Flaming Saddles

Flaming Saddles

Boogie over to Flaming Saddles Hells Kitchen the new kick ass Gay Western Saloon

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A Gay Bar That’s Part Coyote Ugly, Part Reality TV Fodder

This sounds like the premise for a sitcom or a reality TV show: A straight couple opens a gay bar. She favors off-the-shoulder tops and stiletto heels; he wears leather jackets and rides a Harley. The place — improbably for Manhattan — is a country-western joint where the staff climbs on the bar and performs dance numbers.

“It’s high drama and high energy for sure,” declared Kris Coughlin, a bartender there.

The bar, Flaming Saddles, at 793 Ninth Avenue, near 53rd Street, opened in 2011. The actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and the television personality Anderson Cooper bantered about it on Mr. Cooper’s daytime talk show. And New York magazine, which named it the Best Gay Bar in New York City last year, said the bartenders “do-si-do on the bar top like an all-male version of Coyote Ugly.”



Flaming Saddles
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Taylor Horner
02:30 21 May 23
Great bar. My partner and I are from out of town and we felt more comfortable than we expected. People our age (20-30 somethings), great music (not too loud but perfect for getting into the groove), and really attentive waiters. The bartop dancing is also definitely a highlight. I felt safe and had a great time. Plus, the drinks were delicious!
Justin M.
08:19 29 Apr 23
On the way out the bartender harassed me about not tipping him. He was rude from the beginning.
Michael Macgillivray
00:52 17 Apr 23
Great little country gay bar. Servers are amazing and really attentive. Dancing on the bar happens maybe every 30 minutes or so. Reasonable prices for beer in what can be an expensive area. Well worth a visit if you’re in this part of town!
Ben Schmidt
20:16 27 Mar 23
Fun and unusually international crowd. What German and Australian put this in their respective LonelyPlanet guidebooks for an NYC tour? Just jokes! Fair prices for typical standard saloon fare- forget fancy. Cash only. Saturday can have a lot of Jane Doe & her drunken wedding party.
Manuel T.
23:37 11 Mar 23
For some reason the guy dint let me in. He probably mistakes me for somebody else. I'm happy happy to verify with the friendly Bartenders i knew since lats...
Hillari S.
14:13 08 Mar 23
This is a fun and cute bar. Fun entertainment on the bar by employees, but wish they did it more often like the one that used to be in WeHo. I'd recommend...
Angel Gonzalez
01:39 04 Mar 23
Omg I went to a bar in a Tuesday people with 7 customers it got busy after 2 with people from all types and I want to remark that they performed the dancing for 7 the same way than for a full bar. Amazing, cute,well done and tequila for 10 until 2 am!!!! Haidan was the cutest cowboy 😍
Christopher L.
14:48 26 Feb 23
Love Flaming Saddles. Found it very soon after moving to the neighborhood and it's popular and a great, upbeat vibe. Lots of bartenders dancing on the bar...
Tanisha Cruz
15:07 12 Jan 23
I am not a bar person but this place was EPIC. I loved the atmosphere and how they knew how to entertain their customers. The dancing on the bar was GREAT. I would go again.
PJ Sunset Cruise
02:12 27 Nov 22
Great country bar. Staff is super friendly and talented with their country music dance performances on top of the bar.
Aaron A.
22:45 26 Nov 22
What an amazing experience! A gay country bar?! I can't say enough amazing things about this place. This is literally coyote ugly meets YMCA! And I...
Luis R.
22:54 22 Nov 22
such an amazing time here in the bar. Jakob took such a good care of me and my friend. we promise to come back just because of him. thank you Jakob for...
Gerard Mc
00:48 21 Nov 22
Somehow I keep coming back even though the service is atrocious and they make up prices for drinks lol. Every round of drinks is a different amount 😂 Also the cash only option is not only inconvenient but also kinda shady 👀 what makes up for it is the location & jukebox
Michael G
22:26 08 Nov 22
Every time I’m in Manhattan I have to go to the Saddles. It’s a fun environment with dancing cowbois stomping on the wood bar, cheap drinks, and great country and related music on the juke box. Cash only.
Ryan O.
12:01 11 Oct 22
Fun. TouchTunes catalog is very limited. And shame on you for blocking all Selena songs.
Foodie In Jax K.
16:55 24 Sep 22
Very friendly and welcoming. Very nice neighborhood bar with a great bartender dance floor show on top of the bar. Great cocktails and nice diverse crowd....
Maggie C.
10:42 13 Sep 22
