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Located in Downtown Miami, Club Aqua-Miami is the perfect location for those looking for an escape from the busy Miami lifestyle. Our club offers the perfect atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Come sunbathe by the pool or socialize in one of our lounge areas.


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Club Aqua Miami
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Shawn Word
09:11 02 Dec 23
After being a guest here many times, it’s ironic that I’m just now leaving a review on the only night that I’ve ever had an issue at this establishment. However, I’m not sure any of the details because the issue was Resolved by a young lady who runs the place named Anna? She is the only reason I’m giving club aqua five stars instead of three or four. She took the time to listen to my issue, corrected it, and even gave me a complementary locker for the night. I’m going to assume the issue I had will never happen again at Club aqua. If so, I will continue to visit and Aqua will continue to be my favorite men sauna in South Florida!!!
Larry Weissman
02:12 03 Nov 23
After taking an Uber to get there, and the employee quoted me the $27 price I saw a sign on the window that the sauna and the steam were both out of order. I asked him what about the Jacuzzi, because somewhere I read online there was a Jacuzzi and he said that Jacuzzi hasn't been here for years. I asked him for a discount because some of the things were not working and he said we don't do discounts. I asked him to call the owner and ask about a discount for me and he. I told him I spent money to come here and I had the option of going here or the other place and I chose here. He says well lots of people spend money to come here ...I work here and I have to spend money to come here. He said if you're going to have that kind of attitude maybe you shouldn't come in. Well reluctantly, I paid because it would have been over $20 to get to the other location, The Gaythering. There was a spattering of people there and I made the best of it. I will say as it started to get dark there are several exterior steps that are not highly visible if you're not familiar with the location and so as darkness crept in (I had gotten there in the afternoon) I left. I hope when I visit Miami again I remember not to go to that place.
00:49 22 Oct 23
This place needs serious attention! The rooms are falling apart, mirrors hanging , broken light fixtures, stained sheets and towels. The pool stinks, steam room and sauna closed , there’s no jacuzzi , mold everywhere. The showers handle are broken so are the soap dispenser or better say watering soap dispenser (so make sure to have your own soap).Outside you might run in to rats, and the play are outside stinks urine.The staff is very rude and abusive so is the manager who is always yelling at the staff and customers. .I truly can’t believe any of the good reviews I have read, or they are not real or whoever wrote them have really low standards which I respect ,Aqua is a very decadent place!
Giovanni Hernandez
23:04 12 Oct 23
Pool experience was nice. Guys were awesome with getting to know me and helping since I’m new to the community👋🏽
Carter Braxton
22:16 12 Oct 23
Been coming to Club aqua for years… always a good time for me. I like swimming in the pool and meeting new guys. Friendly staff . Very relaxing, lots of frisky guys!
Tony Barkley
11:40 22 Sep 23
The dry and steam saunas are not working. The pool has bugs and the lounge areas are Nasty!
16:21 11 Sep 23
This place needs serious attention! The rooms are falling apart, mirrors hanging , broken light fixtures, stained sheets and towels. The pool stinks, steam room and sauna closed , there’s no jacuzzi , mold everywhere. The showers handle are broken so are the soap dispenser or better say watering soap dispenser (so make sure to have your own soap).Outside you might run in to rats, and the play are outside stinks urine.The staff is very rude, and abusive.Aqua is a very decadent place!
John D.
13:12 03 Sep 23
It was very disappointing. The dry sauna was not working, neither was the steam room, the place was not well kept and the clientele left a lot to be desired.
Vado Sokol
22:45 27 Aug 23
This place needs urgent cleaning and maintenance, and pass a city inspection. The showers are never clean and are in poor condition. Outdoor areas you must be careful with the amount of rats there are. .There are closed facilities that do not warn at the entrance and the areas are dirty.
Dennis Holding
19:38 21 Aug 23
I had such an amazing time with some wonderful hot, local guys. The place was clean, well-maintained and BUSY!! I just wanted to play , and I did, but there was such a nice atmosphere and the outdoor maze area was great for play. I'll be back as soon as I can!
Flavio Cavalcanti
19:29 21 Aug 23
Had great time… met some local men and relaxed… Outdoor pool was heated and good place to just unwind.Dark room was the busiest and where everyone was hanging out. Crowded on Saturday night I had to wait for a room since they were sold out.
Mascflipbbfucker M.
