Hamburger Mary’s

Hamburger Mary’s

Hamburger Mary’s is nestled in the heart of West Hollywood and features amazing food, a full bar, and LIVE entertainment almost every night of the week!

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Amazing food and a full bar in the heart of West Hollywood! NOW with a gorgeous New OUTDOOR OASIS!



Hamburger Mary's
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Beth Bradley
19:37 14 May 24
Love this place! It's always a fun experience. Tonight was drag bingo and had a blast!Went again on Saturday night for drag Cabaret. My favorite Queen, Borgia Bloom Facade, was hosting. She always puts on a show! Every time I go when in town, it is always a new experience with different Queens that are so talented and love to have fun!
Ruth Vincent
02:48 30 Apr 24
If you are looking for an Amazing show with food service, Look no more m. We celebrated a Bride to be, it was a surprise and we All loved it! The food was good.Atmosphere Poppin. And the show babe it was like no other I will definitely be back
Anthony Merchak
21:52 14 Mar 24
“Hamburger Mary’s is not just your ordinary burger joint; it’s an experience like no other! From the moment you step through the door, you’re greeted with vibrant energy and an atmosphere buzzing with excitement. The burgers are absolutely mouthwatering, with juicy patties and a variety of toppings to satisfy every craving.But what truly sets Hamburger Mary’s apart is their special shows. The entertainment they provide is simply spectacular! Whether it’s drag queens strutting their stuff, live music performances, or themed events that keep you on the edge of your seat, there’s always something exciting happening at Hamburger Mary’s.The combination of delicious food and top-notch entertainment makes for an unforgettable night out. It’s the perfect place to gather with friends, celebrate special occasions, or simply enjoy a fun-filled evening. If you’re looking for a dining experience that goes above and beyond, look no further than Hamburger Mary’s. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!
06:13 06 Mar 24
It’s been a long time coming! Heard about this spot on Ru Paul’s Drag Race a few years back and finally got the opportunity to visit one in person. Was very fortunate that when we arrived they were having a show. It was such a great experience. Delicious food and cocktails. The souvenir shoe heel cup is legendary and deserves all of the legendary legend stars.
Rohan Chandra
22:18 28 Feb 24
Starting with the ambience, bit dim lights didn't quite set the mood until it became pleasant with some music playing out. The barbecue chicken pizza was a standout, delivering delicious flavors.However, the Kobe burgers which we ordered (Guacamole B.J & Mary Burger) although flavorful, were a bit too wet and messy, detracting from an otherwise enjoyable dining experience.Had a good time with the pints of bud light:)Thanks to Jonathan for suggesting & serving us delicious food!
LAC “Shelly” Avez
16:58 15 Feb 24
Loved it here. The show is hilarious. This is a great place to celebrate your birthday. My burger was perfect, very tasty, it's a pretty big hamburger, I couldn't finish it, worth every penny. I will definitely come back. Highly recommended.
22:54 26 Dec 23
Hamburger Mary's was my very first drag show (ever !) and it definitely will not be my last !! The queens are absolutely gorgeous and I was entertained to say the least. I went for my birthday and am unashamed to say it's been my best birthday thus far!
Totally Te-see
00:08 29 Nov 23
If you are in West Hollywood I urge you to make a reservation to see a drag show here. You will not be disappointed!!!!The burgers are HUGE and delicious. They also have salads, chicken dishes and vegan/vegetarian dishes. The drink menu is fun!They serve the food before the show but don’t worry, you can eat and drink throughout the show. It’s a great venue for any celebration or just because…Our server Mykie was awesome. She made us feel special and was always there when we needed something.And now for the show…”Danny Kaye” was our MC/host. Gorgeous!!!!!! Funny and made the night! The other performers were also wonderful. It was a great night!*They also have Drag Bingo which is fabulous!!! Check their website for shows/show times/ etc.*Meter parking available with a few parking lots near by
Lisa Griggs
22:04 08 Nov 23
The food was so good! I had the salmon salad. Jenny was a great Kareyoke host. Jerry was our waiter. He was very personable and experienced. His service was 5, star! So fun! Loved his personality!Definitely something to experience!
Eff Dee
23:33 14 Oct 23
We came all the way from Pittsburgh to this place. We wanted to see a good fun drag show. And that is exactly what we got. There were five queens, all of them were exceptional. One of them was even on a season of RuPaul's drag race!The best queen of the night was definitely Layla! I hope that's her name, she did Selena at the beginning of the show and it was phenomenal. Brought the whole house down. The main host was full of dirty jokes, which is just what you expect from a place like this. The food was actually really good. We got their giant sampler platter and it is indeed giant. The server, her name was Mikey, she was super nice, coming to our table just often enough to let us know that we were being taken care of. Small points taken off on the fact that the one smoothie was made incorrectly the first time. The server brought out a new one right away though.Thanks!
