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Situated under Charing Cross Station G-A-Y at Heaven is one of Europe's largest and longest-running gay club nights in Europe. Hosting stage stars from Kylie Minogue to Lady Gaga the nights are packed to the walls with young trendy (and often very sweaty) disco divas.



G-A-Y @ Heaven
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Jordin V.
05:31 23 Mar 23
Very very fun and electric energy! Bar was fine and coat check was quick and easy to get through. Drinks were good as well. Wish the performers were more...
Shahzeb Khan
19:17 19 Mar 23
"Heaven Club is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable night out in London. This iconic gay superclub has been at the heart of the city's LGBT scene for the last four decades, and it's easy to see why. From the moment you step inside, you're transported to another world, filled with pumping music, stunning visuals, and an electric atmosphere that's hard to beat.One of the highlights of Heaven Club is the legendary G-A-Y night, which has been running for years and never fails to deliver an amazing experience. The DJs are top-notch, the drinks are delicious, and the crowd is always friendly and welcoming. Whether you're looking to dance the night away, meet new people, or just soak up the incredible energy of this iconic venue, Heaven Club is the place to be.Overall, I would highly recommend Heaven Club to anyone looking for a vibrant, inclusive, and unforgettable night out in London. It's a true gem in the city's nightlife scene, and I can't wait to go back."
Britt S.
18:19 25 Feb 23
After having enjoyed my experience at this establishment prior, I was shocked at the blatant disrespect and disdain towards our group when trying to enter...
Estelle Mailhou
08:42 16 Jan 23
The club itself is great. Music is very good and they drop some ballons for party extra effect which is great!BUT security is rude and not friendly at allI would advise you that you come around 11pm otherwise you will wait a lot to enter.
J S.
18:52 13 Jan 23
I would give 0 stars if I could. Me and my friends were denied entry because of our American IDs. This club is xenophobic and will deny you entry because of...
Brian F.
12:16 26 Dec 22
The biggest gay club in London and so much fun! The crowd is definitely on the younger side but there is so much room to roam around and get as crazy as you...
Isabel C
11:35 17 Dec 22
Awful experience. They kicked (literally) a friend out of the queue for “being drunk” when she doesn’t even drink alcohol (or use drugs). It seems to be a common practice there as I read the other reviews: using un-explicable aggression to enforce authority. And their manager is there to support and encourage these violent behaviors. I just feel sorry for people that come to this club to have fun and end up being treated like rubbish.
Scarlett zheng
04:17 17 Dec 22
I haven’t I felt such powerless and disappointed before….The securities are so rude and mean…They said my friend and I were here yesterday so we are not allowed to enter today but we didn’t. It is already a ridiculous to reject us. I opened the album and tried to explain that I was catching my due yesterday. He replied “oh, ok, then?”. They assume we were here because they think they saw us yesterday. We have been trying to communicate with them, but they called us rude in turn, making up some rude words that we didn't say at all. Just because English is not our mother tongue, so they could bully us all they want. Five securities were around us , staring us like staring trash. My friend and I could only hug each other and cry…….It was the first time we felt such strong discrimination in a foreign country. We can't think of any way to get justice for us. This is supposed to be a tolerant place, any gender any color ….but it frustrates me and hurts me so much .This is the first and last time we stand in this doorway.
Harrison H.
13:36 04 Dec 22
Fun spot. Cheap drinks. Happy crowd. Place is absolutely rancid smelling even at the start of the night. People here just don't seem to know how to hold...
Hannia Zia
03:47 26 Nov 22
The woman in the picture was actively rude to us - borderline racist. She said we were lying to her when we were just trying to get into the club. She was really rude and yelling at us. The man agreed that she was overstepping her bounds but he could not do anything about it. He agreed she had to calm down and pushed her away.
Colton C
21:18 22 Nov 22
You have to be a member to enter, but you'll wait in a 150m line for 1 hour, just for the guards to deny admittance.The security guards are very rude and didn't even tell people they couldn't get in or give any explanation.I only went to the club because a promoter a few blocks away gave me and my group of friends wristbands, which didn't matter.While in line I witnessed the guard snap and get verbally aggressive with a young woman just because she tapped him on the shoulder to ask if she was still able to get inside. The guard just sends you into an equally long line that goes nowhere and you're just standing there wondering what's going on. Would not recommend it at all.The club may be good if you can go inside, but after my experience, I will not attempt to return.
Elle T.
16:39 19 Nov 22
they denied me because i had heels on then proceeded to let other people with high heels on. very discriminatory and very rude. definitely do not recommend.
