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Hi Tops is a gay sports bar in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco. We are the spot to head to for, beers, balls and boys. Full bar and full kitchen.



Hi Tops
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Evan Jewell
19:27 21 May 24
DEN OF THIEVES. My phone was stolen last weekend at this bar. Apparently it’s happening here a lot and many other bars in WeHo. If the proprietors still want people to come to their bar, then they had better hire more security and institute more vigorous security checks —e.g. phone check (like coat check) or exit check. When I asked security the next day, they just said “it happens all the time”. INSANE.
Ed U.
22:05 28 Apr 24
Funny thing was that I passed by this loudish bar many times but didn't think I was focused enough on pro sports to enjoy it. But then Jamie W. and I went...
J W.
20:00 28 Apr 24
Racism in full effect by the bartender there. I'm standing at the bar, the only one at the bar, dressed appropriately, don't look like I'm on drugs, and...
Jake Poteat
14:37 29 Mar 24
Food is great. Happy hour is great. But the pricing any other time is outrageous and not worth it.
Frank T.
11:05 19 Mar 24
Great Sports Bar in the heart of the Expanded Castro Entertainment District. This is an area where new bars and restaurants are popping up regularly. A...
Dan E.
13:55 16 Mar 24
This spot is an absolute standout! Nestled in the heart of the Castro, it's not just a bar - it's a lively community hub that draws you in with its...
J Luizz Sf
22:50 21 Feb 24
Always a good place to enjoy lunch, the menu it's great and good prices, delightful cocktails .But turns into a super fun place to hang out with friends at dark balancing the atmosphere of a club and a pub. Great Great placePlease click the like button if you like or agreed with the review
Graham L.
18:15 15 Feb 24
Best nachos in sf.Super welcoming staff.Great margaritas and happy hour specials.I always feel at home here. I suppose it is a sports bar, but one where...
Nikos L.
12:46 24 Jan 24
Great sports bar but they just removed the PORK NACHOS! It was the best menu item.They should bring them back! Great servers and bar tenders.
OneOfTwo F.
08:47 07 Jan 24
Hi Tops is the place for craft cocktails, good food, and to watch sports games. It's a premium price experience compared to other bars in the area and...
Maggie Barbay
01:24 03 Jan 24
Went today and had such a good experience! The bartender was so kind and helpful. The food was amazing! Would recommend!
Minh N.
21:08 22 Dec 23
Great food drinks and music. Very dog friendly and friendly staff. Great for warrior games
Brad Gerow
02:33 06 Dec 23
Food is great. Bartenders are great. They struggle significantly to put on games when requested. Not sure why this is so difficult when usually very few people are watching sports. Other WeHo sports bars are much more responsive. They don’t even follow-up to give an update. Much better sports bars in town for watching games.
J Luizz Sf
19:33 02 Dec 23
Always a good place to enjoy lunch, the menu it's great and good prices, delightful cocktails .But turns into a super fun place to hang out with friends at dark balancing the atmosphere of a club and a pub. Great Great place
Ella G.
15:48 02 Oct 23
Great spot with surprisingly delicious food. The pretzel is excellent, and I love that they serve it with a nice spicy house made mustard. I've been twice...
23:46 27 Sep 23
I think this might be my favorite spot on the main weho strip. Wether it’s for lunch, a post-work drink, or night out with friends, I HAVE to stop by even for a little. The Left Arm drink is my favorite but also the mezcal margarita. The fried chicken sandwich and the corn dog are so satisfying and flavorful. I love so many of the staff here. I see Julio everywhere. Bar back, bar, cashier, busser, delivering food, and interacting with other guests. What can’t he do. Taylor, Chris, Brady, and Daniel are amazing as well. They, along with the rest of the staff, make this establishment more welcoming and make me excited to come in. Food always arrives within a timely manner, even when it’s crazy packed. The vibe always feels so alive and it truly sets itself apart from the rest of the strip.
christopher du plessis
09:14 19 Sep 23
Way to full don’t have any space to move from bar to tables. Plays pretty much the same music every time I have been.Doesn’t look like there is a designated dance floor anywhere unfortunately.
