Commander D

Commander D

The first and only bar in Taipei dedicated for BDSM loves and those curious

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Commander D in Taipei is a buzz-worthy spot that's been catching the attention of the city's gay community. Nestled in the lively Wanhua District, this gay cruise bar stands out for its unique blend of adventurous atmosphere and kink-friendly vibes. It's the go-to place for those who are into, or curious about, fetish and BDSM scenes.

The club's interior, with dim lighting, cages, and dark rooms, sets the perfect mood for those looking to explore their wilder side. Regular fetish events are a staple here, so it's always a good idea to check their Facebook page for the latest happenings. What makes Commander D a standout is its diverse crowd, attracting gay and bisexual men predominantly in their late 20s and 30s, offering a great mix for socializing.

The music scene at Commander D is just as varied as its clientele, featuring everything from EDM and techno to Top 40 and traditional tunes, ensuring there's something for every taste. The club's friendly atmosphere makes it a welcoming spot for gays of all stripes, whether they're looking to mingle or discover a new side of themselves.

Located just a 10-minute walk from the Red House gay village, Commander D is not just a club but a destination that promises a memorable night with the potential of introducing you to new experiences and connections in Taipei's vibrant gay scene.



Commander D
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Duy Trinh Phan
10:09 29 Dec 23
I came here 2 times. The first time I came here is Oct - 2023 and I met my ex-boy friend here. hot and cool. Unfortunately we broke after that. I came Taipei again on December and hope can meet him again in Commander D sad.The second time in here, I didnot find any man because that day, in Commander had sexy dance and did not have "dark room" 😭I think I love this place because my memory about my ex-bf. Thanks Commander D ❤
Tom Shanan
10:50 07 Nov 23
A great event with lots of fun people. Sadly, I believe the organisers allow too many people in, and there is no room to stand or move. Honestly to get from one side of this 60 m² venue to the other took 5-10 minutes getting through the crowd. Unpleasant, unsafe, and unnecessary.It could have been way more fun with more space for all the fun activities.
08:24 02 Nov 23
A good gay bar near XMD, which you can enjoy some drinks as well as naughty shows in some nights. Ther is a space which you can release yourself in the middle of the night.
07:37 02 Nov 23
Place deserved to be shut down just for the gross safety violation. I was there on pride night to check the scene out, instead of stopping people from entering the place when the place was clearly way past max capacity, the host continued to collect money at the entrance (NT$600) and sent people downstairs into the venue. Safety be damned when you have a long line of people wanting to get in right?My friend and I left within 30 minutes, went down to get the cocktail that was covered for (literally just the coke variants) and quickly squeezed through the crowd to get out. We made a snide comment as we went upstairs past the line about how crowded it was and the host shushed us, telling us "don't say that out loud". Ridiculous, they're lucky nothing went wrong that night.Only plus I could give for the place that night was that the bartenders were still politely serving us despite the whole situation.
Trọng Tín Lê Quang
14:41 29 Oct 23
Extremely overcrowded without any proper management or restriction.Think of what if fire happens and how do we escape?Greedy business without putting safety first. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED.
Nicola Dorin
05:58 29 Oct 23
Whant to be a bad boy for a while 😉🫣 that's the place where to go if you are gay. Don't be shame.The place can be very crowded and is not that big. Prepare yourself to rub onto the others.
Laurens Weijs
21:45 04 Oct 23
A little bit hard to find, but have a look out for the red sign at the side of the building. We went there on a cosy wednesday barnight. But you can already see the potential with the handcuffs next to the bar, the ropes and chains on the wall, can't wait to come here during the weekend or a theme night 😍
04:41 30 Sep 23
A fun bar to come party in Taipei.Staff are very friendly and welcoming.Checkout their schedule because they will have different theme nights on different days of the month.
Sebastian Master
10:08 28 Sep 23
Its not the same as in europe. No fetish, no darkroom. Its like a normal Bar. My Drink had more ice than alkohol 😉 But the People you meet there are very friendly and you can talk there, but its not a Fetish-Bar
Brandon Ramey
20:27 09 Aug 23
Very friendly staff. Drinks were strong. Atmosphere was wonderful. Event calendar has lots of weekend events to check out if you're into the scene. A little on the high side when it comes to the drink prices but the drinks are strong and make up for it. Tourist friendly and English menu.
John Aguilar
13:24 28 Jun 23