D Rob
12:30 27 Oct 22
Been to club multiple times there are usually lots of Black and Asians people inside, so I don't believe security are racist as alleged by many that didn't gain entry.As a gay man I would say is anything there are too many straight girls in the club.Come early so not to queue for long periods especially Saturday.Entry and bar prices are cheap compared to other London venues.Music tends to be older popular favorites and not the latest club sounds.Upstairs usually for R&B.
Stanley Dunthorne
10:29 23 Oct 22
Went for a gig on a Tuesday night. £5.35 for a warm can of Red Stripe. Air conditioning in the venue was great so it didn't get too hot despite being sold out. Toilets are unisex so there was always quite a queue.
Colton C
23:59 21 Sep 22
You have to be a member, but you'll wait in a 150m line for 1 hour, and the security guards are very rude and didn't even tell people they couldn't get in or give any explanation. I saw the guard snap and get verbally agressive with a young woman just because she tapped him on the shoulder to ask if she was still able to get inside. The guard just sends you to into an equally long line that goes to no where and you're just standing there wondering what's going on. Would not recommend at all. It's possible the club is good if you can go inside, but after my experience, I will not attempt return.
Johannes S.
23:04 02 Sep 22
most gays seem to like that type of music, which is their business and I won't judge. What I'll judge tho is a guy on the top floor literally moving around like a helicopter, provoking everyone and threatening violence. That's what u get if people do alcohol rather than proper drugs in ur club.Drag shows were cool and entrance basically free for students
Holly Parker
01:57 28 Aug 22
We’ve been before and it’s been usually fine, but tonight security were extremely rude. They physically manhandled and harassed one of my friends, making him feel powerless and tried to take his ID without asking or any provocation! There was just a few of us trying to enter with tickets but none of us could get in. The reason they said was that we weren’t members but we’d already searched everywhere to get membership (there isn’t any) and people were being let in without membership! We were extremely disappointed as this was for a 21st birthday with one or two others coming all the way to London for this especially!
Alexia Perez Garcia
02:54 26 Aug 22
Workers (security) are completely racist.It must be a secure place, where you can really be yourself, but the reality is that if you are not British they will not treat you well.So trust me, choose another place if you want to have fun.
Marisa B.
06:07 21 Aug 22
the security here was so rude really have me writing my first yelp review didn't let my friends and I in because we weren't "gay enough" & after I talked...
Ruby red lips nicky b
16:31 17 Aug 22
For the second venue we visited HEAVEN (under G-A-Y ownership) the exact same issues with security happened here and the same almost robotic behaviour from the security staff (word for word) happened to myself and 2 friends.Not promoting this venue to any of my friends and also owners need to address their security protocols when new customers wish to part take in their club and party experience... why can't you do temporary passes via an app for people whom are visiting for the first time for all of your clubs? Club entry paid on line and questions asked online before hand. Saves all of negative feedback and frankly rude and unnecessary behaviour from you front of house staff.... but guess you wouldn't have thought about putting that in place!!!!
Jayma Flap
08:31 12 Aug 22
The atmosphere is super friendly, everyone wants to have a good time, nothing more.There were so many people that I was going to pass out, a boy helped me and brought me water, and then the security took me to get some air and gave me water too. They were super nice and helped me. Thank you so much!!
Thyago Falconi
22:50 24 Jul 22
I decided to visit Heaven with my girlfriend to celebrate my birthday but we were refused entry with no reason given. This is after queuing for a long time.Security team was disrespectful to us, spoke to us on an aggressive way asking us to leave.Heaven is supposed to be a club where you can be whatever and whoever you are.A shame is so badly managed.I do not recommend to anyone. There are other clubs in London that are way better and you won't have issues with obnoxious, racist, rude, aggressive security.
Jordi Ternero
11:26 24 Jul 22
Great club but at the entrance the security guys ask you more questions than at the US border! They asked me where have I been before, when was the last I was there and more stuff I can’t even remember.The security people at the entrance makes you feel like a criminal, be prepared.
Marie Neang
01:49 28 Jun 22
My favorite club in London! Everyone is so nice, the music's fun and the ambiance is great. I only paid 1£ and showed my student ID. There was a couple of drag Queen shows as well!I love this club because there's no creepy guy grinding on you...
ayush rai
11:03 05 Jun 22
Horrible securityWe were a group of friends. No where on the site it said we need a membership. We stood and waited long in the queue only to be denied entry at the entrance. The lady was rude and said we can not get inside because we do not have the membership although we had tickets.Never ever will we go to that place again. Never.Also we are people from different countries and races. The security sounded and acted in a very racist manner.Avoid this club at all costs.Disappointed.
