Sircuit is an inclusive Gay bar on Smith Street Fitzroy

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Sircuit is an inclusive Gay bar on Smith Street Fitzroy. The bar is free entry (except for special events listed on our website).



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17:35 04 Nov 23
MASSIVE lesbophobic and misogynistic place. Potentially racist as well... Manager (aka Miss J) harassed me and my partner while we were being intimate for seeing us vaping before, and later on proceeded to get us expelled, when literally everyone in that club is either having sexual relations in the bathroom (making the line enormous for people who actually need to use it) or in the middle of the crowd, which is a crime and falls under the obscenity law (I don’t know if that applies to Australia, but it should be forbidden nevertheless), and also doing drugs on the dance floor (you can find ziplocks and nangs on the floor, both at the bathroom and the dance floor). And EVERYONE was smoking around us, but she decided that the problem was an interracial lesbian couple minding their own business sitting in the corner having a little vape. Oh, and the lovely security that escorted us out was nice enough to let us know that’s not an actual problem, but that he had to kick us out because she had a power trip.She ruined a great time out of spite. Used to feel safe at this club, but now I know like everywhere else that caters to a male audience, it will never truly make a place safe for women, specially queer women. Do not recommend.
Alicia Cooper
16:21 04 Nov 23
The manager of Sircuit is prejudice against lesbian couples. The security told us it was okay to vape inside, but the manager on a power trip decided to kick us out. Not only do customers complain about the manager, but it seems like the staff even have a problem with her. We were in a corner, far away from anyone else, minding our own business, when we were promptly kicked out. Maybe it was because only minutes before we were approached we were kissing, but it seemed like we were the only ones who were kicked out, despite numerous other people vaping inside and doing drugs inside the bathrooms. Any lesbian couples should avoid this bar, as it seems to be a "male only" establishment without there being any signs for it.I'd suggest sticking to Yah Yahs or elsewhere for a more appropriate lesbian-friendly bar in Melbourne.
Emily Rose
08:06 17 Oct 23
Quintessential queer venue in Naarm Melbourne. My fave drag shows on Thursdays & Sundays. Wouldn’t be the same without Miss Jay (but she needs to perform Sweet Caroline more often!). Drinks quite expensive but entry is free.
Brent Price
02:24 17 Oct 23
Had an absolute blast! Miss Jay was lovely and the bartenders were top notch. Can’t wait to get back to Melbourne and hit this place up again. Don’t miss it!
Kari Hawkins
23:37 16 Oct 23
Sircuit is the place to go when you want to lift your spirits, let your hair down and have fun! The performers always put on an incredible show with such a wonderful variety of talents, the bar and kitchen staff are always so accomodating and the security team is always so kind.Flaunt on Fridays is my absolute favourite 💚 And Special mention to Miss Jay who is the fabulous Aunty I didn’t know I needed - always so welcoming and stunning! ✨🩷
Jay Jones
21:48 16 Oct 23
Best queer spot in Melbourne. There’s something for everyone. If you’re lucky enough to encounter the divine Miss Jay hosting or performing you’re in for an even bigger treat
Julian Panetta
20:52 16 Oct 23
Miss Jay and the team at Sircuit are exceptional. The vibe is always a lot of fun and they do their absolute best to ensure a safe and entertaining space for members of the community and their friends. Fantastic music, fast drink service and great times, always.
Leah G
15:29 23 Sep 23
What a terrible experience!! We had open toed shoes which meant we couldn’t get in, so fine as they have a sign out the front explaining that. The “lady” out the front proceeded to tell us to get a pedicure and how disgusting our feet were. We didn’t argue with their policy, and I said how her comments were totally unnecessary. When we walked past later that evening, she proceeded with rude comments and a bouncer physically pushed us, saying “you are lucky you at not a guy”We will take his matter further, what a horrible culture this club promotes.
06:55 09 Jul 23
if you’re a pop-loving he, she, or they and you wanna dance, grind, and sweat it out the dance floor, Sircuit is the place to be. You’ll mostly see gay men around here but this is a safe place for EVERYONE. The drinks may be steep in price (as per any other Melbourne clubs tbh), so you might wanna pre’s some place else. service is good, vibe is great. There’s even a billiards pool you could play on with mates or strangers alike. Also there’s a second floor which has a calmer vibe perfect to get some break from the dancing or the boozing.During weekends there’s drag queens performing at 1am so happy times!
Jonny Warren
15:02 23 Jun 23
Not an accessible venue.Want a great night out with friends. Sircuit is a maybe. The sound system is terrible and pushed to its limit causing severe screeching meaning the place is not accessible to people with hearing issues.Music selection is decent and drink prices are also just ok.The place has potential but needs money spent to bring it up to par.
