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Alfred Sampang
03:05 07 Jun 24
This place frickin slaps. My best friend and I came here lookin for a place to dance and this place hit the spot. The music is fantastic and the lights really add to the atmosphere. Everyone's there for a good time. Cover wasn't bad either. Can't wait to come back!
Thomas Lach
12:35 18 May 24
Daniel is the best security a club can ever ask for: felt so safe and comfortable the entire time. Love u Daniel, hope you get a raise. Bartenders were okay. Nothing like Daniel tho.
else P.
17:01 12 May 24
Blue hair bouncer is actually insane. I was deep in the bar and had only 2 drinks when randomly he came in to get me accusing me of being too drunk. I had...
Andrea D.
14:43 05 May 24
honestly wow!!!! i love scarlett so much its my favorite place to be. sad? go to scarlett. happy? go to scarlett. i could not stress this enough. i love...
Andrea C.
21:46 04 May 24
I was extremely disrespected at the entrance of this bar by the 2 bouncers. They thought my id was fake and throughly quizzed me about my id, and the city I...
Steve Rollins
15:29 14 Apr 24
Scarlet Bar is more than just a place to grab a drink—it's an experience. With its friendly staff, great music, and endless opportunities for fun, it's no wonder why it's my favorite spot in Chicago. Whether you're looking for a night out with friends or a solo adventure, Scarlet Bar is the place to be. Cheers to unforgettable nights and endless memories at Scarlet Bar!
Steve R.
08:27 14 Apr 24
Scarlet Bar is more than just a place to grab a drink--it's an experience. With its friendly staff, great music, and endless opportunities for fun, it's no...
Leah Williams
19:14 05 Apr 24
I can't say enough about how much fun I had there. Everyone was so nice to dance with drinking and singing their hearts out. It was really really really really really awesome and I can't wait to go back again. There is a $10 fee to go in. You must have your ID. I believe it's 21 and up either way, 10 out of 10. Highly recommend. Let's party
David M.
19:42 31 Mar 24
Good staff. Comfortable environment. Amazing music nights amazing drinks. I highly recommend.
Maggie Jaques
03:19 23 Mar 24
Fun lesbian bar. Not a lot of bathrooms. Great music. Definitely recommend!!!
Elizabeth Kostopoulos
18:54 11 Mar 24
My boyfriend and I have been coming here for years. Scarlet is our go to place to have a great time. The staff and bartenders are always so welcoming and sweet. Bathrooms are always clean. And the environment is one of a kind and comfortable! Thank you scarlet for so many great memories and more to come! ❤️
Maggie Peyton
16:45 04 Mar 24
I liked the music. The fog machines were a bit much. The food was wet from spilled drinks. There were two different times in the ~2 hours I was there that there were really awful smells all of a sudden and they lingered for a long time. An employee walked through the one earlier in the night with Febreeze but the second one was not dealt with. It’s very packed in but the crowd was nice, mostly women and non-men/queer people, so it was a comfortable vibe. The back bar had nice AC, and they do a few shot specials throughout the night, ours was at 12:40 if I remember correctly. There were a lot less people after 12:30, but people were still coming in at 1:10 when we left. The cover was $10.
Michael Abrego
06:55 28 Feb 24
Nice little getaway for my first night out while visiting Chicago. It also was Harry Styles night so they played Harry Style and One Direction all night. Great drinks and good vibes!
Foodie Colin
19:38 26 Feb 24
Everyone is super duper friendly and theres a low tolerance for any trashy behavior. Drinks are affordable and the staff will keep an eye out for any one harassing you
Fuck You
01:31 19 Feb 24
Way too many of the sexiest people I’ve ever seen in my life, all in one place!!! Great night, It’s difficult to enjoy myself in public but I did. The bartender had a beautiful soul and such a great listener! Sadly, THEY ONLY TAKE CARD and I love cash so I already maxed my card out on the atm but lots of cuties that’ll cover your drinks!!!
Skye W.
18:36 03 Feb 24
Amazing vibe, atmosphere is top tier. Only issue... the bartender, Eric, sucks. He will insult you for your tips being insufficient and overall kills your...