Alon Malhi
23:15 26 May 22
So many people it can be overwhelming. A lot of security. And waiting a lot of time for drinks.I liked the vibe and music, but they could do better. Still had a great night overall
Simona Stopková
02:20 01 May 22
If I could give it zero stars, I would. After half an hour of waiting we got rejected by the security guards because we weren’t members. After talking to other people and looking at the website, it has become clear there is no such thing as a membership. The security staff used this as an excuse to reject people they don’t like. They are rude, aggressive and lie to your face. They sent us to talk to an EMT who they said was their manager. They could offer no response other than we weren’t “members” but no one even asked us for a membership, even if it was real. Please don’t go here, you’ll be humiliated and made to feel like you don’t belong.
David Frew
19:37 30 Apr 22
Great gig with the Lovely EggsIt's a good small venue (I'm guessing less than 300 tickets.) But everyone gets a decent view of the stage. Drinks are pricey (as in most venues) but they are really taking the piss to charge £4.50 for "sparkling" water which is clearly tap water with added gas.Gig finished about 10pm, but they seemed to shut the bar at 9pm! (Maybe they made too much profit that night)
Pauline G
11:42 27 Apr 22
One of the best nightclubs in London in my opinion ! Mostly pop music you can dance on and really cool drag queen performances every night. Plus it's only 4£ for students on Saturdays and 1£ on weekdays. Overall I love this place so much for its friendly and fun atmosphere. 🤗
Aaron Fitzgerald
22:30 23 Apr 22
If I could give zero stars, I would. My boyfriend and I thought heaven would be a safe place for us to go without any harassment or discrimination, but I was incredibly wrong. Before we even got to show our ID we were refused entry with no explanation, when probed for a reason we were told “Fridays are member only night” but today is Saturday. I still have no idea why we were refused when dressed appropriately and stone cold sober. Absolutely appalled with the service and will tell everyone I know this is not the place to go. Do better heaven
06:58 09 Apr 22
A fantastic little venue to see some live music. Good sound, good lighting, friendly, welcoming and helpful staff from the security on the door to the people inside.Was here to see The Lovely Eggs and had a blast!
Adam Goriparthi
18:20 21 Mar 22
I'm sure the actual club is nice from what i've been told but I wouldn't know. After being kicked out of the queue due to a friend tripping on a barrier (thus appearing 'drunk' and not given a second look), we then faced a collection of... frankly... rude bouncers. We were told to either go to the back of the queue or stop wasting their time. If questioned more, we were faced with and rude remarks. All the bouncers were unhelpful, some were worse than others. Poor.
nikki shannon
17:38 22 Feb 22
GREAT NIGHT! Been twice and enjoyed both times. Even better when you find a cute straight guy standing at the bar 😉 went with my gay friends but luckily I had my options too haha
14:44 21 Feb 22
Went there last saturday and I saw 70% more “straight couple” kissing than anything queer, I know we cant label people like that but most of the men were definitely not part of the community (some even said they were straight). This is so sad. I go there to enjoy my time and meet people like me.
Chris Houghton
01:52 19 Feb 22
Who are you babe?If you enjoy queuing before being told “sorry, members and regulars only” then this is the place for you.PS: members = come on a Monday evening.
02:16 12 Feb 22
Definitely the worse club I have ever been to. My frds and I were refused to get in after waiting for 2h . The security thought we got too many people(actually just 4 we were talking to other Asian guy at that moment). Feel deeply hurt cuz they never ask any other white people whether they were with others. They kicked me out again after I wait for another round just because I am Asian and easy to recognize. Sorry won't go here anymore it's not a inclusive place.
Kike Souto
09:04 11 Feb 22
Is a good place. But the music was not the best the day that we went. The relation between time lost in the line, price and place is not fare. I think it’s a place to go once.
Daniela Noguera
10:52 09 Feb 22
I like this club, is a contactless club so it made everything easier for me. The music was good and we had a great time.
Natasha Yakusheva
16:52 07 Feb 22
Too many straight people in here. Also straight men cruising and harassing women. There are definitely better gay clubs and parties out there.
Łukasz Stasiak
07:43 25 Jan 22
The music is great but the operational system is terrible- one would wait 30-40 mins to leave a coat at the cloak room and then again the same time to pick it up. So if you have nothing else to do in your life- yeah come!
