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At the Fun Hog Ranch, we aim to attract patrons with our casual and festive atmosphere. Exposed wood, booths, and our rustic feel, produces a laid back attitude. We are located centrally in Las Vegas, on Twain, just East of Paradise Rd. Our location makes it easily accessible to the entire city, especially the Strip.



Fun Hog Ranch
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Roberto Solis Rodriguez
12:35 16 May 24
Came in at 4am, Scott was serving us, I was with my friend and he cut my friend off for no reason. I asked him why and he just said he was cut off. My friend didn't do anything wrong and the cameras can be reviewed.
Robert H.
11:12 15 May 24
First time here and it was super fun. It was 2-for-1 and the bartenders are on top of it so you never really wait for a drink. I think it is known as a...
Jason V.
10:34 20 Apr 24
You really can't beat the deals and the bartenders have the perfect mix of eye candy and professionalism. I don't think there is food here but there is an...
Ozaeta E.
23:07 13 Apr 24
1st. time here and it was interesting to say the least. On my next trip, i will swing by again to get the full effect.
Rodney C.
18:32 06 Apr 24
FriendlyGood prices Clean open 24 hoursClean bathrooms for a To make ip enough words
Gustavo Ch V
01:05 05 Apr 24
Went there a week ago and I loved it! Nice people, good service and good prices 👍🏼
M. Flanagan
19:37 20 Mar 24
I stumbled into Fun Hog Ranch in Las Vegas, thinking it was just a pit stop, but boy, was I wrong – and happily so! The moment I stepped in, the classic music video bar entertainment had me grooving, and the shelled peanuts were exactly what my hungover body could handle. But I rallied, because here comes Dora, the queen of homemade Mexican food! She takes your order (talks you into ordering), then disappears like a glittery ghost to her home kitchen across the street (yes in her home), only to reappear with plates of culinary perfection. It was like dining with a dash of magic and a sprinkle of sass, truly obsessed with her. We planned for a quick drink, but time stands still in the windowless establishment, and before we knew it, four hours had vanished. We played their VLT machines and honestly 5$ each lasted us longer than any slots on the strip where we are staying (still didn’t win but 5$ for the thrill I guess) Fun Hog Ranch isn't just a gay bar; it's a sanctuary of days forgotten and laughter. Cheers to Dora (not on payroll) and the entire crew for serving up a side-splittingly hilarious and deliciously queer experience!
Haven Skys
10:28 18 Feb 24
Most masculine bar in Vegas. As much as that exists here because being gay is not a sin so gay bars are mostly for woo hoo women to make fun of men. Really enjoy the 2 for 1 drinks and beer-bust with wet iced glasses and huge mugs, if you drink. Seating is almost exclusively for gambling or groups, if that’s your thing. Gambling means cameras everywhere and people staring at screens.Love the sisters of perpetual indulgence hosting. Think it was a donation vote shirtless contest tonight, done nicely, not obscene, not offensively feminine like the bars that have dancers wear high-heals and women’s underwear and dance like women. Only those men were shirtless, only for the contest. Masculine men! Totally unexpected here.Good parking in the rear, good food truck, good service, nice visitors, cool locals, and excellent music (juke box). Least amount of perfumed women here of all the gay bars, tonight was rough though for that, suppose gays don’t invest enough in Vegas to get a place or time here.During the week, it’s almost all males. Good airflow too! For a man in Vegas this is about all there is. Not for hooking up, only for gambling, drinking, groups of woo hoo girlfriends, and eating from the food truck. Which is enough for some. My niece would love it.Certainly give it 5 stars for effort. The bar of quality is so low here. Maybe depressed from a year of living here without anything fun to do.
16:12 25 Jan 24
Mike on grave shift had such a bad attitude since he walked in. Previous to that Jack was fantastic! Super fun! Deserved all tips went above and beyond 💓 ... I am very sad with the grave bartender such a bad attitude since he walked in.. . 🥺
Wayne Johnson
06:08 19 Dec 23
Unfriendly Bartender Who Didn't Want to Serve me. Obviously I wasn't welcome there. I came in, patiently sat at the bar as the bartender hugged 4 patrons goodbye (I"m assuming they were regulars), then he looked at me and left from behind the bar and started cleaning the bar top from outside the bar. I waited a few more minutes and realized he wasn't making an effort to return to take my drink order. So, finally decided to leave. As I left, I said "I guess I'm not welcome here." And, his response was "have a good night". Horrible experience...the worst most disrespectful experience I've ever had in a bar. Sorry to have entered your establishment but definitely won't return. This was Monday, Dec 18 if you want to confirm who the bartender was.
Jezus ..
