Scot G.
19:38 05 Apr 23
Large comfortable space. Friendliest people and bartenders you'll ever meet. Real drinks - big enough to bathe in - at a very reasonable price.Great...
Katelyn Bodwell
16:23 05 Apr 23
Went for karaoke night on a Tuesday and had so much fun! The bartenders were great! The place is pretty big, has lots of tables, a patio, and a pool table.
Lauren Simpson
20:53 29 Dec 22
This place ran my friend’s credit card for another party’s tab after she had closed out and gone home. The bill was over $1100 and when contacted, the owner refused to admit any fault. This is despicable behavior. Shame on them. How did they still have access to her credit card information??
Lauren S.
14:31 29 Dec 22
This place ran my friend's credit card for another party's tab AFTER she had closed out and gone home. The bill was over $1100. When contacted and asked to...
Olivia Breen
22:16 20 Dec 22
If I could rate 0 stars I would. As a member of Boston’s queer community it makes me sad to do this but I would never patronize this place again. My wife went there after a work event and had drink with a coworker. A couple days later she noticed there was a charge of OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS on her card in addition to her actual very small bill. Somehow they charged someone else’s massive order to her card and refuse to make it right. The signature for the 1000 dollar charge is for when she was already home in bed (with the Lyft receipt to prove it) but they still refuse to correct their error. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Management was nice about it and wanted to remedy it but owner would not. Take your business elsewhere.
Olivia B.
14:28 20 Dec 22
If I could rate 0 stars I would. As a member of Boston's queer community it makes me sad to do this but I would never patronize this place again. My wife...
Victor C.
09:12 02 Dec 22
The drinks are really really bad. They just taste gross. I've ordered 3 drinks from here, cappuccino martini, amaretto sour, and the last word. It just had...
12:09 22 Sep 22
The food is delicious and the drinks are amazing! The atmosphere is great and the staff are top notch fun!
Lee Etsitty
17:50 02 Sep 22
Great gay friendly bar and restaurant. We had fish tacos and the fish & chips, both were delicious. Good selection of beers on tap.
Krissy Govertsen
01:20 08 Aug 22
Very limited vegetarian options. Good luck if you are vegan.
Emma A.
11:14 07 Aug 22
Good atmosphere , good drinks, bad service.Had brunch here with a friend and as a member of the LGBTQIA community I was really excited. The host was nice...
Steven Page
18:34 24 Jul 22
We always stop in for a drink. The bartenders are awesome! Tonight we thought we would get a table and have something to eat. What a difference experience. It was not busy at all. 20 min before the server noticed we where even there after being seated by the hostess. Ok we gave him a pass but then after it felt like we were a bother. No eye contact no interaction. The food came out fast from the runner. We will not eat in the dining area again. But will certainly go back to the bar!
Jonathan R.
16:23 23 Jul 22
Delicious food, friendly staff.. a great place to chill and relax.My first time there but will definitely be back... cute guys there too.
Teddy B.
20:27 16 Jul 22
haven't been in awhile, went there the other day for a drink. But Dam. $7.25 for a bud lite bottle..Thats insane. not worth going again
Oneil Carter
05:41 16 Jul 22
My first night back from traveling across Africa and Europe. Rob made my night by actually interacting with me. If you want a bar with a homey feeling, definitely check this place out. I highly recommend it, especially if you're new to Boston.
Scott S.
10:07 12 Jul 22
My friends and I love coming to this bar. The bar area inside is spacious, but the real star is the outdoor area! It's cute, welcoming, and great for those...
Suki Cervantes
23:13 01 Jul 22
A white dude coming after me (purepecha) and treating me like I just walked out with a bottle of alcohol when I just walked out with water - then ripping it out of my hands- isn’t cute. Yep, Bald headed white dude working rn at castle station - go f#ck yourself I literally wanted water
Eduardo B.
00:37 17 Jun 22
Since Covid etc. I love the outdoor patio area, good food, booze & service. A fun vibe that reminds me of 1270 or Ramrod of long ago because it's...
Nicolette Reneau
22:33 17 May 22
Very fun and chill vive. Yazul and Sean were very friendly and made our time there greatWill definitely come back
Cy Chan
12:06 30 Apr 22
Fun spot I started to go to a few months ago due to friends for Tuesday karaoke.
André Explorando o mundo (Andreams)
01:38 15 Mar 22
Beautiful place for who want to get out of the traffic in the city and relax have a drink and play pool.The management and staff is very friendly and I am glad I come by to check that out.First was okay ops just kidding hahaha, very good turkey melt you need to try for sure.Really the quesadilla need be good too, I thought my fajitas was better… but not the quesadilla is delicious.The joe the bartender is amazing, I will be back.
Shannon White
01:40 28 Feb 22
The servers consistently are HORRIBLE; slow and inattentive and some type of attitude m. The food is nothing more than something from a toaster oven. Pizza is Tombstone brand at best along with everything else is frozen and warmed up. The bartenders snd drinks are amazing, personality, experience and all. Cut the food & wait staff.
Josué Calderón
02:50 07 Feb 22
Terrible service. Skip it. There’s better options in town.
13:54 28 Jan 22
What a horrible experience. Their stupid discriminatory behavior is unbelievable. My 2 friends one of them happened to have blue eyes; they were not asked...
Dillon Graham
00:05 01 Dec 21
Great place. Hot guys and nice peeps. Naw mean dog?
Will W.
15:38 28 Sep 21
Craig is great. Food is great. Booze is good and nice atmosphere. Our first stop here and enjoying it very much.
Beth D.
10:35 27 Sep 21
Here on a mini vacation. Great bar, food is quick and good. Crowd is awesome. Bartenders are very friendly.
Karl L.
16:38 24 Sep 21
Did we offend the doorman? On our last night in Boston we opted to return to the Cathedral Station. Upon walking in @ 6:45p the volume inside already...
Meredith Anderson
21:12 30 Aug 21
I had the slowest service in my life at this place. I don't know what they are doing in the kitchen but it's certainly not preparing people's food promptly.Maybe they are watching TV and cooking during the ads? Either way, don't come to this place if you are hungry or thirsty, or if you want waiters to come to your table.
Sharon Serebro
07:21 17 Aug 21
I found a good seat but now I have a court date
Mark William B.
02:59 18 Jul 21
Stopped in for a drink tonight. First time since pre covid. Still a great neighborhood bar. Shawn/Sean our waiter was great. Love that this joint is still...
Mauro Segabinazzi
02:03 24 Jun 21
This place was nice! The drinks and food came super fast.Love it
angela troska
03:49 16 Jun 21
Rob is an amazing human! I just met him and can tell his heart is so big... The word is a better, gayer, awesomer place because of him!
Bill T.
15:21 04 Feb 18
Came here for brunch and this was a fun place. Very friendly crowd and lively atmosphere. There is a large bar on one side and a big dining area on the...

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