Iconic landmark on London’s club scene

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An iconic landmark on London’s club scene, Eagle London stands proudly as the most eclectic and inclusive venue that the city has to offer.

Whether it’s dancing, drinking with your mates in our beer garden, shooting pool or listening to live artists, Eagle London is the place to visit.

Home to the Sunday night internationally renowned Horse Meat Disco and a host of Saturday night parties (Debbie, Athena, SOS), we aim to cater for every taste and to give our visitors a good time, right in the heart of Vauxhall.

Since 2003 Eagle London has stood out as a destination of choice for London’s nighttime crusaders, Vauxhall locals and for visitors to the city. We welcome all to join us and have a good time with the best live entertainers, DJs and performers that the capital has to offer.

Fancy a night out you’ll remember? Then you’ve come to the right place.



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16:53 12 May 23
FIRE THE SECURITY MANAGER! He is a complete incompetent.It was about closing time, not yet closed. We were a group of 10 friends (everyone sober and well-mannered) and there were 3 more customers inside - no one else. One of the friends needed to take a phone call, so he got out. 30 sec later he tried to get back in, but the security guy didn’t let him to rejoin his friends and buy drinks because ‘no re-entry, due to closing time and customer’s security’. No logical discussion was possible as he was making idiotic no sense about customers’ safety as he was safeguarding a bank and as the friend wasn’t already inside a few instants before. Employees at the bar counter were useless in talking to him.We were still ordering drinks at that moment, but we stopped because our friend wasn’t able to join us. Politely paid for what was already ordered and not yet consumed (we shouldn’t have) and left the place trying not to get the evening ruined even more.You lost money and 10 customers that would never come back again, but definitely gained a great deal of bad publicity from us.Really well done Security Manager!
Michael Kelley
09:20 02 May 23
So much fun!A neighborhood bar with an old-school vibe and dance floor. Great courtyard space and outdoor bar, as well.Sunday nights mean Horse Meat Disco!🪩🎶✨
Anders B
18:31 06 Feb 23
Amazing door staff and security: Showed up late because my friend and I went to the wrong Eagle (there are a few in London!), but the door was very kind and let us in despite us coming too late.Was there for the last hour of their Sunday party. The DJ was amazing, the light jockey timed the show flawlessly to the set, the bar staff were nice and very fast, and the lady at the coach check was a total sweetheart.The crowd was fun too!I’ve worked in the club scene as a DJ for years and I must say: THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! It really exceeded my expectations and I’m glad I didn’t waste my time anywhere else.Happy to return next time I’m in town, and know that if every venue was run the way this place is, nightlife would be better 🥰
Ovidiu Apostu
20:29 26 Jan 23
It’s probably the best night out in London, away from the pretentious vibes you could get in some of the more popular venues. The focus is on the people and the music, with some of the greatest playlists you could hear in town. The staff is absolutely A M A Z I N G 🤩 everybody, from the security guys at the door to the lovely lady at the cloakroom and the bartenders deserve praise, because they’re always very professional and attentive.
Mark St.Andrew
17:29 13 Jan 23
Been coming to this place for years, mainly on Sunday nights for HMD, but some of the Saturday nights are banging. This place also has some of the friendliest door staff in London and the bar staff are great (make sure you say hi to James if he's around. He'll always make time to say hi and make you feel welcome).Never had a bad night here... This is far and away the best gay bar in London.
Ian Rochester
20:18 01 Jan 23
New Years Eve was a complete disaster. 45 minutes to get served at the bar to then be told they have no idea what brandy is. I managed to get 3 drinks the whole night and one of them was a freebie served by its own member of staff. They have the excuse of staff absence. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence for a business that makes money from the sale of drinks, would over staff for a packed night to keep the tills ticking over and customers served. Will not be doing this again, management completely screwed up
James Hunt
12:49 12 Dec 22
Amazing venue, great events. HMD is the best, best security in any place I've ever been to, Jeff is what all security staff should be like and Roy on the door is always an absolute pleasure..all the bar staff are friendly... love this place
Fernando Franco
09:37 06 Dec 22
Very sticky floors! Doe they ever mop the floors? The cloackroom was full even when the place was half empty. The positives, cheap drinks and fun music to dance. The staff was friendly enough.
Trinidad D.
10:45 02 Oct 22
Fun and relaxed atmosphere. My husband and I were visiting from Los Angeles and we had a great time.
Luca Laboragine
20:26 24 Sep 22
My friend and I we were at the door before 10pm and they charged us £6 each to get in. On the website was specified that the entrance was free before 10pm. I was asking for clarification and the member of staff say that the free entrance was only if we were booking the tickets online. What is this that? Is this not the same place without having the tickets? Is still free entrance before 10pm anyway. I will not coming back again and I will not recommend this place to anybody.
Luigi Strangis
15:17 10 Sep 22
I’ve been a couple of times, once on a Saturday and then on Horse Meat disco on a Sunday. Great music and fun. Bar staff and security guards were very polite and friendly.
Mark St.Andrew
23:38 13 Aug 22
Been coming to this place for years, mainly on Sunday nights for HMD, but some of the Saturday nights are banging. This place also has some of the friendliest door staff in London and the bar staff are great (make sure you say hi to James if he's around. He'll always make time to say hi and make you feel welcome).Never had a bad night here... This is far and away the best gay bar in London.
Jon Randall
23:38 13 Aug 22
