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The Phoenix, originally established as The Bar in 1999, rose from from the ashes after a fire devastated the mainstay dive watering hole. The Phoenix has a strong tradition of catering to a diverse and trendy crowd, and has become a gay institution in the east village. Change is a constant in life, and The Phoenix has not shied from its own evolution. Receiving accolades including having the best jukebox in the city, to being a fashion insiders party, and even as an avante grade performance venue, The Phoenix has never closed it’s mind after opening its door. With new management, and a renovated interior, the bar has transformed from “go-to dive” to “be seen at destination”. Surviving blackouts, hurricanes, and crises in between, the bar has never shuttered, striving to serve a community and neighborhood it holds more dear than the strong drinks poured every night.



Phoenix Bar
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Cap Holz
22:14 10 Apr 24
Service is slow. Drinks are expensive. You cant pay a drink with a card (20 US min) but if they raise the price 10% you will be able to!
Andre perez
17:38 13 Jan 24
I appreciate how open and chill the open mics are for their comedy. I went in as a first timer recently and may have overstepped some of my new material that made some people uncomfortable. However, it was just something new to try out and a way to express my thoughts and not my intention to offend anyone. Had a lot of fun regardless.
Issac L.
18:22 24 Nov 23
The gayest place I've ever been. It's legendary it's iconic it's super gay it's super lovely dance dance dance
Myhero iin
19:40 20 Nov 23
I recently spent two memorable months in New York City, and one of the highlights of my trip was discovering Phoenix Bar. On my second day in the city, I decided to stop by for a drink, and little did I know that I was about to embark on an incredible journey of friendship, warmth, and unforgettable moments.From the moment I stepped into Phoenix, I felt an immediate sense of welcome. Within half an hour, a friendly customer struck up a conversation with me, and soon enough, I found myself getting to know everyone in the bar. The owner, Garrett, deserves special mention for creating an atmosphere that goes beyond just a typical bar experience.The bartenders, without exception, were amazing throughout my two-month stay. Their skill in crafting drinks was matched only by their genuine friendliness and eagerness to make everyone feel at home. It wasn't just a place to have a drink; it was a community where strangers became friends.The ambiance of Phoenix is nothing short of beautiful, and I highly recommend taking a moment to appreciate the incredible Halloween decorations. The attention to detail was insane, adding an extra layer of charm to an already fantastic setting.Some of my fondest memories from my trip were made at Phoenix. The warmth, camaraderie, and support I experienced there made it hard to leave. It's rare to find a place where you feel so genuinely welcomed, and Phoenix became a home away from home for me.I can't thank the staff, including Garrett, enough for the hospitality and kindness extended to me during my stay. I've never stuck to a single place for that long, and I attribute it to the incredible people at Phoenix. I wholeheartedly recommend this bar to anyone looking for more than just a drink – it's an experience you won't forget.Thank you, Phoenix Bar, for the unforgettable memories. I'll be back soon!
Mark Thompson
03:38 04 Nov 23
This place is the BEST! Sean, Garrett and all the bartenders go the extra mile. Everyone is super friendly, the prices are great and the crowd is super chill. HIGHLY recommend!
Suspicious Gay
20:30 27 Oct 23
Quiz nightA trip to the quiz night at Phonenix Bar, East Village, will leave you wondering whether the Covid pandemic is really over.This establishment is yet to revert to the ol’ fashioned pencil and paper quiz format, opting instead for mobile phones.This has the unfortunate effect of leaving customers with little option but to squint at tiny screens - much like they are still in the office.It also has the impact of stifling conversations and meeting-and-greets between groups, since the opportunity to mark one’s acquaintances work is now no more.I would urge this bar to immediately invest in a printer, paper and pencils.(P.S. I am aware this view may be somewhat unique, with many of my American colleagues preferring the screen method)
Pool G.
12:33 09 Oct 23
This product is complete junk dont waist your money go with someone who cares about the craft
Morlene C.
12:47 01 Sep 23
Joined some friends on a bar crawl that started here, and met some of the friendliest bartenders ever. It was a chill Friday afternoon when I got here so...
Chris Beiter
23:01 27 Aug 23
Sean makes the best cosmo in NYC. Was only going to have 1, but then 3 or 4 or 5 who is counting suddenly appeared in my face. Use caution!
Taylor Minnis
07:30 20 Aug 23
Riley and Lorcan were phenomenal. Not only are they so attractive but their drinks are mad yummy. Work. Boots the house down.
Kirk Larson
14:15 28 Jul 23
Will update this to 5 stars once it's confirmed that Sean no longer has a job here. Very rude and condescending. Completely ruined what was an otherwise very fun night. Embarrassing behavior and completely uncalled for.