Susan Brownlee
00:38 09 Oct 23
Very fun place to eat and see a show. They do drag shows almost every day. We paid twelve dollars to stay and ear during the show. The performances were great.
Wendy S
16:25 07 Oct 23
The venue was a little cramped but the entertainment was amazing. Would have loved if they had a stage for the performers like they do at the Ontario location, makes it easier to watch the Drag Queens.
Ruben Becher
12:49 04 Oct 23
So it's all about the drag performances.. isn't it? Because other than that it was pretty average.. and not cheap.It's been a while since I wanted to go there, and must say I've been disappointed. It's not a big place, the food is not not big portion and pricey for what you get. Not that special or tasty, same for the drinks.The service was a bit inpatient and the shows.. well they pretty much just walk around collecting dollars. Nothing much except. Seen better. Much better. In regular bats where they don't charge you a show fee. Oh yeah, when you get the check you realize that there is a show fee for 13~ dollars added. Bit annoying to discover that. Even if it's written somewhere it's not clear.The host was funny though.
MARVIN Sanchez
04:12 01 Aug 23
Hello West Hollywood!!First time here and let me tell ya i was blown away! pun intended hahahaThe Burger options are the way to go and the truffle fries are delicious!! The drink options are great make sure you get the sexy Leg. Their is a $13 charge per person for the show. Lots of fun must be 18 and over to attend.
Pilar Wilkerson
17:21 20 Jun 23
This place is great! The show was spectacular, and the service was amazing. We had the bottomless mimosas with our brunch that came in these really cute souvenir cups. I could not have asked for a better experience. I can't wait to visit again.
A. L.
04:23 30 May 23
First time in this place. The Queens, the service, the atmosphere all was just Amazing. We had so much fun. Our server, Giovanni was above and beyond, always on top of the service, very kind and helpful. Thank you so much, You took care of us and made us feel special! The show was just Fabulous! Great food, bottomless mimosas let's go!!! Cannot wait to go back. Great way to start an amazing day or weekend with the breathtaking Queens.
Jo Tsai
06:51 11 Apr 23
It was a very special experience coming to this restaurant for the first time! It was particularly interesting and fun, although the fries weren't delicious. I hope the food can be improved, but the performance was amazing. I would come back a few more times just for the show.
Zuki Yasmin
05:43 31 Mar 23
lovely staff, very expensive though for what you get. 15$ cocktails that are less than special, and you can definitely get amazing cocktails for less at other weho bars (cocktails in picture: farmer's shortcake & Jameson's mule)i was there for bingo to raise money for wags & walks which is lovely, but they kept going on about how we were saving animals lives by being there, whilst the menu is predominantly meat and dairy. it started to get really grating and hypocritical
christi Jones
01:59 18 Dec 22
This place ROCKS! So much fun and entertainment! We had a blast! The drag Queens were amazing and circled the entire rook so you could be dazzled by their finery.Burgers were amazing. I added the Wagyu burger and it was delicious!!!!! I could go back for the food alone!Drinks tasted watered way down but I didn't mind with all the fabulousness going on all around me!The place stays packed and parking is challenging but West Hollywood is super and Hamburger Mary's is way worth it!
Justin Miclette
00:10 16 Oct 22
My gf and I are HUGE fans of Drag. 💙 We absolutely love all the queens. Let me say that this has been beyond a wonderful and exciting experience.Hamburger Mary’s of West Hollywood exceeded our expectations by miles! 💯🙌🏼 Staff was amazing, food was bang’n 🔥 and the entertainment was a gift 💝100% we WILL be going back to visit. These queens killed it
Manoj Yelavarthy
18:02 26 Jul 22
Absolute killer of a place. The vibe, the people and the food. Thoroughly enjoyed the time here. The leg mimosas were really and I highly recommend the Kobe burger. Do visit this place if you’re around Santa Monica
Amy Blanco
09:41 10 Jul 22
Had a great time until one of the Queens came up to our table and said that he loved all the blondes at this table. Mind you I was the only dark brunette. That was incredibly rude to look at me dead in my face and single me out from everyone else and completely disregard me after I tipped him so good throughout his performance. They all stand up for equality but didn't see me as an equal at all just completely made me feel stupid. Thanks
Leonard Hinzo
21:43 29 Jun 22
Had a fantastic burger wrapped in lettuce no bun. Generous side salad vs fries was hearty and delicious. Of course the decor is over the top glitzy. But generally fun with a nice patio space out front. Great people watching.
Ginger Mort
05:40 29 Jun 22
I was there for a fund raiser for the Disney tri-team Drag Queen bingo. It's always a great time!!! It was a sell out crowd...I came close in 2 of the 10 games but someone got it before me. All good since it was for charity.
