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Known for its infamous "shower show," this bar draws a trendy mix of younger locals, adventurous study abroad students, and international visitors, all eager to experience a unique blend of nightlife entertainment​​.

Raidd Bar's signature event, the Shower Show, featuring hot, hunky male dancers who perform in a huge aquarium-like tank embedded in the bar's wall, ensuring there's never a dull moment. But it's not just about the eye candy; the bar also hosts themed nights like Disco Tuesdays and Brazilian Wednesdays, keeping the party vibe alive all week long​​.

Despite being one of the most popular gay bars in Paris, Raidd maintains a welcoming atmosphere with reasonably priced drinks and a cozy lounge area in the basement, perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle above. With no cover charge to enter and a vibrant crowd, it's a great place to mix, mingle, and maybe even pick up a number or two​​.

What sets Raidd apart is not just its entertainment but also its commitment to creating a safe and inclusive space. The performers, from the male strippers showering hourly in plexiglass stalls to the shirtless bartenders, add to the bar's allure, making it a visual treat. It's a spot where you can expect pop music, boys dancing, and the occasional shower show, all contributing to a lively and engaging atmosphere.



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David “David”
07:39 23 Mar 24
The shower show is a scam, lasts 3 min around 12:30 with no nudity. Drinks are overpriced, but otherwise the bar has a nice vibe and fun music
Dan Nguyen
18:22 06 Mar 24
Terrible old music. Weak expensive drinks. Showers boys don’t bare all anymore.This place is OVER. Used to be way better!
Javier Llamas
05:58 21 Jan 24
The shorter drinks ever in my life. We order one mojito and they serve it in shot glass with lots of ice and no alcohol . In necessarily Ridiculous for the price we paid …
Jason Guy
00:41 18 Jan 24
What happened to this place! Used to be an actual gay bar, now it's just full of tourists and groups of girls/hen parties watching the pretty tame shower show. Very overpriced drinks and you might as well be in a straight club. Won't be going back.
Gabriel Domingues
01:37 17 Dec 23
Traveled all the way from the Netherlands, told my friends that this was the most amazing bar ever… Just to arrive at the door and be told by the bouncer that we couldn’t go in. Just because no…
Kevin Nicholas Gavit
17:31 16 Dec 23
Le Raidd is a great place with a fantastic happy hour, inspired drinks, incredible staff and the shower show is unparalleled. I'm not just saying this because I have a crush on Jaures, but he just adds to the amazingness.
Alan Schmidt
14:50 12 Nov 23
I was there back in 2021. I flew in to Paris with some friends from California & decided to check this place out. A bit boring at first, but after midnight the club got crowded and fun.I met so many cool people and had a great time :). I think they closed at 2 or 3 am, but not big deal since they are clubs all over.
Federico Iezzi
00:33 12 Nov 23
Full of aggressive and invasive girls. When the show starts, they always take the center piece, making comments, laughing, noise, and unwanted comments. No girls should be allowed into a gay club.
Jupiter Omen
00:51 15 Oct 23
Too many black workers. They are rude and aggressive. We want the true authentic Paris experience. This city is infested with black Africans. It looks dirty and disgusting here.
Jatin Arora
17:53 13 Sep 23
Half of our friends including me were inside and my friends just called me who were standing outside the club to tell that the guards weren’t allowing them inside. Dont know why. We were not drunk at all as we were hoping to buy drinks inside. Been here few times but they just rejected us without giving any reasons.Really disappointed.Thankfully I went to Le cud club just near to this club and it was super nice.Peace and cheers.
Christian Diaz
21:39 10 Sep 23
Very boring experience, no fun gay atmosphere, it's like a waiting room for gays. No go go dancers, drinks are very expensive! Sadly not what it used to be.
Brad Fredrick
14:03 10 Sep 23
Boring. Tired venue. Overpacked with rude people. The bar tender also scammed my friend. He ordered a double gin and tonic and a can of red bull (for the bartender) to be nice and was charged 34 euros.