Nathan White
03:18 28 Jul 23
I was having a great experience at Phoenix this evening. The bartender was kind and attentive, the drinks were top notch, and the atmosphere was so fun. Then, a new bartender (or barback?) started his shift. My friends and I were playing pool, and he knocked one of the remaining balls in to the pocket and insisted it was time for beer pong. This would make sense if folks were clamoring to play, but no one had any interest in playing. When I questioned why he had halted our game, Sean responded aggressively and nonsensically. I’d like to give all the praise to Phoenix as an establishment; but Sean needs to better understand how to interact with patrons who are just having fun and enjoying the space. Hopefully, Sean the Barback learns how to better interact with guests in the future.
Jenny J.
16:31 23 Jun 23
Reviewing based off their 8 pm Thursday trivia night.I was able to make a reservation for 6 at 7:30 pm, which is something most bars don't do on trivia...
Pilar C.
17:40 21 Jun 23
Greatest place I really like it, we see a drag show and was amazing, the bartender was really good to
Annie L.
17:38 21 Jun 23
Amazing time at the Phoenix bar! Shoutout to Giardia the Parasite and Taína la Fina, would def come just to see them again
00:31 06 Jun 23
Came in here on a Wednesday night and it was karaoke. It was a fun decent sized crowd for a weeknight in the EV. Hosted by drag queen Corma Kelly- she kept the fun going with her pop up shows. Great service also. Would recommend for a fun night in East village
The Honest R.
17:16 26 May 23
This is an east village gay bar classic. I've definitely hooked up in the bathroom years ago. Really fun place with slutty cute drag queens that do splits...
Mike L.
12:29 05 May 23
The fact that are multiple reviews on this platform stating that this bar is racist as hell, and I have yet to see a response from anyone from the...
Keron M
04:22 16 Apr 23
A hidden gem. I went there in a recent Saturday. Felt like a home away from home. The bartenders provided excellent service. I do have to highlight Michael. A real rockstar.
Buzzer Galbraith
03:20 07 Apr 23
I mean, I would note the fact that everyone who reviewed this spot negatively specifically mentioned the bartenders. This bar should seriously consider a change of staff. Not going back
Sebastian Morris
14:16 26 Mar 23
The bar is a lot of fun on club nights, but the bartenders and coat check staff are phenomenally unfriendly. That’s my only gripe about the place. Love the drag queens (especially Alotta McGriddles), even the door staff is fine. Basically come here for the djs, the diversity is great, the drinks are expectedly gay bar strong, but be ready to test your patience with the bar staff.
Sean K
19:53 19 Mar 23
This place isn’t what it used to be and last night the bartender was awful not only did he have a bad attitude, he gave us the impression that he didn’t want to be there. My friend and I ordered two ciders and asked for a squirt of bitters in it. You would have thought I asked for something completely outrageous. My friend and I decided to stay for a second beer each and this time the bartender charged me a dollar more for each beer because of a squirt of bitters. Rather than get into with him, we decided never to return. I don’t need to get attitude from a bartender when I am supporting their business and I also don’t need to be swindled for a squirt of bitters. I’ll take my business elsewhere where the staff isn’t so bitter.
Grant W
05:20 01 Mar 23
Awful, aloof bartender. Hard pass. Don’t waste your tips. Also, nothing remotely worth it about the ambiance or the patrons. Not quite as gross as the bartender wearing a too-tight shirt (poor thing ain’t got a body to flaunt anymore, maybe 😐), but the crowd was literal LOL messy (like the bartender’s face)
Anisha M.
03:11 27 Feb 23
They definitely discriminate if you aren't a white gay male. If you're black (male female gay straight) you ain't getting in/good service. If you Asian (gay...
Brandon L.
23:55 24 Feb 23
Mister Michael with the pizza shirt. You dah bomb! It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno. Cheers 😉
Sarah C.
17:54 24 Feb 23
amazing bar i love it here so mucb its the best bar ever and i love the vibes here ahhhh
Joshua D.
21:09 21 Feb 23
THIS IS THE BEST BAR IN NYC!!! I love it so much, I come here every Tuesday, it's awesome
Barry Weaver
05:35 27 Jan 23
Do not come here. Bartenders are completely rude for no reason. Worst bar I’ve been to in NYC.
Taylor Doll
01:50 20 Jan 23
max is amazing !! great trivia host and great dj. he made my experience at phoenix bar unforgettable
Cody A.
21:38 06 Jan 23
Great services and great music to hang out with friends and have some drinks. Damarco was the bartender and he was great!
