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Daniel Russell
21:58 27 Apr 24
This is not a gay bar. Went on a Saturday night with my husband and saw very few gays. Lots of women and straight couples which was fine, but if you want a gay vibe avoid. Left feeling a bit cheated out of door money.
Cc Kk
03:14 17 Apr 24
Despite not having any alcohol on us, my friends and I were kicked out of the nightclub for allegedly "throwing drinks"???The drinks were literally being thrown on us ? Since there was no such incident from our end, I am very keen to have this matter investigated further and have the security cameras inspected.I think it’s an absolute disgrace that security would not even check into the matter before immediately removing people who had nothing to do with this incidentIt really goes to show about this nightclubs favouritism with race and gender despite it being an “lgbtq” club.
James Tate
22:03 07 Apr 24
Kudos to the front door staff for their exceptional service! They were incredibly cordial, friendly, and polite. It's refreshing to see such welcoming doormen in place.Was there on St Patrick’s day and I theory enjoyed myself.
Jenna Robinson
22:20 21 Mar 24
I've attended kremlin for years ,stopped going a few years ago due to horrible ignorant abrupt door staffi ,I recently was in kremlin in Feb 2024 what a difference in the place 👏 very inviting. Friendly .professional door staff especially Michelle & Charlene .I'll be back again very soon .we'll done in upgrading your door security .
21:25 09 Mar 24
cool interior, friendly staff. music was pretty good, and we had shots for 1£ each. if you get the chance, enter the guestlist for free entry
victoria caldwell
23:59 22 Jan 24
went here few yrs ago was told it was good amd it was for guy amd straight so decided to go and bouncers at door said sorry cant come in ur not a regular how can u be a regular if uve never been its a joke the female bouncer was ignornant she wasl ucky not to smack in the mouth so went to boom box and got it
Lynsey McBrien
12:13 12 Jan 24
Went here over Christmas with work colleagues and had an absolutely brilliant night. The door team must have changed as a massive difference from last time we were there, two girls on the door were really welcoming and friendly 😀
Lynz T
00:19 09 Jan 24
Music is the bestBar staff are greatThe door staff are very good.. 2 big blonde beauties couldnt be more welcoming, so good to see.. keep it up girls 👍🏼
eimi loughran
12:49 07 Jan 24
Was barred in this place for 7 months for having an “attitude” and was told by the manager that I could come back again but had to speak to him outside first. Went down and told the bouncers to get him so he could speak to me and the bouncers then called him and he said don’t want to speak to her she’s not allowed in just to make a complete ejit out of me but it didn’t work, place is an absolute shambles and needs new management. Wouldn’t step foot back near it if you paid me all the money in the world. Scumbags
anna mcauley
00:09 08 Nov 23
my friend was kicked out for ‘being too drunk’ whenever she was absolutely fine, after she was dragged away and i had no idea where she was the female bouncer came over to me and told me i had to leave, the two bouncers at the door are lovely however, but there was no reason for me or my friend to be kicked out.
Miranda G
02:51 07 Nov 23
why is there a food rating? there’s no food and if there is you better give it to me! spaghetti arms tho lush, bartenders take too long to serve you, bouncers lovely and respectful, atmosphere amazing love it, great tunes, queues for bathroom too long
Bronagh Leonard
10:07 21 Oct 23
Really happy with my experience with the two front door male bouncers here on Thursday night. After a scary situation, they handled everything so well and made sure me and my friends were safe.On the other hand there was a female bouncer who was quite rude to my friend and tried to kick her out after she lost her phone ?
Danielle Mck
05:32 06 Oct 23
Ugh I hate this place, every single time we’ve went there’s been an issue with someone in our group being turned away for absolutely no valid reason, I can never ever get served a drink I waited for 15 minutes and they just completely ignore me and serve people who have come up after me, I’ve had to get my friends to stand at the bar to order for me and they get served immediately, they also go out of their way to charge you the most, I don’t go to this place often but I feel extremely judged by the bar workers every time and I’m sick of it, I’ve only been on Thursdays and they need to sort their priorities out if a young girl trying to buy a drink is pissing them off on a Thursday. I’d give 0 stars if I could.