13:08 24 Nov 23
Very great atmosphere love that they have a juke box Mike was a very attentive and understanding bartender. He listens to what you like to drink and offers...
Mitchell Victor
18:19 31 Oct 23
Service was absolutely terrible! Drinks were wrong. Staff argued with me constantly about it. Management ended up arguing with the staff. It was quite the scene tbh. Would never go back. Normally places like this have a good vibe but it seemed like a high tension place. Would not recommend. Lots of other places to go.
Theresa F.
15:25 29 Oct 23
Love this bar! As a straight female. Always have fun here. Have met awesome people. Everyone is super nice. Drinks are cheap and strong!
Jeff D.
23:51 19 Sep 23
Love this place. Best gay joint in LV. Drink prices are great (BOGO / Happy Hour). Have met a ton of great people there. Bartenders are fast and friendly...
Keith Constable
22:58 05 Sep 23
Handsome, friendly bartenders who offer great customer service. Good tunes on the jukebox...all English songs so all the customers can understand and enjoy them too. The jukebox is very popular, and the songs played and general bar atmosphere are appreciated best by Gay Men looking to socialize with other Gay Men.
Dave Magat
05:34 05 Sep 23
Very attractive bartenders! And very friendly! Reasonable price and cool place! Haven’t tried the food (no rating)
JT Trick
17:00 04 Sep 23
Nice bar that tries hard to look like a dive bar… but isn’t. Busy as hell but you can have a conversation and meet people. No food or dance floor. The bartending staff is a mix of awesome and rude, depending on the guy and how busy.
Chris M.
23:43 24 Aug 23
Pretends to be a gay bar, and they will take your money, but they will kick gay men out of their chairs if a (female, not gay) gambling addict wants to play...
John C.
19:46 15 Aug 23
So I came today. If you are not a regular you are left out waited for a drink for an hour and got ignored for the regulars but even through we were tipping...
Patrick T.
02:39 12 Aug 23
I've never felt more welcome and accepted anywhere in my life than here. Will was an amazing bartender. Awesome atmosphere and place. Definitely coming back...
Adam Johnson
22:59 09 Aug 23
Had an amazing time here. All were friendly and welcoming.
Jeovani C.
11:16 20 Jun 23
Great service, I order a margarita it was perfect. The bartender Mike was great & the ambience was very laid back.
Donald G.
19:16 13 Jun 23
Air ventilation. They have fans but don't work. Too much smoke in the bar. Low ceilings. Sad!
George Renaldo
22:47 04 Jun 23
One of my favorite bars to visit . Always good service and a fun vibe. I only wish they allowed Spanish music to be played. All Spanish music is blocked from their digital jukebox. That’s the only thing missing. Hopefully they see this and fix their error.
Ryan Lerner
21:18 02 Jun 23
This is a cool low key place. Friendly staff. Just disappointed that they blocked all Spanish music of any genre from their AMI jukebox. It’s an inclusive place….unless you speak something other than English.
Nathan D.
20:52 07 May 23
Lonestar meets Eagle lite. Small bar, big personality. Get your harness at the in-house leather merch shop. Come prepared for a fitting at the bar. Friendly...
Le L.
19:12 01 Apr 23
As an aficionado of all things Wild Wild West, this is a great bar, and so central to everything. I go early in the day since I'm not a gay dude and I don't...
Jacob D.
18:39 20 Mar 23
I just realized every single bar and casino allows smoking out here in Vegas lol. The stench is just terrible as my sinuses have been out of control here...
Kurt Eggimann
02:40 22 Feb 23
Went to have a couple of drinks before leaving the next morning.Mike was the bartender - really nice guy and initiated/engaged in conversation and did a respectable pour (I could only finish 3 vodka & tonics in just under 3 unders). Another customer sitting a couple of seats was also very nice - Real Estate guy (didn't get his name). The Real Estate guy said it was considered a "dive bar" but it wasn't as divey as some of the dive bars I've been to (but it was 3 pm on a Tuesday).It is "cash only", but the Happy Hour started at 1pm (everyday) and prices were so reasonable. Highly recommend as a low-key, laid back, and friendly place. THANKS!
frédéric Page
03:56 10 Feb 23
Great place. Good prices, nice people, decent eclectic music. I always stop by when I visit the area.
Gary I.
09:16 22 Jan 23
Fun Hog Ranch looks like a Southern roadhouse in Louisiana instead of being way off of the Las Vegas Strip. It's a dive, but in a good way. Enough...
Jacob W
01:18 25 Dec 22
This is my favorite bar in town, everyone is so friendly and accepting. No matter what kind of day you've had, you can come here, and just get to relax and enjoy yourself for a while.
04:54 26 Nov 22
Been awhile since I've been there but when I'm in Vegas I always go there! Divey bar but I love that. Mostly locals go there but it pulls in a crowd and...