Criss R.
14:28 11 Sep 23
Meh. This is actually not a good place to watch any type of sports game. The sound is always off and the Kiki conversations in the background are...
Lacey Field
03:45 10 Sep 23
Updated Review: The owner reached out to me offering financial compensation for my stolen items, which was appreciated. I'm not sure if I'll be back there on a weekend night given the crowds, but the gesture was appreciated.**THEFTS OCCUR HERE FREQUENTLY**I'm a woman and strong ally of the LGBTQ community, and for the second time I have been robbed at this bar. The first time, someone stole my iPhone 12 Pro Max out of my back packet, which the bar staff was not at all helpful in searching/ pulling camera footage.Last night, I was wearing a small crossbody handbag with a zipper. The bar was packed shoulder to shoulder. While leaving the bar at 10pm, someone unzipped my bag and took my wallet out. I immediately noticed and turned around. The person ended up taking my cash and amex card and discarding the wallet and remaining cards on the floor.Security noticed and didn't do a THING except collect the items and hand them to me, which leads me to believe the staff of Hi Tops are either perpetuating the crime or involved in it to some extent.Yes, they may have security there but they are ineffective if not involved in the robberies altogether.Be warned, this place is a breeding ground for crimes of opportunity. I live in Hollywood, and this is the ONLY bar I have been robbed from. Take your business elsewhere folks! Literally disgusted with this establishment.
Daniel Drake
02:02 05 Sep 23
My absolute favorite bar in the Ghood!! Love sports, I’m usually left alone & prices are fair! It can & does get insanely busy.
Alia G.
17:59 02 Sep 23
The Garlic fries are to die for, better then any other place. Their Bum rum is absolutely delicious, so is their pink slushy. Go here everyone after work....
Monica C.
08:45 01 Sep 23
This was the first stop on our night of bar hopping.Little did we know Thursdays were Gym themed so the place was popping with people in tank tops and...
L C.
11:51 15 Aug 23
Stopped by for a quick bite and beer after the gym. Delicious chicken bowl! Going back for seconds.
Amy S.
22:46 26 Jul 23
This is our favorite go-to place for cocktails and gourmet bar food. It's one the few places in the Castro that still feels hella gay whereas most other...
Evan Jewell
00:34 26 Jul 23
My phone was stolen last weekend at this bar. Apparently it’s happening here a lot and many other bars in WeHo. If the proprietors still want people to come to their bar, then they had better hire more security and institute more vigorous security checks —e.g. phone check (like coat check) or exit check.
Dylan P.
11:44 23 Jul 23
Love going to Hi Tops in Socal, but I had a pretty negative experience with a bartender being rude here. I've heard the food is good though!
Megan Keitel
17:26 21 Jul 23
I had such a fun time and the food was amazing!! Connor is a dream and a joy and made me feel so welcomed!
Jovi Mar
19:50 13 Jun 23
This is place is cool. Came to grab a Mojito during my work break around 12:15pm. Great service and bar. The bartender with the Zac Efron swoop hair and jean shorts is BEYOND gorgeous! man man man. :)) Lets just say I will be coming back.
Aiz B.
02:12 11 Jun 23
The place is nice and friendly. The selection of drinks are good. Server's are nice. It's a cute place to hangout.
Daniel Register
08:33 27 May 23
My first time trying this place on Friday night, 5/26/23. they have great food, and great music, and and a live DJ.Great vibes at this place, I’ll come back next time.
Holly N B.
09:04 05 May 23
My pal held a fundraiser here for the SF AIDS Foundation last week. Hi Tops agreed to donate 25% of their profits from that night. The drinks were $5...
Philip S.
12:36 12 Apr 23
I've lived in the city for about a month now and can say hands down that High Tops has the best quick service and quality when it comes to bar food. If you...
