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When St. Catherine Street shines with its diversity and dichotomy, Renard reflects it all back with everything it has and more. A generous selection of spirits, parties that drag on all night, an infamous happy-hour, finely executed cocktails, an eclectic crowd and a diverse staff, are all delivered in a tasteful atmosphere where your curiosities seamlessly rub shoulders with the classics.

Only a stone's throw from the metro, you can come for a drink, or you can even stop in for a bite to eat. With a generous array of simple dishes, tasty snacks, and what some would call comfort-food, the menu is sure to satisfy both the hungry, and those with a finer palate.

A safe space free of labels, Renard is a bar where everyone finds what they want.



Bar Renard
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Cameron Samios-Dickson
07:30 27 Apr 24
Dive bar if dive bars weren't seedy and gross.Pretty clean, comfy seating, beautiful spot of the city in the warm seasons.Wheelchair accessible in warm seasons only, due to the outdoor seating having a ramp to go up the curb steps.VERY queer LGBTQ+ welcomingUnisex, open, safe bathroomsAll orders are pay-as-they're-served, which feels cheapo, but honestly makes this SO easy when a big group, and when ya wanna head out you just go.
Paulo P.
14:03 21 Apr 24
The night always depends on the DJ. When it’s good, it’s great and the crowd is fun. Fridays seem better than other nights. It can get too crowded but you can usually find your spot and have a great time with friends.
Richard I
00:07 17 Mar 24
Before and After drinks before a Show at the classic l'Olympic Theatre. Situated in the village, it caters to all who cross its threshold. Wonderful staff and good selection of drinks. Clean and genderless bathrooms. This is a genuine adult safe space for drinks and meeting others.
03:23 15 Mar 24
this was the best amarato sour i’ve ever had. amazing drinks, great vibes, good music. everyone who came loved it. 5/5
Nicholus Demers
12:50 06 Mar 24
The atmosphere on random Wednesday Thursday Friday nights during the summer after 9:30pm are usually when the techno and disco electronics Dj’s show up and play past might that crowd keeper dance vibe or at least that was my experience in 2023 please play again DJ Fox 🦊The drinks are pricey but the sour mango drinks will go down so fast and you won’t know you’re drunk until you had 3 or more before you realized it has alcohol in it (they’re so good)Overall the crowd ranges from post Highschool to all ages of gay people
Sara Serravalle
16:05 14 Jan 24
I love renard! The atmosphere and drinks are 10/10, but what really makes it special are the friendly staff, particularly Jeremy and Bruno. I always feel well taken care of when I visit. They make sure I stay safe ❤️ it wouldn't be the same without them for sure!
04:40 17 Dec 23
It feels much more like a club at night… don’t go if you’re expecting to sit down at a table. Really dark and music is really loud. Not pleasant for a conversation, so we left before we could order
Richard Adams
20:30 11 Dec 23
This is a real Go-To spot in The Village. Right across from the Beaudry Metro station it is busy with the after work crowd and stays that way as a meeting spot. DJ can be hit or miss. Bartenders are efficient.
Nikolay Kapnik
22:33 24 Sep 23
Cocktails and 'food' were inappropriately disappointing.Service was just OK.A lot of stingers made the atmosphere even worse.I bet people come here once.
Nathan Garcia
20:44 10 Sep 23
What can I say, best bar in this part of the city. Loved the atmosphere and the service from bartenders were amazing | Friendly and Helpful staff too. Would definitely recommend people to go here and enjoy their time.
05:33 08 Aug 23
Renard Bar is a visually captivating spot, but the vibrant exterior hides an underwhelming experience within. With a relentless crowd and a bathroom scene that's better suited for another kind of gathering, it's hard to shake the feeling of discomfort. The bartenders, unfortunately, mirror the snail's pace of service, and the unceremonious 3 am cutoff doesn't leave much room for a leisurely evening. While the youthful clientele adds a certain energy, it's evident that Renard prioritizes profit over providing a truly enjoyable atmosphere. It's as if the place took the worst elements of nightlife and condensed them into a real-life Grinder experience.
Merlyn Ledoux
04:05 29 Jun 23
Drinks were less than drinkable plus they don’t accept cash anymore. Space is overcrowded and overpriced.
