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We’ve been at the heart of the Glasgow gay community since 1991, our official name is Delmonicas, but our friends and (everyone else for that matter) call us ‘Dels’.

From drags in heels to whatever your feels, we’re open seven days with the most fabulous, nonsense packed and totally jacked good time fun!



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19:52 27 Apr 24
I've never been to a more friendly pub. Great service, amazing show and great people. The best.
Liam McGrath
12:04 26 Apr 24
Was here recently with the Scottish Rubbermen group for my first social night. Such a fantastic and welcoming atmosphere! Would definitely come back!
Red Blaze
15:23 18 Apr 24
I loved dels, it was my fun safe place. Sadly, no more. Visited the loo only to find full on dudes in the ladies toilets. Not even a hint of transitioning...just full on dudes. I felt like i was encroaching on them and it just made me feel completely out of place. Shame. They lost me...but gained some attention seeking knob heads. So hey ho.
Robbie Oman
19:32 14 Apr 24
Brilliant Queer space perfect performances every Sunday with Bella Houston! Always a good spot for pizza and prosecco and a slush cocktail 🍹
17:29 10 Apr 24
Turned away by security for being on my own. This place is not inclusive at all0 stars from me. Security actually says “ nobody on their own “ weird 🤷🏻‍♀️@delmonicas, this was a Monday night! It might be best to alter your advertising and say “no solo” still hoping to come to Delmonicas one day.
Saar Michielsen
08:13 06 Apr 24
Super fun night! Had an absolute blast with the drag queen and was able to make some great connections. Very friendly staff.
Sean Munro
11:12 30 Mar 24
The watered down drinks was truly a shocker and obvious.From the beer to the spirits. The toilet attendant was abusive and intimidating, stopping people going into a broken toilet with a dirty mob and bucket. No sign to say "out of order". The only thing that was okay was the atmosphere but that was dampened by abrupt bar staff that couldn't pull a smile.
John Wright
15:09 04 Feb 24
I was visiting Glasgow for the weekend , had tried a couple of other bars ..but was made incredibly welcome by Natalie , who went above and beyond and all the staff . The drag on Saturday was first class ..would definately recommend 👌.
18:34 02 Jan 24
Few days ago I wanted to order a drink at the bar, and kindly waived and smiled at the waiter that was there to notice me. After that he came to me and said "let this be the last time you did this, now tell me what you want?" I felt awful thinking what have I done wrong? Anyway, never felt so bad. So my review is that staff should treat customers respectfully and leave their personal frustrations at home. If he was angry the way how his job was managed, underpaid and overstretched, is not my problem. I just wanted a drink. My foot will never cross your door.
Priscila Fróes
10:10 01 Jan 24
I never had any issues coming into Delmonica's before but on Saturday 30th December around 20:29, the security guard did not let me in claiming some rules for people coming alone not to enter the place unless with a friend. That never happened to me before at Del's, and that turned my night down.I had to wait for my friends outside and don't think this is a good policy towards women cis or trans, since we go to an LGBT+ club not to suffer the same as straight clubs and to feel safe. Not to mention, let women outside be exposed to violence.Moreover, the security still had doubts about my male friend being my friend to let me in while my friend ALONE would be able to enter the place.Hope that doesn't happen again.
Chantelle Moxon
11:40 21 Dec 23
Had the best time at Delmonicas. Super friendly staff, amazing atmosphere. Definitely will be heading back when I next visit Glasgow 💕
Karen Foster
08:32 21 Dec 23
Great food and cocktails.Friendly staff and decent prices for city centre.Thanks again for a great afternoon
Douglas Reilly
13:38 03 Dec 23
This has been the second time myself and my friend have came here and it hasn’t disappointed yet. Everything about the place is amazing, value for money, great friendly atmosphere and great music. I haven’t been one for gay bars even though I am gay myself, however I can honestly say my perception has completely changed everyone from staff to other fellow customers everyone is approachable and inviting and just there to have a good time….. so much so it pushed me out my comfort zone and finally danced the night away. My legs are feeling it today. Until the next time thank you.
