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Jason S.
13:48 23 Feb 24
Loved this place when it was open. Today I called the phone number they had and when it got to the voicemail it stated to sign up for future events on...
Geoffrey T.
10:27 01 Mar 23
I had an amazing time here. I'm bi-sexual, but I'm actually attracted only to women, but crave giving men oral and to get rewarded on my face & body. So, I...
Peter Feeder
23:05 15 Jan 23
EDIT: An online search on Yelp states the club has closed, the building sold.Visiting from out of town, and am interested in this spa, but no website, and when I call the phone number, just a recording, no one answers the phone. It would be nice to know how much it costs and what is required ID and vaccination wise.
William Minton (Bill)
07:58 03 Jan 23
This is a great place to go but they really need to keep there websites updated I traveled over 125 miles round trip just to find out that they were closed two days in a row. This is not good for business.
Thomas W.
22:06 26 Dec 22
I am deeply saddened by the closure of MidTowne. Sure, there are places like Slammer, NoHo Spa, Flex, etc, but MidTowne was something special.
Seventh L.
13:05 23 Dec 22
This community institution, while well staffed and clean, has unfortunately (for customers & staff) been sold and closed forever at 8 am, Monday Dec. 19, 2022
Enrique S.
15:47 20 Dec 22
I just came across really distressing news about MIDTOWNE closing . That is really bad news for customers like me who go from time to time to MIDTOWNE. The...
Cristobal E.
18:44 19 Dec 22
It's sad to see this place go. It was a fun 3 years of going here. I will miss it very dearly. I'll especially miss the douching station, the indoor pool,...
Tony L.
20:40 18 Dec 22
As of 12/18/2022 the club is closing. Today it the last day the club will be open. The building has been sold. I don't know to whom it was sold too. It...
Roslyn Navarrette
04:03 17 Dec 22
For the first time I went and I loved it So I'll keep going.😋😋😋🥰🥰🥰🥰
18:02 13 Nov 22
They do have a sun deck for tanning which is appreciated. The pool and jacuzzi are indoors and light a bit too bright. Their video room is small but they do...
Enrique S.
06:47 06 Nov 22
If you get tire of going to the same sauna on your next vacation abroad try something different for example go to HISPALIS in COSTA RICA $9 to get in , no...
Cesar C.
16:59 17 Sep 22
I'm trying to reach the main person who manages this place . If anyone on here knows how to reach him can i pelase message me
Miguel M.
22:33 13 Sep 22
A lot of meth heads. Only good thing is youll sometimes find Lorenzo on the 3rd floor offering Day passes in exchange for Blowjobs. So you can get sucked...
William A.
23:36 12 Sep 22
this place was great. very friendly and welcoming and clean! the pool is huge the sauna is hot the hot tub is hot it has 3 different levels plus a dungeon...
Iona D.
13:04 10 Sep 22
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Jason Willow
01:45 21 Jul 22
Been going to Midtowne for many years now and enjoyed my visits. The staff is always polite and the place is nice and big. For the past few weeks, they have changed the pricing structure. I used to always get the 5 months pass, which I last bought in late Feb 2022. But to my surprise, they did away with the 5 month pass in June and wouldn't honor the one I had, despite my expiration being July 28, 2022. Now you have to pay the mandatory day pass of $7 plus a locker or room fee. The locker fee on weekends is $25 and the room is around $39. So your visit ends up being $32 (locker) or $46 (room), which honestly is insanely high. And this is before paying the $7 for parking in the lot (strongly advise not to park on the street as several cars have been broken into, even in daylight).More concernedly, the last two times I have gone to Midtowne, I contracted COVID each time. This despite them checking for vaccination cards and temperatures. Obviously, one could be asymptomatic and spread COVID. I was vaccinated and was down with fever etc. for 3 days each time. Good reminder how easily COVID spreads and IMO Midtowne is a cesspool for this virus (and now Monkey pox).If you still want to go, make sure you wear a mask and vet the person you want to go with. The insanely high pricing and the probability of getting COVID will ensure I won't be returning here until things change. BTW, the steam room is permanently closed.
Joseph R.
17:08 08 Jul 22
Great place for a fun escape going tomorrow with a couple friends looking forward to enjoying the day.
Enrique S.
14:33 26 Jun 22
I went there on 2 different FRIDAYS in the morning and the club was kind of empty maybe it gets the crowd at night. I used to go at night pre- pandemic...
Gmail Member
23:37 13 Jun 22
This place has feces everywhere and smells of feces. Everyone I know that comes here gets feces on them. Either they step on it or touch it with there hands on door knobs or get it on the towel. Why is this a thing? And the piping near the restrooms smells like cloves feces. But why?? Why does feces always get on everyone that like a huge health concern and hazard.
