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A diverse and eclectic LGBTQ+ venue, cafe, gallery and performance space. Currently in partnership with Essential Vegan and open for table bookings!



Dalston Superstore
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Adri Arauz
16:47 16 May 23
Great vibes, great music! Thursday was the night to go. People are friendly and the go go dancers really enhance the vibe ✨
Reid Kelly
02:04 08 Apr 23
Rudest door staff i have ever encountered. They told us to to tell half of our group to just go home because they don’t let groups larger than 4 in. It is despicable of a so called queer venue to force local LGBTQ people to separate themselves from their chosen family simply to enter a second rate club. Strongly recommend against visiting and will not be returning.
Harry Forsyth
18:32 07 Apr 23
Queued for 2 hours, shouldn't admit people to the queue if its that long a wait - or at least be upfront. Charged more than advertised (despite entry 30 minutes before music stopped). Security were rude but staff of the venue were nicer including door attendant. Only 1 toilet despite size of venue (very grim) and overpriced cloakroom.Inaccessible lower floor. Would love to comment on atmosphere if we hadn't been admitted 30 minutes before music stopped (which was 40 minutes before advertised end of night).
Alysha Radia
11:22 12 Feb 23
Me and two friends tried to go here last night and were told by staff that the queue was closed for 20 minutes. We had no issue with this, went somewhere else for a little while, then came back. We were then told, despite being super polite and doing as told, that the place 'wasn't for us' and we would not be admitted, no matter what. We are three creative, laid-back people, I am a woman of colour and my friend is bisexual, we were dressed very 'East London' whatever that means, we were not at all drunk, so we were merely confused as to what exactly about us was not qualifying for entry, as we could see swathes of scruffily dressed straight men being let in. As soon as we (politely!) asked what about us was wrong for the venue, we were told we were 'entitled' and that is why we weren't being let in, which was a bizarre conclusion and rather horrible thing to say to a group of people whose lives you know nothing of and you have just met. I can only assume they were making strange conclusions based on what some might perceive to be our 'posh' accents. My friend who is bisexual was especially upset and brought to tears by our treatment here.If we had been told that there were too many straight people, or something else concrete, we'd have understood, but maybe would have been stunned at them making such an assumption. But to turn us away because we 'seemed entitled' feels like a horrible, baseless reason.Not a safe space. Horrible staff. Do not give them your business.
Alexander Kazakov
22:30 21 Oct 22
Really nice drinks and the crowd is cool - But the speakers/sound are so bad, my ears started ringing after 30 mins in there. There was no bass and the highs were just unpleasant to listen to. Turn the volume down, guys. What’s the point to turn it up if one’s ears start hurting?
Cassie Tabudlong
11:55 02 Oct 22
We were a group of gay and bi people. Went here with my friend who recently came out. We went here so that our friend could experience his first ever gay bar. Queued up as a group for over half an hour just to be turned away because we weren’t “regulars”. For a community that promotes inclusivity this place was pretty much the opposite of that. If it’s your first time here, I wouldn’t recommend - go out somewhere more welcoming.
Stowe G
12:05 18 Sep 22
Friendly, welcoming and good drinks for all. Also the vegan cheese 👌🏻
16:52 05 Sep 22
Door staff are the worst I have ever come across. Incredibly un-professional and discriminatory towards me. Me and my friends queuing up to get in, was told that I "didn't look gay or part of the community" . Funnily enough, this is not the first time this has happened to me at this venue! Managers dont care that there staff are destroying the thing Dalston Superdtore is trying to do, with it being a "safe-space" for people of the community.Nothing safe about this place.I have reported this event to two London based LGBTQIA+ chairities and organisations that my friends work for, so you can get your door staff educated better...
Ali DZ
21:01 04 Sep 22
Queer as f and great music. What more? Keep it up!!
Annmarie McGann
21:22 03 Sep 22
Hit and miss for queer groups. If you are less than 3 people crack on, but a larger group (we were 6) looking for a safe space to dance be prepared to be denied entry. We didn't fit the aesthetic vibe of the night and were refused entry. Have previously enjoyed many a great night here which makes the change in entry policy ever more noticeable. Doesn't feel like a safe space for "average" queer community anymore.
