Le Secteur X

Le Secteur X

One of the city's most exhilarating gay cruise clubs

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In the heart of Paris's vibrant gay district, Le Marais, lies Secteur X, a venue that has evolved from a quaint gay dive bar into one of the city's most exhilarating gay cruise clubs. This establishment, known for its intimate and slightly taboo atmosphere, offers a unique experience for those seeking a night of adventure and connection.

Despite its compact size, Secteur X packs a punch with its dungeon-like ambiance, attracting a crowd that's both diverse and enthusiastic. The club's two-level play area is a testament to its commitment to providing a space that's both inclusive and exciting. While it may not be the go-to spot for those seeking a younger crowd, it's a haven for those who appreciate the company of hot, rough-looking Parisians in their 40s and beyond.

The bar staff, often tattooed and friendly, add to the charm of Secteur X, making patrons feel welcome in an environment that's both edgy and safe. However, it's worth noting that the bar's size can be a limitation, especially during peak hours or special events like their infamous piss parties, which, while not for everyone, add a unique flavor to the club's offerings.



Le Secteur X
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Kevin Nicholas Gavit
18:13 30 May 24
Drinks upstairs, fun below. I enjoyed it and will be back.
Oscar Anchondo
05:15 05 Mar 24
Always packed but unable to get in as you need to “be in the list” very odd.
Tanmoy Samaddar
16:46 13 Jan 24
The worst bar I have been to. As soon as I entered and gave my jacket, the bar guy asked what I want to drink. I told him to give me a minute to see what is there on offer. He gave me my jacket back and said he doesn’t have time for people who waste time. The worst of the known french assholeness! Never come here.
Kaden Long
06:28 01 Jan 24
This club met every expectation I had and more! I hope I get to come back to Paris to visit this place again. If you are looking for an adventure, you need to go here.
Ethan Jingkang Liu
23:54 16 Sep 23
I spent the whole night around 1am Saturday amount Full Metal, Le Secteur X and Krash. I have to say Le Secteur X is the only one I will NEVER EVER go back!So I went in, they said you have to buy a drink as a ticket to use the room downstairs. I don't drink alcohol so I bought another customer one. It was just as filthy as other clubs tbh.So then I went to Full Metal and Raidd and came back to Le Secteur X, thinking the first drink I bought could warren my second entry, like the other two clubs. Surprise, surprise. Not only they asked me to buy another drink, the rude mustached owner also said this is not a supermarket etc. Ok. So I left with disbelief.Very disappointed of this visit but the other two clubs are ok. I mean, Full Metal was cleaner than Krash. I'll review them on their accounts.
Jack A.
15:56 15 Sep 23
This place is the real deal. I went on a Friday night and it changed my life. I will visit Paris again so I can come here. Wow. Very professional staff, too.
vitali novitsky
23:58 19 Aug 23
Well.. I arrived at Saturday night around 1.00 ..I don’t know but entrance was for free. anyway . first place where bar was very busy , I went down stairs and smell of piss and dirty turn me off completely ( probably was busy before I arrived ) The man that I saw it there around 50. Man .. ( most lets say u would not touch and not look at the street . I wasn’t expecting to see there my gym types .. but talking about find next door guy ( I found impossible ) I left place in less then 5 min .. and yes I have been in cruising places before .. if I will suggest u - no ..
19:35 05 Aug 23
Bad attitude bar guys are terrible attitude they don't even say hello I recommend no going there
Don Viny
18:50 05 Jul 21
Check what you dont need inside the front door and enjoy 2 1/2 floors of steamy not very hygienic sex. Especially if you had mild luck across the street. Friendly staff who understand you're not there to make friends. French language not a necessity
Mike F.
04:39 24 May 14
I went for one of the Sunday afternoon parties and it was just the best thing ever. All the negative complaints on here seem to be pointing that it's not...
07:08 30 Apr 09
The mythic show-bar Le Piano Zinc was one of the greatest place in Paris in the 80's. After it closed, some other teams tried to reopen the same song-bar...

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