Ruby Muller
16:37 14 Jun 23
Staff threw ice on people instead of speaking to them calmly to get them to stop unwanted behaviour. I think the most disappointing thing about witnessing this is that as queer people we look to these spaces to be safe. Instead, staff were inclined to escalate to violence than have a simple conversation. As someone who has worked in bars and been in the nightclub and queer scene for a long time, there was absolutely no need for this from staff. There are many wonderful queer bars in Melbourne that are genuinely safe, supportive and friendly. My experience here is that this currently isn’t one of them.
Zimeng Zhang
00:40 12 Jun 23
Sunday free entry, had good fun, drinks price are reasonable, good music!
17:29 09 Jun 23
The vibe and music were impeccable. Argonaut, you will always be famous. All the staff and security were really lovely. Coat check and retrieval super efficient.I would only recommend there be a water dispenser with cups available for the club goers, because it’s kinda shxt that the only way to get a water in any reasonable time is to shell out $6 at the mini-bar (unless I missed it somehow near the main bar).
15:12 30 Apr 23
One of the only free clubs in Melbourne, pretty good vibe but don't expect good bar service if you're AFAB or femme presenting.
Matthew Jackson
15:02 30 Apr 23
Sircuit Bar. Unknown Exact Date of establishment Date. Possibly 2011. initially this was a men's only bar that provided on sight areas for sexual relations to have between men. This has now changed. It is now a LGBTIQ+ bar. A space for Drag Queen Shows. Dance Music. It is a Dance Space with loud music in the down stairs area. Conversation is best within the smoking area out the front or upstairs. Games Tables (8 Ball) Available Free of Charge. Non-binary Friendly Toilets. Upstairs is Mollies Restaurant.
Matthew Jackson
10:16 25 Mar 23
Sircuit Bar. Unknown Exact Date of establishment Date. Possibly 2011. initially this was a men's only bar that provided on sight areas for sexual relations to have between men. This has now changed. It is now a LGBTIQ+ bar. A space for Drag Queen Shows. Dance Music. It is a Dance Space with loud music in the down stairs area. Conversation is best within the smoking area out the front or upstairs. Games Tables (8 Ball) Available Free of Charge. Non-binary Friendly Toilets.
P meth
21:18 19 Feb 23
Dumbest rule ever no open toe shoes even tho the sign says dress as queer as you want we don’t judge and want you to feel comfortable…..Lol contradict yourself much?! Pay the extra money and get decent insurance like the rest of the clubs in Melbourne. Spoke to the manager and he was just an aggressive little man, it’s 2023 what a joke!
Frankie Tseu
16:58 28 Jan 23
I had a great time visiting Sircuit for the first time! My friends and I were a little worried when we first arrived and saw that there was no line outside, but once we got inside we were pleasantly surprised by how crowded it was. There were a lot of cute guys and the atmosphere was really fun. We had a great time dancing and socializing. Definitely worth visiting!
Geoff Lutz
15:36 13 Jan 23
If you’re going to water down your liquor, don’t make it so obvious. Had three gin and tonics and felt absolutely nothing. The clientele is also very aggressive on the overcrowded dance floors, body checking and putting their hands on you to get by. The drag shows and music were fun enough, but I didn’t really enjoy the vibe of this place, overall.
Joseph Bond
20:48 23 Dec 22
Positive Feedback:- Personally, I really loved the music selection, which was mainly pop songs and bops from today and yesteryear.- Every color of the rainbow was present in the crowd, which suggests that this place is where all LGBTQIA+ were welcome to dance and enjoy themselves (and so much fashion and style to enjoy)!- loved the concept of “Baby Drag” where new performers compete upstairs for the opportunity to perform on the main stage and test their skills and set during peak rush in the club. I went on Thursday night and the artist - who was fabulous - performed a routine to a clever remix of Cardi B’s “WAP” and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” that had me engaged (living and dying) and really complimented the entire bar/club experience.Constructive Feedback:- Although my service was acceptable and to be expected, I witnessed the bar staff being rude and short tempered consistently throughout the night (and dare I say especially towards guests who weren’t overly attractive cis-gendered white men).- I’d remind the bar staff (namely the bartender farthest from the door) that LGBTQIA venues are safe spaces for everyone - including women, non binary folks, straight ally’s, and/or all the above - and that their role is SO MUCH MORE than pouring basic club drinks and bolstering their own social status. Obviously conscious displays of impatience and visible intolerance to certain people really contrasts the otherwise fun, free, and inclusive vibe put forth by the venue and its performers. Kindness is free and something some people do not receive outside of LGBTQIA+ spaces, which makes your attitude and service that much more important and impactful.
