Texas’ Oldest Gay Leather Bar since 1982

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Welcoming gay bar in the heart of Montrose. Houston's LGBT community. Bear, Cub, Daddy, Chaser, Leather, Men, and Friends.

RIPCORD is the longest running gay leather bar in Texas. Since 1982, RIPCORD is respected as an iconic staple in the Montrose community, hosting a wide range of events.

RIPCORD is a popular spot for various groups in the gay community, including Bears, Cubs, Daddy, Chasers, Twinks, Leather, and Masculine Men.

RIPCORD has one of the largest patios in Montrose and is a great place to enjoy a beer or drink on a nice Houston evening.

RIPCORD is open seven (7) days a week, Monday thru Friday (1pm - 2am), Saturday and Sunday (12pm - 2am)



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el ong
20:17 31 May 24
Ripcord is a great. lomg time neighborhood bar. Been coming for years mainly during day. The current daytime staff Paul and Thomas are always attentive and represent the bar well. Attitudes go elsewhere.
Brian Buster Realtor
04:22 15 May 24
Review By Brian The Realtor: Whether you’re into the leather scene or just looking for a friendly spot to enjoy a drink, RIPCORD is a must visit!!
08:19 03 Apr 24
Bouncers are extremely rude, and so are the bartenders. This one bouncer refused to let my friend in because he claimed my friend was “too intoxicated” when he was walking just fine showing ZERO signs of even being buzzed. Unfortunately, I did not get this bouncer’s name to report him to management, for discrimination. If you ask me, this bouncer simply did not like my friend for whatever reason despite never having met him, and used “he’s too intoxicated” as an excuse not to let him in. Bartenders are rude as well and will make fun of you even if you ask them to stop, which is something that happened to me on a separate occasion. I have autism and I’m very awkward, so I found this to be very degrading and I felt like I was being bullied by the bartender. I don’t know if I want to come back here until they get better people who work here.
Alex M.
15:13 27 Mar 24
Wednesdays are my favorite days at Ripcord. The atmosphere is always welcoming and the bartenders are the absolute best. Paul always takes care of us and...
Randy B.
13:29 25 Mar 24
Paul, the bartender is very rude very inconsiderate. I went in there for a drink and I have a white Eurpoean so-called slut millennial try to pull over me...
George M.
16:36 11 Dec 23
I never visit bars in the daytime, but I came to ripcord today while Paul was bartending, and let me tell you.I will 100% start frequenting this...
04:43 18 Nov 23
This bar is really cool. It’s pretty much for everyone. They have a great leather scene, drag scene, and they host some fun events. Definitely worth coming in if you’re local or just visiting.
Evan Cisneros
21:45 25 Sep 23
First time back in Houston in a while and went to a few bars before this that were not so good until we got here! The music, atmosphere, and bartenders made it a great experience! Would definitely go back! Wish where I lived now had someplace like Ripcord! It really will be one of a kind!!!
Aaron Hall
20:34 25 Sep 23
Ripcord is one of the best LGBT bar options. No dumb covers, Lots of space for dancing and sitting areas inside and out as well with great ventilation or fans. Musically it’s diverse and caters to most. There’s rap, dance, Latin-reggaeton, and pop girls. The bartenders are ALL nice guys and don’t act like you’re a bother. Piero and Joe in particular are great and make you feel welcome. I always stop by when I’m in Houston.
shawn willette (SWill88)
20:15 25 Sep 23
A great bar, where everyone is free to be who they are! (Leather and kinks are more then welcomed😝) Weekends are awesome and don’t miss a Sunday Funday! Also, plenty of great Drag shows to keep you entertained during a week night visits!
Trip Archer R.
12:50 18 Sep 23
Oh, Ripcord. I will miss you.Ripcord has been my go-to bar since moving to Houston. I've loved it, and come to love the ambiance, the crowd, the...