Iris Marie
23:31 29 Jan 24
Great music and atmosphere. Be warned there will be taylor swift
Kasaundra Shackelford
02:21 19 Jan 24
Small bar with good music and enough place to dance.The bartender was a little prickly but served people quickly.
Kat Ewing
17:37 15 Jan 24
INCREDIBLE little venue - perfect spot to go with friends or even alone. feels safe while still being fun!!
Stephanie M.
20:10 22 Dec 23
Very young crowd tried to wave a bartender down for 6-7 mins (for the duration of 2-3 songs) but they were too busy dancing and singing to even notice...
Patrick Manooki
21:19 06 Dec 23
Fuego night was so much fun! The vibes were just right and Jesus was the nicest and most friendly bouncer! The energy when greeted at the door...emaculate! WE LOVE JESUS!!
Jim M.
13:13 27 Aug 23
They advertise drink deals and don't follow through when you get there. Crooks. Do not go here.
Zach B.
15:51 09 Aug 23
Good music, nice space, cool bartenders. Only issue when I went was an announcement about pickpocketing. Keep your purses, phones, etc. close. Also, they...
sarah tucker
21:25 01 Aug 23
bar feels like you're at a sleepover pretending with your friends about what it would like to go clubbing. the music is so girlypop and the drinks are so cheap. there have been a few creeps here and there but mostly sweet girls, gays, and theys and one of the only places in boystown that feels respectful of queer women / anyone that isn't a white gay man
Michelle L.
19:46 17 Jul 23
First time coming to Scarlett for a friend's birthday and I have the day that the vibes are immaculate.Music was fire and constantly playing songs that my...
Kundanika Adkuloo
17:16 03 Jul 23
Fun place with good music that's open till late even on weekends! Although all the songs they played were Spanish 🙈 but we still enjoyed the vibe!
Stefan Bogdanowicz
02:25 29 Jun 23
My least favorite gay bar. I find the gays to be pretentious and think they are better than you. Snobby and not a place I have ever had a good time.
Cayla Mims
19:33 17 May 23
Favorite bar in boystown. Saturday night is the night to go. Cover is $10 Saturdays, which is more expensive than some of the other bars nearby and it can get really crowded. But they have the best music and vibes.
Nicole Curry
08:32 10 May 23
Watch out for your card info here yall…I had used 2 separate cards here and the very next day had fraudulent charges on those 2 exact cards. Mind you I used the cards on early Sunday afternoon at Scarlet (not a busy day at all) and the fraudulent charges came out the very next day? Seems suspicious. Only went from my hands to theirs, then back to me.
Isabelle S B.
01:40 22 Apr 23
So called "lesbian bar"... there was a misunderstanding with the bartender. We apologized but the bartender was incredibly rude and pushed us out of the bar...
Susan L.
22:53 20 Apr 23
Rudest door people I have ever encountered in Chicago. Absolutely do not go here unless you like being treated terribly.
Ria Gates
18:17 11 Apr 23
Highly recommend. I forgot the DJ name but she a female she was playing all the hits from throwsback hip hop r&B gospel Disney she was playing everything I will definitely return it’s worth the wait in line . They charge $10 to get in and only accept cards no cash.
Olivia C
17:41 07 Apr 23
Very fun bar. They have a lot of drag shows and their Queens are the best! Yummy fruity drink options for those that are in to that and a fun high energy environment.
21:16 02 Mar 23
the security here is really nice and considerate. someone was completely drunk so they had to kick him out but were kind enough to help him wait outside until his uber got there bc he couldn’t stand. vibe inside is cool but the negative part is they only take card, no tap to pay or cash.
Jackie S
03:15 24 Feb 23
Went for the first time this past Sunday for Lady Gaga night, it was such a fun time to be around everyone who sang their heart out to all her hits. Never experienced anything like it so I really appreciate them doing those monthly.Only complaint I have is that one of the bathrooms didn’t lock so I accidentally walked in on someone… I felt so bad lol.Bartenders were really chill, music was great, drag queens looked so pretty, 10/10.
Christina S.
01:33 15 Jan 23
This place isn't a gay club, half the crowd was made up of straight cis couples. The drinks are decently priced, music is alright, and it's objectively a...