Ricky Nelson
05:18 23 Dec 22
Great nightclub because of the great people that attend.Large dance area. Great DJ's especially DJ Argonaut! Drag Queen show a must see!Ease in with a game of pool or a nice seat to watch all the action.At sircuit action and sights are boundless.
Phillip Pavlidis
11:57 19 Nov 22
Good place for a dance but loses one star as the clientele can be a bit up themselves. Get in early or you’ll be waiting in line. Great music
Tracey Mathews
15:25 06 Nov 22
Super rude staff who thinks they own the place , one of the security bloke stares very awkwardly making you feel uncomfortable. The place lost its charm ,filled with straight men who don't know what's consent. And apparently open toe shoes are a problem but a man without a shirt isn't. What kinda show do they put up on Sunday it's Melbourne ...
08:48 14 Sep 22
I can't review it really because anyone wearing 'dangerous shoes that are against OHS' was not allowed in, which was everyone of us. Any open-toed shoe is called a 'dangerous sandal' smh. It looked very quiet but I guess they are smashing glasses all the time? I'll give it 3 stars because at least i was not injured lol.
Ethan Cardwell
15:04 03 Sep 22
Miss Jay is amazing and a whole mood. Staff can be a cultural appropriative on specified nights. Overall it is a fun time and the drinks are good. 😂
11:54 31 Jul 22
The music is really good here.Only problem is. I have to line up almost 45 minutes to get our drinks.Wayyyyyy too busy.
Steffie Watts
23:10 12 Jul 22
I had the best time here and for that would give 5 stars. However, paid $5 to cloak my French vintage fur coat not realising that 15 minutes later the club would close. So 15 minutes later, back I go with my numbered key tag BUT my coat is no where to be found. The person I spoke to spun lies saying maybe it was being held in another room out the back and so I said great, let’s go and have a look, and after that their energy changed and suddenly they started to be unkind. They took my phone number and said they would look at the camera footage to see who may have taken my coat (also a lie), I got a text message from someone called chichi but I don’t know if that’s legit or not. I contacted them again the next day but never heard back. Their cloak system seems well organised so I don’t believe someone “accidentally” got the wrong coat, I think the probability that one of the many staff working the cloak room also loved my gorgeous coat and decided to take her home. Moral of the story, don’t cloak your gorgeous damn coats, especially not here, no matter how much fun you are having, no matter how hot you get from dancing. Fashion is pain, I wish I suffered through the sweat and kept my coat with me!
17:32 08 Jul 22
Not a safe space for queer people, strangely. Security are tokenistic.In 2022, you’d really expect that a venue actively promotes safety, fairness & equality for all its patrons. No one needed to bring the behaviour to anyones attention, it was absolutely plain to see. Other reviews explain this too.However, the drag is AMAZING!! Upstairs at Mollies is OK (same venue).I’m more than disappointed to leave this review 🙁 This is absolutely not the night out I thought I’d have & I take zero pleasure in sharing this.Edit: The young person I ended up spending the night with (a delightful random), who had a disability was so unbelievably distressed by the behaviour of the crowd that she opted to go home. She was SO strong but wasn’t at all protected by staff. She was in tears by the end
ace “Elementive” ofspades
01:22 25 Jun 22
First gay bar i went to being from the country. didnt dissapoint. was alot of fun. The drag show was great! Bouncers lovely. A good night out
Reece Bennett
01:39 29 May 22
If you like consent don’t go here, vibe was very off and within the first 5 seconds of me walking in a random woman can up groped me tried to make out with me I hadn’t even seen their face, over crowded, can’t even move around without bumping into every one (I’m used to clubs but this was nuts)My friends enjoyed their night though.
Aditya Joshi
23:00 23 May 22
Fun club/bar. Clean-ish toilets. Have always felt welcome there. Great music! Slightly overpriced drinks - but mmm, that’s fine! I have attended a few events here and have always had a great time.
James Watts
00:50 25 Apr 22
Great music, friendly bar staff and fantastic late night shows! The food has always been so tasty whenever visiting for dinner. Miss Jay is the real star of this venue!
Abhisek Roy
04:51 30 Mar 22
I m surprised to see negative reviews one of the best gay bars in Melbourne staff the security everone polite n friendly 🥰
Astro C
21:29 05 Mar 22
GIRLS BE WARNEDI’m with my 5 friends, and one of my friend is a GIRL with a shoes that can see her toe nail.1st try we were rejected.We attempted to change her shoes, 2nd time, still no good for them.Next time if you are a GIRL. Wear a work boots. Something to cover your toes.Miraculously, the Lovely Woman, I think she’s an organiser at that moment saw us and let us in.But seriously, not all GIRLS, LADIES and Woman wears runners or boots or sneakers.Bad experience.I’ll just spend my money somewhere else.