Drinks were not so strong but the vibe inside is insane! Went alone on a Friday night and made tons of friends. People are very friendly and kinky! Go try their dark room 😉
Carole Paqueo (sustagenkid)
08:37 22 Apr 23
I thought there would be like a show haha but it's just a typical drinking bar where i think most men/lgbt men would meet to drink or hook up, i dont know! Haha (cos there's barely any women when we visited, maybe just 1 aside from my group).People were friendly though. Service was also good, very accommodating.Place had ample seats for a group of 5 and below. They had to open up the closed off area for us because we're 7!Drinks were okay. Enjoyed my amaretto sour. It cost i think around 200twd if i remember correctly.We just had a drink then we went to omnia afterwards.
Brian Bosscher
06:51 14 Apr 23
High entry fee, terrible drinks, and they want to charge you again if you want to sit at a table. Hostess was rather rude. We went relatively early (10pm on a saturday) so it wasn’t busy and can’t comment on whether it got busier later on.If they weren’t charging to sit, i would up it to 4 stars.
Devane Sharma
04:03 10 Apr 23
Awesome drinks and crowd. The bartenders offer people sitting alone to move around their regulars which is a nice touch
22:37 06 Apr 23
Most fun bar around Ximen, fun events and nice people. Busy on weekend (fri/sat) and theme nights, dark room open after around 11. But long island ice tea definitely light on alcohol here compared to other places in Taipei. Non smoking,
Jackey lee
07:57 05 Mar 23
Overall had a great experience here. Drinks are strong which is good. A staff name Michael who is very friendly and helpful with a cute smile. Would definitely visit again.
koh steven
14:52 16 Feb 23
Thank You Howard for the wonderful cocktail made.... I had certainly enjoyed myself.
Daniel Lim
07:22 04 Jan 23
Interesting bar with different theme suited for different taste.
Dennis Chen
10:00 02 Jan 23
Interesting pub to go to around ximen
03:41 11 Dec 22
Not too bad. Long island ice tea definitely light on alcohol here compared to other places in Taipei.
07:15 03 Nov 22
I was there for my lonely travel in Taiwan for hanging out. The bar was so crowded and lively. Staff were very friendly even I did not know any Chinese words. If you need to find something exciting under the table... here it is. ^^
16:05 30 Oct 22
I recommend this space and specialy michael . He is so handsome and cute. And I love him. I'm visit here because his service and kindness.
20:44 11 Oct 22
Entry is quite a mystery,you need to find the answer machine to query a entry, sometimes has boys only event , sorry for girls , big hip most find place to stay in Ximen or Taipei before visit, you might miss the metro or buses
Jack Hu
21:49 19 Apr 21
Good place to visit
Darice Chang
17:13 16 Feb 21
Bustling underground joint. A decent neighborhood dive kinda place but definitely tooooo much smoke around the entrance for me! Bonus points for playing Gaga on the projector.
Martin Tsai
17:38 12 Feb 21
Nice crowds and vibes here. They have their BDSM events here that are definately worth going for.
Andy Kintoko
17:37 30 Nov 19
Nice crowd. Somehow very packed. But you are allowed to go outside for fresh air then come back inside. Just ask the door man for a stamp
Cayenne aka John Harry Bonck
15:34 25 Oct 19
Night before Pride. Incredibly irresponsible management. So crowded that there was limited egress. Doorman collecting money and sending patrons into dangerous situation. OPEN FLAMES! Feel lucky to have escaped.
21:17 06 Feb 19
Trust me, it's the best bar for gay in Taipei. It will give you a wonderful nite if you are a BDSM lover. The bartenders are handsome and all of the customers are full of lust. It's the best place in Taipei!!!
Khanh Ha Dang
16:24 13 Sep 18
My first experience in a gay bar. Upon entry, patrons are practicing rope work. The staffs are friendly and so nice.Do recommend for people with similar interests.
Mark Porter
15:01 26 Jan 18
A leather, bdsm bar. Your cover charge gets you one drink. Then, if there's no room at the bar (8 stools), you'll pay a table cover of $300/person table capacity. Except when there's a fetish night and it's standing room only, then you're good. And the fetish can be intense. Because, well, otherwise, it wouldn't be a fetish, right? Has a couple dark rooms which are usually only open in aforementioned fetish nights, I think. Good drinks, happy staff, flogging, vacuforming, mummification, etc.
Phil Ye
16:08 27 Oct 17
We came here at the Eve of the pride parade and it's said there's some live show. The place is fully packed. There was a tiny stage that only the ten people at the very front can see something. Others play neck stretching game to get a glimpse of who know what's in there. Covee is USD10. Custom made cocktail takes 30 to make. This forces people just to buy beers. Super dangerous crowds and high fire hazard. We decidednto move out quickly to outside. It doesn't deliver the value it's supposed to do for the leather community.
Helene H.
10:46 25 Feb 15
Bondage. Discipline. Sadism. Masochism. Okay Commander D is a BDSM-themed venue but it certainly doesn't take itself too seriously. Commander D is totally...

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