Amber K
05:04 07 Jan 23
bryce is the best dj of all time…if dj bryce fersher has a million fans i am one of them. if dj bryce fersher has one fan it is me. if dj bryce fersher has no fans I am dead! ! !
Cheyenne Jackson
13:42 03 Jan 23
I arrived about an hour before closing and there was a long line so I assumed I wouldn't get in. But security was quick and efficient. Everyone in line was able to enter.I always love Scarlet's vibe. Everyone is carefree and there to have fun. Nothing more nothing less.
Kelsey Welch
18:15 19 Oct 22
Maybe refrain from having your disgusting employees having a power trip and thinking they can grab people to the point where they bruise them. I went out for my 21st birthday and was roughly grabbed by my arm and told by a dude that “he works here”. Cool, but maybe don’t touch me? How about an “excuse me” instead of hurting me? Maybe the employee was feeling threatened because he was so short and it was crowded in there, I don’t know, but that shouldn’t be happening.
Ellen C.
09:29 08 Oct 22
This gay club was super cute. They played good music and it was super fun to dance and sing along. Although they close at 2, they kicked us all out around...
jade P.
13:53 16 Sep 22
I wanted to leave a good review to say thanks so much to the amazing bartender who returned a drunk girls debit card last night! I am so grateful you got...
13:54 27 Aug 22
I like the concept i think its cool how they have like theme nights for each artist. But honestly i don’t think the staff cared about the capacity it was so packed my friends and i could barley move.
Chelsea M
03:06 25 Aug 22
small bar with limited space but it was a lot of fun and the drinks were good. came from out of state and enjoyed my night out
Jacob C.
23:24 14 Aug 22
The door woman was extraordinary rude. We had a $200 tab we were trying to get in to pay it but she kept attacking us and freaking out, acting like we had...
Janielle Gooden
01:44 13 Aug 22
This place was litty! Went on a Friday night during Beyoncé night. The vibe was amazing and the drinks are strong
Sean E.
21:47 11 Aug 22
The DJ was rude on 11:40pm on 8/11 . After I requested a song WITH A TIP he agreed to use the song he said he had on the playlist and hadn't played it so I...
Brigid O’Brien
18:29 07 Aug 22
So fun; great music and great vibes! Can’t wait to come back!! Ryan killed it with the drinks and dancing 😉
Edgar G.
00:56 07 Aug 22
Ryan makes the best drinks ever. Berlin could neverrr. He is very kind and gets the order done as soon as possible.
Local habibi
15:52 18 Jul 22
The music was perfect and the ambience was very alive for a weekday
Alaina Los
14:02 16 Jul 22
I went to Scarlet for the first time last night. Soon after leaving, I realized someone had stolen my wallet. My wallet was inside my purse which was zippered shut. I reported it to the bartender and left. About an hour later the bar called me and told me my wallet was turned in however it was completely empty. My drivers license, debit card, credit card, health insurance card, triple A card, car insurance, social security card, and $20 cash was gone. Someone completely cleared my wallet out. Very disappointing and sad. I will definitely not be returning.
Alaina L.
06:55 16 Jul 22
I went to Scarlet for the first time last night. Soon after leaving, I realized someone had stolen my wallet. My wallet was inside my purse which was...
Jkeya Lynch
15:42 24 May 22
Good music. Great time
Samira A.
23:12 15 May 22
If your visiting from out of town DO NOT COME HERE!!! My husband and I have been wanting to venture in boys town and wanted to come for Gaga night and the...
Gustavo Calderon
18:47 15 May 22
Was there for Bad Bunny's new album listening party and let me tell you the amount of FUN I had being able to vibe and listen to bad bunny and other latino artists with my fellow latino people in the same room was impecable!! Scarlet definitely needs to have more latino nights just like this! The energy is amazing. Please more Latino nights!!
Emily M.
22:04 07 May 22
the people here are ugly gays.the people who work here are ugly and lame and there were no poppers
Sam W.
14:14 04 May 22
Love this place, always a good time with great music and friends. Open concept for dancing but drinks could be cheaper lol
Jaime Martello
19:53 03 Apr 22
First time here with friends for a party. This was a fun bar with a great atmosphere and the one DJ named I believe Cashera was outstanding! I need to follow this DJ. She had the energy going! I will for sure be back and especially if she is the DJ! The drinks were great also. My feet are killing me from jumping around all night and my poor head from drinks. Haha but we all had a great night!!!!
