CC Blooms

CC Blooms

CC Blooms is Edinburgh's oldest gay bar and club

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CC Blooms is Edinburgh's oldest gay bar & club. However, times have changed since we opened in 1994 and our bar welcomes everyone.

CC Blooms is a stylish bar by day and a classy club by night.
We have a superb cocktail menu and full wine and champagne list. We also have a full menu for diners which focuses more on traditional pub food and sharing plates.

Club nights every night from 11pm. CC Blooms is a relaxed chill out zone by day and a busy late night bar/club by night.



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22:54 22 Jun 24
Good vibes but security threw my partner out because they waited for me to be done in toilet. Please do something about this. It's definitely against guys despite my partner being non binary anyway
Kay Crawford
14:32 02 Jun 24
Randomly went here for a drink and ended up staying for the Glam Slam drag show.So much fun, can't wait to go back!
sebastian torres
02:25 26 May 24
I don’t think I had ever felt looked down and just treated so “different” especially in an lgbt bar as they sell themselves. I’ve been there twice with some girlfriends and with my gf the 2nd time (only cuz I gave it the chance it was my imagination). I’m non binary and u guess I come across as trans; but I’d really not recommend this place to anyone. After that I’ve been asking in queer groups from uni and experiences aren’t that much different, they just sell them selves as lgbt, and apparently their drag events are a hit; but on a daily basis, no one would go to this place as a first option. There aren’t that many other queer options in the city, but believe me, all those are better.This last night, the guard even doubled checked my Id “just to make sure it wasn’t fake while looking me as if I was so out a place (ofc all that after being such a dream to my gf); inside the story wasn’t very different but they’d just ignored me even though clearly talking to both of us.At that point I was just checking if I had anything weird on me, or I looked that bad; anyway, this place s so dead to me
Clara Roberson
00:15 09 Mar 24
Ordered two doubles and two shots at the bar, noticed that the bartender gave me the card machine without it asking me for a tip. The card machine will ask you if you’d want to give a tip or not, I usually would however I noticed it went straight to approx £38.I then found that the bartender had tipped themselves £5.06 on top of a £33 bill that I paid for.After complaining, they offered me a “free drink” instead of my actual money back.They essentially gave me drinks that I had paid for with my tip??Again, happy to tip but don’t be cheeky.
Leon Pax
15:39 13 Feb 24
I went to scotland as a school trip, and this was one stop of our golden mile.Drinks were neither to expensive nor really cheap, just the average Edinburgh prices for coktails.The service was really nice and talkative, we teached the barkeeper some german.The ambiente was perfect, a really beautiful dark room with pink LEDs.The pub was quiet and quite empty.
alex saraiva
23:20 30 Dec 23
Very unprepared people, the girl with short hair treating everyone bad, laughing and being sarcastic all time. Forced me to pay tip for her and because I refused she told me “this will be your last drink because I see that you’re not okay” I only got one beer and was perfectly fine. When I came back and gave her 4£ extra she didn’t say a word. I don’t recommend this place. Sure you got plenty more options of places with better customer service and people who really makes you feel welcome and safe.
Márcio Luis Catelan
22:22 30 Dec 23
CC Blooms is a letdown when it comes to service quality. My experience there was extremely disappointing. Upon arrival, I was greeted with indifference by the staff, who seemed more interested in chatting amongst themselves than attending to customers.The service was incredibly slow, taking an eternity to get any order through. Moreover, the lack of attention to detail was evident - wrong drinks and even forgotten orders were common during my visit.The cleanliness of the venue also left much to be desired. Dirty tables, poorly maintained bathrooms, and an overall atmosphere of neglect contributed to an unpleasant experience.I wouldn't recommend CC Blooms to anyone seeking quality service and an enjoyable night out. This establishment seriously lacks acceptable standards of customer service and venue upkeep.