12:05 27 Nov 23
We are a professional couple from London, we had not been drinking. The bouncer at the door tried to deny me entry because I was not wearing a proper dresscode due to my trousers. I was wearing corduroy trousers. Bit of a ridiculous reason as people inside were wearing jeans and one even a tracksuit bottom. Perhaps their bouncer needs better training
Ian Dornan
19:22 26 Nov 23
Very friendly scene-focused bar. Good crowd of regulars who make a point of talking to “new faces”. Very good bar staff who make the effort to get to know regulars; Tammi, Kayleigh, Oli, Scott and Ryan, are all fantastic!
Eric F.
16:19 19 Aug 23
When I was last in Glasgow, supporting a filmmaker friend of mine from Los Angeles, Will, who was here for a SQIFF event (Scottish Queer International Film...
22:24 14 Aug 23
Nice LGBT bar with program for the entire week if you're in town and want to grab a beer in a nice atmosphere
Johnlewis Macleod
22:47 29 Jul 23
Had an amazing time here last night for my birthday. The servers always go the extra mile and the atmosphere and music is on point. Extra shoutout to Tammy who is an absolute gem.
siobhan scollay
08:26 25 Jul 23
Amazing staff and gorgeous venue, prices are affordable and the events/ shows are always amazing. I love the karaoke and the Saturday drag show most
Scott Metters
10:36 07 Jul 23
Been coming in dels on and off over 25 years now still the best gay bar in town bar none. Looking beautiful than the previous interior which became drab. Still a party atmosphere come join even if you straight u might enjoy it.
Dianna B.
16:14 18 May 23
Really nice club/bar in Glasgow's city center. I had just arrived to Scotland and my friend wanted to take me to a club for a show. We ended up getting...
Jeyms Aguilera
17:45 08 May 23
Cannot fault this FABULOUS place. Visited Glasgow for the first time this past weekend and was made to feel instantly welcome by the team and all who frequent it. Entertainment was SPECTACULAR, drinks were WONDERFUL (and affordable)! Special shout-out to Dany (spelling?) and the lovely bouncer whose name I didn’t catch for truly going above and beyond and ensuring I got to my National Express home safely and on time. I pray I’ll be back very soon! ♥️♥️♥️
craig patrick
19:31 30 Apr 23
Fantastic bar, welcoming all. Good atmosphere last night, excellent soundtrack. Next to polo lounge. Really busy but good vibe.
Dina Z
00:07 23 Apr 23
I had such a blust!!!So nice bar with amazing decoration so artistic good prices and friendly staff can’t wait to go back.
Jessey Jordan
19:51 18 Apr 23
This place is lovely! My fiancé and I stopped here will on vacation from Canada back in September. We still talk about our awesome experience here often. The atmosphere is great, the décor and style is a beautiful throwback. The staff were all very pleasant and the entertainment from Lola Fierce was incredible. Loved the drinks as well. We happened to be in for Dragaoke and naturally we had to take part which was a blast! We stayed far longer than we thought we would and ended up staying until passed closing and got to have a wonderful chat with Lola. Although we are a gay couple, my fiancé and I never actually go to LGBT bars back home, and this was our first ever experience at one. Thank you Delmonicas for a wonderful time and first experience for us. If we are ever lucky enough to make it back to Scotland, you best believe we will be stopping in again!
Ryan Cassidy
23:54 23 Jan 23
Great bar in Merchant City, really friendly bar staff, good drink prices and lots of variety of entertainment. Karaoke with Bella on Fridays is hilarious, quality Drag/Cabaret on Saturday evenings and good music afterwards. Really beautiful looking venue, and good mix of punters
Cameron Lothian
23:40 21 Jan 23
Wonderfully decorated and very clean venue with great staff, great choice of options for drinks, the food that was introduced with the refit is exceptional. Always a great night with Delmonicas with different shows on every night, a favourite is definitely the new ‘Gay for Play’ night on a Tuesday. Recommended for anyone of all walks of life for a fabulous night out!
