Oblong Massage For Civilized Men

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Real professional massage designed for the male body.

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Professional massage guy for guys only in Lisbon, at myHome or yourHome/hotel. Please check online for details.
Oblong Massage is a mixture of Swedish and Lomi Lomi massage and is performed with the client in full nude on the massage table. You must feel that you are comfortable in such a situation as a towel or any other type of covering will not be provided.
An appointment is required so please check online for availability. I do not take appointments over the phone. Be cool.



Oblong Professional Massage For Civilized Men
Based on 68 reviews
Evan Jones
20:24 11 Nov 22
Hands down the best massage I’ve ever had. Relaxing after a long travel day. Would likely be going back! Definitely the spot if you need to relax in Lisbon.
Brendan Reape
16:10 10 Nov 22
This was the best massage I’ve had in my life. Very relaxing, nurturing, enjoyable, and unique. I’d recommend to any man in Lisbon in a heartbeat!
greg horton
19:27 26 Sep 22
Amazing experience. Professional, friendly, unique and totally relaxing. It was like no other massage. With the music and the flow of the movements, I felt like it was flowing from start to finish. Loved it and would definitely recommend it for everyone. Will be back.
Tucker Shelton
14:40 26 Sep 22
Fantastic massage. I felt comfortable and very well taken care of. The session was a thrill to the senses and I left feeling incredibly relaxed and refreshed. Thank you!
Russell Holmes
19:14 02 Aug 22
Albhertu is an amazing message therapist! His talents are masterful and he’s a genuine and kind man. I’d definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for a message in Lisbon.
Mário Gonçalves
15:30 27 Jul 22
Master of space and time, Albhertu will mesmerise you with a precise, neatly choreographed massage and transport you to a land of blissful relaxation.There, time will flow differently, seem to fly from the session and come back multiplied thousandfold into your body.Hyperboles aside, efficiency and respect is what you should expect: Efficiency through the expert, grounded, no-fluff approach to the practice and utmost respect for the client and their time.
Charles David
10:35 27 Jul 22
I’m already looking forward to returning. Excellent technique and strength. One of my best massages I’ve received ❤️
Charles David
15:50 15 Jul 22
I’m already looking forward to returning. Excellent technique and strength. One of my best massages I’ve received ❤️
Victor Vasquez
20:37 20 Jun 22
I get massages on a pretty regular basis, so I can spot a person that knows what they are doing! Aberto makes you comfortable and at ease while being confident and competent. His approach/technique is none that I've experienced and how I felt afterwards was different as well; positive and more than relaxed. Thank you!
Scott Bowie
10:27 04 May 22
Wow! I’ve had hundreds of massages, but this was by far the best. I was super relaxed during and after my massage for the rest of the day. My boyfriend in fact noticed immediately what a great mood I was in and said, “you should do that more often”.From the moment I met Albhertu he made me feel comfortable and relaxed. He is just a super friendly person you want to be friends with. The massage was just unbelievable and I think I actually fell asleep for awhile.I could get addicted to this type of massage very easily and in fact plan to have one every couple of weeks with Albhertu for the next couple of months while I’m here in Lisbon.I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Oblong massage. Everyone guy should give it a try.
Kiko Cas
16:03 03 May 22
One of the best massages I got. Can’t recommend it enough!
Ian Archer-Wright
19:44 27 Apr 22
Alberto’s style is spot on. The way he gently uses your own body weight to give a firm but relaxing massage is perfect.
Carlos Colaço
12:22 16 Mar 22
Albhertu’s technique is Amazing!The atmosphere was perfect, and my body feels incredibly rejuvenated.I highly recommend and will definitely be returning!
Peter Hopkins
14:38 15 Mar 22
Excellent session. The whole process helps in establishing a sense of trust in order to get maximum benefits, including the pre booking information, the arrival instructions and the welcome. The actual massage is incredible! Very active and very intense - you can feel that the interaction is in tune, that your body is being listened to. The massage includes constant and very active contact, long strokes with just the right pressure at the right times and in the right places. The stretches were fantastic too! It was easy to fully relax into the experience, I would strongly recommend. Thank you!
R. K.
17:25 23 Feb 22
Best massage of my life. It was like body art and I could never relax so much. He is not only using his hands also his arms, absolutely fanatastic!!
Eduardo Castela de Souza
15:49 28 Nov 21
Great massage and Albhertu makes you feel extremely comfortable from the moment he opens his studio door. What an excellent profissional. Definitely going back when I am in Portugal next time.
Shane Bingham
12:45 17 Oct 21
Had a great massage with Albhertu. His technique is extremely relaxing, and l felt comfortable from start to finish due to his warm personality and professionalism. Thanks so much! I’ll definitely be back 🙂
Pedro Melo
15:36 11 Oct 21
Wonderful massage. Just book one, you will not regret it!
Jeff Rosenberg
21:16 06 Oct 21
I was super impressed with the amazing massage I got today. The space is very warm, relaxing and welcoming. You will not go wrong booking a massage here.
Dane McGregor
08:35 25 Aug 21
Sometimes you just instinctively know when you're in safe and professional hands. Albhertu gives that vibe in abundance. The massage technique is amazing, I can't really explain it in words...you just have to try it is all I can say. Albhertu will frequently check you're comfortable and enjoying it.This guy's philosophy is "live for the moment" and he'll help you do just that. Highly recommended. *****The choice of music is a nice touch, but if you wait a bit you might hear that he can sing too! 😉

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