Ryan M
04:32 03 Apr 22
Good bartender. DJ played good music but rude as hell. DJs can be replaced.
Princess Williams
12:25 25 Mar 22
Great bar. Music is modern and fun.
Ciara Sullivan
19:38 19 Mar 22
I went right before the pandemic for a friend's drag show. Drink specials were awesome. Very fun music selection. Great for dancing!
Lee Melbourne-Weaver
03:17 03 Mar 22
I love Scarlett for the live viewings of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and for the “no-skip” album playthroughs they do on Friday nights. Best part is, there’s a killer deal on drinks that honestly baffles me every week. Don’t blow up my spot too hard though, I don’t want too much competish for good seats for the finale.
Katie Silius
23:17 11 Feb 22
Very fun and inviting looking inside, pretty good vibes BUT the bartender we had wasn't very friendly, seemed like she'd rather not be there. Not welcoming. And didn't tell me prices of our drinks . So I wasn't sure at first if the drinks were as much as what I gave her, if she just kept some as a tip or what . Would def of given more stars if she was in a better mood, just hope it was a bad day n that she's not like that all the time
Hannah H.
13:31 07 Feb 22
I've been to Scarlet several times before and I think it's a great atmosphere with good drinks and fun music. But when I went last weekend I was really...
Luke Romesberg
19:20 24 Jan 22
Scarlet is a great bar and anybody complaining about not getting served due to not tipping should remain quiet. Not tipping isn’t a good look and honestly, the review just makes you look bad and cheap. It doesn’t reflect the bar or bartenders.
Jillian Gueniveire
18:46 24 Jan 22
Claire M.
09:39 03 Jan 22
I've been here many times and have absolutely loved every second of it. However last night I brought my sister and her friends for their last night in town....
Jillian M.
00:01 03 Jan 22
The staff is so mean they kicked friends out for no reason and injured them. 0/10
William Hay
04:19 28 Dec 21
Fantastic bartenders and drag shows! Low-key place that makes you feel welcome
Renee King
21:55 20 Dec 21
Loved the atmosphere! The staff was a bit cold and rude though. They seemed overly annoyed by drunk people considering that it was a bar.
Shelby Long
19:36 21 Nov 21
I had fun. Typical club environment. 2 bars is nice though.
Shammah “Owu” Timms
00:34 01 Nov 21
This little gem has a special place in my heart .. in fact I want to open one just like it elsewhere .. to serve the young and middle class non monetary In kind... but before side Traxx swallow you alive I successful daddyness that btowntroupe ya know .....the not not classsy, but toooo not classy to tip right .. Get it 2gether it's 2022 soon .. 2gether... Jeez Becky from Naperville! it's my bar always will be and that's that.... btw it's a younger guys hangout slash whatever just be smasshy and ready to go to afters at cuz frat nite Will tear you one .. Ask for Dj bryyyce ( for shooooorre .. ) the GM happened to have my respect as a operator .. cheers be safe and happy sales!
Katherine Rhead
15:46 28 Sep 21
Fun bar with an open dance floor. The bar also very closely checked ID and vaccination cards which I fully welcome and appreciate. Inside the bar is pretty standard with well drinks, beers. I also greatly appreciate that there is a self service water station. The DJ played a mix of current top pop and millennial throw back hits.
Anthony Garcia
05:22 25 Sep 21
I have came to this bar for years. I ordered a vodka sprite and a shot. I came back with the drink which was a vodka soda which was full. I was told by the bartender Eric that I did not tip so I will not get another drink which I did not care for. Then he saw my friend next to me and said oh your friend tipped so I’ll remake it. This is disgusting behavior from a bartender on my birthday and I clearly tipped. I will post the 16 dollar receipt where I tipped 2 dollars which will be an 18 dollar charge to my bank. He also recharged me for the drink he had his buds boy change Bc the sprite was out. I did not care about the money or anything but to be told I did not tip (when I did) that I will not be served is disgusting and this individual should not work in this industry I have 5 plus years in serving and bartending and nothing has ever been more disgusting.