Jordan Jeffries
19:07 07 Dec 23
Came in here and stood at the bar and looked at the menu to be told rudely they do table service and to find a seat/table. We waited and waited and nobody came near even though 3 staff members were behind the bar chatting away. We got up and left whilst another staff member had the time to smoke at the door. Can’t wait to come back!!
Orlaith Sheehan
01:12 27 Nov 23
Was looking forward to a night out but got denied at the door because I had an Irish agecard! 23 years of age and not let in cause they don’t accept Irish age cards, would recommend bring a passport or Irish licence if come to this nightclub in the future!
Helder Toste
22:38 25 Nov 23
Found myself looking for a drink and rolled in on a Thursday night. The place was surprisingly busy and our incredible bartender Hannah juggled not just everyone at the bar but also helping folks that were seated. She was so attentive, thoughtful, and dynamic essentially seems like she was running the place herself! Her kindness brought me bad Friday night and the bar was fantastic! Great music, lots of dancing, very comfortable and professional staff across the board. Absolutely worth a visit to meet new folks or enjoy a safe environment. Will be coming back.
Scott Steggles
12:01 05 Nov 23
Great place, was in last night and Friday and absolutely loved it. Jacob one of my servers last night was very friendly and welcoming. The vibe was on point. Door staff were also super friendly.Will definitely be coming back next time in Edinburgh
Ross Mayes
20:48 27 Oct 23
Amazing cocktails! And I've worked in Hospitality all my life, served by Erin! A real asset.
Gemma Critchley (GemStGem)
19:02 22 Sep 23
Great inclusive spot with good food and fab service.
02:52 21 Sep 23
Slipped out the front door for a vape, stepped up to go back in afterwards and the two bouncers closed ranks across the doorway and prevented my re-entry in a very aggressive fashion. I had to plead to go back in to collect my belongings. Both bouncers escorted back to the table - awfully embarrassing for me and my guests. As a hospitality professional with 30 years experience I have never seen such unprofessional behaviour - even in situations of actual risk - unlike this one. So review of CC Blooms: nice bar, good drinks, inexperienced children manning the door - beware.
Свята Я
21:19 15 Sep 23
I’m straight woman who loves dancing in clubs like that because I feel more safer than in others! BUT ! I wasn’t allowed to go I dined THIS club as I was in joggers??? Really? Could someone explain?
Amber Chapell
15:14 27 Aug 23
Iconic venue, must visit if you’re in Edinburgh and even slightly gay. Cheap drinks, dance floor is spacious, DJ knows what’s good.
Gabriel Donohoe
12:40 26 Aug 23
The most homophic bar I have ever been to. They claim to be a gay accpting bar but walk in with a crop top and you are kicked out. It's a straight bar that accepts (barely) gay individuals being 'straight'. A must not go to if your part of the lgbtq+ community. The worst experience I ever went through.The company replies to these complaints, fabricating a story that makes them look good. I never claimed I paid to get in, I claimed that I had a stamp, which I did. Intoxication?? After 4 drinks. Anyway, I'm not the only complaint, as you can see.
Jon Squand
09:06 25 Aug 23
Without doubt the worst bouncers I have ever experienced. Why for such a friendly accepting space do you have such horrific bouncers? The venue inside is nice, friendly bar staff who are lovely, nice drinks and food. But the attitude, disrespect and rudeness you receive upon entry puts a damper on your evening. Management please sort this out. Most other venues in Edinburgh have pleasant & welcoming bouncers. Why not CCs?