Jatin Arora
00:36 09 Sep 23
Half of our friends Were inside and he did not allow us. Dont know why. We were not drunk at all as we were hoping to buy drinks inside. The shower thingy is anyway over rated.Been here so many times but they just rejected us giving no reasons.Really disappointed.Le cud club just next to this bar is super nice.Peace and cheers.
Masum Sheikh
21:48 28 Aug 23
From the entrance without the reason the guard doesn't let us enter. After a few seconds he was allowed to enter 2 white guys but when they heard our experience they left and said us guys don't spend your money here , better find another place . This is one of the most disgusting experiences ever . What a racist bar and people
François Martin
21:23 27 Jul 23
Beware of the scam 1 drink bought 1 drink for free during happy hour. It's for the same person. They wanted to make us pay double. We argued and finally got the +1 for free
Joseph V.
11:30 23 Jul 23
This is my first intro to a bar open till 5 am. I had a great time with my friends. Cute court yard. I'd recommend especially if you're into boys who take...
Marcin Siwicki
12:19 09 Jul 23
The bar is located in a former printing press, and has a unique industrial atmosphere. The walls are exposed brick, and there are large metal beams overhead. The dance floor is large and open, and there is a small stage where DJs perform.Le Raidd is a popular spot for electronic music lovers, and there are often live DJ sets from up-and-coming artists. The atmosphere is always lively, and the prices are very reasonable.The place is known from its naked go-go dancers show.
Simon Liao
15:27 04 Jul 23
Like most visitors, I came here for the shower show. Kinda disappointed, only 1 small shower stall, the performance was short and boring. I was expecting better actions. Worth a visit if you are curious.
Christopher B.
01:07 22 Jun 23
Beware - my friend and I got roofied here Tuesday night. Sketchy people just waiting around for tourists to Americans. DO NOT ORDER THE CHAMPAGNE VODKA!
David V.
12:26 11 Jun 23
Ok. Really meh.I was there at 20:40 on a Saturday and it started to get packed by 23:00.Music was quite bad and then it got good for a bit with some international hits.Drinks are probably the worse I have ever had. 10.50€ per drink and you need probably 10 to feel something. Not worth the money to be honest.
Christina Huynh
18:01 02 Jun 23
Omg go for the shower show! Fyi you see everything (X rated). But it gets suuuuuper packed (don't go if you're clostrophobic and watch your belongings/drinks)!
Tari O.
06:23 05 Apr 23
Very fun gay bar in Paris. They have a drag show, a hot man dancing in a shower, and a good DJ. Clean and well kept place that stays late.
Kim M.
16:40 22 Jan 23
Friends of Dorothy. A fun place to grab a drink we missed the show. The drinks were good, the club was fun and inclusive to a group of girls just wanting to...
Florian Juilien
01:57 22 Jan 23
Full of girls. This doesn’t feel like a safe place anymore. A place that once used to be great for gay men is now being appropriated by cis women looking for a fun night out. Being attacked and insulted by a women in an LGBT safe place should not happen in 2023.
Nicholas Dove
11:20 16 Jan 23
There's always going to be one guy that's cruising for attention and annoying other guests in these bars. Drink was okay, staff were okay, music was okay, but I didn't stay for more than one drink because that one particular guy wanted to constantly come up to me and annoy me seeking attention. Finished my drink quickly and left, Who's around the corner seemed to be a much better place.
Farès Chakra
01:35 27 Dec 22
The bouncer literally the rudest person on earth, we were just talking to him so nicely and politely. I never experienced this in my entire life. Don’t let anyone talk to you this way specially when you are spending your money inside and you are paying there bills! Please respect the clients!
Niko Panayotov
03:49 28 Nov 22
It's a nice place but we went there in monday so it seems we didn't see the full potential of that place. Still there was a shower dancer for about 15 minutes and it was impressive. The staff were also very hot guys so it was a pleasure ordering drinks but the wine was not of great quality and the aperol spritz was in smaller glass compared to other places.
Haroh Garcia
00:11 03 Oct 22
I just left the bar after a few drinks and one shower show.Drinks are bad and expensive, plus the music is the worst. This bar needs some serious DJ to fix the damn music. The shower show is not something you will watch again after seeing it once. The performer seems like he doesn’t want to do his job. Won't go back again.