Fun little place, with old country music playing. Waiters dance on the bar every hour or so. There's a fun photo booth available, and a jukebox to choose...
Shane S.
17:02 24 Aug 22
Flaming Saddles is great! The same owners of Coyote Ugly with the same concept. Good all around fun. The bartenders are top notch dancers and put on a great...
DJ Crino
05:54 19 Aug 22
Typically I love this bar but if you only have have dollars in quarters to tip vs. a $20 bill, don't bother. Coins will get you cut off so they rather you don't tip at all 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sam R.
05:19 06 Jun 22
Its a great time just go. Good entertainment and drinks are affordable. I'll definitely come back
Leo B.
07:35 04 Jun 22
Slight update from 5 to 4 - still an amazing bar. But they need to start doing something about the amount of straight girls - they are taking over and gay...
Brenna P.
12:38 26 May 22
pretty dead on a Monday afternoon, but that didn't stop the guys from dancing on the bar. I appreciated a clean restroom at a dive bar *bless*. I assumed it...
Alcions D.
22:56 16 May 22
Visited 15th of May 2022 at 10pm:The place is very nice and the concept of the cowboy waiters dancing on the bar is very entertaining BUT, be careful not to be fooled by a waiter who tends to forget to apply the happy hour price. We were a group of 4 and the first of us who ordered didn't dare to dispute the price charged by this unscrupulous waiter. So we went to order again from the same waiter and as if by chance "oops" he forgot to apply the posted happy hour rate every time. So foreign tourists be careful. Don't be fooled 😉🏳️🌈I Hope it’s not a way to be encouraged by the house.
Ashley M.
21:49 04 May 22
Such a fun place!! The bartenders dance to country music on the bar! A very fun vibe. There is also a photo booth. There isn't really a dance floor but some...
aldo bardoino
09:46 28 Mar 22
Flaming saddle saloon was a country bar the first bar dance club I went to that was one floor, not a bad thing just no space to dance but no need because the performers get up on the bar table and country dance away, it’s right out of the movie coyote but with guys instead of gals and I loved every moment of it, the guys were also hot! Yes yes yes 🙌 I loved 🥰 I would recommend going back maybe earlier so I could explore the room before the crowd
Nicolas Jacobi
02:54 23 Mar 22
I used to come here twice a week . Unfortunately they have tripled their prices and now play mostly Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Cher. I definitely do not go to a country bar to listen to that. No reason to return.
The Jolly Farmers
07:58 13 Mar 22
Fantastic bar, great atmosphere, and service. Taylor and Brad were brilliant. Happy to have spent the night there and will be back before the trip is over.
Keremy Jucharek
18:51 10 Mar 22
Flaming Saddles is hands down the best gay bar in NYC, period. Always a fun time, and the bartenders are super friendly and fantastic dancers. It can get a little packed on Fridays and Saturdays but that's common in Hell's Kitchen (or really anywhere). Love coming in whenever I can!
Lizbeth Zambrano
02:52 11 Feb 22
I love this place went with my coworkers it’s was packed at 10pm which is a good thing would definitely recommend and wouldn’t definitely go back. They only take cash which i think is easier
Chayton Pabich Danyla
18:30 09 Feb 22
Great place, Super kind bartenders! Remember this place is CASH ONLY, but there's an ATM on-site.Table dancing is always a classic
Valerie G.
16:03 05 Jan 22
This is a cute fun place! The drinks are a bit overpriced compared to some other bars around but still a nice experience.
Shania G.
20:53 04 Jan 22
Four shots were kind of a lot tonight. $48 for some green tea shots. But honestly good music and epic vibes with friends!!
Julio S.
17:04 18 Dec 21
I went with 3 friends to what I thought was going to be a fun night. I mean, who can go wrong with going out to have a gay old time to a neighborhood gay...
Travis Nelson
03:01 17 Dec 21
Swung in here for drinks after dinner. We met some really great people from around the world. There were reasonably priced drinks, nice bartenders and great entertainment! I would definitely recommend it as a gay bar stop during your trip or if you are newly moved to New York City
Elisa Mathews
05:07 20 Oct 21
The bouncer was not professional towards us. We were expecting a level of professionalism and respect for women and women of color, we exited left…, forever.
Robert Crowe
04:36 19 Sep 21
Pros: Good drinks, dancing bartendersCons: Overrun with straight women celebrating their bachelorette partiesAlso fyi cash only, but they have atm on-site
Stephen T.
16:45 10 Sep 21
Today, I came in this establishment for happy hour, and I saw two hard working employees keep this place afloat during happy hour on a Friday night. I give...