15:59 20 Mar 23
No jacuzzi, no steam room, too much clicqish attitude going around.....not good at all!!!!
Poshed Imvu
10:09 19 Feb 23
This is the worst bathhouse ever. The place is run-down. Several facilities aren’t working. They refuse to update their prices, as well as being racist.
Jeffreysrazor Pike
19:52 25 Jan 23
Its a joke, so needs up dated and cleaned much better, pathetic ,
Maadhav Rag
05:21 28 Dec 22
Huge facility but very poorly-maintained. Pillows have blood stains. Dirty everywhere. Steamroom out of order. Do not recommend. They could take a lesson or two from Club Houston/Club Columbus.
Alexander Casanova
09:07 10 Dec 22
I consider this place iconic, to me it's the Stonewall of Coral Gables and it shows that there is an openly gay friendly connection in that community. I believe there is a rainbow there that passes by every day and it going to heading towards South Miami and ending at Sunset because there's nothing gay about Kendall.Twitter @lgbt305
John Harke
06:48 24 Oct 22
Visited from Dallas-Fort, no pool, no spa, only a sauna and gym which no one uses. Unless you just want a good time with someone, you can get that for free.
Eric Gregory
03:22 21 Oct 22
Fun, friendly, relaxing and sexy. Something for everyone. Clean and well run establishment.
00:42 17 Aug 22
Unfortunately no recent reviews. Place was dead - On a weekend - And remained "dead" the whole day and night.This is basically a "shell business" (look it up, I won't go farther into details). People there into drugs and not fun (ask if I "party" then leave after I say 'no").They sealed over the hot tub area (just tiled floor now). Never busy, and the scant few there have an attitude. Dirty and not updated (that's the least of it). Sad being in such a beautiful city (Miami) this place is dead and disappointing 🙁
Thomas P. C.
20:19 15 Apr 22
This place is awesome. I recommend it very highly. The management and workers are friendly and helpful. The place is clean and well run. The sauna and...
Clarence M.
08:29 25 Mar 22
Everytime I go here I always have a nice time!! Nice to have some where to relax. Staff this always nice
Chris Pomeroy
23:45 02 Oct 21
“Hands down” the most open and relaxing environment I’ve experienced since leaving the farm back in podunk, BFE, scared of any change including daylight savings, Indiana!! The premises are clearly well kept! My partner and I noticed that the spa area was definitely regularly pressure cleaned and the interior “fun rooms” were kept sanitized daily. If you are in the Miami area, you should absolutely swing by and check it out! Ask for Max, he’s a doll! Cheers.
Sean Christopher
18:41 02 Oct 21
I have been to a few clubs like this in the miami area and nothing compares to club aqua Miami... The service is great. Private setting that makes me comfortable. Lively people that keep the party going. Such a great establishment, i would definitely recommend to anyone!!! Definitely going to be a regular! Love the atmosphere and hospitality!!! Club Aqua Miami ❤️❤️❤️
Alex Smith
17:58 02 Oct 21
Tried it out for the first time. Had a relaxing time. I haven’t always been interested in this sort of thing but after my experience at club Aqua I think I’m going to frequent, it ended up being very fun, not what I expected. Things livened up a bit over my weekend visit and I made some great new friends. 5/5 experience, thanks to the staff for being such great hosts too.
16:16 02 Oct 21
It’s a cute Miami spot with all the essentials. Much nicer staff than Club Fort Lauderdale and always a crowd on the weekends.
Roberto Manzano
14:31 30 Sep 21
Went over the weekend and so happy I did met a few guys and had a great time! Both dry sauna and steam room were open and relaxing. Open 24/7 on the weekends which helped. During the week it’s only open from 10-10 which makes it a bit slower but the weekend is the time to go I will be back guys ! Thank you
Luis F.
20:14 26 May 21
Oh my god. Don't go to this place, looks old, dirty and ugly in general, and at the top of that, is expensive compared with other places.
Nova J.
21:25 05 Mar 21
Owner obnoxious and rude! Threatens away potential customers, I mean WHY?
RJ Smith 1.
23:59 02 Oct 19
This place has been around under several different names for more than forty years that I know about. When I was 18, I worked here (when it was Club Body...
Val M.
07:19 05 Feb 19
went there Sunday, everybody swas too good for each other. The steam room and the jacuzzi are barely warm. Waste of money!

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