Marisa Ramirez
16:15 07 Jun 22
My group of five had VIP reservations for the 11 AM brunch and had great seats facing the main stage. The servers were amazing and there is a money changer walking around pre-show if you need tip money. The queens were gorgeous and fun! For food, I had the vegan patty though there is also a Beyond patty available. Other veg options for brunch are the California Boy Wrap and waffles and pancakes. Had a great time!
chi chiwahwah
22:11 26 May 22
Staff receptive and polite, professional. Our food and drink orders were good, very little wait time. Bathrooms clean and accessible. The show was awesome and really fun. When we come back to LA will definately make sure we stop in again.
Gina Colonna
20:29 23 May 22
Hamburger Marys 🍔💚🏳️‍🌈 is one of the best places Ive ever been in my entire life!!! The vibe is beyond belief 👑 💃🏻 🕺🏻 the whole crew are so kind, lovely, they made me feel home 🌈 and is amazing that they have Vegan 🌱 and Non dairy options on the menu, to my vegan/vegetarian fellas 💅🏽I totally recommend this Drag Queen 👸🏽 paradise 🧜🏽‍♀️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Aaron Molnar
02:08 07 May 22
Visiting from out of country. Never been here before. Was recommended by a friend. Had a jalapeno margarita, as well as a appetizer platter to share. That's why it's 4 stars and not 5, the food order took way to long. Like almost an hour.Went for drag bingo. Was a little disappointed only because I was under the impression that the servers and bar tenders would be in drag as well. But it was just the host, who did an excellent job. Super fun, 20$ for 10 games of 3.
Josh Chen
04:40 23 Apr 22
I love the drag bingo nights at Hamburger Mary’s. The game was super fun and everyone was so into it. The food and drinks are good. Service is pretty great too. Highly recommended.
C. A.
08:02 31 Mar 22
Such a great experience ! The atmosphere, the energy, the vibe was so on point. Great performances! Would come back 10/10.Food was whatever but I'm not there for the food (lol). Same for the drinks.I had so much fun! So interactive with their audience. Can't wait to go back again.I do recommend that you make reservations ahead of time! Glad we did that for a birthday.
Alaina Ash
02:37 14 Mar 22
Great location for food and show.The queens are AMAZING, the staff are very friendly, and food was delicious. I had the queen mary burger and it had hot melted cheese and crisp bacon... yum! Cooked perfectly.
vittoria Schizas
00:31 12 Mar 22
I didn't have high expectations going into it., However, we had the best freaking time. The nachos were great, everything else meh!! But the show was so much fun !!! I would recommend, and I would go back. It's funny, fun, very entertaining and just a good night.
Katherine Babbitt
12:15 06 Mar 22
Hamburger Mary's is always a fun time! You won't want to miss Drag Bingo ever. Or a special event like Tiffany. Yes, Tiffany "I think we're alone now. Great burgers and big fries, friendly service and all around fun atmosphere.
Elena Litwinko
22:41 19 Feb 22
A takeaway burger + fries and a margarita while I waited cost me $50… burger was good! But thought it was a bit pricey. Guess I should have known when I didn’t see any prices on the menu 😅
v puck
20:47 21 Dec 21
We went to the first show on a Saturday and it was a great experience. The staff were wonderful and seated us quickly and right up front. I had the Kobe burger and it was cooked to perfection. The show was amaz-balls. Well over an hour of lip syncing, dancing and comedy. Can't recommend enough. Be sure to make reservations so you can be assured of good seating.
Jennifer Puckett
07:07 19 Dec 21
Excellent hospitality and service. Really enjoyed the show and the waitstaff were just lovely. Drinks were a bit weak. But then we're hard-core and that's the only reason I didn't give 5 stars
Chaise Rasheed
22:48 08 Dec 21
I attended that drag brunch and had a wonderful time. The wait staff was terrific and very attentive the entire time I was there. I didn't know what to order so I just ordered steak fries and they were good. Next time I will order something more substantial. Overall it is a great atmosphere that anyone can feel comfortable in.
