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Cristjen Lai
18:21 18 Sep 22
If you are expecting to see a show, you should be there before 2230, that’s when the show start. After that, you will be charged for the same entrance fee which included a drink, but just to see some sort of karaoke show. The singing wasn’t bad but it was great either.We went there around 2340 and at the entrance we were asked if we want to see a show. Well it wasn’t wrong but it wasn’t a show that we expected. I guess they only have one show at 2230 (which we found out later on a poster in the toilet that they called special show).After that, it will only be a bunch of gogo boy standing on stage while three singer singing live. At this point, you can have some gogo boy that you like to sit and drink with you. Just have to tell the captain the number of the one you like. But, music was really loud, impossible to talk in there while they are singing.
Yuting Chiang
17:30 05 Aug 22
The music sound system is terrible ! It totally destroys the singers’ voice! It could have improved a lot to make people want to stay longer ..
Lawrence Banks
23:51 17 Jun 22
Terrible bar. The front entrance staff are rude and arrogant. Most bars you can look inside before going in but not Moonlight. Inside the bar there mostly only stools to sit on which are very uncomfortable with no back support. Very limited selection. Only 6 choices! Inside staff are nice.
ณฐพล วุฒิไกรวณิชย์
02:34 03 Jan 21
Light and sound dazzling
Mason Art Sirilim
23:01 27 Dec 19
Price has increased to 500THB with a drink. The gogo show lasted 1 hour plus starting at 10.30pm for the 1st round. The main dancers are hot (those that appeared on their website regularly) but the rest seemed tired, or too young or not in right shape and looks were okay for just 1 or 2. Overall the show was fun as you get to see what you want to see except cumming.
ChenEn Li
16:13 15 Nov 19
Bangkok's best gogobar, will come almost every time you come to Bangkok
19:05 23 Jun 19
Probably stepped on a few similar shops. At present, the quality of this one is the best, and the performance is not very heavy. It is recommended to finish the dinner and press the horse. Enter at 9 o'clock to start the show. Start a series of different shows left and right. There are other shops nearby to see, but I think the performers here are pretty good in appearance and figure. Attached photos and photos are not allowed inside, so I have to take a photo here, and the two shameful partners will not be exposed.
jun wang
15:58 30 May 19
Yong gay show which is not my type.not sex not handsome not passion.Bear is 450bth/bottom. Price is the most expensive among all of gays bar in this area
Gillard Smith
17:49 31 Dec 18
I can say right now that Moonlight is the best go go bar in Bangkok. It got explicit shows and classy acts. They also got models aside from the go go boys. The bar also got a modern design and almost all of the boys perform on stage. The mamasans and staffs were all courteous and accommodating. A

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