Tanya Williams
23:30 26 Aug 22
Was refused entry as not Gay absolutely stunned was excited to visit. To be told Limited space for their own kind... other way round would be chastised so disappointed.
Ayanna Saunders
15:21 08 Aug 22
ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE PLACE TO GO. DO NOT RECOMMEND. The general manager Perry the Platypus, I mean Perrin was a total narc! I requested a cup of water and he spit in it because I asked for ice as well. The bathroom has poop everywhere and roaches washing their hands. 0/0 if I could
Lauren Brown
22:31 29 Jul 22
i’ve spoken to sen on the door twice now and he absolutely made my night both times - so friendly and lovelyim editing after coming here even more!! toby was on the door and he was so kind and made me feel so comfortable before i even got in!in terms of security, kevin and chrissy were both so lovely and really made sure to look after me and my friends! the staff here are really aware of the LGBTQ community and are always ready to care for you!
Orlando Coelho
10:31 03 Jun 22
Amazing place; its vibe is contagious with friendly staff and public.
Carolina Carbone
13:36 01 Jun 22
Went there for brunch, Drag Brunch, veggie/vegan dishesI took a “Full Brazilian” and an iced latte, and I shared a vegan board with my group…it came at ~20£ for my partIt was very fun and I loved also the performance of the Queen, dancing and singingI know they do some “events” (like quizzes) every now and then during brunch
Lauren Brown
19:24 22 May 22
i’ve spoken to sen on the door twice now and he absolutely made my night both times - so friendly and lovely
James W
21:21 21 May 22
Great bar around the temple area. Good prices and service and a fun vibe
Bedelia Lewis
23:40 07 May 22
The fact that you’re taking up 3/4 of the pavement then have the audacity to move people off of the remaining 1/4 pavement you so kindly left. So ducking ableist you’re taking up so much of the pavement in the first place - what if someone needs mobility aids.
Gherman Bowie
21:54 04 May 22
Was my First time Here..:: the bar was celebrating its birthday and it was just amazing.. I loved so much the music of This bar!
Shanice W
15:43 09 Apr 22
What a fun place! This place turns from a bar to a night club. Highly recommend the frozen marg 🍸
Tom Clements
10:33 04 Mar 22
Awful place. Bouncers are knobs and didn’t let me and my two friends in for seemingly not being gay. Understandable however there a couple and felt very upset after that they weren’t valued members of the community and just based on appearance shunned away. So the bouncer with the dead whispy beard do one
Xavier P
13:27 30 Nov 21
There is opportunity for them to communicate better on Instagram and other social medias when they are already fully booked, ie for Halloween.
Dr Jesica Mac Leod
16:15 21 Nov 21
Fun ambiance, very welcoming and entertaining drag queen shows, highly recommend for brunch! Nice cocktails like mimosas and bloody Marys, lattes and hot chocolates! Loved the art/prints photos and the vegan food with a Brazilian hint: the chickpeas pancakes were surprisingly tasty
Chelsea Foryou
19:38 03 Nov 21
It’s not morally right to ask health passports. Ask people for drug tests that would be healthier lol
Nat Slomczykowski
11:10 17 Oct 21
Bouncers separated me from my friends in the queue, would not explain why and expected me to leave on my own at 1am in the morning. Continued to harass me outside while I waited for my friends to collect me. Staff clearly have no regard for the safety of women. I've never had such a stressful scary and negative club experience before. Would not recommend going here if you care about your safety.
Hattie N.
04:28 17 Oct 21
Bouncers harrassed me, singled me out then expected me to leave on my own as a woman in London at 1am. No reason given. No regard for the safety of their...
Eleanor Job
22:08 09 Oct 21
We were told that we couldn't enter as we were a group of 6, 30 people in the queue behind us. Fake reason....Very rude! Going she bar, only place that is accepting of women. Hate having men being rude and derogatory to Women. Bouncers were the worst and just singled us out for no reason. Never had any issues in the past. We were very respectable.