Melissa Perez
02:56 29 Jun 23
The aesthetics of this place are perfect! The service was great, and we got a spot on the window so we could people watch in the area. I would love to go back if I got the chance!
Christian Taboada
14:03 25 May 23
My experience was less than ideal, the service was slow, if even existent! The wait time to have a waiter pay a visit to our table was 40 minutes, and then we had to ask the bar themselves for drinks. In a small establishment, we had to go get our drinks ourselves after another 30 minutes of waiting for 2 drinks. Would not recommend and will not be coming back.
Guy-Maxime Campeau
06:08 19 Feb 23
Dont accept cash anymore like wt****, second even if you give the servers 20/25% the service is still extremely slow and they will serve their friends way before you. And third the place is way to crowded for its own good and so is good ill yours trust me. In literally left after wainting 20min after PAYING for ordering my G&T hendricks because I was FURIOUS
Sean Davis
03:33 01 Feb 23
I had the worst experience at this bar. The noise level was unbearable, making it impossible to have a conversation or even hear yourself think. I couldn't believe how loud it was and I couldn't wait to leave. The drinks were overpriced and the service was subpar. I would not recommend this place to anyone and will never be returning.
Nicolás V. Riady
23:06 18 Dec 22
Cocktails should step up a little. They all test the same (juice and soda) and I've been here 3 times the last couple months, so it's not a one time thing.
Shaneece Jeffers
17:33 09 Nov 22
Cute bright little restaurant. Had a drink at the bar, I like how open the restaurant feels, big windows and friendly staff.
Ewan Matthews
20:54 10 Oct 22
Great music and great crowd! Lots of fun! No coat check however and very narrow. Not much room for anything, and getting a drink can be tough.
Nassim Najm
00:20 27 Aug 22
Passed by for a late night bite and drink. The food was really good. I enjoyed the vibe and music as well.
Bryan M
14:39 30 Jul 22
Love the bar, but Friday night the bouncer was beyond crazy. He legit threatened to kill me because I asked why he wouldn't let my friend in, even though we had a table and space for multiple extra people. What kind of place has security like that, especially in the village. Unacceptable behavior....
Patrick James
16:31 23 Jul 22
One of the best bars in the village I must say. Also got to meet two local French guys that were quite the experience, so glad to talk with them
Angie Villavicencio
03:36 06 Jul 22
Cool spot. Definitely relaxed with a good vibe.It goes without saying that They are very lgbtq friendly here. The drinks are delicious. The bathroom is one large unisex bathroom.
Christopher Huttemann
03:33 16 May 22
I was visiting Montreal and was looking for a good bar to find a few drinks, and decided to visit this bar as I had saw good reviews. Overall the service was good and the staff were friendly. I ordered a drink that was about $13 but it felt like it was more ice than drink. One of the staff members however rectified this and I had a couple more drinks before calling it a night.I liked the vibe but the drinks were really expensive for what you got and I was a bit annoyed at the fact I had to pay every time I ordered a drink. This isn't a standard I've encountered before - but on the flip side I can understand the business trying to mitigate losses from dine and dashers, if that is the issue.
Seb H
16:27 11 May 22
It was fairly busy but nothing crazy, waited almost 20 minutes to be served, we said to a member of staff we were ready to order she said she'd come back, but she walked passed us another 5 times, luckily we were served by somebody else before we walked out. Pretzel was good, wish it had a different sauce as not the biggest fan of mustard, this too took about 20 minutes to come. Bit expensive but drinks were fine, didn't taste like a double and had more ice than drink but can't complain.
Sh Ret
19:47 02 May 22
I've been at Renard a number of times, and it's typically been quite nice. The last two times, however, were not so much. A few weeks ago, I went with friends. We had drinks and food, before ordering a second round of drinks. We asked once, twice, thrice, and never recieved them. So, we went elsewhere.Last week, I decided to give Renard another shot. A friend and I sat at the bar and ordered drinks. We were talking and I realized that my drink -- which was half full -- had been taken without anyone asking if I was done. So, I asked the bartender about it, who was not in a very good mood; he poured me another drink and I thought it was resolved. But then he charged me for it! It suffices to say, I'm not very impressed.