Chad VanSteenberg
16:23 23 Aug 21
The place seemed a bit boring when we arrived but livened up quickly and became a favorite. Fun and friendly staff who put on a great show.
Jeff Manning
22:56 16 Aug 21
Wanted to like this place but staff just wasn't friendly. Ordered a simple drink, Malibu and Pineapple, they didn't have either ingredient. Also beware, cash only bar doesn't accept credit cards!
Janet Estrada
06:34 16 Aug 21
Amazing, we had a great time !
Elif P.
07:41 11 Aug 21
Came here last night after a tough day. I ordered an Old Fashion and approached by the sweet bartender Chris. Chris made a delicious Old Fashion for me....
Ryan NYC
00:34 20 Jul 21
They discriminate against medical needs here
B F.
23:22 26 Jun 21
Bartender yelled at me for not tipping even though it was the beginning of the night and I was planning on doing so. Then got a security guard to gang up on...
Pierre M
01:39 21 Jun 21
We were verbally assaulted over our vaccination status. We called the pharmacy for proof of vaccination, which we find an extremely intrusive and a violation of Personal Health Information rights. The employee chided us with racially charged insults and we left with a very bad impression.
Corinne J.
12:25 13 Jun 21
I LOVE THIS PLACE. great place to go dancing and really entertaining bartenders who perform dances on the bar. so fun!
Lee W.
15:09 06 Jun 21
There is a bar man who happily pockets all of your change from drinks however much it is. If I am in a bar I will tip a dollar or sometimes two for a beer....
Lazaro L.
19:48 29 May 21
Out of town from Miami Fl and heard great things about this place... after making a 30 minute line once we got in they say taht we need to show our...
Gil Hirak
20:14 24 Apr 21
Such bad service... never again!
Boo B.
18:45 10 Feb 21
Jakob was the best. Came out for a break from school and work. Jakob made us feel very welcome and was very attentive. Will definitely be back again.
Philip Koch
15:23 16 Nov 20
One of the most fun bars in all of Hell's Kitchen. The happy hour from 3 p.m. till 7 every Monday through Friday is divine.
Phil Gleaden
12:09 15 Apr 20
Great service from very friendly bar staff, one of the most fun bars I went to in Hells Kitchen.
Laura P.
18:22 05 Dec 19
I went here for one drink with my coworkers. I liked the atmosphere and the bartenders were really nice.4 stars because they are a cash o my...
Josh Parker
04:38 10 Jul 19
Tonight I sat at the end of the bar and ANY guy that came in was more important than me. The little boy who gave me my first drink never came back to ask me if I want another because he was too busy flirting and trying to get a hook up for the night. Whoever was at the end of the bar on Tuesday, July 10, closest to the door... he only cared about “attractive guys” and I tipped him $10 on a beer and shot and not once did he ask me if I was ok or if I wanted anything more.
Cody Caffee
01:03 10 Jul 19
Yeah this place was fun.The drinks are strong and extremely reasonably priced!And the people are legit some of the friendliest people in New York. The bartenders are attentive and hella good at their jobs.We’ll
Alexandra Salcedo
01:18 31 May 19
A cowboy themed gay bar. Your drinks are served by hot men, the saloon style interior is charming and again, gay. Drinks are served in a glass beer glass and are mixed to perfection. We came in because it advertised a watch show for RuPaul. The entire bar was attentive and excited to watch. We all cheered, booed and laughed together like a big family... Of strangers.
Erika Astarita
16:53 06 Jan 19
I come here frequently. I love this bar so much and I'm always excited to come here. Even when its crowded you never have to wait too long for a drink and can always weasel your way to a stool. Everyone who works here is really nice and the dancing is always on point. One time I tried to tip a dancer a bigger bill after a set and he refused without giving me a drink. I've come here the past two prides and had a fabulous time. I LOVE THE DANCING.My only gripe is the epic amounts of straight women and increasing number of straight couples who frequent this place. Recently a straight woman asked me repeatedly if I was a lesbian, when I was clearly with my partner, unable to comprehend that I was. If you're straight - come, have fun, but don't be rude and don't take up too much space.
Darci Parken
12:27 19 Jul 16
So much fun! Happy hour Sunday-Thursday from 12am -1am. The bar tenders get on the bar and boot scoot and boogy! I despise country music but this place has a great atmosphere and makes me slightly love the genre!

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