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The Oasis is always open. Yes, the Oasis never closes. No matter when the desire to share arises, go to the Oasis. You are sure to find guys there to meet 7 days a week.

If during the first two hours of your visit there were not at least ten other guys enjoying the place, the Oasis sauna will reimburse you. This guarantee is valid for everyone at all times.

18 years and over
Open 24 hours
365 days a year



Sauna Oasis
Based on 93 reviews
Richard Marois
15:28 31 Jul 23
Please rebrand under the name DESERT. Waste of time and money. Dead place. And 1$ for a towel swap??? BTW, the extremly loud and bad music doesn't fill the empty space...
23:47 09 Jul 23
Very big change. Went yesterday not busy at all. Steam room didnt work, small cold pool wasnt cold enough...Resto, no one ther. Seemed abandoned...prices went up 100% 70.00 for day least large pool to swim.Before covid it was great place to go. Friendly same waitress, lots ppl on terrace to eat, yesterday no one...I used to love this place but I wont go back..
05:09 29 Jun 23
Overall very kind courteous staff place is very clean As for the customers i would say most dont seem to really know what they want some days theyre quite the opposite & much more polite that is why i cant really bring it up to a 3rd star
17:56 13 Jun 23
Very kind staff very clean place customers are overall nice Perfect place to catch up on some sleep as well Love the whirlpool Love going there when i get the chance!
Myk Kramer
01:13 27 May 23
It's 9:15 on a Friday night. I'm writing this from a room at this sauna. There are two other customers. It's pathetic. I paid $30.75 for the privilege of walking around an empty building. Save your money.
03:03 03 Mar 23
Great place very clean great staff wish i can say the same for the clientele some are nice and as for the rest mostly just plain rude most are only there to show off their biceps total silence most of the time in the whirlpool too many nervous looking people as well in denial most probably not a place i will be going as much anymore
Abdi Ismail
07:36 11 Dec 22
This Sauna used to be busy pre covid but since then every time I go it's nearly empty. Friday and Saturday nights is at less than half capacity. They can do more to maintain the place as it's is not the cleanestThe staff are friendly and helpful tho and that's why I gave them 3 stars rather than 1 or 2.
Nikolay Kapnik
03:51 09 Oct 22
Poo in a steam room – absolutely disgusting stinky place.Empty, boring.
16:09 26 Jul 22
Great place perfect for just chilling & relaxing as well!Prices are affordable specially during the week!Kind-courteous staff i have no objections!
15:46 05 Jul 22
What was once more enjoyable The few that are left are now mostly closeted people who dont even belong there little lone know what theyre even looking forNo thank-you good luck!
00:48 19 Mar 22
Used to be a lot more fun have no idea what happened?I very much agree with Sa Sa that some can be quite strangeI much prefer going just across next door now
Max Maxwell
18:30 18 Sep 21
Wonderful place, from start to finish. $15/ea lockers were very affordable, the bathhouse was clean and spacious. Even without speaking French, the staff were friendly and able to help. Even though it was only 3:30 in the afternoon, there was still about 12 people there who milled about looking to interact. The hot tub and dry and wet saunas were cool enough that you could hang out without overheating. All in all, a great experience for visitors to Montreal.
Adryany Rodriguez
06:37 19 May 19
No great experience.. just 3 stars because the nice guy in the front desk.
Simon Lui
07:50 02 Apr 19
Place was very clean and spacious. The sauna wasn't as hot as most places but I preferred it this way. Hot enough to sweat but not enough to make you leave and breathe after a minute of being in it. The jacuzzi was nice. Would go again.
Kevin D
07:50 02 Apr 19
Really amazing facilities at this bathhouse. It was very spacious and had many rooms for various activities. The sauna, steam room and hot tubs were all excellent. It was very couples friendly too. Would definitely go again.
samuel languerin
22:34 07 Aug 18
Clean and very well attended. I've been here a few times and I was never disappointed. Good looking men that are very......friendly. This is probably the best gay sauna in Montreal
lilian hyacenthe
03:33 07 Aug 18
Amazing place! I've been to many saunas all over the world, and I would say this one is by far the best. If you are a tourist, this place is perfect too. Everything was clean and well maintained. Also, when I went there were many young guys like me, which is a huge plus! Oh and you get a discount too.
Johanne Jambon
04:45 04 Oct 15
It's fine, and it's definitely the only passable location left in the city. Most time there are nice guys. Sometimes not tho, as it is never packed. Oh don't go on Sunday when they serve free pizza, all the welfare folks for the Projects around come in for food and free soap at 6$ all in. Nasty crowd 😛 go a bit later, like 7PM when they finished eating and showering. Nice guys then.


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