Aoibheann Kearney
16:18 04 Oct 23
I had horrible experience with the female security woman. When the club was closing my friend was on her way out and the bouncer angrily pushed her. I saw and asked her why she did that and she screamed in my face. This woman clearly likes to be in a position of power and definitely should find a new job
Markos Segurola
07:34 24 Sep 23
The security lady should think that perhaps this job does not fit her. She harassed me the whole night and I was not drinking at all. One of her colleagues whispered to me "sorry buddy, she is that kind of person", quite sad. I mean, maybe is an idea that she takes a bit less chemical stuff for work? Btw, not accepting creditcards till certain hour, smells like money laundering...
23:49 06 Aug 23
BORING OLD MUSIC, DONT WASTE YOUR TIMEAs as a well known club we expected to be dancing into the wee hours. Honestly, Gareth Woods as a dj seemed like he had potential but he only mixes old and y2k beats. Overall he seemed inexperienced and out of touch. Add some proper EDM and ppl will surely give praise to the club. Came to the UK expecting engaging and modern music and left feeling like I could host a dance party better on the street in Belfast using my spotify playlist. Bless up to the Avicii tributes but the rest is trash. You could mix better on your iPhone. The ppl deserve some proper dance music like Zedds Dead, Capozzi, or literally ANY other dance music.The bar options were reasonable able had a few options. Coat check was a nice touch and the security was friendly. While various components of the club were great, having bad music is the biggest bummer. Skip Belfast for clubs and head to Dublin or into Belgium or Netherlands for proper music.
Stevie Bee
18:11 04 Aug 23
For what is advertised as Belfast largest and most popular gay nightclub, we found the whole experience disappointing. The staff were friendly enough but the atmosphere was dull and definitely what was written on the label wasn’t in the tin. Music was mediocre and the DJ amateur in my view. The placed was filled with mostly with ppl nearly over 18. As the the gay part, I didn’t feel it was a gay club at all and seriously lacked that unique gay feel about it.
Michel Schenker
00:52 28 Jul 23
Be aware that in this "club" it's absolutely normal to throw coloured powder from the top on the customers and even in their drinks. No one in this club gives a damn about your clothes or your drinks. The toilet was covered in vomit and the staff was quite unfriendly. The only sentense they knew was "speak to the manager". If I were the manager, I would really question my services and my employees!Conclusion: I entered the club well dressed in a quite expensive white shirt and I left 20 minutes later angry and with a green shirt!
Anthony Marsden
13:46 23 Jul 23
Why have sand on the floor in a busy bar? Kinda gross and our shoes are ruined.I guess the cash only door policy is fine, but why not move your cash machine from inside the club to near the entrance?
Megan Buckley
19:23 13 Jul 23
Haven’t been in a while but recently went (two couples) and were told we couldn’t come in, when we asked why not we were told we were too drunk… we hadn’t drunk anything by this stage lol we got there early in the evening. At least come up with better excuses for why you have decided to not let people in, like it’s full or something 😄 won’t be coming out of my way again
Helen García
15:54 09 Jul 23
I decided to share my experience after reading that other people went through the exact same thing.I was standing in the smoking area and when I started walking back to the dance floor, a female bouncer put her hand behind me and brought me outside. She said something to the bouncer and I wasn't allowed back in. When I tried to get an explanation they ignored me, said I just wasn't allowed inside. I said my partner was still inside and there is no service there so I couldn't reach them, they replied with "tough luck" and "keep trying". I had only had 2 beers.I just felt discriminated against and like this was an unfair situation. I won't be coming back to this nightclub.