Colby Kahl
04:36 10 Nov 22
Love this bar. Always come here and have a great time. They don’t play any ambient music unless you request it on their AMI jukebox. The jukebox is heavily restricted though. Obviously there’s a preferred soundtrack by ownership.
Douglas M.
16:02 04 Nov 22
Great place to have a drink, meet people and game. Have been going there for years, and staff is always friendly, and has a great atmosphere
Paul S.
14:57 21 Oct 22
never been there probly a small smoky bar yuk!! i dont know what else to write i dont do bars anymore
Colby Kahl
03:22 20 Oct 22
I love this bar. Been here a million times. The drink specials are great. My biggest complaint is the “jukebox”. It’s an AMI jukebox but it blocks literally all Latino music. It’s an English only, trump loving jukebox. Why does this bar hateI challenge anyone to find a Spanish song playable on this jukebox.
Brian Poulsen
08:09 05 Oct 22
Went on vacation and found this bar. After spending a lot of money on drinks at other gay bars I was so happy to find they had a Saturday night beer bust for 12 dollars. It made my night so much better knowing I didn't have to spend all my vacation funds on drinks and gambling. Went on oink night not exactly what I thought oink would turn out to be but still had a pretty good time.
22:52 03 Oct 22
Stopped by on Sunday for a drink and stood at the bar for 15 minutes only to be ignored by both bartenders (one of which looked right at me). I get the fact that your locals fill your pockets regularly however you should rethink the way your staff welcomes newcomers.
Rudy C.
09:46 02 Oct 22
Bartender are nice. The ambiance is typical. Music was good. Drinks were 2 4 1 from 1pm to 9pm.
Ben Huffman
06:45 29 Sep 22
Best bar I have every been to, good vibes and good times.
Johannes Siegele
22:10 18 Jul 22
Cool bar, nice people, fast and friendly bartenders. Great prices and happy hours.
Florian Tschurtschenthaler
04:01 18 Jul 22
Cool bar l, best happy hour.The waiter was really nice!
Kody Barrera
01:11 01 Jul 22
Oh no this little brave bartender want to chaseMe out with his littLeBat the owner is in my dms crying for attention save yourself the time go elsewhere haha
Olivia G.
14:16 14 Jun 22
Loose machines! Always win here! Great staff and bartenders!
Casey Schwartz
16:57 25 May 22
Nice local gay dive rough around the edges but oh so friendly and dang are those drinks cheeeeeeeeap!!!!! A definite must for anyone wanting to escape the strip and find something more of a friendly speed! Lovely crowd and strong drinks will have you all patch up in no time it’s just what the doctor ordered!
Jonathan Gantz
08:16 27 Apr 22
Good small bar. Attentive and nice bartenders, alot of regulars (ona. Tuesday no less) and some cheap drink specials
John R.
22:47 24 Jan 22
The local bear bar in Vegas. Went there after watching a show on the strip. Cheap drinks, a handful of cute guys to chat with (it was thurs night. This...
Justin Liming
16:30 19 Jan 22
Always a fun place with my crew!!! Great local bar and great prices for drinks & happy hour specials!
Andrew Maximus
01:19 29 Dec 21
Excellent service, great clientele. All over amazing experience and evej more of an amazing time spent at Fun Hog!
Trenton Kelly
10:46 25 Dec 21
Ive been going to fun hog for over 10 years. My friends hate the bar and I always beg and force them to go because it's my favorite in town....until tonight.I went to buy a drink, they said that they were accepting cash only. I don't carry cash with me...especially in a dodgy neighborhood. I use credit cards, and they don't usually work with ATMs. I thought I'd hang out for a minute and wait for my friends. I told them to stop and get some cash.No big deal...or so I thought...I was kicked out of the bar because I COULDN'T order anything...which was no fault of my own. If your cash machine is should consider making exceptions to the rules. I was polite about the situation and so was the bartender...What happened to the gay safe spaces? What happened to the gay community and just being polite to one another. If someone is alone on Christmas Eve in your bar, you don't kick em out.I left...and I will never go back. I spent my 33rd birthday there earlier this summer and I guess that'll be the last good memory I have at fun hog ranch. Just add to the huge pile of why the gay scene sucks in Vegas. Devastated.😞
Tee K.
02:37 25 Dec 21
Ive been going to fun hog for over 10 years. My friends hate the bar and I always beg and force them to go because it's my favorite in town....until...
Anthony Washington
01:15 14 Dec 21
I agree it's not the friendliest place. The thick bartender on Friday night is completely rude. I told my friend who I was visiting with and suggested we go there that he was rude and he said its the manager so don't approach him. Drinks were ok, but if that's how the manager treats customers then I will not visit again.