See Bee
14:50 21 Aug 23
HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PLACE! DO NOT GO!! The bouncers are so aggressive and hit people for no reason. The staff is extremely rude, not professional as how they claim to be on social media. So fake. The owner is so defensive he thinks by replying to the bad reviews he can flip the story but people are not dumb. Save your money and your energy. Go somewhere where you’ll get respected and not harassed
Miguel Rivera
00:45 19 Aug 23
Good: Awesome and super friendly bar staff, free and hilarious shows.Bad: a racist girl and homophobic girls. (Not the bar's fault).I read the reviews and I was a bit hesitant to go. As I walked in, the waiter smiled right at me and welcomed me to the establishment, he was super friendly and nice, I ordered a drink and some food. Everything was super good.I decided to stay for a free show. It was hilarious, clever, very sexy and entertaining, I laughed so much.So the aspects that the bar can control are really good: great service, good food and fun shows.Unfortunately, a girl that was quite drunk turns around (white blond girl if it's relevant, looks at me, opens her purse to check for something and tells me that she thought I had stolen her phone. I asked her why would she say something like that and she looks at me with her dead drunk eyes and tells me that I look dodgee. The bartender told me to just please ignore her. I heard on tv about this subtle racism in the UK and I was shocked. (I'm sorry for the people that endure it all the time).Then at the show everything was fun and giggles, we all were having a great time but then the show had a gay twist to it and a group of girls left right away, the birthday girl was not having it, she was bothered by a gay storyline in a gay bar!By the reviews of this and the other gay bars, there's quite some racism and also some issues with straight girls coming into our safe space and not respecting us. This is not the bar's fault but seems like a bigger issue in Edinburgh.I give the bar 4 stars though, they were very nice to me in every single interaction, I just wish the bartender would've stood up to the racist girl. Koodos for having the funny and clever shows (and for free).
Hugh phillips
02:08 15 Aug 23
A man fell over, I was then thrown out and accused of pushing him after giving him a hand up and asking for a towel to minimise the slip hazard. Went to this establishment as I assumed I wouldn't be judged by my appearance. I speak a different dialect, literally classed as a different language than English. I feel I deserve an apology and my drinks reimbursed. Watch your CCTV and you will realise all of this is true.
Meghan Bridgwater
02:01 26 Jul 23
Hannah and stevie were the best bar tenders ever. Made my whole night with their awesome Vibes always. Will be back 🙂
Alex Pepperman
10:31 24 Jul 23
Most fun I had in Edinburgh! Amazing staff, great cocktails and drink selection, and the Church of High Kicks drag show cannot be missed. Special shoutout to Margaret the Magnificent and their MC Violet. Thanks for the amazing time, Queens.
Julia Kaczmarczyk
09:50 16 Jul 23
I had a bad experience. The bouncer singled me and my friend out when we were mid through a cocktail with same lame excuse on a reserved table. It was rude and made us feel super uncomfortable and unwelcome. The cocktails are also overpriced. Not planning on going back.
Sebastian S
22:50 10 Jul 23
Got turned away by the rude bouncer on Monday night for having black joggers on…it was empty inside. So I promptly went to ‘The Street’ bar at the corner and spent £100 on drinks. Your loss CC’s….
Joshua Michaud
19:04 08 Jun 23
Food was good. Staff was friendly, however seeing as we aren't locals we sat there for an awkward amount of time before being told that it was bar service only (Staff noticed us looking at them multiple times looking for service while they were chatting together).Recommendations would be to have signage that states this or have staff inform patrons sooner as we almost walked out thinking we were being ignored.Recommend the Caesar Salad and Nachos!
Roozbeh Momeni
20:07 07 May 23
Last night I was passing by the pub and decided to go in so I joined the queue but the bouncer at the door pulled me aside and and didn’t let me in. I’ve asked the reason because I was shocked as I was standing like a gentleman in the queue and he said you had to much which was totally a lie. I believe the only reason he stopped me was that I was different I was only oldest in the queue and different race. While I was talking to first bouncer. Another colleague approached us and verbally abused me, so I talked to a police officer nearby and he advised to talk to the manager. When I got back to the door I asked to talk to the manager but they bouncer told me she will come in the morning. During this time I have lots my train so I told him I will wait for her till morning. After 2 hours standing there the bouncer approached me and said manager will come to me. I had everything on the video when bouncer assaulting me but when manager talked to me she tried to tell that it was not racist. I’m doing some search now to go for legal action aginst them. Thanks good I have even the confession of bouncer on a video that he swear me. Also I’m happy that They were equipped with body cams however obviously it was not stopping them to smoke while working and abusing people. I’ve seen other reviews also complaining about bouncers aggression. Looks like it’s a general issue.