04:27 24 Aug 23
Everyone is very nice and welcoming! I'm still a newbie, but i hope to become a regular. Even being a genderfluid afab, I feel right at home. Drinks are great and reasonably priced! Plus, super cute bartenders~
Miikeeey 23
06:03 17 Aug 23
This wasn’t our first time here tonight but tonight the bartender was VERY rude and had an attitude since we got here from the time we placed our first drink order! We told him what we wanted and was giving an attitude plus gave no time to unlock our card when we was trying to talk to him and tell him when he walked off as we was talking to him ….NOT TO MENTION WAS OVER CHARGED FOR OPENING A TAB! Literally our last time coming in here because that was uncalled for and unacceptable! I really hope someone can reach out to me and talk to me because I work club life and this is definitely bad for business!
Johnny Moreno
21:50 06 Aug 23
Just the right vibe for a low key bar to hang out with friends and listen to good music. There is a diverse programming of entertainment from weeknight drag shows, charity events and weekend dance parties with DJs. Service is always super quick and every bartender seems friendly. Definitely worth a stop while out in Montrose bc it’s central!
07:33 05 Aug 23
me and my friend were the only girls at the bar and literally none of the 4 bartenders acknowledged us once. i spoke to this vertically challenged man multiple times and he ignored me and rolled his eyes at me. definitely recommend a better bartending crew because they were the only people in the entire place that made me feel unwelcomed to be there.
16:01 04 Aug 23
Door man hassled me and refused service cause I “looked sketchy” but I think it’s because he just got his feelings all hurt after I chuckled as he was examining my ID for a whole two minutes and eyeing me up like I was a felon. Had no other issue at any other bar, I love this place but the new door man seriously needs an attitude adjustment
20:17 12 Jul 23
ily but stop tipping yourself $3 for a water. so disrespectful . also new door man keeps doubting my ID for some reason. u don’t need to study it u freak
Sarah Miranda
00:29 07 Jul 23
Came for the drag queen trivia night, stayed for the storied history. Amazing cross-section of society; staff were kind and attentive.
Brian A.
10:42 27 Jun 23
Music, drinks and over all atmosphere is great! Always my fav bar to checkout when In montrose. I went for pride weekend and they turned it out with the...
Josh Norman
18:52 22 Jun 23
Nice vibe, love the bartenders, great drinks, and I guess this still speaks on the bartenders. But excellent service.
Zoe B.
19:38 23 Apr 23
The bartender was so sweet! Went to go play pool not knowing it wasn't open on weekends cause there wasn't a sign anywhere. One bar back comes up to us to...
James B.
14:23 18 Mar 23
Great place for women to drink white claws and gawk at the smoldering ruins of gay culture. Completely bereft the energy that used to make it great. Someone...
Sinema Sinematica
03:00 18 Mar 23
Has the best drag shows! Reign’s shows are the best and the LaRue takeover shows are amazing. All bartenders and staff are so kind and welcoming. Definitely a no judge zone.
07:21 15 Feb 23
I frequent this bar quite often, tonight the second bouncer that was out there was so disrespectful and rude. I walked out to follow my friend and see if he made it to his car ok, when I came back the bouncer said he couldn’t let me back in “because he saw me walk out.” I said why? He said I don’t need to give you no explanation. I’ve been coming to this bar since I lived here in 2015 this bouncer either has to get trained or let go because an excuse as to “I saw you walk out.” Is ridiculous.
Rusty S.
21:06 31 Jan 23
This is a leather bar with such a fresh kick to it. The recent new additions have made it a GO-TO spot to have a drink and relax in their leather kinky...
19:46 30 Jan 23
Ripcord is such a nice leather gay bar! I enjoy having a drink there almost everyday weekend, the stuff and doormen guys are the best! They’re quick and friendly! The best in montrose tbh. Highly recommended
