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LA's Premier Leather, Levi, and Fetish Bar



Eagle LA
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Mikel Gerle
20:50 17 May 23
The best bar for gay men in Silverlake and the best bar for leather and kinky folk in town. Check out their website for daily themes and activities. There is always something interesting going on.
Modern M.
12:43 08 May 23
Avoid the two half naked bartenders in the center large main bar by the DJ booth. My friends and I were literally standing in front of them for about 20...
D Low
20:15 10 Apr 23
This is the only MAN BAR in Los Angeles. Every other bar caters to very Feminine men and Trans men. If you're into Masculine MEN like myself and most gay men then you will appreciate this place. There are very few places that masculine men into other masculine men can go to and have a good time. Meat Rack every other Saturday night is great. They have awesome good looking Dancers , Bartenders and the owners are Cool. They also have a good happy hour in the afternoon. Get there early for a good parking spot or take Uber it does get busy. Most of all show support for one of the last great Men's bars in all of Los Angeles.
Denny A.
21:15 02 Apr 23
I love the bar customer service here, vibe and drinks is an absolute vibe djs are amazing..I won't discredit this business only show you the aggressive...
Joseph E.
19:19 30 Mar 23
I don't find myself coming to the Eagle as much as I would like to. There are several factors to why I don't really come this way.In comparison to some of...
David C.
00:11 25 Mar 23
As a regular, who lives down the street. My ID was expired for a week and the door boy Domingo takes his job way to seriously. My wallet was stolen in WeHo...
Markus L.
21:18 17 Mar 23
A waiter tried to grab my cock and wanted to suck it.Yum
David L.
22:29 13 Mar 23
This place is CRAP. The bartender from the main bar stand, gave us the worst attitude as our welcome (we were just asking for a drink, there was no need for...
Wayde Reed
15:26 24 Feb 23
Sunday Funday is the best during warm weather!
Melvin Fernandez
16:25 22 Feb 23
Love the vibe!! Absolutely going back on my next trip to Los Angeles
Felix M
09:58 18 Feb 23
I’ve hold my tounge for quite a while now about this establishment so recently my 17 year old nephew keeps arriving home drunk off his a@! And so he never told me we’re he was getting the booze so I decided to follow him next thing I know I follow him all the way to the eagle now I have fond memories of the eagle but for them to still be unable to check and make sure no minors are around that kind of environment pisses me off I myself started with the eagle but I would have thought that by know it would have become better on there I’d policy BEWARE
Vahe Nikol
04:14 13 Feb 23
It is the last bar on LA for lether community all bars catering to transgender and fem latino gay guys
Arnold Nymous
00:39 28 Jan 23
They have a charity box at the entrance and always make it sound like it’s a cover to enter! They should warn visitors it’s not mandatory to pay…Also they only take cash! I wonder why 👀
Mark Stokes
02:59 04 Dec 22
12-5-22, They are open and have been for quite a while despite the owners statement here in Maps.
Vaheh E.
02:03 04 Nov 22
I held up my watch at 1:48 and Jeff decided that it was considered as attitude because he was telling people to get out. (Also Jeff refused to tell me his...
Mateo Adams
05:16 17 Oct 22
The is nice and low-key place. Refreshing to still have a "man's bar" in this day an age. Outside unless you want to pay $5.20 for taquitos or $47 for three plates of three, I would keep going.
Entering Nature (David is Fed Up)
17:17 24 Sep 22
Great time weds night, met an awesome guy wish he didn't disappear, arrgh space cadet where are you
Cesar Uriel F.
10:38 22 Sep 22
I really enjoyed going to this club/bar. It was my first time going with a friend i had just met. The music is good and I like how they mix it up. The...
John L.
18:15 10 Sep 22
Outstanding watering hole for those who it is meant for. This bar is not for everyone but fortunately it's perfect for me and my friends. Super friendly and...
T.J. W.
18:18 06 Sep 22
An absolute must for night life in LA. It's a great bar to relax on a Sunday afternoon or party on Saturday night. The bartenders are quick and attentive...
