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23:29 04 Feb 24
Drinks are expensiveBathroom is tatteredNever enough bartenders during events.Gogo boys are hot, but sporadic timed.DJ plays music too loudSmoking area is a joke.It used to be a smoking bar, but after COVID they changed it to non smoking. Now there is a small fenced off section out behind the bar for smoking with maybe 5 seats and a couple wine barrels for tables. The space is maybe 6'x25'. Not nearly enough space when it comes to a leather event. It's ridiculous.
Mr E.
12:21 02 Feb 24
Charlie's Las Vegas is now closed 2-2024Charlie's is saddened to report that it will be suspending operations at its Arville location by the end of this...
Brian G.
19:37 02 Jan 24
Bery hughly reccomended l!! A good experience all around!! Go with a group for the best experience!!
Anthony Gerardo
16:56 28 Oct 23
I've been going to Charlie's for years. I genuinely enjoy my experience there and it has gotten so much better as the time goes on. I'm usually there either for their leather/underwear event or their Latin nights on Fridays or event on Sunday with the Charlie Angel's. During Latin nights, the DJ actually plays good Latin songs which is a huge improvement. It feels like a latin night now. They got great deals, just look at their special sign!As for service, they deliver and slay!!! The bartenders are adorable and provide amazing service. Isaac, JaviDante, Jalen, etc. Just be patient because sometimes they do get busy. The drag queens are KILLEERR! They are hilarious, amazing dancers, and great lip syncers, so bring that tip money for them because they are performers who are worth it.
Jarrett C.
22:09 16 Aug 23
The shittiest gay bar in Vegas. Just dropped a $70 bar tab on four drinks but was never offered the same happy hour pricing as other patrons. Fool me...
Max D.
04:03 06 Aug 23
I was feeling coup'ed up in my house and needed to blow off some extra steam and dance! This was the closest place I could think of at the moment.You'll...
Kris Relph
03:39 27 Jul 23
Awesome bartenders and DJ. Had a great show with awesome dancers
Adam H.
00:55 12 Jul 23
This is my favorite gay bar in Las Vegas. They have friendly bartenders, great drink specials, go go boys, and drag queens. I love coming out for Tuesday...
Molly Marley
06:13 25 Jun 23
This definitely wasn't a country bar. They were playing Top 40 songs from 2000-2010. It was Bingo called by drag queens and then some sort of show starting. The times didn't match their website times for show times and game times. It was very dead. There were only about 15 people there and it actually slowed as bingo ended.The drinks were soda with an extremely tiny bit of liquor added. The bartender actually asked me what a drink I requested was and how to make it. Another bartender didn't know either. I told them to just give me a rum and coke. As I came to write this review, I see in others that I'm not the only one who has had this problem. The glass it was served in was VERY sticky on the outside, and I had to go wash my hands. That makes me question the cleanliness. It was a very poorly made drink, small portion, and $8.50. It was an overpriced joke.I really did appreciate the no smoking sign as soon as I walked in. I have lived in Vegas back and forth and I am now accustomed to no smoking inside businesses from another state. That would be my one and only reason to return over somewhere else that allows smoking indoors. That was the only good feature.This was my first visit here, on a Saturday night, to this place to check it out, and it will be my last. I would not recommend.
Anthony V.
00:46 06 Jun 23
I love going to Charlie's in Vegas purely for the terrific talent they have. They have some of the most gorgeous Gogo dancers and fabulous Drag entertainers...
Marc R.
15:14 03 Jun 23
I really want to like this bar but I feel like it's in an identity crisis. Is it country? Nope - not anymore. Good luck finding any country western night or any country music. But oddly, the decor is all still country and the staff all wear cowboy hats and western-ish uniforms (odd, so what are you trying to be?). Every time I've ever been, there are drag shows. Fine, I love drag shows, so are you a drag bar? Oh, and the go-go's are usually pretty good. Drinks are a fair price for the valley. Good options for liquor. Marginal selections for beer. Some DJ's are amazing, some play sad sets.Biggest pros: It's non smoking. THANK YOU. That alone is enough to get me to return. The have security and wand you to get in. THANK YOU for taking security seriously.