Sean McElroy
02:33 09 Jul 23
I was removed from the club, I would understand but my friends were equally confused to the situation. As such I don't really understand the issue, but I'd be delighted hear it
Bosch 8
15:18 04 Jun 23
We went last night as part of a gay stag. And we were not allowed in, the reason being that it was a stag yet there was other stags and hens, most of which were straight people. We will not be letting this issue go. We felt it was very homophobic and one of the bouncers actually agreed when I said that it felt homophobic. Seriously need to learn how to treat people with the respect and freedom the community fought for years to get. Will not be returning and will be making this ordeal very public to people for the future to stay away from these establishments
BigJim DownTheRoad
16:15 07 May 23
Usually like going out on a Saturday to kremlin. how ever the music is starting to change. it use to be good clubland/trance music however none was played last night. I like a variety in music but however I was cringed out last nights music wasnt like the other times. please change the music back to normal. and not a fan of wkd tins. taste dry n different from the bottles . please have a variety thabk you
03:53 05 Mar 23
No longer a place for LGBTQ community to be safe in.Seeing Kremlin go downhill has been really sad. I've seen it go from the prime place for queer people to Thompson's 2.0. The difference is staggering, I have had no personal issues with the bouncers unlike others here but my issue lies with how this place now is no longer feels safe for LGBTQ people and for AFAB people. Many AFAB people I know used to love Kremlin as it was a place where they could safely go and unwind without the usual club goers in Belfast. The presence of LGBTQ people made it safer for AFABs.Kremlin is now a place for hetero people. As an LGBTQ person I no longer feel this place is for me, Kremlin is a far cry from what it used to be, I have heard people talk about Kremlin even 5+ years ago turning people away if they didn't fit the vibe of the club. Today you won't see that happenin, and it's letting in clientele who are not LGBTQ friendly to one of Belfasts original places for people of the LGBTQ community.I hope to see the day Kremlin can return to form, a day where it's a safe space for people of my community again. Because for now, I feel unsafe in a place in a bar designed for people of my community.
David Bradshaw
00:31 11 Feb 23
Apparently 1 star is the lowest rating soThe staff at the various are amazing but the experience due to the bouncers is horrible, they walk round and watch you if they don't like you and act like they own the place, remove you if they don't like you and bar you for nothingThe female bouncers are lovely but the male bouncers are horrible.Will never be back due to these reasons until kremlin look at their bouncers people should avoid.
Mark Charles
21:06 09 Feb 23
Went with friends. Drinks offers. Great bar staff. Brilliant security and best for me...a dj who plays music you ask for !
Robin Maxwell
11:25 15 Jan 23
the bouncers were so nice. layout is a bit confusing and the dance floor was crowded, but was a good time overall
13:14 23 Dec 22
stood at the smoking area in the bar for a few minutes away from my friends to get fresh air, to be approached by one of the female bouncers and ushered out - without any explanation behind why. instead of telling me what i apparently did she whispered to the bouncer on the door and left. stood back in line again and when i arrived back at the door was told i wasn’t allowed in. asked why and the bouncer was incredibly immature and wouldn’t answer me, then blamed it on me cursing at him. spoke to the manager who was the only person who treated me with respect but ended up leaving before i found out what happened. horrible experience, bouncers are extremely snobby. wont be back
Aran Hennessy
08:18 18 Dec 22
The Kremlin is *not* a gay bar/nightclub. Can't believe how much it has changed over the last few years. I could find literally 1 or 2 gay guys there the busiest night of the year. Every single guy I approached was straight. I appreciate it's not lawful to turn away people for being hetrosexual, but Gay nightclubs in England do a lot more to dissuade straight people from entering. Other than that the bouncers were friendly and the music was great.
Matthew Mayne
08:52 12 Dec 22
Overpriced massively and certainly overrated.If you only like chart music, the most basic of club songs, extremely rude regulars and staff then look no further. So much better options out there such as boombox or libertine. In 2022 it's also not a great look to have a statue of Vladmir Lenin out the front, other things stuck in 1917 is the fact they also do not accept card payments on entry - this would be understandable if your drink prices reflected that you are paying no tax, however they will still charge you extortionate prices for anything (nobody pays like queer safe spaces ey?).Honesty by a country mile the WORST club in Belfast if you like queer spaces union street is a much better vibe w very lovely people unlike the ogre staff who work here.I have never been removed from any club except this one. However any time I have been unfortunate enough to be dragged here they seem to always find one reason or another to remove me it's honestly somewhat of a godsend. Last night this was because I was complaining about the club to a friend then getting chucked out because I must have hurt the door staffs feelings (small di*k energy). Anyways that's my rant over but I do advise you go literally anywhere else over here.