Jim V.
11:25 29 Nov 21
Always a great spot just off The Strip to have drinks!Drinking is by far the number one activity here but they have TV's, Bar top gaming and a super...
Kenny D.
07:05 18 Oct 21
It was fun to just re, have drinks that the bartender help me figure out what I wanted lol, laugh with friends and make new ones.
Matt Hartert
01:54 10 Oct 21
Always have a great time here! The staff is AMAZING and friendly. The prices are right, and the drinks are always delicious.
Derek Ramon
03:35 02 Sep 21
Great music, friendly staff and great prices!
Trevor R.
13:39 28 Aug 21
Cheap strong drinks and friendly service. Come with friends pretty often. Can be a bit too smoky at times due to being a smaller bar. Always have a good time.
daniel dandrea
16:00 23 Aug 21
I’ve been coming to the Fun Hug Ranch for 2 decades. Never again. I took an Uber from the strip last night (8/22/22 - 11:45pm) and ordered a vodka rocks. The bartender asked me if I knew how to play the built-in gambling games on the bar. I said no. He told me to put in a $20, play $1, then I would get the $19 back and my first drink would be free for gambling. I did what was told. When I went to make a move on the screen, it said that I had no money in there. The player/bet lights weren’t even up. I called the bartender over and he said “yeah, you must’ve played it all”. But here’s the gotcha, I never pressed a single button on the screen because I did not know how to play it. They unapologetically hustled me out of $20. I’m assuming because there were only 4 customers. The bare tender placed blame on my, so I paid for my drink and left. $20 in unrest, $20 hustled by the bar and 5.50 for a drink. Don’t trust the bartenders at the Fun Hog Ranch was an expensive lesson to learn.
Daniel D.
09:01 23 Aug 21
I've been coming to the Fun Hug Ranch for 2 decades. Never again. I took an Uber from the strip last night (8/22/22 - 11:45pm) and ordered a vodka rocks....
Travis F.
11:06 05 Jul 21
This location the front hall grandpa's actually really fun to go to it's got a good atmosphere and the girls are reasonably priced we did have to wait a...
Model citizen
06:35 29 Jun 21
Not the friendliest place. Drinks was okay. Its more for of a neighborhood sports bar. Decent eye candy.
Siarah L.
20:10 26 Apr 21
I love this bar!! , they have such great deals. Our bartender Nick was amazing and we had such a great time !! he was a super fun time and especially the...
Eddie A.
10:27 20 Apr 21
This has always been my favorite place to drink in Vegas. They always have really fun Hogtenders!! Will was awesome during my visits last week. The drink...
Cody Allen
14:22 05 Apr 21
A nice, comfortable finish to a crazy weekend. Friendly staff, and laid back nature.
Brendan B.
01:47 24 Mar 21
Without a doubt, hands down my favorite place that not only employees the best bar staff in town, but it's a guaranteed great time when your there. From...
A D.
18:00 20 Mar 21
Matthew has to be the RUDEST bartender I've ever encountered. He really should seek employment in the fast food industry so that his interaction with guest...
Avery M.
23:53 26 Feb 21
a year agoOne of the best bar experiences that I've had in Vegas, the bartenders are very friendly and personable with customers especially Will who does...
Mike Soto
01:13 16 Feb 21
Fun. Unpretentious dive bar with very sweet bartenders and a nice mixed crowd. My new fav gay dive place in Las Vegas. Cheap drinks. Good music and COVID compliance. Loved it!
Amy Stines
21:34 08 Dec 20
FHR is my happy place. Not only because of the's the people inside. The bartenders and customers are family ,and each time someone walks in, our family gets bigger. If you enjoy being surrounded by good people, great conversation and amazing staff… FHR is the place to be. Prices are extremely reasonable, but the experience is priceless. Come see for yourself!
J.W. Smith
20:36 07 Dec 20
First visit to FHR. It’s been on our list for the last few Vegas trips and glad we stopped in. Of course, it was Thanksgiving and the place was fairly quiet but the bartender Chris was super! It was his first week and he seemed to be quite the professional. He made the visit worthwhile. Hope to see you on our next visit.
Cody Firestone
02:48 07 Dec 20
This feels more like a 1990's San Francisco bar than 2020 in Vegas!They are VERY compliant about masks and social distance. We feel very SAFE here!You can actually cruise and talk to guys, not just watch everyone on their phones.Fun art on the walls, hunky bar staff, and many special events.
Benny Ventura
18:39 27 Oct 20
I love this place! The bartenders are great and so are the people!
Joe Joe
22:10 21 Oct 20
Fun times at Fun Hog from 2015 to 2020: keepin it flowin, keepin it goin.

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