08:58 25 May 23
I would like to enjoy Wednesday night’s underwear night but the dj plays boring music all night sadly. That’s why no one is ever on the dance floor. Play more rap and hip hop and top 40. Make the people happy. We don’t want to listen to edm.
Charles Dowling
18:33 23 Apr 23
I tried reporting about Alexander Harris aka Donnell Harris touching young people like a creep, and they still arent banning this customer Mr. Harris from going to the bar. My friends have also reported similar things at Garage.
Bill M.
17:48 08 Apr 23
I've been coming to Vegas for years and always like ending my day at Charlie's for a drink - but the past couple of times- I have to say YOUR CHOICE OF...
Joey V.
00:59 07 Mar 23
Very clickey vibes there, bartenders are kinda rude and make up prices according to how they feel. Karaoke host sunshine is very clickey and rude. She...
Thomas A.
00:53 23 Feb 23
Best customer service Isaac was so nice and made sure to keep the the bar clean consistently picking up empty drinks taking care of people frat arrive this...
04:00 22 Feb 23
Jesse the bartender is absolutely killing it!! SUPER INVITING vibe thought the whole place! Great drag and amazing drinks. DJ Scott always playing the hits! Old and new! Def a must come for a safe space to hang out!
Justin B.
21:23 15 Feb 23
Really fun and laid back place with friendly staff! Nightly events and drink specials (regular priced drinks still not a bad price). I definitely would go back.
Benny Mason
17:37 12 Feb 23
This use to be my favorite gay bar/club in Las Vegas until they took away smoking and vaping inside. I’ve notice also since they’ve done that they don’t get as busy as they use to. I’ve asked a few of the workers there why they have banned it, I was told initially it was because of Covid, which makes since. But they told me they kept it because they don’t like their clothes smelling like smoke when they go home. Now I have ventured off to find spots that I can smoke inside. Nobody wants to leave a good conversation with friends to go outside to smoke.
Chris W.
12:13 16 Jan 23
I've had a few bad experiences at this bar. Examples:A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was *extremely* drunk and was trying to order another drink....
Candy Bryan
17:20 13 Jan 23
Fun fun fun! Drink tasty 👅 & dance floor hot! Great drag bingo!! I won 🙌 the first game!! Very fun very friendly!
dillinger miller
01:05 22 Dec 22
No cover charge, hot gogo boys. I love this place!! Me and my homies used to hit up the one in Arizona like every weekend lol. I want here recently with the crew and my Mom cuz everywhere else was like a $20.00 cover charge. Couple of broke bishes, I know! Anyway. It was around Christmas time and one of the drag queen preformers had this totally rad GRINCH ensemble and performance. My Mom was on magic mushrooms and stoned to the bone along with the rest of us. The Grinch showed my Mom so much love and was chatting it up with her. Was probably tripping her out! lol, but it made my heart warm. Aside from that, the music was great! Kinda housey. Lots of ppl dancing. Killer dance floor. It's always so annoying going to the bigger gay clubs in town and they just play like top 20 greatest pop hits from the radio. Lord, if I have to hear S & M by Rihanna one more time, I am going to lose it. Hahaha. Anyway, awesome place. Very close to home for me and always a good experience. Y'all made our night by just existing. Thanks guys!
Alyssa Villado
08:38 27 Nov 22
Absolutely loved it here. Felt very welcoming and everyone was super nice. Great drinks and great dancers, 10/10 would come here again.
Casino Guy
19:46 06 Nov 22
No cover charge at the door was great. The bartenders and gogo dancers were hot. The bar had good drink specials and cheap drinks to purchase. The bartenders were also attentive. I will be back.
Dank Hank
07:00 03 Nov 22
Bar tender was asking around how to make a pina colada and a Midori Sour ... drinks/ shot over priced... kinda great atmosphere and music... there no vaping or smoking...Not the best spot for a club to be at. Also limited parking...Lots of potential for this club!!!!