Scott M.
20:29 06 Jan 23
Amazing bar with better service! Michael made perfect drinks and never had to wait, the drag shows were outstanding
Mustaches May
22:30 03 Jan 23
i would give a negative star if i could. horrible service and super rude and disrespectful bartender/waiters. Acted like he had 2 sticks up his a**. Drinks were watery and overpriced, tasted bad in general frankly and i tried 3 different drinks to see if any would even be decent but all of them were gross and just bad flavor combinations... and the place was completely empty (i guess for a good reason😁). do not recommend at all unless u like being treated without an ounce of respect and drinking straight up disgusting drinks. middle finger up to this place🤣it is trash. made sure to let them know too so now i gotta let y’all know! avoid this dumpster of a spot ✌️
Living Life With Justine
10:42 03 Dec 22
The bartender was absolutely disgusting he gave me beer I didnt ask for then got mad when I didnt tip and approached me and tried to throw beer on me he should be fired but no the manager came and said I was being rude when I wasnt at all
Food F.
14:16 29 Oct 22
Considering this is a gay bar, you'd think the establishment would be inclusive to all people, but sadly it's definitely not a bar for people of color.
23:25 05 Oct 22
Fun trivia night, but I really couldn't tell you anything about the drinks as I only had softs.
Carlos L.
00:24 10 Sep 22
I have visited Phoenix bar in the past and have always found the ambience to be fun, enjoyable and energetic. However, I went late night tonight hoping to...
G Rodriguez
23:54 15 Aug 22
Pretentious bartender. Wow, visiting with my partner, we weren't acknowledged, bartender walked right by. Finally he comes up, we say hello, order a beer and then again wow, I've never seen anyone since my baby sister roll their eyes so many in less than the 3 minutes we interacted. I have friends in the service industry so morally I felt obligated to tip, but man, I've never questioned whether or not I should so strongly. Worst first impression and hopefully my last.2 stars because they have a decent outside sitting area. LolCheck out nowhere, not far down the road and friendly bar staff to boot!
Lee G.
01:10 15 Aug 22
I came here regularly last summer (2021) to dance with my girlfriend and our friends. Pretty gay-boy oriented, but we always felt accepted in the space as...
Juan Tellez Sandoval
07:37 16 Jul 22
Wanted to scam people into between they had the best interest if residents in life. Not true. Scammers
Hipolito Alba
05:27 15 Jul 22
Came my first time had a blast bartenders was great the drag show was awesome even for a straight man I had a good time and felt completely comfortable in here second time not so much one bartender was upset about getting tips he was getting even though we were in a group and waiting for more ppl to come and he felt it was good enough cause he was prissy I guess...and decided to not serve us and argue about it
Philip Koch
20:29 16 Jun 22
Some of the best-looking men I've seen in ages. No attitude in this bar. I recommend it very highly.
William Woods
03:55 10 Jun 22
Hey I went with my boyfriend to get a drink at the end of the night. I gave him a 20 to buy my drink for the the drag show. I planned to use the cash for the drag performers and start a new tag and pay for all the tips on that with my card. However the bartender saw two black man and yelled oh you all won’t tip. I just walked in and had no time to show my plans to the bartender and all and all it seem d racially charged. Honestly. I’m offended with how the company treated me during pride. I did the same thing and gave a huge tip in drinks a week before. It’s just crazy that this bartender thought I wasn’t going to tip today based purely on my face.
Darrell Palagian
21:14 29 Apr 22
Blah pretentious bartenders. Very unfriendly. Skip this bar if you’re wanting to feel welcomed in our community.++ fun excellent drag queen Corma Kelley on karaoke Wednesday nights.
Paige G.
19:42 24 Apr 22
Had the worst experience at last week's trivia night! Our team of 9 won free shots for winning a round of trivia, so someone from our group went up to the...
Stephen O' Farrell
13:55 20 Feb 22
The Phoenix is an East Village institution. It’s been great fun for years, long may it continue. The bartenders are friendly and there’s varied entertainment, drags shows, pool table, dj’s etc. I accidentally left my coat there, and staff was super helpful and I was able to pick it up the next day. Thanks Guys! 🙂
14:59 25 Jan 22
This bar has been the scene of a number of Covid exposures in my experience- no one asks for proof (exception is Saturday nights) and during week Billards tournaments take place with no one checking
Josie S.
16:59 27 Nov 21
This was my first time here and as soon as I walked in the place looked around (about 3 people around) I had a feeling.. I know the bartender saw me walk...