Such a fantastic venue with a team that make you feel like you’re at home while out for the night. James is my favourite - always looks after us and makes the night even better. Make sure you visit - lots of different nights with different vibes. One of my favourite nights out in London.
Terry McDermott
03:19 26 Jul 22
Particular shout out to the security and door staff who are good natured and intelligently fun while doing a very professional job
19:25 23 Jul 22
Daryl a superstar behind the bar. The DJ so approachable and true cool gent! Spinning some tunes. Nice to be out and about .. with others humans than online etc 🙌🏼✌🏾💯🥳🙏💪🥰
Daniel Chapman-Harris
04:55 11 Jul 22
I haven’t been to the Eagle in years so it was great fun to visit with my partner and our friend. The venue is great - the staff are friendly from the moment you arrive and the door staff were very welcoming. The bar’s layout is good with a large central bar island meaning it’s easy to queue and get drinks. We came on Saturday for Pop and the music was excellent - me, my husband and our friend had a really good time! There’s a beer garden with its own smaller bar where you can smoke or stand outside. Special shout out to James the bar man!
Chris Haen
17:23 05 Jul 22
Nice bar, but not what I was expecting from an Eagle. Crowd mostly in their twenties, a fair number of women, and nobody dressed in leather. Good music and a fun place to spend an evening, just don't go there expecting to find the gay leather scene.
Rodrigo Araujo
12:02 03 Jul 22
It’s a clean and pleasant venue. The outside area is nice.
02:06 20 Jun 22
Police report opened!! Sexist! Exploitative! Horrible experience! Protect yourself, don’t go here! 🤢
Emma Wurfel
23:43 19 May 22
Amazing disco balls, 10/10 would visit x
Michael Latimer
02:15 02 May 22
James the manager is amazing love his energy and welcome
22:33 21 Apr 22
I attended the "Slav to the rhythm"... and all I can say is if you know the owner of the event then you will not get a drink or anything you need the club. The bar staff decided to only serve the people whom work for the event, I was unable to get a drink and I was ignored many times for others. So avoid at every event possible, considering the event was for "Ukraine" clearly singled EVERYONE out the event, not really "United" as the event claimed. Avoid at all costs, if you want to just have a drink!
14:35 09 Apr 22
Absolutely wonderful experience, great bar service and Jamie could have been more friendly!! Thanks Jamie for being so kind and your insight into what’s what!
Anna Mussard
15:07 20 Mar 22
My friends and I came here for a great gay Saturday night and were not disappointed! When we were harassed by an unfortunate individual, the staff were so understanding, supportive and attentive, and made sure to remove this individual from the safe space immediately. Great music and setting, would recommend to anyone looking for a great time. The staff are all absolute babes! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tim Smith
11:05 14 Feb 22
Fantastic LGBT+ venue in Vauxhall. Great music. Space inside and outside and easy to get served at the bar!
Nico T.
02:58 06 Feb 22
I’m giving 5 stars because I cannot give 6
Peg Stitch
02:20 26 Dec 21
do better cause this ain't it
Sebastian S
02:13 26 Dec 21
Absolute joke of a place with rude treatment at the door by the so called 'staff'..."In order to enter the venue you must show proof of double vaccination OR proof of a negative lateral flow test taken within the preceding 24 hours."The website states clearly the entry requirements but at the door they create their own based on ??? who even knows. What a joke LMFAO and when asked about it, the door staff can barely keep up with their own rules and instead they dodge the subject. How can someone be so clueless especially when all the rules are followed is beyond any form of intelligenceGo Eagle, break a leg!!!
Lucy Beattie
04:00 14 Dec 21
Bar itself can't be complained about the bouncer Jeff was 5xxxx polite and caring
Lee Butler
18:32 28 Sep 21
Lovely welcoming venue, especially the female door staff who made me feel very welcome taking into allowance I'm Autistic. I Hope to be back soon. Loved the Disco night on Thursday spinning real vinyl. Right up my street.
Rob Williams
20:05 24 Jul 21
Is the eagle is going to be part of the vaccinated-only gestapo policy?
Keith Trimmings
19:58 15 Jun 21
Unfriendly staff prices to high. Pack u in like sardines, long wait at the bar , very unpleasant indeed.manger should show more care for the customer's . This reveiw is from a long time ago about two years.
Adam Abraham
12:34 24 Feb 21
Fairly priced drinks. Plus the burgers were free! Now that's a surprise. So generous
Adam G
20:46 16 Nov 20
The Eagle have worked really hard in 2020 to be able to open safely. Very much appreciated by the local community and it won’t be forgotten. Thanks guys x
David Duchovny
05:31 16 Sep 20
A great place to go for a night out, great staff and atmosphere too.Drinks not wildly overpriced actually decent prices.A great outdoor area at the rear of the pub, makes a great local that I’m very happy to visit regularly.
sergio valentini
05:31 29 Aug 20
The best, friendliest and safest place where to spend your Sunday night ( or any other day of the week ) . Great garden , friendly staff and security plus the best DJs . Horse meat disco is always a great experience but check it out any other day and you won’t be disappointed.
Richard Lambert
20:22 22 Aug 20
really friendly staff, very welcoming! Drinks aren't at all over-priced! Highly recommend this pub!
Judd Owston
15:40 22 Aug 20
Door staff wouldn't let me through the door without scanning track & trace code, then insisted I fill it in and press submit in their presence. Surely this is illegal? Drinks very expensive.
Joe D.
20:02 07 Jan 20
OK I admit I'm a stereotype, but I'm a gay dude who loves to dance in clubs with bangin' sound systems. This London gay club has just the right mixture of...
Michael P.
17:29 16 Sep 19
The Perfect End To a Perfect Weekend I Love HMD!Over the past five-teen years or so I have experienced the pure joy of the spiritual home of Horse Meat...
ric d.
17:23 06 Aug 19
The London Eagle used to be one of the hottest bear/otter/cub bars in Europe. Sadly, it is a fraction of it's former self. Definitely on the decline. The...

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