Justin Sim
19:01 27 Oct 22
Attended on Wednesday night for “underwear night” it was a lot of fun for a random weekday. Busy, drinks were pretty weak. Drag show was ok. Overall a good wednesday night !
Scott A.
17:28 05 Oct 22
With less than 20 people in this bar for karaoke, it's a good idea not to piss off paying customers. The clicks that the karaoke host, and the locals have...
Ramon A.
09:28 20 Sep 22
Wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff
09:27 07 Sep 22
So I took a taxi here an arrived at 1:30 Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and they said they had done last call and the registers were closed. Hours posted till 5am. Not cool
Chad L.
01:00 11 Aug 22
The guy at the front door was amazing. He was so welcoming. No sure what his name was tho. He should have been I. Just his underwear also.
Po M.
12:08 07 Aug 22
This place is so fun!! I've been to a lot of gay bars out here and this is now #1. Very open space, enough room to dance. I went on a Thursday night during...
Matt Canalez
19:40 02 Aug 22
Such a great time. We went on a Monday and it was pretty empty but still a fantastic vibe and time. I loved seeing people being their true selves without any worry. Refreshing
Michael Scott
08:49 01 Jul 22
So much potential. DJ was terrible, EDM music the whole night. Almost no one dancing with nearly 200 patrons present. Very poorly executed. Playing danceable music would have changed the whole vibe. Underwear theme was also forced and awkward. Adding a sort of beauty contest or a runway display would make it more relevant.
Will Burks
13:00 28 Jun 22
I love Charlie's. A great place to spend the evening knowing that there's something got everyone!
Sergio G.
18:51 14 Jun 22
Very fun and lots of stuff going on throughout the night. From drag shows to wet T-shirt contests.
Jonathan S.
18:27 09 Jun 22
My wife and I came by just to check out the atmosphere it was around 6pm Jeff was there he was pretty cool and hospitable. Even tho the slots weren't our...
17:50 30 May 22
Bartender served the guy right next to me then totally blew me off and went back to the other side of the bar after waiting 20 min to get a drink. Other bartenders walked by and made eye contact but didn't bother to serve. If you're not good looking or cute to them, don't bother.. Update: Gave a few stars for the drag show and queens though. Good performances.
G Y.
12:40 20 Mar 22
The bartenders and gogos are not attractive here, most are overweight. The drag queens arent girls but instead guys who dress up as girls and still show...
Trixie N.
11:24 06 Mar 22
I've been coming to Charlie's with friends for about five years now and it has always been a fun time. Whether it's catching a drag show, hitting the dance...
00:10 01 Mar 22
this place used to be the pulse of the gay community… now, so many horror stories have spread not just about this place but all the gay bars / clubs, which is not saying much considering how it’s literally just Charlie’s and Piranha that Vegas has to offer gay people in the nightlife these days, everywhere else is a high-end straight club you would rather be at anyway.the energy here especially has BEEN gone… you can bet the music will always be below 100 db(a) because they have neighbors that complain on them, hire obnoxious staff with only one bartender remaining who actually cares about crafting a great cocktail, especially for his locals… now we can’t even enjoy karaoke on a Monday night because of all the shady things happening across the board in the gay community in Vegas, it’s truly shameful.
Young Tim
23:25 28 Feb 22
Somewhat of a neighborhood bar, so guess comes second. Or at least I felt that way!
ardalan pourd
00:52 22 Feb 22
I was there with my friends, I played with the casino machine and in the end I had $ 15, I waited for them to pay me but they did not pay. It was one of the worst drinks I ever drank in my life. I asked him for a better drink. Bar tender behaved very badly. I am very sorry that gay people have to go to such places with very bad behavior.
