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The Powerhouse Bar is the unquestionably the biggest & most popular South of Market bar. They have set the style for no “attitude”, dirty, South of Market fun.

Their style has been imitated all over city, but it is here that you find the best pumping & cutting edge music, the smell of men (the no cologne zone), sexy videos, and the hottest crowd. They are the anchor of the men’s bar scene on Folsom Street (SOMA), with bars moving in to be on the same block, Folsom Street, between 9th & 10th, at Dore Alley.



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Jay Berrios
23:13 06 May 23
I had the opportunity to visit the Powerhouse on 5 de Mayo and the place was packed. I still was able to get a drink rather quickly. The vibe is very free and sometimes a bit risqué. If you don’t want to see anything you shouldn’t stay away from the smoking patio. Otherwise the bar has a great feel and I would come back again!
Kuvia Isles
04:14 20 Mar 23
Nice place with cheap drinks. Usually a spot for locals (or at least that’s what I took from it) Guys weren’t as friendly but the Bartenders always were (just make sure you’re tipping because they tend to watch) however I certainly enjoyed myself here
Yunio Martinez
16:07 07 Mar 23
I ended up on this Bar like three or four times of my trip, the bar, the music, the staff and the prices were on top it was great I just can’t with the people. You don’t touch without permission, You don’t try to kiss someone if they don’t allow you it’s all about respect.
Steven Lastname
03:45 06 Mar 23
It boggles my mind that this dump charges a cover on the weekend, when a far superior place lives just down the block (Hole In The Wall). The only reason I can imagine paying a cover for is to possibly hook up in the “smoking section” patio. But frankly you are alot more likely to hook up at HITW and in the meantime hang out with a much more interesting crowd.
10:28 06 Jan 23
I had to revise my review of the powerhouse I've been hanging out there a little more lately the music brilliant the drinks are cheap and strong the boys are beautiful I'm not sure I'm ready to be a daddy but I like the attention I will be hanging out more am I a daddy I'm not sure about I'll take the leap
Adam Williams
18:34 20 Dec 22
Honestly I never have been but I thought about it a lot of times looks fun so far it's five for being appealing.
Siavash Azari
21:13 14 Dec 22
Dungeon style leather gay bar/club. Good for late nights when you are drunk and out of control! It was a bit too warm inside.
Amarldo L.
23:13 09 Dec 22
This place 5:30PM Happy Hour. The owners are sitting at the bar. One of them, the woman, can't help but shout when she speaks, and it's at a level which is...
Andrew W.
17:15 26 Nov 22
i smoke and cant stand the heavy smoke from chain smokers in the backroom!!!! put a fan at the top of the stairs so people smokers and non smokers can...
Gamaliel Martinez
15:32 04 Nov 22
I really enjoyed this bar! Specially the back alley 😉
Yunio Martinez
19:14 04 Oct 22
I ended up on this Bar like three or four times of my trip it was great I just can’t with the people. You don’t touch without permission, You don’t try to kiss someone if they don’t allow you it’s all about respect.
Ned Kamminga
22:10 25 Sep 22
Bouncer scolded us before we could even order drinks. Half of our party (3 people) needed to use the restroom before we ordered drinks so a couple of us waited for them. We were actually yelled at for standing and waiting for the rest of our party. Disgusting.
Dillon C.
23:05 13 Sep 22
Visiting from Dallas. The bartenders specifically "Brady Bunch" was an amazing bartender10/10 would return.
Missy Green
18:49 12 Sep 22
I have a friend who works here it seems like it would be busier at a different time than when I went. They had a drag show going but we only saw one queen performing for a very long time. we went on a Sunday night so I expect it would be better on a Friday or Saturday. the place is ok though and it's close to home.
cristián varas
14:25 08 Jul 22
I am visiting San Francisco for the first time. I am Latino, but I live in Sydney.I asked for a few beers with the bartender. All good.When I was going for my 4th beer, the bartender (I wish I knew his name, he was white, skinny, with big black glasses) told me very loud: ARE YOU GONNA GIVE ME TIPS THIS TIME? BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T! I felt so embarrassed because I didn’t know it was mandatory, and also, I didn’t know why he was so loud. I didn't say anything, just smiled. He didn’t attend to me and went to attend to the next guests waiting after me in the line, and I told them very screaming again: THIS IS CRISTIAN, THE GUY THAT NEVER GIVES TIPS, SHAME ON HIM! And all the people started to scream SHAME! SHAME!I was shocked and didn’t say anything; I didn't know what to say or do, so I just left that area and I went to the other side of the bar with another bartender. This same guy came to my area and started to tell the other bartender and the other people that I was Cristian and didn’t give tips to him in front of all the people in this other corner of the barI felt so bad. I didn't know what to do. I tried to explain