Mark M
22:50 08 Dec 22
Probably one of the better clubs in Belfast; however the door staff are horrible and they serve drinks in plastic cups. They will literally pour a bottle of beer flat into a cup. Mad queues for bar as well. Recommend Tuesdays as it’s cheap as hell
Natasha longridge
02:24 11 Sep 22
The bouncers are incredibly rude. I'm 23 and have been going to kremlin for years. I was turned away because of what I was wearing, which was bright blue windbreaker bottoms with a dressy top. Bouncer told me I couldn't go in cause I was wearing a tracksuit (which it was far from, and so what if so). My friend also received Lot of negativity of the staff aswell. This place is a ament to be inclusive of everyone and yet I felt the most uncomfortable here. I'm finally comfortable with who I am and yet this place made me feel insecure because I wasn't wearing a dress and heels
Melissa Reed
19:54 09 Sep 22
Enjoyed most of a night out recently up until I left the bathroom to be told my boyfriend was dragged through the club and thrown out for standing on some stairs waiting for me, with only 4 drinks between us in the club I knew he could not have been drunk so when asking the female bouncer the reason this had happened she screamed into my face that she didn’t know and that I had to leave. Male bouncer told us he could only get back in by drinking water infront of the camera. Ridiculous as he was sober from the very beginning
Jennifer Anderson
13:20 05 Sep 22
big hairless man wouldn't let me and my friends in because how my friend looked. definitely poor judgement . get better staff at kremlin . not friendly place! disgusting attitude he had . making as much excuses as he could when we were being patient and explaining to him we were late to see Simone denny but still wanted to enjoy the rest of the night. him being at the front door makes the nightclub unprofessional and not friendly or welcoming.
gail brannon
12:35 05 Sep 22
From Scotland came for a weekend out. Arrived at the doors ar Kremlin around 1am get refused to be allowed in because me and my friends arent regulars knownly we can't be if we're from Scotland(we told the bouncer that). Very disappointed, with The tall big bald guy. Was very rude to me and my friends. Need improvements and nicely mannered bouncers at the doors!!
Caoimhe Barrett
18:04 25 Aug 22
Had so much fun here! Door staff were really nice, bar staff were also good and the music was great too!
Owen Wills
21:14 16 Aug 22
Great night. No women tho . 😃 Good music DJ was excellent. Old school rap. Hip hop. 80s 90s vibe acid house . I loved it.
Nuala Mcnicholl
08:18 14 Aug 22
Krystal from Kremlin the bouncer was an absolute delight. Lost my phone and passport and she went through big dept to find them and got them back for me. I was very upset and she made my night! Thank god for her
Dr Doom
08:15 01 Aug 22
Would not recommend. Went on pride night to support or community, drinks are extremely over priced £19 for two double fireballs. Also stood in line for over 45 minutes to get in and the bouncer’s were letting their ‘favourites’ bunk the line. Such a shame, definitely won’t be back
Adam Martin
00:44 20 Jul 22
at this rate it's a straight club now, lost its sense of community safety in the atmosphere.
Diana Moffatt
22:21 03 Jul 22
Amazing place, Unreal music and atmosphere, Friendly staff.
07:39 17 May 22
Called ahead before they opened specifically asking if a party of 11 people can come in, which they said was fine and there is no need to book anything.Got to the door and the bouncers refused us entry because of some event that was suddenly sold out. I messaged the Instagram page asking if there was actually an event on and they said "No just £10 at the door".The bouncers are on a major power trip. Definitely won't be coming back.