Nicolas Carrion
15:44 24 Apr 23
My partner and friends had a really bad experience from this place on Saturday, we were in the downstairs bar, put the jackets on a stool, the bar was empty, and the female barman complained with the security, and we were asked to leave the place, just because our jackets were in a bar stool. They never were no reasonable, we could understand and remove the jackets and the stool, if the place were busy, but it wasn’t. Obviously, security no gay friendly, we tried to explain, he never wanted to listen to us. and the place is not a gay destination bar( club) as they said. Very disappointed with this experience. I had to edit this message as I cannot reply to the owner, we never had the opportunity to explain as the security never allowed us to do so. And the owner have said we were aggressive? Aggressive the security on the door that doesn’t have no manners how to treat clients. Is a petty, that this bar are loosing so much lgbt customers.
Richard Mogan
05:57 24 Apr 23
Two stars is all I can give. I’ve only been twice (between the hours of 6 and 10 pm). The bar staff isn’t that friendly. Cards only, and tipping is certainly pointed out to you when paying on the device. The security is over the top. We happened to have a water bottle (sealed and unintentional) in our backpack and we’re made to dispose of it before we entered. We were there for drinks… rather silly. Last Friday night there were more people there than my first visit… but no one socialized. A very unsocial crowd. I have no plans to return.
TZ Snow
21:08 14 Apr 23
Nice vibe and great setup. Friendly bar keeps. Good beer options. Unfortunately that’s possibly the worst burger of the decade. Completely bland, over cooked, stale dry nothingness inside a raw oversized bun. Food looks good, but it’s not. Just go for drinks. Skip the “food”
Adam Niven
12:13 06 Mar 23
First gay bar I’ve ever been to, great atmosphere, good music and just a really relaxed vibe. Staff look out for everyone and felt really safe here. Definitely want to go back!
Kaitlin Noble
20:27 31 Jan 23
Atmosphere is nice, lots of options for seating and good music. Staff are very friendly but my meal was disappointing.Ordered a vegan burger with curly fries and a coke zero.The girl taking my order asked if I wanted my coke in a bottle or a can. I said a bottle would be fine, and I was given a can anyway. K... same drink in it, so that's excusable.When my meal came, the majority of the sandwich was bread, and copious amounts of mayonnaise; to say it was excessive would be an understatement.I was offered a choice of seasoning for my curly fries, but when they came, the seasoning was one the side in a ramekin. Was a little put off by the fact that they couldn't be bothered to toss them in the seasoning when they came out of the fryer. Didn't even bother eating it.It's clear to me now this place is a bar first and restaurant second.Again, for what it's worth, the staff are very pleasant and welcoming, which I appreciated.
Mike T
17:53 27 Dec 22
Our nights out in Edinburgh always seem to end up here. Staff are friendly and efficient, even when the place is heaving. The door staff do a great job (just don't turn up wrecked or you probably won't get in). Two dance floors play different genres and are usually popping with fun people.
Paul Midgley
09:40 11 Dec 22
Far below acceptable.Could be a great place.Need to introduce their staff into the world of positive hospitality and customer service.I observed staff with no focus, little eye contact and poor communication with many customers.However, they did seem very happy whilst slouching around the inner bar validating each other, doing something close to nothing.CC Blooms scores a "Meh!"
Anne Scott
07:29 29 Nov 22
Delicious food. We had the 3 course meal special and each serving was beyond expectations. The staff are friendly, helpful and efficient. The environment was relaxed and fun. I definitely see myself coming back again.Entres we tried were the soup and Mexican meatballs, Main cannelloni and curry, and dessert the brownie.
Nuno M.
14:39 22 Oct 22
It is unacceptable that a gay bar discriminates for the way their customers dress. It is offensive and the gay community should protest.They should remove...