Graham Stewart
02:38 10 Apr 22
Went in for a quick drink. Didn’t happen. Was busy with few staff. Placed an order (beer) with one server, waited 15 minutes, 2 other servers checked in but drinks still didn’t come. We left.
Thomas Ricks
01:31 08 Apr 22
Nice place, can be quite noisy but great drinks !!
Samantha Newman
15:15 22 Mar 22
We had an event on March 19 that ended up not going as planned. We were walking outside debating on where to go and even wanting to go home. My friend & I passed in front of this place and she said she wanted to try it. I was skeptical because our night was already not the best and I just wanted to go home at that point. I went for my friend.When we got there the place was packed. Not only was the bouncer in a good mood, he was cracking jokes, made us burst out laughing and it set the mood for the rest of the time we were there. The music was fan-freaking-tastic! I made my way over to the bar which was hard to access and I looked at the barman to my right on the computer and asked if I could place an order since I couldn't access the bar directly. He took the time to take my order, was very patient with me, and then I realized he literally planned the evening to just take orders while the barmen were making the drinks. That is not at all the same service or vibe I got at another bar the same night.Everyone was in a great mood, the music was amazing, the planning and execution from the management was just brilliant! Honestly, this made my night! Thanks for everything! Will definitely be coming back!
20:37 21 Dec 21
A good bar with a warm ambiance for an early drink. Good music. Small dance floor opens up later at night
Kasia Sanscartier
00:17 15 Nov 21
The music is amazing, the drinks are great & the vibe is perfect. 10/10 would recommend for a good night out if you appreciate good music!
Sophia Byrd
09:30 27 Oct 21
Selection is very good, price and taste is OK, wait for the meal is long
Allan Cousin
00:08 23 Oct 21
Lovely little bar, very friendly waitstaff. Great vegan options to nibble on and a very good selection of spirits.If you're in the area, do yourself a favour and drop in.
kiran kiran
16:17 11 Oct 21
Too loud music to get heard. Drinks that aren't worth the price. Half glass of ice for an Aperol spritz that was served in a champagne glass. I looked around and all the cocktails were in small glasses. So much hype for a bar that is ' in'. I prefer the competitors: value for money and service.
Jeb Thomas
17:49 11 Sep 21
My new husband and I came here during our honeymoon visit to Montreal intending on having one quick drink, but Sasha was so sweet and welcoming that we ended up staying for hours! Super friendly atmosphere, great staff, and a nice selection of drinks. We will definitely return on our future visits to the city!
Paula Atuesta
02:45 27 Jul 21
Nice place! You need to pay in advance so every time you order something extra you have to pay. Its their policy but it's a bit annoying for the customer.
James Moriarty
00:18 10 Jul 21
Great decor!Good ambiance.Staff was perfect and drink were delicious.10/10
Roger Sanders
01:29 24 Jun 21
Nice place, younger vibe than most places around. white sangria was good tho a bit pricey for 1 litre... Also have snacks available
Lisa Nguyen
20:28 30 May 21
I wish they would have more on their menu because the food was good! Kept me full but I wasn’t bloated!
Marie-Josée Richard
05:35 30 Aug 20
Awesome drinks, food is out of this world delicious, music was awesome and it all felt super safe. Had a blast!
Cleverson Jacob
03:02 20 Aug 20
Great ambience, nice music and friendly staff! The perfect place to have a drink with friends, a significant other or maybe to find your special one. Highly recommended!
Dwain Richardson
02:32 16 Aug 20
Great ambiance and interior look (I love the glass that hangs on the ceiling). The staff was courteous; the snacks, delicious. I also appreciated the variety of music played.However, from where I was sitting, the music was too loud. It was hard for me to have decent conversations with my friend. Staff should consider turning the volume down when customers are sitting at the rear of the establishment.
Joseph Mathias
03:08 15 Jun 20
Always have a drink here when you’re in Montreal! I was here for Pride, so needless to say, it was jam packed! The bathroom is pretty cool, with the mirrors and flower wallpapers. Coming earlier is better, especially during the summer and Pride.
Jeff Frenette
21:37 22 Feb 19
Great spot to have a drink in the Village. It’s kinda small inside so it gets crowded very fast. You can also eat, they have a great food menu.

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