North Bondi Beach

North Bondi Beach

Sydney's famous gay beach and rightly so

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Sydney's famous gay beach and rightly so. It's the place to see and be seen ... and you'll spot some of the hottest human specimens rubbing themselves down with sunscreen on these shores. North Bondi is where the locals and the boys let it all hang out.

The sheltered bay is great for swimming. There's plenty of bars and restaurants along the top of the beach - just remember alcohol is not allowed on the beach itself.



North Bondi Beach
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Elizabeth Downey
07:47 02 Sep 21
Just had a large canvas stretched and reframed and a picture box framed , am so happy with the work, beautiful finish and wonderful service collected and delivered , no having to fit into car and travelling to shop, and reasonably priced ,would recommend this company highly.
Olivia Jeavons
21:58 01 Sep 21
Was really pleased with the service I received from Mobile Framing. I had an A2 print framed and the whole process took only a week end to end. Great price too. I will certainly be back for my next framing need!
Paul Symonds
22:46 12 Jul 21
Bondi Beach is an overrated area, expensive and still run down.Here, in paradise, 1997, after Roni Levi came out of the surf, 6 men in blue and white surrounded unwell, Roni Levi, on the beach. Didn't involve mental health crisis team but very decisive outcome.
Janet Blackwell
05:11 06 Jun 21
Beautiful sandy beach and not too busy today in winter. Great waves too
Rebecca L
12:29 02 Jun 21
Currently doing upgrades to the front so lots of construction going on which isn't very attractive for taking good pictures. It was fun swimming at the iconic Bond Beach. The toilets / change rooms are way down the end which is a bit of a pain. There's a small amount of parking out the front.
Hassan Mohamed
18:16 01 May 21
It was good beach I enjoyed and it warm sea it's like Melbourne beach cold sea
Lyn Poholke
08:17 26 Apr 21
Beautiful views. Great street art. Entertaining to just sit and watch.Dine at Icebergs- it's a must.
Misspiggyexplores in Sydney
13:54 25 Apr 21
I love Bondi Beach! It’s an amazing spot to walk or go running, swimming.As I am a big foodie, the cafés and restaurants captured my attention, and they’re many close to the beach! A great place to chill on a weekend!One thing I don’t like about Bondi, is the crowd. Sometimes you may come across, the arrogant crowds!! Many dodgy characters in Bondi.When I was walking with my friend, these guys were eating or drinking outside the restaurant, and they saw me & my friend with a mask on (obviously to protect ourselves) then this arrogant racist male started coughing and being rowdy in front of his friends trying to cause a scene! Trying to start a fight! With 2 innocent girls walking by minding their own business. Get a life already 🙄So yeah you mind come across these type of people in the area!I also an incident when someone walked and pushed me out of the way!! Again it was a male!! So yes if you are travelling alone, and you are female, just be super cautious!!
Satish Chivukula
05:46 04 Apr 21
Very popular Beach in Sydney, NSW, Australia. It was good to know that Bondi beach is one of the most photographed locations in the world. I had an opportunity to click some nice pics too. Eating out is one of the attractions at Bondi. You'll discover some nice cafés with incredible views at the two closures of the sea shore, which extends anywhere between 1 to 1.5 km. I spent entire day here and that was really an amazing experience.
El Tai
14:29 24 Mar 21
This is a wonderful and famous beach with gorgeous white fine sand, very popular with locals and overseas visitors. It’s a great place to spend the day to relax and swim and for us there’s no better place to start the year than on the world famous Bondi beach.Bondi beach is definitely worth a visit, 1km stretch of the picturesque and sweeping white sand is one Australia’s most iconic beaches.
11:09 21 Jan 21
The most over rated beach In Australia. It's been marketed so well, I guess I just expected something better. Almost every beach in south Australia or western Australia is so much better. Having said that, it's still a good beach. But holy cow Sydney siders are missing out if they think this is what a beach is. I feel sorry for you guys. You've been lied too!!
Ramya Krishnan
23:27 09 Jan 21
Absolutely beautiful!!! Iconic spot of Sydney. Pristine beach, clean water. We went early in the morning to catch the sunrise, so was not crowded. The lifeguards keep making rounds. The waves are sometimes strong. They have toilets and wash facilities.
Wen Sheng KONG (SHENGster 盛斯特尔)
09:16 16 Dec 20
Find me a nicer beach in this world that I've been to? Nope. This is the best beach I've ever stepped foot on. Spots that could let you snap the sea and the beach so well. Love it!!!
10:23 24 Nov 20
Beautiful beach. Love the restoration of the northern side. Would be good if there was more parking a Nd a subway station directly in front of the beach but the residents there don't want that because it reduces their private beach feel and residential value. And they have got higher traffic instead.
Ahmed Rofi
04:02 19 Nov 20
Cool......Awesome!! Wonderful beach with mindblowing atmosphere....Beach is not so big but very clean. Can easily spend the whole day. Come and enjoy...

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