Alex France
10:00 03 Oct 22
Went there for some drinks and food after watching a matinee. It wasn’t particularly busy, but we were told it was table service only.Taking our order happened quickly, and the food arrived promptly. However, there was no cutlery delivered, or salt/pepper/sauces.We asked for these several times, and the cutlery arrived so late that our food was then lukewarm.We then struggled to order more drinks, we had to ask 2 separate staff about them, and then another had to come over again to make sure that what we’d ordered was correct.We asked for the bill, which took 15 minutes to arrive, despite us asking for it several times, and we nearly missed our bus because of this. Eventually one of our party had to go up to the bar and push to make payment there.We regularly had to go to the bar throughout our time to ask for things, and each time we were told it was table service & to sit down.Wouldn’t recommend, or go back for food again.
Lisa Spencer
19:14 24 Sep 22
We've had two of the best nights ever in CC Blooms. Food great, service outstanding. The staff were friendly, welcoming and all in all delightful. We thoroughly enjoyed their cocktail menu and are definitely coming back next time we're in Edinburgh. There's no where else we'd sooner be
Thomas Switala
19:25 09 Sep 22
I was visiting from another country and its pretty obvious when I speak. I wandered around the bar to look around and went to a private engagement downstairs. Instead of explaining in a normal way the situation the woman was very nasty in her tone and choice of words in telling me to leave. There are three bars within seeing distance from their door. Go to one of them. Those places don't act like they are doing you a favor by selling beer. I admit I did not have high expectations for a bar that is named after a character in a campy movie and they went out of their way not to disappoint.
Nathaniel Cowper
15:26 02 Sep 22
Asked for a whiskey Sourz and would not accommodate it, even though they have apricot sourz on the menu. Just minus the apricot. Poor service and even worse attitude.
Chele H.
06:26 27 Aug 22
While in the city for festival this has become one of our go to spots for an afternoon lunch in an inclusive space. The mostly younger staff was attentive...
Do A Dear
11:32 09 Aug 22
I have so many fond memories of dancing the night away and being carried away ( not literally!) with happiness. Hope to go back .
Kyle Rich
16:57 30 Jul 22
We had fun, bar staff were nice, but 80% of people here are bachelorette parties. The other 20% are gay tourists who fell for it. Don’t go here looking for a gay bar.
Charlie W.
06:56 24 Jul 22
The only hay thing about this bar was the flag. I did come in the afternoon but wasn't expecting a totally empty bar. The bartender was really quiet and...
Manuel Ambra
01:07 18 Jun 22
I usually love CCs. Tonight I went out to smoke with my friends. On the way back in, they stopped my friends and said they were too drunk (weird as we only got a drink and we never drink much). I went back inside before noticing. Came back to ask about my friends. They wouldn't let me in again (even though I had a stamp on my hand). Said we had our jackets inside so I went in accompanied by a bodyguard. Inside, I met other friends and simply said I was leaving. By the time I was reaching the seating stall where we left the jackets another guy pushed me out without letting me get my jacket. Eventually one of my friends (who was stopped earlier for being "too drunk") was let in to retrieve my jacket. In the meantime the bodyguards were just giving me and my friends a bad time as we were waiting for our jackets just for waiting outside. In the many times I've been to CCs I've never had a service so intimidating and simply wrong. I honestly don't know if I'll ever come back. Maybe training for bodyguards should be more thorough.
Tom Shearman
21:31 09 Jun 22
I absolutely love the bar. Always pop in here when in the country. Staff couldn’t be more accommodating. During the day an excellent bar serving food. At night, the atmosphere totally changes and becomes a thriving LGBTQI+ nightclub. It can get very busy so be prepared for up close and personal, but that’s the fun of it!
Ben Wilkie
19:36 14 May 22
I've been a few times. Good atmosphere and chatty, hardworking staff. I find the drinks a little pricey, but that's just personal opinion. Would recommend visiting!