Luke Winter
02:32 25 Jan 22
Wouldn’t let our friend come with us because she dropped her phone and security stated that she was ‘too drunk’ (she had had 2 drinks) security was also super aggressive when they spoke to us - using profanities, when we were trying to understand why they wouldn’t let us in!! Club is great, security are not nice!! be careful!!
Levi B.
23:19 14 Dec 21
After several nights in London at several different hole in the wall gay bars we met some locals who gave us the advice to go to heaven. This was absolutely...
Review God
15:53 05 Dec 21
A majestical place - full of colour and life. I once went with my friend and had a lovely evening surrounded by delightful people listening to music.I was enlightened by the colour and magic of the place. Worth a visit. Not a football jersey in sight.As my gran would say “if it’s bright and colourful your mood is light and wonderful, if it’s dull and grey , your home to stay”
Łukasz Stasiak
04:12 27 Nov 21
The music is great but the operational system is terrible- one would wait 30-40 mins to leave a coat at the cloak rook and then again the same time to pick it up. So if yo have nothing else to do in your life- yeah come!
James D
04:50 09 Nov 21
At the end of the evening got manhandled by the security demanding I leave when it closed which was understandable but after explaining I was joining the queue to get my coat from the coat check I got told the police would be called if I didn’t leave straight away. I refused until I got my coat and was pulled to the exit by the security. They eventually let me collect my coat but I was seriously disappointed by the heavy handedness of the security. I understand they want people to leave but give people a chance to leave before threatening them. Good night turned bad by very poor security.
Julia M.
16:29 23 Oct 21
MISOGYNISTIC PIGS. After battling on the front lines of covid as a nurse for the past 1.5 years in America I haven't been able to visit my brother in London...
22:10 18 Oct 21
No cash payments, appalling. Good dance music, nice balones and lightshowAnd the name tag on personnel is inefficient, security male is infantile grandiose. I don't intend to go again, ever!
Dimo Dihanov
03:06 17 Oct 21
Worst club I have ever been to. And that's a bold statement because I wasn't even let in! Waited for hours in a line, people skipping over the queue, finally getting to the entrance and getting told that I can't go in? And they didn't even provide a solid reasoning? All my friends had to leave as well. Literally the worst experience I've got from any club in London. Can't even imagine what it's like in there usually. Dodged a bullet, I guess. Thanks, security.
Vanesa Lopez
17:21 25 Sep 21
I went to this place last night and, for no reason, me and my friend got rejected at the door. Probably because we don’t look lesbian enough ( we are straight but, who cares?) I thought it was a place for everybody… anyway, we did the queue again, this time with another security person… and we finally got in (I didn’t want to after that, but my friend insisted and our friends were inside already). The place it’s ok, but no for me tough… I felt discriminated and all I wanted was to have some fun. Won’t come back… ever.
21:35 18 Sep 21
Security staff discriminated us as a couple for the way we looked, manage them properly or get rid of them because there are much better people out there who deserve their job
Martin I.
10:31 12 Sep 21
It was a bad enough experience to be honest ... I had to stand in a long queue for about 4 hours, starting at 10 pm- at 2am I managed to get inside....
E McKee
23:34 04 Sep 21
Shockingly poor security staff who turned us away for being "too drunk" when my friends and I were fairly sober. I suspect it was simple discrimination for being too old and not dressed in a skimpy way to match the rest of the clientele. Ruined a 27th birthday party and won't be returning. Would encourage you to avoid and to pick a more inclusive venue.
Greg Davis
22:50 25 Aug 21
Get there early to avoid the queue - we turned up at 1145 and it took an hour to get in! But inside the atmosphere is amazing. Not been to a club like it for a long time! Drinks are very expensive. Prepare for a long wait too.
Craig Matthews
07:46 25 Aug 21
SECURITY!! Are they not reading these reviews! The security are next level ignorant, rude power trip. Once you get through the hostile staff , its ace inside that’s if you get in. It goes off the doorman’s personal taste not the venues targeted audience. The door staff in the rough strip in straight town are friendlier..seriously!
Lilla K.
12:15 22 Aug 21
Painfully pathetic that this place claims itself to be queer-friendly. Extremely bad organisation. Due to the owner and the security people, Heaven is the...