Tom Gaither
06:49 08 Apr 23
8 women are currently outside their bar who had their phones stolen. When asking the manager he states that phones get stolen every night here. Would not recommend
Rosie N.
17:01 12 Mar 23
Tuesday night Trivia here!! It gets very crowded so come early if you want a seat. Food and drinks are solid here, if you like cosmos try their frozen...
Stuart C.
17:49 27 Jan 23
Great drinks and food. Consistently good service and friendly bartenders. Always a good mixed crowd, too.
Michael Hickland
23:25 16 Jan 23
The food was amazing & so was the drinks & the friendly barstaff. This bar is highly recommended by me I would like to thank the staff & owners of Hi-Tops West Hollywood for making my experience when I was in weho an experience I will never forget .Thankyou
Emeris Pendragon
02:03 14 Dec 22
I walked in, around 4/5 on a Tuesday, so the bar was empty.Two people sitting at the bar.I sat down, the bartender said absolutely nothing to me, not even a greeting. He just continued to remove plastic from different glasses and avoid eye contact with me.It lasted about 2 minutes which feels like 30 when you are awkwardly being ignored.If I was 22 I'd be upset. Now I just choose to spend my money where I'm treated with respect.Gym Bar is 50 feet away and is the original gay sports bar. Some of the most pleasant people you will ever meet.
Dani V
09:51 11 Dec 22
It really sucks to be part of the community and have people in the community be rude and malicious towards you in public. I came here with a few friends in the morning for some food and drinks. its one of those walk up places where you put your order in at the front counter. The setup was confusing and I thought we were going to have to get our food from the front but they bring it to you. Long story short I only left like a five dollar tip not knowing they would bring the food to us. Regardless the guy gave me the wrong order and I’m pretty sure they spit in my food. I am never day drinking out here again. With Covid and stuff it’s extremely irresponsible to have a staff like this serving food. It was the younger skinny white guy with brown hair. He had the most horrible attitude of life and I’m never coming here again. The set up is raunchy and confusing also the food was not very good I couldn’t hardly eat it. Not sure if that was on purpose or not? Definitely not worth $27 for a soggy undercooked burger and some cold fries
Jarred D.
15:32 22 Oct 22
Great spot to watch a game!Hi Tops has over a dozen TVs that stream various games at once. Seating is plentiful, but note that it can get busy.Food...
Craig Percival
02:02 30 Sep 22
Rude! We were looking for a place for dinner and a few drinks. Being obviously of age we were oddly asked for our ID, we provided drivers license then they asked for our passports!Ridiculous to say the least. We spent our money elsewhere and hopefully everyone else does too!
Darren Abbott
02:02 30 Sep 22
Unfortunately we could not visit this bar as they would not accept our foreign “driver’s licence” from Queensland Australia and requested our passport which obviously we are not going to carry around. Give this place a miss as there are so many more welcoming bars on WeHo
Benjamin Thompson
22:05 24 Sep 22
Even though having been there many times, rude doorman said in slurred speech that they don't accept non American ID except passports (no-one carries passports around). Several guests entering confirmed that no other bar does that and that nor do they most of the time. They lost 5 people's orders by doing that, good luck in the future with your rude uneducated door staff demanding passports when, statistically, they definitely don't have a passport themselves.
Allen Ravert
02:51 12 Sep 22
The food is some of the best bar food in WEHO, however the facility is just dirty and filthy, tables are never cleaned had to clean myself the last 4 times when we come once a week, never bussed, food and debris all over the floor.
Dianna H.
16:22 09 Aug 22
Had a blast at this sports bar in the Castro!My friends and I came by Friday afternoon around 4 and it wasn't that busy. Sadly they don't have a happy...
Kedar V.
11:32 06 Aug 22
I've only tried the food here and haven't been for drinks or the actual bar part. The fried chicken sando and fries are legit, would definitely come back to...
Mick N.
16:56 27 Jul 22
The food here used to be SO good... but lately I've been disappointed. Food is sloppily prepared and not good enough for the premium price. Wings and...