Jairo G.
17:53 01 Jan 23
Anyone going tonight?????????????????????????????01/01/2023???????? Alone and bored lol
rich n.
19:22 14 Dec 22
Ugh. This place is dirty and not in a good way. Clean the deck. Air the place out.
Casey Nee
11:37 11 Sep 22
We love the ripcord!! ... We are regularly at this bar during the day. There's a different crowd that comes in there in the evening but either way this is a great bar to go to if you want a few drinks and socialize. Bartenders are awesome and always friendly....
James N
08:44 05 Sep 22
Good club. A hundred times better than the Eagle.
Andrew Theiss
06:36 24 Aug 22
ok bar in midtown it's popular but not my favorite
Isaac Castillo
19:32 02 Jul 22
I travel from San Antonio to see Brandon at ripcord. Happy hour is the best in montrose. Their frozen sweettart is my favorite
Ivette L.
13:31 01 Jul 22
I went early so I cant say how the atmosphere os during late hours but service was excellent
Azalea Deckard
06:48 30 Jun 22
A little overwhelming but I loved the energy and the warm sense of community
Erick C.
19:20 28 Jun 22
Love this place! Music is different and fun every day of the week. They have a great mix of local and established DJs. Trivia night, drag queens, leather...
03:37 28 Jun 22
by far my favorite bar in the Gayborhood. they seem to really understand being a pillar for the community, and deliver a true sense of authenticity. they also really outdid themselves this year for Pride. can’t wait for next year! also, bonus points for always having Topo Chico.
Andrew Anthon
23:24 27 Jun 22
Such a friendly bar! Bar staff are all super sweet and helpful. Drinks are priced very well. It’s a great bar for every night of the week. Check out their themed nights on social media. A Montrose staple
Jonathan A.
00:47 28 May 22
Such a cool spot! Very easy going bar for being a leather bar. Very open to all LGBTQ! Richard is the best bartender, he's always smiling and mixing up the...
Haley T.
07:04 09 May 22
Great place! Good drinks, nice people, chill atmosphere. Better than surrounding bars.
Durant S.
06:15 25 Apr 22
Visited the Ripcord this past Saturday.Not a good experience. The music was awful and way too loud. And honestly, it didnt look like a leather bar to me....
Taylor Smith
22:51 24 Apr 22
Great drinks and music. Always a blast on the patio. Perfect spot post-brunch.
Jeffrey R.
16:37 23 Apr 22
love it here. toms of fun! great drink! nice staff and good music! 10 out of 10 would recommend
Dan Perez
21:45 15 Apr 22
Always a good time with solid drinks. Bartenders are quick to know your name and get your drink. Great patio, good vibes, and always welcoming.
20:36 15 Apr 22
Great chill bar in Montrose. Crowd is super relaxed, great music. Patio is huge which is a plus. Preferred bartender is Pierro he’s quick and remembers every drink I order even on a busy day. A must visit every weekend with friends.
Jay B
02:44 02 Apr 22
God, this place gets crazy on weekends. Fast and good drinks. I usually hit up the main bar but there is one outside too. They also have smash parties where you can beat sh!t up with a bat!!!!
Matthew C.
11:19 30 Mar 22
Pretty awesome atmosphere. Drinks on point! Went during the day chilled on the patio. Friendliest leather bar I've been to!
Paul H.
13:08 27 Mar 22
Favorite bar in montrose. Friendly staff. Hot bartenders! Best drink prices in town. Always have a great time no matter when i go....daytime or night!
Victor Hugo
01:58 27 Mar 22
Great place to hang out with friends,  good drinks and friendly staff. It's a late start, if you don't like crowds go early, or go late for the crowd. People of all kinds go there, they welcome everyone.
Brandon Ramos
19:53 09 Mar 22
Best leather gay bar in Montrose. Drink prices are some of the best in Houston, and the bar atmosphere is fun and welcoming to everyone. DJs, a leather shop inside the bar, shows, and friendly staff throughout the week keep Ripcord fresh and fun!
Eden Wences
19:42 09 Mar 22