The Collector 17
03:14 08 Sep 21
If I could give this place a thousand stars I would! I love the themed nights! I’ve been to Selena and Beyoncé nights a couple of times. The music is awesome, the cover cheap! It is a little small. If you like to dance this is the place for you! Love the diversity as well!
Braulio J.
21:39 26 Aug 21
Great taste in music! I had so much fun here, the drinks were great, and bartenders were friendly. I hope yo come back here soon!
Francesca Marchese
18:48 21 Aug 21
Best atmosphere in all of Boystown. The cover is affordable, and they have a coatcheck as well (super convenient!). You HAVE to go when DJ Ca$sh Era is playing; she's the best!
Tim Wittenborn
06:34 08 Aug 21
THEY WILL STEAL YOUR PHONERIght out of your purse or pocket.So much so that the staff will say, "YOU TOO?" when you tell them your phone got stolen. PROTECT YOUR PHONELike if you are not holding it in your hand the entire time YOUR PHONE WILL BE STOLEN
Tim W.
23:30 07 Aug 21
your phone will be stolen.the will take your phone out of your purse. they will take your phone out of your's so severe that the staff when...
Sam C
06:24 31 Jul 21
Such a fun and safe place! The covid protocols made me feel comfortable and at ease. Gender neutral bathrooms.There was a good mix of music (even some in Spanish). The staff was pleasant. As an out of towner, I recommend Scarlet!
Van D Peluche
05:55 31 Jul 21
Amazing experience! They have COVID-19 protocols that made me feel comfortable and helped me enjoy the night even more. Great music and very friendly staff. It’s a very inclusive establishment with gender neutral restrooms. Make sure to read the signs as one is private and one is not! Accidentally kept someone from using it assuming they were both private.I will definitely be coming again next time I visit Chicago!
Karl Dusenbery
01:16 31 Jul 21
Went to a drag night. They needed a better way to order drinks during the show.
Matthew St Marie
03:07 27 Jul 21
Always a go-to. Also, shout out to all of the servers. I see them all the time, all are super great and kind people!!
Christopher Vasser
03:33 20 Jul 21
This place is a vibe! The only bar I go to when I visit Chicago. Went this past Friday, after 2 years and was not disappointed. The music. The people. The drinks. Line was down the block Friday and Saturday night. Get in early!
Lashonda Smith
20:39 25 Jun 21
Loved this place music was great danced all night
Thomas Hansen
04:58 11 Jun 21
Fairly priced drinks and very friendly staff! Most places in boystown absolutley price gouge you on something as simple as a vodka soda lol. Anyways, this place is always a great time 10/10 recommend 🙂
Yazmin Alvarado
16:59 27 May 21
Always a good time. Usually crowded.
Janoy R.
19:35 18 Apr 21
I'm literally trapped. I was sat at a table in the back corner of the bar. I have been waiting literally 30mins to pay my tab and leave. I want out!!
21:03 30 Mar 21
The servers here are great. Bryce being my favorite.
Marla Minnella
17:42 27 Jan 21
Walked in here by chance during an afternoon stroll with my partner and this bar was fantastic! The drinks are VERY good and the music was awesome (Bad Bunny Night)! Staff was very sweet to speak with, very attentive and most importantly the joint was very CLEAN!
Jeremy Hood
01:53 14 Dec 20
I’ve never vent to a place more inviting than this bar! Scarlet offers great drinks and THE BEST music in all of Boystown. This place is a must whether you’re visiting or a local.
Dario Idrovo
04:49 17 Sep 20
some of the staff bartender/dj are rather snobby, like come on dude you are in your 30s! I am in my late 20s and I don't act all snobby. I did enjoy my time here when I was in my early 20s, but now I just realized that this staff that has been working here for 6+ years will never change their attitude. Place is tiny, I know they've expanded since covid to use their patio.
Megan L.
08:19 13 Jul 20
Current Covid state means no co-mingling. You can only breath the are of those you cane with. No dancing, only getting up from your assigned place to sit to...
Holly S.
06:38 05 Mar 19
Of all the gay bars in Boystown I think scarlet has the best music to dance to (at least for my personal taste). They add in a good mix of hip hop and rap...

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