Fahrenden Gesellen
12:45 11 May 22
Thanks to all at CC Blooms for reminding me of a few things I'd forgotten. The place is a bit like Edinburgh as a whole. The venue and staff are nice looking, but the overall vibe and attitude make you want to run for the hills and never return. Don't bother with the obnoxious, defensive reply. I know what's coming. I wish you all the best x
Don Mcke
11:54 07 May 22
Tourists not welcome at CC Blooms. I wanted to introduce my overseas guests to CC Blooms but the unfriendly bouncer refused entry saying foreign ID and driving licence not acceptable. So I took them across the road to The Street where the bouncer could not have been more welcoming and charming. I'll not go back to CC Blooms (10.30 pm approx, 6/5/22)
Ryan Jones
17:08 17 Apr 22
The lunch review.A quick glance at reviews show this is very much a bar at night, although we popped in inadvertently for lunch. You can tell pretty quickly that it's gay friendly (if the name goes over your head like it did at first for me), so all are welcome here.Lunch menu was a bit small but exactly what we wanted (a bite, not stuffed). A few of us had sandwiches, I stuck with a salad..all came out with favorable comments.Perhaps not the first place in mind to go for the afternoon meal, but if you're in the area and want to support local queer establishments, I'd recommend giving it a try.
Ryan J.
10:08 17 Apr 22
The lunch review.A quick glance at reviews show this is very much a bar at night, although we popped in inadvertently for lunch. You can tell pretty...
Frances H
01:46 10 Apr 22
Impeccable vibes and outstanding service from every single member of staff - Marcus was incredible all evening! As well as the rest of the bar staff and bouncers - 10/10 night
Rosie Lillico
18:04 07 Feb 22
Amazing club! Also probably great for more low-key drinks. Music was excellent (they take requests if you ask super nicely). Great staff, people, etc. Would recommend to a friend.
Marky Smith
12:30 30 Jan 22
So never had an issue here before usually a nice place to go for drinks staff are usually friends. Well last night was a different story. Got in after checking Covid passport at the door. The bouncer then came round asking for out IDs another 3 times! Provided us with a stamp etc.About 2am a girl in white at the bar must not have liked the look of be because stopped serving me drinks I was with a group of about 15 people had a booth just dancing the night away really keeping ourselves to ourselves. We were merry but by no way causing an issue with anyone. She was very rude and condescending despite the fact between 12 and 2 I’d had 4 drinks. She continued so serve the rest of the group knowing fine well they were just getting drinks for me…. So why “bar” me but knowing letting other people order drinks for me…. Just doesn’t make sense. I think I’m future I’ll be re thinking coming back in all honesty.
David Morgood
19:39 29 Jan 22
....don't forget your tinfoil hat. Oh and a complete medical history, listing any ailments, private illnesses, diseases etc. (and that's just to get in the door, where you are graciously given the pleasure of spending money as a customer).This kind of place is the reason no one goes out in Edinburgh anymore.I'd rather sit in a scrapyard sipping gin from a rusty can than go here.
Grace Louise
01:48 08 Dec 21
Never had a bad experience or problem, work in hospitality myself so I know the strain of it, staff and bouncers have always been lovely/welcoming and this is my favourite club to go to because I feel so safe.
Alison Hendrix
13:39 01 Dec 21
Was in this establishment yesterday afternoon for some lunch. Quiet but cosy. I'm gluten free and vegan so had lots of questions but the young gentleman behind the bar was more than happy to help with anything he could. Will definitely be back!
Casa Lumiar
20:11 01 Nov 21
Great meal and friendly staff. Had the Balmoral burger, which was nothing short of delicious.Connor has been particularly nice, as I was sitting alone and offered great insights about the city and the nightlife. First time in the city and I’m definitely coming back and recommending the bar to friends.
Finch Aitken
13:06 16 Oct 21
I gave only 3 stars cause the staff and entertainment was gen up amazing, but when the door staff (bouncers) came in, things started to change, me and friends were there for a good couple hours, and had proved ID when needed. Out of no where the door staff came up and started to actually push us out. I then showed him my ID which aloud me to go back in, me and a guy who I met there tried coming out with our drinks to be with our friends, when the security took our drinks off us and poured them down us, not only that but when my friend went to ask for his wallet they were like it’s not been handed in, but when I went and asked for it, they then gave me it? Overall indoor staff was amazing , but won’t be coming back when thts how you get treated for being a well paying customer.