Jeanne Pujos Saint-Genez
23:51 20 Sep 22
What bothers me the most is the fact that it is supposed to be an inclusive space. The last time I went there with my gays (males) friends for a farewell party half of our gay group was shut down and denied entry because “too many girls” (most of them lgbtqia+ Friendly). It’s the only night club as a female where I feel safe. And yet again tonight, I decided with a friend to go out for a cigarette to breathe fresh air, our group was inside and the same bouncer that told us we couldn’t get back in. All our stuff already being inside. So were our friends. We didn’t get any notice to not being able to get back in when we went out… what a disgrace for such an “inclusive” place. And it was with the same bouncer than last time. Problem happened.Check for a tall, dreadlocks hair guy because it’s always the same struggle. Shame for the only place in Paris where gays, lesbian, women could be safe to party (all being on the same community …)
Daniel McCullagh
23:26 18 Sep 22
I recently visited in Sept 2022. The atmosphere in the bar was fire, I went two nights in a row on a Thursday and Friday. For me, the best bar by far! Great music and nice and friendly bar staff. Easy to talk to and they provide a really friendly service, easy to engage in conversation with.I would highly recommend this bar, friendly customers and staff! Easy to make some new friends there too 🙂
Noah S
22:14 02 Sep 22
When the guy finally crawled out of his cave, 2 hours after the bar staff said the shower would be on he only lasted 5 mins!! The place was beyond busy and a total fire hazard / get some aircon. 16euro drinks by some sassy muscle boys. Would rather drink battery acid then go back.
Will Croxford
09:56 28 Aug 22
Raidd plays good music, nice bar decor, doormen were actually friendly which isn't always the case in bars/clubs :). The bar staff were also nice enough too. The shower show was rly fun but my husband had his card pickpocketed during the show. Please keep an eye on your belongings when the show is on as it is clearly an ideal time to pickpocket people. Also when my husband went to the toilets a French guy came up to me and seemed to be flirting, the security asked him to leave within a minute so I suspect he may also have been a known pickpocket. However nice bar and worth going... But as a tourist keep your eye on belongings 🙂
15:30 14 Aug 22
Not a gay club- a gay *men’s* club. Myself and five queer women were the only people turned away because we weren’t in a group of men. Meanwhile there were plenty of women who were let in with men. The lack of solidarity from the men in the queue, who stood by whilst members of their community were turned away was also super disappointing. One of them suggested me and my girlfriend should make out to prove to the bouncer that we were queer….. nice. Save yourself a trip and support a different LGBTQIA* venue
eve murphy
21:14 13 Aug 22
doorman wouldn't let my partner and I (visibly trans and femme) into the club for no reason, claiming it was full and then proceeded to let 2 groups of 5 averagely dressed white men with large backpacks in without question. not worth the time.
Juan Goncalves
22:43 12 Aug 22
Heavily overrated. Small place, only one small shower for the show. Too crowded to enjoy and have a good time. Stay home and tune some xxx rate content on internet. It’s better.
iftkhar ahmed
23:00 11 Aug 22
Guys if you want to see the ego and rudeness of the security go to this expense ( without any reason) bar. Arab and African security men will make you feel as you are in Africa not in France... disordered no management... illiterate, uneducated, mannerless door men. Everyone is complaining for the door men but there is no management to take any action.
Reid Glenn
21:10 19 Jul 22
Place doesn't really start coming alive until after 12 but after that (and the beginning of the shower show, which is certainly an eye opener) it really kicks off. Staff including security all lovely. Special thanks to Ruben for great bar service. Roaming service team great too. Friendly patrons, very welcoming. Music also picks up as the night goes on. Only downside is the cost of the drinks...this is Paris I suppose but it makes Ibiza look inexpensive. 🙂
Ana M
21:54 20 May 22
The prices are crazy !!!! €42 for 2 double vodka and coke.. waited in the queue for half hour or more, slow service. Tried to scam us when by not giving us the change 😂 stay away.
Francisco Soares
12:01 20 May 22
Worst place in Paris! Super rude staff, said i could only ask for 2 shots and not 1 and then charged me for 10,50€????