Arturo Martin
12:36 25 Feb 22
I never leave reviews, but in this case I feel it necessary. The staff is very rude, manager unprofessional(do not check their own cameras before removing a patron from the premises), venue is above the capacity limits (you can not even dance or walk without being pushed by their own staff) the ventilation does not comply with the current covid rules. From my perspective taking too many people and having only 5 staff downstairs will make them overload with work, resulting in being stressed and rude with their patrons.
Víctor Figueroa
02:00 19 Feb 22
CHANGE THE WOMAN ON THE DOOR!!She is not friendly, rude and she has a very bad vibe. It used to be better without her in the past years. Sincerely, your Sircuit gay customer 😘
Jake Wicklund
14:33 10 Feb 22
Staff were more than excited to make a point that I wasn’t an Aussie, and that my paper vaccination record wasn’t good enough to enter. A place that totally follows the restrictions… Seemed racist to me.
Nathalie Massin
14:36 06 Feb 22
Worst venue. Being a femme lesbian I naturally wear stilettos and got denied for this as the were “open toed”. There are very limited venues that support my community and being denied for this is disgusting and against what we stand for
Ashley Mackenzie-Ross
14:35 06 Feb 22
Wouldn’t let my girlfriend in for having high heels on ‘for safely reasons’ of getting glass in foot yet they only use plastic cups at this venue. Doesn’t make any sense never been to a club where women cannot where high heels the only reason I can think they wouldn’t allow entry is segregation because we are female.Will not return
laura scremin
11:52 23 Jan 22
Wouldn't let me in coz i had open toe shoes on. I'm a girl, what else would I wear on a 34 degree day. Completely ruined my night. Apparently safety reasons, never heard of anything so absurd. If I am prepared to hurt myself, let me.
Samiullah Khan
13:23 28 Dec 21
A very Nice Bar. There is a dance floor and the music which is Played is awesome. I was dancing like crazy the other day 😇🥰🕺 And had alot of fun learned some dance moves from a dude dancing there. Its aBisexual and all lgbtq+ friendpy place place where You Can be yourself ❤💜🌈
Benjamin Lea
02:40 12 Dec 21
One of my favourite places to visit when in Melbourne. Highly underrated audio setup down stairs, always a good vibe and fun crowd.
Tatan Tibaquira
14:56 31 Oct 21
They throw our drinks, you were very rude, very unprofessional, the staff constantly insulting. This is so not acceptable, we will take this to the authority in charge of the nightclub this will not stay like this
Angela Le
05:41 10 Jul 21
Absolutely loved this bar/club. A great place with a great vibe, and free drag shows 🥰 the queue was long but I guess that's to be expected. But SO WORTH!! The woman security at the front was very friendly and polite ❤️ unlike any other place I've been.Thursday music was absolutely amazing, mainstream, pop r&b drag show was very fun and choreographed very well!! music on Friday was less mainstream and a bit dated & old drag shows were more cabaret style.Only negative is the Indian drag lady at the front can be scary and unfriendly.
Charlotte Nebbs
13:57 09 Jul 21
My friend and I waited in line for 10 minutes to then be told only closed toed shoes. I was wearing the new thong heel which is so in this season. I'm sorry, it's called fashion sweetie. Look it up x
Olym Li
12:47 17 May 21
Always fun times and the crowd was never disappointing
Tayler-Zak Heaney
20:00 28 Apr 21
Always have a great night out here, drinks reasonably priced and great music
Lyn Kardashian from good brew
04:15 22 Mar 21
I can't keep my hands to myself when I come here!! better than going to the butchers there is so much hot beef everywhere!!
Wayne Pappin
09:50 21 Feb 21
Beware of the lighting in these venues. They use lighting which makes a $50 note look like a $20 in colour. A gold/yellow $50 note looks like a red $20 note under the lighting. You pull out a $50 note out of your pocket to pay the bartender and it looks like a red $20 note under the lighting. I got caught out with this at The Peel also. Until I saw 50 written on the note I thought it was a $20 note. Be aware and don't fall for this scam!!!!!!!
Elliot Farrow-Shaw
15:26 20 Feb 21
What a terrible venue. Most bars and clubs want their patrons to feel safe and secure when they are drinking alcohol and attending its venue. But not at Sircuit. At Sircuit, they demand that that the leave their drink unattended while they use the bathroom. When they refuse as they value their safety and know the law, they are quickly removed from the venue, stating that they are causing a disturbance. Personally I only attend clubs that want their patrons to feel safe and secure.Good to see that we have a LGBTIQ+ venue that is at the forefront of looking after its community and uphold the laws to protect the people that visit it!Shame on you, for endorsing and enabling such behaviour when you are supposed to be a venue that is at the forefront making its people feel safe in its environment.

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