21:28 07 Jun 22
I look forward to visiting this spa.I enjoy fun times
Kamilo Perez
01:31 05 Jun 22
The service is good & the place is clean. A little bit expensive for the nieghborhood. A very good mix of men.You should change your policy about digital IDS, many countries only have digital passports.
Mahmoud Baydoun
06:13 14 May 22
They don’t accept digital IDs. I was treated really bad on the entrance. The guy was very very rude!!!
03:11 13 May 22
DISGUSTING this is a place where men and men that think they’re woman come and f each other, absolutely illegal pls shut this place down fbi COVID HEALTH HAZARD ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES TAKING PLACE HERE
Ms Robinson
04:23 11 May 22
I went the first time for the once a month t girl temptation Tuesday and other than standing in line for 45 minutes it was a great party. I really enjoyed the venue space kind of reminded me of the power exchange SF from 15 years ago. It would be nice if you had more tgirl parties or even a party that welcomed straight open minded women swinger couples single guys as well as the lgbtq community. A mix party would be awesome but I do understand that it’s known for being a gay mans bath house
21:45 10 May 22
Love this place . As a cis gendered woman I have had some great times at the events thrown
Jay T.
14:31 02 May 22
Very judge mental staff will ban you from the place for having items such as butane torches syringes in your bags when they search them at the Front. I was...
Frankie B.
07:58 25 Apr 22
Updating my review from years back due to a great time I had yesterday. I never got so much action until now.I discovered many nooks and crannies to put my...
John S.
14:55 09 Apr 22
Review would have been 5 stars except for the fact that it's in an old building downtown and the building does NOT HAVE AIR CONDITIONING. How in today's...
Tony A.
01:12 01 Apr 22
If you can't have a good time here, the fault is probably your own. We've used similar facilities around the globe, and the logistics/amenities are similar...
James C Wilson
01:39 28 Mar 22
What happened to all the Beautiful Black Men that USTA go here? This place was smoking in past decades and the music was lit. If you prefer asians and latino's you're in luck! 😶
Cesar C.
00:27 15 Mar 22
I wasn't gonna waste my time but i amGonna write this reviews about this place cause this place is so shady so i went in a few weeks ago and i had a little...
Rich G.
07:29 04 Mar 22
I just want to say that you handled the closing of the Denver Midtowne very poorly. Honestly, communication, respect. All of that was lacking in the way the...
Jesse Pulido
12:33 28 Feb 22
Haven’t been since Covid started. Can’t wait to go back. Waiting for them to get rid of the mask policy. Also heard that they put the bed back in the basement. That’s great news. Just hope they keep those fat people from sleeping on the bed all night. They should have signs No sleeping on the beds
Joshua R.
10:14 10 Jan 22
Great Prices I like it from my point of view since it was my first time I'll recommend it I'm sure you'll love it too
18:11 06 Jan 22
It was pretty fun. The basement is a good place to have a good time and have some private fun. Recommend you bring paper bills, that's what the vending machine takes. Don't forget to bring your own slippers. They do have parking. It is the building on right side of the spa.
JoJo D.
11:39 13 Oct 21
so covid happened. made a lot of things gross and lame. Midtowne reopened. At first I was excited (yay I get to f*ck a bunch of 6s), but then they got rid...
Rigoberto Ochoa
08:00 26 Sep 21
The first time and last I was at this place it was very good and have fun but I found poop flooding. I got out right of way. 😱But loved it. I don't go out often I wish I could find someone to go with again.
Jason Morris
23:46 24 Sep 21
Midtowne has a great people working there and great people who come to have a good time with the other guys and I always have a great time there. Thank you for being the best gay bathhouse in the world.
mr sexy
01:13 12 Aug 21
The best place in town especially if you like men of color ,and a non pretentious environment. Henry the manager is very helpful ,and the staff is nice. The basement is extremely fun. The huge pool ,and hot tub, massive steam room ,and the sauna aren’t bad either lol. 3 floors of pleasure too. What more could you want?
Angel Rangel
05:28 29 Jul 21
I always have a great time here. Ive been going constantly for months and no ones ever rude to me. For me the basement is the best part of the club.
Donald Morgan
22:31 31 May 21
It’s Open now as of May 31 2021 , come on over and have fun 👍❤️
Jason Morris
23:45 12 May 21
Midtown is a great place to go to be with the guys and have a good time with each other
Max R.
14:58 13 Apr 20
Old School and Awesome.I have been to the Midtowne Spa in Los Angeles dozens of times and have always had a great time. It's not fancy or spectacular,...

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