Nathan16 Gourley
18:48 15 May 22
was out for my birthday minding my own business with my friends an I went to the smoking erea an was going back to pass the lighter to my friend I slightly touched the Boucher by exident not even knowing an grab me by the shoulder very quickly an threw me outside an bard me alls I could say I’m sorry so many times because I never meant to touch the Boucher there just so egnoret checky an very judgey an I was even that drunk because the vodkas like water 😂I definitely would not recommend this place bombox or liberteenis far better if your looking somewere to party
20:58 08 May 22
I always have a great time when I visit. The venue itself is fine but what makes it so great are the people. Its always great and I meet some brilliant people. The bathrooms are a mess but I don't expect much at 2am in a club. I was overcharged by someone walking around selling shots but other than that it was all around great.
hayley xx
11:43 12 Mar 22
always a fun night at kremlin!! best club in belfast, i always feel so welcomed
a b
00:57 13 Feb 22
Not disability or trans friendly. A club to make money off of minorities as a "safe space" when it is nothing resembling it. Maybe check out other clubs in Bfast for LGBTQ+ safe space.
Namakubi elf
16:37 15 Dec 21
Horrible bouncers, unsafe experience
Al P
16:29 07 Nov 21
My friend and I Purchased wrist bands in Union Bar and walked round to enter club to be refused entry by the bouncer claiming “no admission after 11pm with a wrist band”. Funny though you can buy wrist bands after 11pm though. Basically they sell you a wrist band then refuse to let you in and don’t refund your money of £10 per wristband. Be aware!
Gbl Rain Bow
12:57 06 Nov 21
Gbl Gamma-butyrolactone
No M.
05:04 01 Nov 21
A truly awful experience. Bouncers took a class in how to reduce people to tears over stolen property and standing in freezing rain with coats/friends...
pastelle art
21:15 24 Oct 21
Horrible experience, me and my group of friends tried to go here, didn't even get to try and go in, the bouncer just came out and shooed us away and kept saying they're closed although there were people inside, then he said the bar was full although we could see inside that there weren't that many people there, we then went off to the side looking at our google maps to find another bar to go to and one of the bouncers followed us and kept staring at us until we left as if we were trying to get in through the back. Ironic how they always preach about inclusivity but then do this.
Jeremy Dodds
10:32 22 Apr 21
Honestly great service come here most nights with my husband(and son) great staff very friendly and all std clean 10/10
Mick Kcim
20:14 03 Sep 20
😉 🙂
Alan Thomson
01:34 15 Feb 20
Visited Belfast from Scotland for the weekend expecting a great night but got refused entry because I’m not a local, added to that the door staff (all female) were the most rudest of people I’ve ever met!! Spoiled a great night up until that point. Will never step foot near the place again.
Emily Sherriff
11:39 09 Feb 20
I'm not very well versed in what makes a good nightclub and perhaps I'm a little naive. I had never been to a gay club before but last night I had the time of my life. The atmosphere is phenomenal and being surrounded by other queer people for the first time in my life is something I won't soon forget. The music is exactly my thing and I just could not stop smiling as I danced the night away to ABBA and Shania Twain. I already love this venue and will be going back ASAP 🙂
Rory Harvey
02:42 01 Jan 20
I have met two decent bouncers while working there, most of the female bouncers I encountered were nasty and rude, the guys were okay. Got blocked from commenting on their Facebook page for pointing this out. Last time I went they had guys on who were dead on to me but refused entry to some of my friends using the “regulars only tonight” line which they have been using for a decade now.Unless you are using the upstairs toilets, expect a bad time, not because they’re unisex but because you will wade through piss to use the toilet.The music is good when they are just blasting songs though.
Paul B.
23:40 20 Apr 16
I used to love this place when I was a teenager. I'm 33 now and going here makes me suicidal. If you can handle the hen parties, the off their bake...
Andy M.
14:47 06 Dec 15
Where to start with this place, it is crazy!! I was out for my friends leaving party. I was really shocked at how good it was. Atmosphere was class and it...
Ross M.
19:52 08 Nov 15
Great wee Place go here a lot, only worth going on a Tuesday or a Thursday as its when the £1.80 drinks are on & £3 in. Decent Crowd no chavs, friendly...
Brooke C.
13:04 29 Mar 15
THE Kremlin... Best nightclub in Belfast.I go quite regularly, always busy and always fun.The venue is LGBT friendly, but not exclusive... You can...
Magz G.
12:20 18 Sep 10
The Kremlin boasts itself as being 'Europe's Hottest Gay Venue' and I must say they have it pretty much spot on here! Its a great night out whatever your...

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