Ripcord or the rip, how cool people call it is the best gay leather bar in Houston. Brandon makes the delicious drinks and shots. If you’re looking for a good time, great vibes, and good music ripcord is the place to be.
Brianda Paola
19:20 09 Mar 22
I always have a great time at my Fave Leather Gay bar - Ripcord. I love how they have an open back patio with another bar out there. I'm super excited to be entering Spring time in Houston to go out and enjoy it more. Brandon the bartender is always so friendly and welcoming. His shots and drinks are the best in Montrose hands down. They also have a really fun trivia night, I love it!
Cordero R.
11:43 09 Mar 22
Best leather gay bar in Montrose. Drink prices are some of the best in Houston, and the bar atmosphere is fun and welcoming to everyone. DJs, a leather shop...
Jeremy T.
10:33 20 Feb 22
Fav Bar in Houston for sure. The people are there, nothing fancy for the drinks but they aren't hella expensive.
Fabian Espinoza (fabianandhair)
17:29 15 Feb 22
Chill vibes, great themed parties! Good eye candy for gay men for sure! Great to have a casual gay bar in Houston that you can be yourself in. Piero is by far a go to bartender! Love the leather and gear nights there most!
Karen H
04:45 13 Feb 22
Visiting from out of town and can say that this place is definitely the place to be! Staff was super sweet and the drinks were on point!
21:59 10 Feb 22
Well, as is usually said in most Gay bars I’ve frequented, “Thank Goddess these walls (or the infamous patio) can’t talk. A leather establishment by choice, it’s also a fun place to drop in for an early afternoon cocktail hour (2pm) as most of the bars in the area don’t open until 4pm. Weekends are usually when all the action takes place (and I was rather lucky to meet a delicious piece of yum who was in town from NYC, and actually lives two blocks from my old apartment on 57th St. Kismet. My favorite K word.) Stop in and give it a try sometime. 🍺🍸🥃🍸🍺
Rafel Rosas
01:09 12 Jan 22
Great place super friendly staff . Piero is the best ever ! Richard is daddy for days! Ezekiel is so sweet you want to eat him up. And David has a great personality. Thomas is super sexy 😝. Oh and B is great 👍🏼
Gary W Willbanks PhD
13:25 24 Dec 21
Best dam Leather hangout bar in Houston. Still in the heart of Montrose for as long as I can remember.
Johan K.
20:05 04 Dec 21
Always feel welcome here. Wide age range and types of guys. Reasonable prices for beer, whiskey and other drinks
Not E.
06:39 19 Oct 21
Came here for the first time to meet my Grindr date, he never showed up, left home with 5 new friends instead! Great place to socialize and meet new people!
Sheira Hope
03:00 18 Oct 21
I would have to say that Rip Cord is one of my favorite bars in the area. There is a pretty interesting crowd especially on the weekends. The patio is gorgeous. Everyone is friendly and the drinks are cheap.
None Soulesss
19:34 06 Oct 21
This place is only for alcoholics And those with low sofa staying there are better places To meet up and to hang out at, keep looking
Courtney M.
12:35 26 Aug 21
Came here on a weekday afternoon while giving my LGQTB friend (from the east coast) a tour of Montrose. This was stop number 3 of our "pride" bar hop...
Jose Moncivais
05:31 08 Aug 21
Bad service while at the line, no order and bartender takes whoever he knows. Definitely not going back.
Tanner V.
15:06 19 Jul 21
RIPCORD has been in Houston since 1982... There's a reason they have lasted this long. Nuff said. Great drinks, awesome bartenders, and so many different...
N Maharaj
03:26 09 Feb 18
Great location for a drink and just to hang out during the week. It does get busy on weekends. It's well laid out, with a nice big patio for relaxing. Great music and friendly staff make this one of the best bars in Montrose.
Hailea M.
08:36 06 Feb 18
If you want good-kink company look no further! I love everything about RIPCORD - especially the shop. Houston doesn't have a true artisan BDSM supplies shop...

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