Teresa C.
21:59 21 Jul 22
I think this is my top favorite gay bar in the Castro.Guys dressed in sports gear, usually with tank tops and tight shorts, yeah! There's locker up against...
05:36 11 Jun 22
Nice place, but rude staff! We ordered foods and had a table. A staff asked us to relocate as he had to move the table. We were happy to move, and asked him where we could go as our foods were on the the way. And I quote”I don’t care”. I understand he’s hard, but there is no need to be rude.
Lillian B.
14:54 22 May 22
Such a good vibe! TONS of TVs which makes it perfect for catching a game.We missed happy hour by about 15 minutes but if you get there before 6pm you can...
Anthony Duff
19:54 18 May 22
My group of friends had two phones stolen from them while here on Saturday 5/14. Previously another friend caught someone in the act of trying to pickpocket them. Need more security here.
07:59 30 Apr 22
My friend’s phone got stolen here. I talked the security guard and he said 4 phone were stolen the same day AND ITS NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. In my opinion it is the responsibility of this establishment to provide a safe space for their clients.
Keith Smith
07:33 04 Mar 22
Fun crowd but music is just ok. And drinks are ok for the price. And yes the bartenders are friendly and a heavy men's crowd, with diversity not so much
Lety C.
22:11 19 Feb 22
Super fun bar in the Castro with honestly the highest amount of food looking people I've seen in the area! Their nachos are really special. Better than most...
Amy -.
09:23 25 Jan 22
TL;DR - $5 happy hour beers!This is a fun bar! You have a ton of space - outdoor, indoor, near the bar, near the tvs, whatever. The beers are cheap during...
Nick M.
20:32 20 Jan 22
Great place for dinks but, if you order food you're on your own. The bartenders can't order food for you and only care about serving drinks. I ordered from...
Kyle S.
17:18 31 Dec 21
I would love to have an LGBTQ sports bar like this where I live! It was nice to just take an afternoon, relax, drink, and watch whatever was on the TV at...
Nelson Yang
19:50 23 Oct 21
Supes friendly staff and atmosphere. The fried chicken sandwich is insanely yummy
Nate Castilleja III
22:14 15 Oct 21
Left Arm of God is hands down the BEST marg you will ever have, made by the one and only Clint. Also, their fried chicken Sammy is a go-to! Say less!
Andrew Fujimoto
05:21 26 Sep 21
The drinks are strong, the staff are friendly, and the food is...... actually good?
Nathan W.
23:07 15 Sep 21
I have been to Hi Tops a few times in the past and then when I joined a kickball league and they sponsor the league we would go every Sunday after our...
Alex Venegas
23:59 11 Sep 21
After Kitchen 24 modified their schedule it ceased being my second home. I was sullen and nostalgic as that place allowed me to enjoy dinner and libations, along with conversations that were cathartic. Slowly, though, Hi Tops has become that place for me. Dana has recruited some topnotch talent both in the back and front of the house. I cannot speak for the other dishes, but the grilled chicken sandwich is literally my daily bread. It’s juicy and moist, with a double dose of chicken breast and a chipotle sauce that envelops your palate with every bite. The drinks are consistently well poured and generosity seems to be on the instructional manual because you never leave cheated. And some of the staff are clear standouts for not only their professionalism and efficiency, but their genuine desire to gab about consequential topics and to know you as an individual. Among this elite cadre are Clint, Scottie, Eilish, and most especially Matthew, who might be their most dedicated and diligent employee. With their Gym Thursdays and Trivia Tuesdays, they surely are becoming the neighborhood Cheers we can all vaunt and celebrate.
21:31 18 Jul 21
Chris is absolutely amazing!! Thank you for taking care of all my friends and I!! You absolutely made it better on our vacation!!
Sofia R.
15:50 08 Jul 21
I've visited Hi-Tops several times for drinks. Great bartenders and a great vibe all-around!I never expected Hi-Tops to have amazing food. I've had some...