Annalise Thode
20:21 14 Nov 21
Went here last night for the first time ever, feels like my life changed overnight. Everyone was so beautiful and kind, I came in at midnight and stayed until after close. Phoenix is the place to be and I can’t wait to come back
Owen Taylor
06:38 05 Sep 21
I’ve been in NY for 10 years and have always loved Phoenix. Until tonight. What happened to all the men!? All college girls. At the Phoenix?!?!
05:22 22 Aug 21
Decent music but dead crowd at 1am on a Saturday. Also, a $20 card? Yeah no I'm good.
Jennifer Rött
23:56 10 Aug 21
I was roofied here on July 4th. Be careful, ladies.
Michael Moncada
04:50 07 Aug 21
Love all the boys at Phoenix; Lorcan, Garrett and Sean have been amazing during the pandemic. Their new Happy Hour prices are pretty much the best in the neighborhood. Great vibe in the outside seating area and always a nice friendly crowd! Always worth coming back here for me
Michael M.
18:45 02 Aug 21
Love all the boys at Phoenix; Lorcan, Garrett and Sean have been amazing during the pandemic. Their new Happy Hour prices are pretty much the best in the...
Karlos A.
15:23 10 Jul 21
It was a cute place and it was very chill. The only thing I would say this place needed was a drag show. We went on Friday night and I kind a needed that...
Kwame S.
11:06 05 Jul 21
Updated review: Although I gave the Phoenix a 4-star rating a few years ago, I have to bring my rating down to 2 stars after a couple of visits over the...
Isaac B.
20:14 04 Jul 21
I gave a 20% tip and they told me "this is why we make you wait for drinks"Go somewhere else!! Awful bartenders
Bruce B.
18:16 27 Jun 21
Cute place, but $10 for a draft beer?! Where are we, the Plaza Hotel? Is Greed Good? What a ripoff. Gay bars used to be welcoming. $10 tor a draft beer is...
Javier Ramírez
00:57 19 Jun 21
The barmans were very antipathique
James Gallagher
03:03 30 May 21
Super rude waiter moved me around 2x and then said he was being generous. I'm definitely never going back and you shouldn't either. The days of rude and arrogant service need to end after this pandemic. I sincerely hope they go out of business (I've never had that thought before for any restaurant or bar, but they need to be taught a lesson.)
J G.
19:56 29 May 21
Absolutley the Worst service - Super rude bar server that moved me around 2 x - and not politely - never going back and you should definitely skip it. The...
Nir Amoyal
04:06 09 May 21
Nice place, service was very bad very Rude staff
All things Relle
02:39 22 Apr 21
First time going to this bar and i had a horrible experience. Not only the over priced drinks taste like throw up the people in there are so out of line and disrespectful. Drinks are so call accidently spilled on me and others. I was pushed so i had to leave. Music wasn't even diverse.
Patricia L.
11:34 20 Feb 21
I've been coming to Phoenix the last few years and I've been really impressed with them through Covid. Many gay bars in the city have either permanently...
Jonathan Melendez
05:43 19 Sep 20
The service was okay, but they weren’t taken the measures to make sure all was safe as secure. No screening for temperatures no bar code for covid screening to ensure all clientele are safe and secure. Security Had lack of focus enjoying himself enjoying the festivities instead of making sure everyone is safe. Failed to comply to safety measures and hazards for the clients. Do not recommend and will not be returning
Suresh D.
14:17 29 Aug 19
The last month I come in here on Thursdays after I volunteer at a nearby church.I looked at their happy hour specials which include domestic beer bottles...
Ashley Hanson
02:36 01 Jun 19
Went to another bar previously and there wasn't anywhere to sit. Came across the street to this bar and was blown away. Super energetic environment, attentive staff, fast service, and excellent performances! What a cool bar to accidentally stumble into!
04:51 20 May 19
We spent our final night tonight in New York at Phoenix bar, the barman was accommodating and provided the drinks as asked and even provided a cigarette as asked and I provided a 2 dollar tip on a $13 bill, shortly after I asked for a glass of water and from a very sulky barman i got a sarcastic comeback on a poorly $2 tip for pouring four drinks! I know 15% to 20% is the expected tip in NY and I realised that perhaps I has short-tipped but after his remark I resent having tipped at all. I had simply miscalculated but if that is the consequence of a simple mistake I would recommend avoiding this bar completely. I didn't need that and neither would you! Find another bar!!!
Scott Steinbaugh
23:14 03 Jan 19
the phoenix is a great bar in the east village. they have great strong drinks and friendly bartenders. they have a great happy hour with cheap drinks. they usually host a viewing party for drag race (when its on) and have several drag shows throughout the week. any night you go, you'll be sure to have a good time.

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