Cass Wallace
23:42 20 Jan 23
I'm trans and when i turn up with make up done nice shows etc there's no problem getting in, next week i turn up with expensive tracksuit and trainers I'm not good enough. When does prejudice stop? Being prejudice cause of clothes(expensive at that) i get rejected. B4 it was cause i was bi or tranny now cause i wore a tracksuit. Be all accepting our don't. I loved this place till now!This is not a first and when legitimate complaint is arisen they ALWAYS come up with some ok reason for bad refusal or treatment of patrons. I don't know who the parent companies or owners or whomever is who, I'm trans person who has frequented your and neighbouring bars with no trouble. I feel they problem stems from door staff. Also you get refusal from dels or polo don't try the other they back each other up. If i had the money I'd rent a club and stay a new lgbtq+ night and give then run for money. Very serious as there's not been serious competition in Glasgow a while. Now i rather go all way to Edinburgh to feel accepted by my own community!!!!! Slso i am Gerry into straight clubs done up worth no problem so why the hassle other way about
22:55 10 Jan 23
I'm a local, I've been to delmonicas previously and had no problems. Tonight me and my friend got denied entrance because we had "too much to drink". It was clearly an excuse to racially profile my friend or they didn't like the look of us. We were sober. This is unacceptable, the older male bouncer doesn't deserve this job, what a disappointment from a supposedly inclusive bar. Do better Delmonicas.Edit: We showed up at the door sober. The man took one look at my poc friend, then looked back at me and denied us both entry for no valid reason. We went to Polo right after that and got let in with no hesitation, so you tell me who's in the wrong here. The only horrific thing is your customer service! Thanks.
Anthony O’Gallus
22:16 02 Dec 22
Door staff, named Eric, being bias again on who’s he allowing in. Allowing drunken people in but won’t allow sober regulars in refusing us for no reason. It’s not the first time the same bouncer chooses strictly on his empowerment privileges to choose who gets in. It’s always based on looks or size, a little fat shaming if you’re asking me. The management might wish to review this!
07:02 24 Sep 22
Entertaining drag show, friendly bartender staff. Decent priced drinks. Patrons are generally friendly
13:15 18 Sep 22
Visitor all the way from Canada, tried to visit on a Saturday night 17th but was denied entry because I had "sporty trousers" on when others went in fine with shorts. If i was wearing something inappropriate like a jockstrap or something i would totally understand, but these are just normal trousers. The whole point of a LGBT space is to be inclusive. This older gentlemen needs to be replaced!
Adrian McKinney
22:02 17 Sep 22
Drinks at okay prices. Bar staff are lovely! I'd honestly recommend this so much. 5 stars!Except tonight, the bouncer wouldn't let me in. When I asked why )I'd already been in earlier) the bouncer said "Don't ask why, just go,". Have had genuinely great experiences with the bouncers before.
Simon Glendenning
00:06 30 Aug 22
Went here on Sunday for the first time and it was fantastic to be myself with my husband. Bella Houston was absolutely brilliant and completely made the night! Staff were so nice and the place had a great atmosphere. Planning to come back soon!
Gordon Findlay
15:26 07 Aug 22
You always get a great night out in here whenever you are in plus the staff are always nice and helpful whenever you need them you are a great night
Andrew Minch
19:04 13 Jul 22
Visitor here from America. Great mixed crowd with great dance music! Love the neon lights all over the place too!