Alex Vidic
16:15 16 Sep 21
Intimately small queer nightclub. Pleasant staff and great atmosphere, drinks with London prices.
alp oner
20:37 10 Aug 21
I won’t be spending my money at any lgbtq+ Venues that require some kind of digital health IDs or whatever you want to call it. They’re pretending to care about health while half of their regulars are in the bathroom lines for other kind of lines LOL. Showing useless covid passports won’t change the scientific facts unfriendly, extremely woke that they’re blinded. Spend £10 on a drink somewhere else you can enjoy your night out folks!
Chris B.
13:34 10 Aug 21
I've been here several times, daytime they serve food and it's nothing amazing. Their drinks are pricey for what they offer anyway. I'll be boycotting any...
Daniel Wyatt
22:32 25 Jul 21
Absolutely fabulous bar! The staff brought such a fabulous atmosphere, max was delightful!Shame they have rude security, I witness a woman bouncer being so rude and aggressive towards a young lady, it was uncalled for and she looked like she was going to cry bless her, sort door people out but still 5 stars for how fantastic staff was!
Barnaby Row
14:09 24 Jul 21
One of a handful of bars that make Dalston Dalston. Love this place! Frozen margs 👌
02:02 05 Jul 21
amazing venue, been here before covid for the club and came back today for the bar. Max was so kind and patient thank u so much for ur help tonight!!
20:11 19 Jun 21
Great service and covid management. The staff are really friendly and happy to assist where possible. Such a good atmosphere, look forward to visiting post restrictions
Megan Doherty
15:48 19 Oct 20
The title sums this review up. The atmosphere is great. The food is atrocious. I opted for the burger. It was inedible, perhaps the worst I have ever tasted. The staff were rude and forgot part of our order. However, I would consider returning for cocktails, they were delicious. Just don't expect friendly staff or decent food.
Paul Stanford
17:20 06 Oct 20
Very sensible social distancing implementation. Excellent cocktail service. Although I'm afraid I must knock a star off as I found the drink ordering app really hard and confusing to use at first ☹️☹️☹️ My favourite moment of the evening was when a drag queen was doing a performance involving crawling across the bar, it was IMMEDIATELY blasted with disinfectant by particularly diligent member of staff. It was the most 2020 thing I'd seen all day.
Matt Cooper
01:36 13 Sep 20
In spite of Covid, there was a great atmosphere. Generally impressed at how clear the expectations of the experience were communicated. Naturally customers were restricted to tables, but we're offered entertainment and staff were permanently present. They were well informed and understood the seriousness of the changes due to covid.Systems in place for paying remotely and the service was still quick. There was virtually no wait for drinks.Stunning example of somewhere taking things seriously while keeping everyone safe. Clear instructions on how to move around the bar - following arrows to toilet etc. Brilliant atmosphere, highly recommended.
Kieran Plasterer
18:06 25 Aug 20
Ace on a good night. Decent on other nights. Always fun. DONT TAKE YOUR DRINK OUTSIDE!
Claire Miller
10:44 19 Aug 20
The weekend brunch is amaazing! The Basic Brunch is as delicious and beautiful as the people serving - you just don't know what you want to eat! Its like an island of relief between Upper Street and Stokey, one of the best spots to be fed and entertained in the area
Walter James
09:56 15 Jul 20
Love this place - any chance to get a bite I'll head on over. Kind of vibe you got in London or NY mid 90s, zero attitude just love
Kenneth M.
03:49 17 Feb 17
Other than it having too few toilets (resulting in lengthy queues even if folk double up) this plays host to a pleasantly crowded and utterly random night...
Sammijo S.
14:59 04 Jan 17
Saturday's mornings are made for my laundry, a bit of house cleaning and catching up on TV. Sometimes there is even room in there for nursing a hangover...
Bethany W.
03:18 07 Dec 15
So I won't lie, I was slightly blurry when I went here on Friday but I don't think that's just because of the alcohol. The place itself is a blur of noise,...

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