Lou Beyerlein
03:27 18 Nov 21
Little on street parking. 2 parking garages short walking distance. In young people living area. Good food and service. Female impersonating shows. Very good. Have lots of dollar bills. Young crowd. Prices in line with clients. Worth checking out
Brent Hubbard
01:37 10 Oct 21
A well themed restaurant and entertainment spot. The staff is very friendly and inviting, prices are reasonable. Show was amazing also. Biggest issue is parking, there is no designated parking lot for this restaurant. There is a parking structure nearby, just allow yourself enough time to park and walk to the restaurant
charles williams
20:23 26 Sep 21
Went there for brunch, we were seated promptly, but then ignored. Yes it was Sunday, and yes they were busy. Even went up to the host, who said someone would be right over. Never happened! Went across the street to Joeys for an amazing brunch
Susan Wolfe
14:40 14 Sep 21
Food and service were excellent. The Brunch Drag Show phenomenal.Multiple talented performers.Super enjoyable
Laramie Landis
04:34 31 Aug 21
I went to hamburger Mary's in Vegas and the show was alot more lively and the performers actually said hilarious jokes the whole show and they also danced. But the one in west Hollywood just turned on music and danced around and collected money didn't put on a show like the one in Vegas did where I was laughing the whole time. It was a good show and the performers were great I was just expecting it to be more funny like when I saw the show in Vegas.
Medusa The Ninja
20:31 08 Aug 21
Amazing place. I had the bacon infused waffle. It was amazing. The show that went with brunch was incredible. Great energy and I'll be going back. Dani Kay was great
Mariah Huffman
00:04 01 Aug 21
The other reviews had me worried but it was great. Yeah the food is expensive but you're not really there for the food are you? $6 cover for the drag show is super reasonable and I loved that they had the guy making change to tip the queens. Lots of hard work going into a delightful show!!
Jessica Beardsley
01:23 15 Jul 21
I’m hearing such great things about this place but I can’t even call to inquire about reservations. A friend tried calling for days in a row but nothing, now I call and it rings once then goes straight to the automated messaging that says the mail box has not been set up yet. Please list another number to call because I’m sure a lot of business is being missed out on due to this issue.
Jennifer Long
22:53 30 Jun 21
Everyone was super friendly. The Drag Show was a fantastic mix of hilarious and hot. Our server got our food order in very quickly, so we were eating within 20 minutes. I would say the only negative is that food is just barely okay and over priced.
Caspar Norris
17:19 24 Jun 21
Very fun spot to get your drag show fix in. We went for drag brunch and it was packed so be prepared to wait a little for a waiter to come around first pass. We didn’t come for food so much as for drinks and the show so it wasn’t a huge deal.Had a lot of fun! Bottomless mimosas out of a leg pint!There’s a few parking lots and a parking structure around the area but it’s a busy area so depending on the circumstance and time of day parking might be hard to come by.
Madison Ryan
04:44 17 Jun 21
went for bingo night and it was the best experience ever!!! the hostesses were hilarious and not only was the atmosphere wonderful, the food was AMAZING. highly recommend
hans rommel
00:04 06 Jun 21
To the manager of Marys. I'm a lover over this place all over the US. I'm sad having seeing them close... Chicago, Tampa etc.... I'm a big supporter. But come on guys. I was sat and tried to get someone's attention for 20min. Then finally ordered water which I only received by flagging down a buzz boy, who kindly got me some. I ended up leaving without ordering anything. I asked one of the drag queens if we could get a server and were told "welcome to Mary's". Unless you really don't care about your business, you could really do better. I'm sad to see gay places disappear. I'm not a complainer and don't mind waiting, but this was a bit too much. All the best to you.
christy r
03:29 12 May 21
If you come ready for fun, you'll have a great time! We went to the Divas Drag Queen Brunch and had a ball. Our waiter, handsome Jerry, was on the ball! He was SUPER busy taking care of most of the tables on the patio, but our mimosas were always full and food came out quickly. Our Kobe burgers were juicy and delicious, too. We were there for my birthday and it was a very fun show! The performers were very interactive and funny. Loved them. 👄🥰👄*Only small issue was the bathrooms. Long line because there were only two and it was HOT in that little hallway. Need to just remodel and add unisex stalls or something and get some fans or you'll have heatstroke divas passing out back there. 🥴🥵😂
Tyler White
05:19 25 Apr 21
The service wasn't good at all. However, the food came out pretty fast but the fries tasted like they sat out under the heater for a while. The burger was pretty decent though. When my friends and I were finished, our waiter couldn't be found. He only check on us once. We waited about thirty minutes after we were finished eating before he came by to check on us. We asked for the check. He came back with one check, there were three of us, then left. He did not wait for us to give him our cards. He was again nowhere to be found. Eventually another waiter came by to ask us if there was anything else. We told him we were ready to pay. I guess he left to get our waiter, can't be fully sure since our waiter didn't get our payment until thirty minutes afterwards. We spent mostly waiting than eating. Me and my friends are just visiting LA but we will not return when we visit again.
Mitchell Wapner
22:57 17 Apr 21
They converted the parking lot to outdoor dining so there was plenty of seating. We didn't have a reservation on a Saturday afternoon and got seated right away. There were drag queens walking around entertaining people as well as a dj. Food was good and staff was great.

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