Kevin Rice Saavedra
13:00 04 Oct 21
Honestly me and my husband we love CC but the last 3 times we went, we had a horrible service. The girl with red hair and glasses is extremely rude, agressive and grumpy. Honestly it's even scary order drinks with her because she have a terrible sense of costumer service. It's sad because CC is amazing and the rest of the workers are amazing!
Patrick Davis
05:47 10 Sep 21
Visiting from London so first time at this venue. Overall a great place and had no problem with the staff. Didn’t eat only drank here. I didn’t think the prices were too bad and let’s be honest it’s been tough and still is for the hospitality industry so I think customers need to be a little more understanding!Would of wanted to give you guys 5 stars but sadly the music at the time when I was there wasn’t really my thing - sorry.
Purple Panda Overlord
20:50 04 Sep 21
9pm on a Saturday. No queue, fairly empty. We were refused cocktails because "it is going too slow". I mean yeah, the bar staff spent around 3min of more per cocktail. Way to lose money.REPLY: I was going to be fine to wait another 6min for the 2 cocktails that I ordered. Too bad I was refused service straight away.
MJ Taylor
20:29 03 Sep 21
A very vibrant diverse bar. Great place for drinks.
Rob Morgan
15:12 20 Aug 21
I first went to CC Blooms about 20 years ago, and it's always stayed with me. I'm happy to see that all these years later it is still a great bar, with a really lovely atmosphere, and really good prices. My only (small) gripe was the music wasn't really my taste, but that my problem - not the bars! I'll definitely go back the next time I'm in Edinburgh, hopefully it won't be another 20 years!
Kieran Semple
17:44 31 Jul 21
Was passing by and decided to go in for drinks and some light food, and had a great time. Cocktails and food were great, and the staff were very helpful and accommodating. Looking forward to coming back soon😊
John Mcfarlane
22:48 17 Jul 21
Poor choice of beers and lagers the pub next-door was far superior
Matti Henshaw
22:33 16 Jul 21
Would definitely avoid this place! Wouldn't recommend it at all. The staff have bad attitudes, & just plain rude, never been made to feel so uncomfortable in a bar before!
Ryan Whyte
18:33 30 Jun 21
Great environment and feel, along with good service yesterday. Tonight total different story sadly. Poor customer service with having to wait 10 minutes for a member of staff to come over to serve us. No apology. I shall be back although myself and 4 friends annoyed.
Consuelo Mesones
07:56 14 Jun 21
I went for lunch and sat outside to enjoy the sun. Service was excellent, everyone was nice and quick, the prices were good too. It's a perfect place to chill and I can't wait to go here on a night out
Josef William Gardiner-Jones
13:58 08 Jun 21
Nice place, drinks and food reasonable for the Edinburgh price and the beer was fresh! Only issue I had was staff kept coming back every two minutes while reading the menu which put me off! Hopefully this was a one off however it did spoil the occasion.
Harry D. Kamilaris
22:59 04 Jun 21
It's really sad to see how this place has become. Terrible experience. The service was rude and inconsiderate. Not even an apology for forgetting to bring the order. You should really be careful who you are employing and how they are treating the customers. Shocking attitude. I feel sorry for all the future customers trying to have a decent experience there. Avoid at all costs.
Casey S.
22:19 22 Sep 19
We went to CC Blooms for a drag show while in the area. Though the doors to the Lab downstairs opened right at 9, we ended up waiting more than an hour for...
Barron M.
16:59 17 Sep 18
I went here tonight or tried to have a night cap from a long day of traveling. I spent 14 hours on the road traveling and got to my hotel at 11 PM. Had a...
Hannah M.
09:12 29 Jul 16
Fairly recently refurbished, I've been here on two occasions, the first time completely unaware that it's rather a fab gay bar. The first time, I was here...

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