L Ackiem
19:58 20 Jun 22
Inclusive place with cheap drinks. 🤤 delicious pizzas and free entertainment! Show was hilarious 😆
Max Forbes
13:33 11 Jun 22
went on a wednesday to experience Suck with some friends and we had a blast, good drinks and great performances. would definitely recommend as a safe and fun bar for LGBT folx
19:29 24 May 22
Will not step foot in here again until they stop just catering to fans of drag, there is gay people about that like different things and all the g1 venues are the same. The drag queens are terrible at best anyway. You also have to know the bar staff to be acknowledged at the bar and when u do get served the drinks are seriously over priced. First and last time I’ll step through them doors
Peter Deaville
22:11 22 May 22
Got refused tonight for " looking too casual " been drinking in this venue for 25 years, but cos I had shorts on???? Raging , if that that what a few quid refurb does to you you can ram it
Scott Straughan
00:01 13 Feb 22
Horrible attitude on bouncer. Basically place was full but instead of explaining nicely got told. FULL go somewhere else! No people skills at all
Louise McCormack
18:00 21 Dec 21
Great vibe, drinks are decent too
Ezra Rowan Wilson
14:50 06 Aug 21
Love this place! Staff are amazing and so friendly, good cocktails and atmosphere is the best
Kevin Moran
11:56 27 Jul 21
We scheduled a table during post quarantine. We paid a deposit and tried to contact as we were running late. We never were able to reach the business over the phone so we emailed as well. Once we got to the bar, an employee said we weren’t on time and we didn’t contact them. As we explained we tried to contact, the business said everyone was busy on the floor and unavailable to take messages.
Chrissy Healy
19:26 24 Jun 21
I haven't been out in just about a year, me and my friend came here for a few drinks after lunch. Service has been amazing from all the staff, I happen to mention it was my birthday and Paul gave me and my friend a free shot to celebrate. #lovedelmonicas#itsmybirthday#shoutouttopaul#justamazing
sean mclean
19:40 02 Oct 20
Great place to go for a night out. Very friendly staff, good entertainment when its on.
Lisa Hudson
21:53 29 Aug 20
I reserved a booth for my friend’s birthday online, as I wasn’t able to get a hold of them via phone. They requested a £25 deposit to secure the table, which I paid to secure the table from 9:45pm-11:45pm. Due to transportation issues we were running late so I tried to call them to let them know, but no one picked up the phone so I emailed them at 9:43pm. When we arrived the bouncer was very rude and said they were booked up, even though we told him we had a booking. The manager came out and was extremely rude and said that we were late. He then accused me of not contacting them to inform them that we’d be late, but I told him that I tried calling but nobody answered so I emailed them and he said “well, we’re busy”. He said it was our fault we were late and the deposit was non-refundable. Poor customer service and appalling attitude.
Kevin Moran
21:49 29 Aug 20
We scheduled a table during post quarantine. We paid a deposit and tried to contact as we were running late. We never were able to reach the business over the phone so we emailed as well. Once we got to the bar, an employee said we weren’t on time and we didn’t contact them. As we explained we tried to contact, the business said everyone was busy on the floor and unavailable to take messages. Very fishy bar.
Dexter K.
17:41 26 Mar 20
Well priced drinks. Plenty of seating. Good looking bartenders. Oh and free WiFi. You can't really beat that. We stopped here quite a few times during our...
Roland Steinacher
23:40 23 Aug 19
A gay bar with good party music at the weekend. Nice party crowd on the dance floor. Drinks are OK and the team is polite and friendly.
Steven Reid
10:03 19 Feb 19
Was in here on Saturday. First visit in over 20yrs. It hasn't half changed. Loved it. Great atmosphere and surprisingly cheap. Will definitely be back. And highly recommend.
Kenneth M.
05:41 23 Oct 17
Bizarre to discover that a bar as obviously as inclusive as Delmonica's still has a toilet attendant in its windowless, basement Gents.Upstairs it's...
Rob K.
14:48 17 Mar 16
Delnonicas is a bit of an institution in Glasgow's gay scene, but I've never really been inclined to visit - something to do with some of the stories of...
Cassandra G.
18:51 04 Feb 14
My favourite place to go North of the way.I'm from London so I love outrageous places and it ticks every box for me. It's fun, it's reasonably priced, and...

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