Disregard Me
09:34 12 Feb 22
Congrats to the new gay dive bar I guess?Like what happened? This place used to be THE place! Now I’m amazed when there’s more than 20 people here. Maybe it was when the dancers and bartenders started sharing the horror stories or working here. Maybe it was Flash being a POS to anyone who isn’t a drag queen. Maybe it was most of the clear liquor being water based or watered down. We won’t ever really know what did this place in but we’ll never forget what this place used to be.RIP Charlie’s, you’ll be missed.
oi brulee
08:28 29 Dec 21
Clean bar with friendly staff and good vibes. If you're looking for a club to hit up, this is one to go to. Go at 10 or later.
Joy M
05:06 06 Dec 21
Went with a friend. I live just down the street and never knew it was here. Hot dancers , good music, tasty drinks and pleasant people.
Kyle F.
17:18 15 Nov 21
Came here for the first time about a month ago and was not disappointed. Can't believe that after a decade of going out to gay bars in Vegas I never came...
play now right now!
22:29 15 Oct 21
I'm imagining that if it's anything as my job which is Charlies Denver and from what I've heard it is a 5 star rating!!!
04:17 15 Oct 21
I have always had a great time at Charlie's Vegas. Its has a lot of shows, hot Go-Go Dancers and always has something going on. Cant wait for my next trip to Vegas to get out to Charlie's.
Courtnee A.
10:34 07 Oct 21
Wow, it had been a couple years since I was last here.I think the last time I was here, Kameron Michaels was performing Cher :)Anyways, I love how they...
Jeff J.
10:02 11 Jul 21
I really enjoy this bar and it's laid back ways. I wish it was more country and a little less drag but it is what it is.I am grateful that Charlie's host...
TerryTron W.
10:35 03 Jun 21
I went for underwear night, been forever. Me & my friend go to the bar, we're obviously in our undies so drinks are free. I give the bartender a $20 bill...
Joe schmo
06:03 01 Jun 21
We love this bar and it’s non-smoking! Drink specials are great and so are the bartenders. We love to visit when we’re in Las Vegas. My only complaint is their web site is never accurate so we have to call to find out what’s going on each night. For instance, today is Monday, Memorial Day. We didn’t know til we called that it’s Drag Karaoke or that it was 2 for 1 drink specials.
Casey Zehrer
03:39 31 May 21
This was the best part of our trip. We went three nights in a row. The drag queens were wonderful, the staff was friendly, and the go-go dancers were better than Aussie Heat. It was a good mix of locals and tourists. Things don’t really get started until about 11pm. Drinks were a little expensive, but not too bad. Definitely worth a visit.
Arthur D.
18:19 19 May 21
The first time I went to Charlie's it was right after opening at about 4:00p. It was super quiet, but that gave us time to sit and chat with the bartender...
Anthony T
17:48 15 May 21
Went there with my family. Although we weren’t the most quiet people, we just wanted to simply have fun. The main drag queen was absolutely rude. She said she was there to express himself. Sure, nobody is a against that but that doesn’t give you permission to insult people. She kinda ruined the night for us. I think she could have handled things a little better here. Also her show was terrible, just moving a little bit here and there. Not sure what the big fuzz is here
22:12 02 May 21
Nice staff. Great performances ! Definitely want to come back my next visit .
Brian Poulsen
02:39 01 May 21
Thank you for making my vacation awesome it was the most fun I've had in a long time. I will be back soon to visit. Best drag shows in town. Miss you already until next time.
Darin M.
10:10 27 Apr 21
Always a great time at Charlie's! Great staff, good drinks, good prices, lots of fun!
Ron S.
15:01 25 Apr 21
Best bar in Vegas!! The drinks were great, and the staff was incredible! They treated us so well! Come here!
Ant M.
23:31 10 Apr 21
This is the most horrible gay venue in Las Vegas. The staff are beyond rude and as a foreigner I was looked down and and treated badly which really upset...
The Lady
02:48 06 Feb 21
Amazing and open floor! Got to meet the owner first hand. Couldn't have asked for better service! The drinks are even better!!! Price is on point. Jeff is more than accommodating!!❤❤❤❤❤
M. Jordan
19:01 29 Sep 20
One of our first visits when we go to Vegas!! Always fun, entertaining, and fabulous!! Highly recommend!!! 👍

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