Raffi A.
08:44 08 Jul 21
Food is good, great/fun atmosphere but, reason only 3 starts is because the people that work there (young&pretty) are so unfriendly!They wouldn't crack a...
Rebecca H.
19:14 24 Jun 21
This place is a cool concept. We were visiting the castro and stopped by this place specifically because the Knicks were playing in the playoffs and I...
Nikole D.
17:16 21 Jun 21
I was a huge fan of Hi Tops when they first opened. Since then it seems to be a hit or miss depending on the day. Its a cool spot to meet up with friends...
Randy M.
06:49 12 Jun 21
Great bites in a hybrid indoor/outdoor venue. Great place to meet friends and watch one of many international games. The staff are welcoming, hardworking...
Tyler L.
01:19 29 May 21
Nicole is the best thing that's ever happened to this place. She was so accommodating I would trust her with my life. The drinks were fantastic.
00:34 17 May 21
We slid-on-over after the kickball elimination game was over... I was happy to observe the table being sanitized between seatings. I had the Crispy Kale Caesar salad and we were very happy with it. My partner-in-dine had the Grain Bowl and we were happy with it too. The Marquerita-rocks was tasty as well.
Henrick Eriksson Bland / moltazdesign
01:54 20 Mar 21
Good food, nice and friendly staff. But there's a big but! Now with covid they make you feel that you're almost in the way because they want to fill the table with new people, while you're finishing up you food and drinks. I eat and drink quick, but got the feeling that I didn't finish up quick enough.Don't know if this will be my first option next time we go out in WeHo.
Hector Aviles
03:35 06 Mar 21
Great and very friendly service. All staff members were awesome !
Cole R.
17:11 13 Feb 21
Came for outdoor dining. Got the impossible burger and a few cocktails. The impossible burger was surprisingly good, I think it was my favorite impossible...
Team Great American Bike Ride
05:45 13 Feb 21
From entrance to exit Hi-Tops scored a homerun! We were promptly greeted, temperature checked and offered hand sanitizer as we were then shown to our warm and cozy seats. Sierra introduced herself within minutes to get our drink order. My Magic Hour was perfectly flavored and strong. The nachos were a guilty pleasure yet fresh and flavorful!The grilled cheese, after much anticipation, lived up to its expectations. The fried chicken sandwich gives Honor Bar a run for it’s money and the side salad was a clean and delicious alternative. Speaking of delicious alternatives, the cauliflower on a stick was reminiscent of Mexican style street corn with a Californian twist. Hi-Tops provided an elevated sports-bar experience that felt safe without being sterile. Caps off to the entire staff for providing such an enjoyable escape during uncertain times. 🧢 💕
David Vahedi
14:11 29 Jan 20
Very good cocktails and beer selection. The food is also very good. I've had the nachos and the fried chicken sandwich, which were both delicious. The staff was also very nice. I would definitely go back.
16:31 06 Sep 18
Okay...I want to see this place do well because they have great food and I was a huge fan of the one in SF when I was living in the Bay Area. I don't drink much, so I wouldn't come here just for the drinks. It certainly would be the perfect spot to grab happy hour and watch a game. I think Hi Tops will have to change a couple of their TV screens though. It's not quite the same crowd as in SF. These WeHo guys like to watch their Drag Shows, so please make sure you accommodate that. I noticed that not a single person was watching the games on the screen on my last visit.Drinks never draw me to place, but food... I'll go anywhere to get a delicious bite. I've never been disappointed with anything I've ordered here. My personal favorite is the fried chicken sandwich. Make sure you get this with garlic fries too. The hot wings are amazing. One item I haven't had in a long time are the nachos. Make sure you order these to share though, because it's a big serving.This location is certainly bigger than the one in SF. Definitely start partnering up with all the sports leagues in west Hollywood. The bigger space, sports focused, food options and drinks should be a great way to draw in a "loyal" crowd.Anyway...I'm just here for the food. Sometimes drinks....

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