Thomas Rains
06:41 27 Aug 22
Is the only good eagle in SF?
Daimen Owens
14:30 29 Jul 22
I lived in L.A. for six months last year this was my first bar in L.A. and I fell right at home met some amazing bartenders and people I miss it alot
Ricardo M.
18:36 27 Jul 22
It's 2022. Why are you still not accepting credit card payments? All bars and restaurants should by now. I had to use the cash i had on me since they're so...
Nicholas D.
01:53 25 Jul 22
I'm honestly not writing here to be a lil cry baby bitch lol but I just left this bar and almost got into two altercations with ignorant people. First...
K. H.
17:53 20 Jul 22
Great, classic gay men's leather bar.
Anon A.
13:59 06 Jun 22
Came here during pride after some guy friends asked me to meet them there. Had no idea what it was or that it would be a fully leathered out boys club. I'm...
Mark Milton
11:38 11 May 22
One of the few leather bars left. Lots of fun.
Carmine M.
23:37 06 May 22
Why do they let chicks into a leather bar? I just don't gay or. So they can come up and whine about how they were mistreated? You know what? You are not...
J Nor
00:29 21 Mar 22
Lived in la for years! Bad music so bad my friends and I would leave. Requested music and was denied. Snotty bartenders hope they have changed. Bad neighborhood always big problems with crime while parked.
Christopher Clark
14:31 20 Mar 22
I mean it’s the Eagle LA. What more needs to be said about this lowkey raunchy glorious bosom of rock n roll, billiards, and enough more bears than the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.I love this place.Cash only btw but the atm is ever flowing there ❤️❤️❤️
Jack Ketsoyan
18:56 23 Jan 22
Caah only so bring you cash.... Who carrys cash anymore little annoying that they don't take credit card. Super friendly staff everytime I have been. The drinks and great and the bartenders are cool. It's always a good time at the Eagle. Great mix of crowd always as well. The Sunday beer busy is always lit as well so you will for sue have fun here.
pooloe daca
17:49 13 Jan 22
(Non dj) MATT EFFECT (? - what kind of name is that?) was TERRIBLE on Friday 01/082021. We wanted to dance so bad and trust me, we tried… Well, let’s say he wasn’t hired for his music because it SUCKED, much less for his “ability” because this non dj person could not mix two songs even if his LIFE depended on it. Think a brick rolling down a stairway and that’s just as smooth. Plus he looks weird, so Eagle La continues hot but music wise it is anything but.
Beth Rodriguez
04:23 17 Dec 21
Wonderful collections of the drinks.
Freedom Knox
19:06 03 Nov 21
Always a good atmosphere. Friendly tenders. Clean. Always seem to have some sort of theme. Has pool tables. Reasonable prices.
YelpAF Z.
19:34 29 Oct 21
Pros: Pool table, divey atmosphere, themed events, friendly patrons. Cons: snobby bartenders. Expect micro-aggressions. (Especially women and people of...
Jason T.
01:16 16 Aug 21
I haven't been to the Eagle in almost two years, so I decided to come back and try it out on a Wednesday night. It was $11 pitcher night.I got one pitcher...
Terrell G.
10:35 15 Aug 21
Guy at door on 8/14 was very cool racist and condescending. My friend and I both Black gay men left immediately #blm
Jacobo Dark
06:01 28 Jul 21
Don't go to this place on Tuesdays and less you want your DJ request turned against you and played after they kicked you out for their own self endowment I requested the music after paying the DJ a tip and he came to the bar claiming I was harassing him. The bartender gladly refunded my money for my beers but the DJs here over the past 10 decades I've always been and we'll be taking your music that you request and kicking you out then playing the music you requested as their own like it's there playlist for their own advancement here tonight I experienced such things from the DJs I hold sister candy side responsible for these actions this is my review over the past two decades do not expect any changes as you will find the same type of treatment from these people continually I hope Charlie and Hunter responsible for their actions
Alexander Hernandez
08:37 25 Feb 20
Great daddy and bear bar with strong drinks. Not as crazy as SF but still a good place to visit

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