09:06 17 Aug 21
My best place to be any of the nights out ! The ticket price is quite cheap , it’s open till 4 some days and 5 on Saturdays
07:38 10 Aug 21
My best place to be any of the nights out ! The entrance is quite cheap , it’s open till 4 some days and 5 on Saturdays
Coralie Pattenden
17:12 08 Aug 21
Such a good night out here! Brilliant atmosphere and great music to dance to. Get a wristband from G-A-Y to get cheaper entry.The only two downfalls were the steep prices of the drinks (but entry is so cheap it doesn't really matter) and the terrible lack of security monitoring the queuing. The queuing agrivates me everytime I go. I queued for well over an hour and some people queue jumped at the end, meaning they only queued for 10 minutes. There is no point having a queuing system if people don't respect it, because then why should I respect it. I really hope that Heaven sees this and reevaluates their queuing policy.Having said all that, it is still one of the best nights out in London and it is such a safe space for us queer people to express ourselves. ❤ 🏳️‍🌈
Corentin C.
09:08 08 Aug 21
Most unrespectful and disgusting behavior in my life.Not been able get in with few of my friends because one of the worst security women that I saw in my...
Chaimaa Ormazabal Hamani
01:32 25 Jul 21
The security and staff from this place is what makes this club so horrible. The staff doesn’t listen and they constantly take advantage of certain situations through the authority they think they have. They discriminate and aren’t polite. Very disappointing experience. Do not recommend
Ghalya A.
14:06 11 Jul 21
A new bouncer at heaven a turkish or greek lady! Power has gone to her head! Was so rude to me on friday night then let me in on the final of the england...
Robert Matthews
10:27 10 Jul 21
Where to start…Security were great although being asked if we knew what sort of venue it was appeared a little odd, in 2021!If you like overpriced drinks in a plastic cup, on garden plastic chairs with a plastic garden table it’s the place to be!Service was shoddy to be complimentary, drinks stacking up gathering dust on the bar waiting to be taken to customers, not enough staff to take the drinks orders and you wonder what the owner is actually doing or who was or is allegedly running the venue.Staff didn’t appear happy or wanting to be there.A once iconic venue with the name Heaven appears to have been left to becoming run down, dirty and soulless … such a shame RIP Heaven!
Kingsley Tan
00:51 25 Jun 21
I’m a straight man who patronised heaven with my girlfriend and we had a horrible time in there. The staff were rude and unfriendly, the service was the worst. We strongly support the LGBT community but we were discriminated against and did not feel welcome at all. Most disheartening experience ever!
Rachel Wolfgang
23:28 19 Jun 21
I'm sad to report that my friends and I had a terrible experience at Heaven earlier this evening. We queued for Heaven with high hopes for a Covid-safe club experience, however we were treated disrespectfully by a member of the security team throughout the duration of our visit to Heaven. Rather than calmly and politely communicating the rules, this member of security created a scene by casting dramatically judgmental looks at one of my friends.Later, after being told by a server that we could move to a table closer to the front, the same security member berated me and my friends for occupying a space that we had not been led to by a member of the security team.My friends and I would have been very happy to comply with any and all rules at Heaven. However, no rules were communicated to us upon entry, and this particular member of security took it upon herself to enforce these unclear rules in a rude way.I would not recommend this club to anyone. It is a shame that the staff employed by this club are so disrespectful.
21:55 06 Jun 21
They did not let us enter the room without our physical identity card and the security officers treated us very badly. Horrible site. they also hid their indemnity, without any explanation
Alex Hernandez
03:05 07 Apr 21
The best club in the world, can't wait to go back!
Harry Smailes
19:20 16 Feb 21
Heaven is a place on earth. That's an ABBA song you know
Alfred Hawkes
02:45 03 Jan 21
Heaven..calm beautiful .peaceful magicalFriendly..restful!!
Denisa D Originals
21:39 05 Nov 20
I can't wait to go back to Heaven. They have the best music !
Andrew Hudson
00:57 20 Sep 20
I had a homeless guy as a security guard telling people to remove they masks to check on them, while he himself was not wearing a mask. I think we have a superspreader event on our hands, and it’s all down to the complete incompetence of the staff here. If I see this again, I will not hesitate to call the police tbh
João Augusto
17:43 05 Jun 20
I had a great time there!
Lulu Y.
02:15 06 Jul 19
my college life in a nutshell.The dancing floors and the drag shows were pretty cool. The drinks were little expensive but tolerable
Steven S.
12:08 23 Jun 19
It's widely known I am a dive bar guy through and through.. I will take a whiskey and a shot and sit on my bar stool content as can be. Occasionally a club...
Robert T.
01:49 04 May 18
London clubs can be confusing. Different promoters have different themes at different clubs so one night a place could be a straight Polka Lounge and the...

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