to him why I didn't do it, but with everything that I said, he was screaming at my words louder than I; he did not want to hear me or “fix” the situation.I just left the bar.I made a mistake; I didn’t give him tips, but I didn’t know that it was mandatory. From I am coming from, we don’t do tips, if we do tips, it’s optional, and we usually don’t tip in bars, mostly dinner, meals, restaurants. Anyway, he wouldn't allow me to explain it.Even though I deserve respect as any person/tourist going to any place, I felt so bad and so exposed after this bartender did this to me.There are some international rules in hospitality in the world that you can’t break, and one of them is to make your guests welcome, treating them with respect and kindness.He just was so rude and violent that he completed ruined my Thursday night in San Francisco.Worst experience ever.Definitely, I won’t go back to that place.
Myesha L.
18:49 02 Jul 22
Great atmosphere ! My friend and I enjoyed ourselves. I'm excited to go back for more fun.
Matthew S.
16:24 11 Jun 22
Great little hole in the wall gay bar with underwear night (my favorite) being the choice "go-to" for thursday's night life in SF. The back room/smoking...
Grzegorz Łabuda
18:51 16 May 22
Nothing special. I saw the most boring drag show there. Good prices though.
Allen Gray Jr
01:34 08 May 22
I m. Looking. For sexy Fem. Bottoms. There
Hamayun Nawaz
07:51 10 Apr 22
Great place, classic Sf experience
07:18 08 Apr 22
Its all the things
Walter Jones
04:16 29 Jan 22
Fav bar in SF. Great people and vibes.
Andy Garcia
19:06 22 Jan 22
This is my favorite bar in SF. So many good memories. The music’s usually top notch~techno to disco, the guys are great, the ambiance is dancy and sleazy 🙂
Andrew W.
17:37 16 Nov 21
the place is in desperate need of venilation esp in the back room !!!! i dont want lung cancer due to the unacceptable lack of venilation !!!
jeff a.
09:17 29 Jul 21
I was denied entry because I am hesitant to inject myself with a mystery serum that has so far admittedly killed over 10k people (see VAERS). They claim to...
John H.
18:03 28 Jul 21
I have some history here and I am shocked that they are now coming out against Health Privacy and Health Freedom by requiring proof of having submitted to...
Kate C.
10:03 29 Jun 21
Went to such a fun themed night here called "Bimbos G-String"! The energy in the bar was amazing and everyone was so nice. The bartenders were killing it...
porridge Porridge
03:18 23 Jun 21
Taynt Ryder Rodeo
03:45 13 Jun 21
I was looking for a good saddle. I’m not really from here…. I saw the leather. Well. It’s not what it sounds like. They got leather though but now for sale. The had liquor and I appreciated that. I suppose I’m going to walk on back to the dessert in Texas and do my thing there. These people have kinda of a unique friendship here.
John S.
17:11 10 Jun 21
First time coming here and it's already my favorite bar here and I've lived here almost 20 years. Everyone is so chill and friendly.
James Lee
07:07 28 May 21
Closed and website not updated
Stefanie C.
17:55 16 Dec 19
Admittedly I've only been here once, but I plan to go back many more times for a specific event held here every first Sunday of the month. I was invited to...
Finn de Lima
20:34 04 Nov 19
Love this bar and the vibe. Good people, good prices, smoking patio and a food truck out in the front usually.
Gary I.
08:01 08 Sep 19
Hey, it's an extreme dive bar. Enter at your own risk. Not that it's dangerous, but if you're into going to swanky bars, lounges holding Krug Grande Cuvée...
Tx T.
07:35 12 Jul 19
We stopped by the bar on 7/5/2019. We had read a lot of information about it, and we have heard some positive stuff about the bar. So we put it on our bar...
James Wilkins
17:57 05 Jul 19
Amazing place with great music and a dark, sleazy (in a good way) vibe. I hope this bar never closes -- it's full of character and history. Support this bar with your money and patronage!
Chandler Schroeder
07:26 16 Feb 19
Tried to take my friend here from out of state. We’re both 21 and they will not let anyone in over the age of 21 in that has an out of state license. That’s seriously ridiculous. Enjoy losing out on our business and I’m sure many more customers.
paddy pilkington
18:39 19 Oct 18
I absolutely loved this place! It’s such a sexy old school bar, the likes of which are few and far between these days. It’s a really fun crowd, fantastic music and drinks were cheap. This place is a must stop when in San Francisco.
Amer H
22:30 15 Mar 18
Tons of weekly events and great happy hour. Weekend nights are crazy fun and always packed. Weekdays can be a tad slow but the atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming by both patron and employee's. Mind you it's a dive bar to say the least and you may have to get passed the odor lol
Jason Husted
19:49 18 Aug 17
This bar gives you just a taste of what South of Market used to be. Some of the sexiest parties around. Whether it is Underwear Night on Thursdays to the always changing event line up like Powerblouse (fundraiser and drag event), to Hot Rod a Queer Rock-n-Roll Party, Beat Pig from the minds of the iconic Juanita More.

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