Felipe Zanucci
08:00 08 Apr 22
Worst bar service ever! I asked for a negroni (there was negroni on the menu) and the guy just put some Campari on the glass and handed over to me. RUN!!!!
Gabriel Soto
00:31 04 Mar 22
So SLOW with the service. I cannot even come back here. Not impressed. I recommend the other nearby gay bars
Jerry A.
13:17 25 Jan 22
So much fun great night out for couples or singles very welcoming to all! Hot bartenders nice staff and a great time what more could you ask for definitely...
Lazaro Gonzalez
23:59 02 Jan 22
Waiting list longer than the time the bar is open. No friendly staff. Would not recommend it. There are many bars opened that offer same or better service.
Younes Chalal
00:54 23 Dec 21
I came to Paris for my winter holidaysWe came to this bar because we heard that is goodAt the end the security guard didn't let my friend enter for no reasonWe respected the dress codeMy friend is an usual customer who never had any problemSadly, it was racist, he didn't even let my friends talkI hope the direction will react about this.
Kyle Duarte
00:10 05 Dec 21
Awful. No entertainment. Packed to the gills. Dirty. Not worth your time. Don’t go.
Josephine Pacate
12:26 23 Nov 21
Me and my friends had an amazing time when we went . The shower show was one of a kind. We partied till we dropped😂😂😂
Eudis Anjos
01:32 14 Nov 21
It is a Brazilian bar, nice Brazilian music if you like. If you are looking for local Parisian bar, this is not the local. Gin and tonic 11 euros, insane prices.
Sheng Bo Giua
19:59 01 Nov 21
21€ for two shots of Tequila...
Abdul GR
07:30 24 Oct 21
This Bar has history of Discrimination against people of color , so if you are Asian , Brown , Latino and Doesn't look "White" enough , you wont get Entry and there are high chances you would be disappointed and insulted , its 2021 but still the Bar looks down upon on people of color , so dont take risk to go there and ruined your beautiful night
22:21 31 Aug 21
I went here for my birthday, and it was actually a great experience. My partner and I really enjoyed the shower show. The only thing I didn’t really enjoy was the drink. It was pricey, and it wasn’t even strong (I’m a lightweight so it’s kinda good for me) but the alcohol level is a no for my partner. The music wasn’t really good but just ok. They need to start playing songs that are in the top chart whether it’s pop or rave or R&B or circuit. The bouncers at the time was friendly so I’ve no bad comment with that. Other than that, we really enjoyed this place! Will be coming back again for the third time! 😍
Akash Solanki
18:19 05 Mar 20
Good if you want to be basic with basic people. There was a really rude bartender. Meh....
xoxo alejandro
23:41 26 Feb 20
It was OKAY. Nothing really special. Really small venue, overpriced drinks( Vodka with Pineapple 10,80euros). The DJ played a few good songs but when my friend politely requested a new song, he got mad and made him leave the area of the DJ. The shower show was good to watch for 5 minutes but instead of showering, the boys dont do anything special.
Joe Nassar
00:32 15 Feb 20
The overall experience was great, yet the music choice was pretty anticlimactic the whole night. No gay anthems, just commercial latino music and it does get boring.
Jonathan A
18:08 23 Jan 20
Nice music & bartenders. Weekends are packed. Open late during the week. Great social scene.
Quan L.
02:56 01 Oct 19
American here. Great spot in Le Marais. First time visiting and had such a good time at this club during my recent August trip to Paris. Went alone and...
Maikka Rustia
14:11 16 Sep 19
Always just GOOD VIBES being in this bar. Everyone is welcome! On happy hour, we had the pleasure to sing at their karaoke with a young little girl and her puppy. Meanwhile their “showers” are practically a tourist attraction. Just plain love for this bar!
Christopher M.
09:17 28 May 19
Cute place but very crowded and the security guards are not nice. They stop you and will not let you out until they say so, which was awkward. The place...
Neb P.
05:00 18 Oct 18
This bar is an absolute fun!! I came here to see the shower show for my bday, and it was amazing! Dancers were hot, bartenders were cute and friendly. The...

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