Slammer Club

Slammer Club

The place to cruise for the HOTTEST gay men

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The place to cruise for the HOTTEST gay men 18 & Up. The club consists of Private & Public Areas, dark corners, & plenty of Slings Outdoor Patio & Play Space.

You can also head out back for a smoke. There are mazes to explore and a video room. If you’re looking for sophistication, this not the place for you. But for some debauchery, you should check it out.



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R F.
22:30 06 May 23
Love the Slammer so much!!!!!!! Super friendly staff and very chill experience. I loved watching everyone having fun before joining in myself. I felt very...
Michael Hickland
08:50 06 May 23
I came from Ireland expecting fun but walked around & got a lot of looks but got nothing for my trouble. For me its complete ripoff for $32 & I got nothing out of the experience. I'm sorry, but that's the unvarnished truth. If the owner of this premises wants to respond to my's criticism, then I'm open to chatting
Tom Rocha
05:34 05 May 23
I had to give one star, cause Google doesn’t allow us giving zero. Just don’t go, trust me. Depressive place, smells bad and a total of 5 guys not having fun at all.
Mike M.
20:19 04 May 23
Very fun hot men sometimes especially weekends also staff is very friendly but they forget to stock bathrooms with toilet paper The hot water runs out...
Chester Taylor
05:34 04 May 23
I just left there tonight 03 may 2023. That was the biggest waste of time and money in recent history. No one there was trying to do anything I was there over two hours and still nothing. Plus the website lied it says that they get transwomen in there from time to time. I asked staff and they said that they don't get transwomen in there. I could have stayed home jacked off and had more fun.
Moose Stache
13:54 27 Apr 23
I went to the slammer because of my immense war crimes I've committed against the state of Saudi Arabia. I can honestly say that the Slammer was a worse experience then the time I clapped my cheeks with that dad from Caillou. I wish the guys showed off their big oily steamy legs even more. 2/5
Michael Hickland
16:40 08 Apr 23
Came from Ireland expecting fun walked round got a lot of looks but got nothing for my troubles its complete ripoff for $32 got nothing from the experience sorry but that's the truth if owner wants respond criticism then I'm open to chatting
Didier V.
13:39 02 Apr 23
I came here once before it's real intense I wasn't able to explore everything but I like it am going back today. I just don't understand why so many people...
Tony M.
16:16 19 Mar 23
The BEST STRESS RELEASER AROUND atmosphere good, staff is fantastic amenities A+ accessible parking with guards
Mj Wazani
21:24 03 Mar 23
I've been there once and I absolutely loved it, I will come back soon for sure.
Thiago P.
09:38 26 Feb 23
Interesting place... went twice with my husband while visiting LA and would definitely go back again.
Aj T.
15:01 19 Feb 23
Not going to lie, after Midtowne Spa closed down, I have been looking for an alternative. I came to Slammer thinking I would find something similar and god...
Ray B.
09:04 12 Feb 23
As you can tell by the reviews, you either love it or hate it. It is, what it is, a sex club, not a dress shop. Men go for men, not drag queens. Sorry if...
James Garcia
21:13 29 Jan 23
Been there once before covid started. It's cool. The reason for 2 stars is that I would like to go back but I don't see the need for a vaccination card. Also the reason for a 2 star is why does Slammet not comment on negative fair reviews? They only reply/comment on good reviews. What's up?
Michael Hickland
23:02 16 Jan 23
Came from Ireland expecting fun walked round got a lot of looks but got nothing for my troubles its complete ripoff for $32 got nothing from the experience sorry but that's the truth if owner wants respond criticism then I'm open to chatting
lib yaneed
19:04 02 Jan 23
This place is still asking for a covid vaccination! Are you kidding me? I guess you can't fix stupid. People who are vaccinated spread covid, too. What's even more funny is they're so militant and far-left about covid, yet syphilis, ghonnorea and chlamydia? Who cares... spread that around all you want.
Ray B.
12:16 01 Jan 23
I've always made out very well here
G. Taramanis
05:57 26 Dec 22
They stole my phone, the staff didn’t do anything. The thief lives at 6708 Hazeltine Ave, as indicated by the stolen iPhone location. The police will find him and the staff’s and customers’ residencies are known. It’s absolutely a gang thing
Noname N.
13:54 25 Dec 22
there many people with STDs. you even not see signs of STDs in dark on others. i know it. there very cheap enterence. many people who cant go in normal...
Ernie A.
19:47 21 Nov 22
Don't go. I would rename Slammer the Island of Lost Souls.Entrance is $35 credit card only, no cash accepted.$10 cash for the parking lot which if you...
Greg L.
19:32 21 Nov 22
Great. Staff are friendly, lots of variety of types of areas (GH for BJ's, booths with GH, f rooms, slings, watersport area, outside patio/lounge, etc. etc....
Donald D.
10:47 31 Oct 22
Wild sex club with a indoor and outdoor play section Tons of free condoms wish they had more lube out
08:01 25 Oct 22
Everything is nice here except a music. I visited few times and all the time was playing same tracks on repeat, like remembering all my previous visits . That was really annoying part. Seems no one cares about that…
Andres Rojas ponce
01:53 17 Oct 22
I love this place, Very safe.Absolutely 💯% Amazing!Plus the staff very friendly all time,They keep the place clean as possible and free ☕️ guys, yes! Free coffee!Really good place to meet people, to talk and have fun 😉.In my personal opinion the cover and membership fee is really good ( but no for cheap people with all respect, I mean... think about the kind of business) then don't cry about it.I very recommended guys!!!
sergio sahagun
17:14 05 Oct 22
Just so everyone understands that when a business of any kind ask for proof of vaccination and recent tests results for COVID you also have the right to ask for there's as well and it needs to be on hand other wise they are violating your rights as well.I just want to point that out and make sure everyone is aware.
Jason Wilkins
06:31 05 Oct 22
My favorite place. I release so much juice here every time I visit. There’s no judgement for those (like me) who like it skin2skin, and there’s someone there for everyone. Good thing men can’t have babies lol there would be a lot of little me’s running around just from this place alone lol. Highly recommend this place
sudhir shetty
01:21 22 Sep 22
Quite a decent & clean place with ample of parking available. Guess visitors like me should take a weeks pass for discounts, as entry free 35$ is expensive. But worth it for all kinds & visit to bring out the wild dark element of yours to play😉
Iona D.
13:03 10 Sep 22
Visit Best Online Escort Reservation1. Book Call Girls2. Hours Booking Available3. Whole Night Booking4. Meet & Fuck5. All Country Girls...
Ernie A.
17:21 20 Aug 22
I see a FTM trans man complaining about discrimination for being denied entrance to the Slammer. If you have a vagina and could get pregnant it is not a...
ils ils
04:33 07 Aug 22
There asking for vaccine card ,when its not required anymore there just discriminating against a certain class of can still get covid with the vaccine .if people are scared stay home.
Jeffrey P.
21:48 26 Jul 22
Love this place and the staff is great. People must take responsibility for there actions. You coming to an establishment that is for the purpose of...
Kwai W.
21:12 24 Jul 22
Funny that they require proof of vaccination. I showed them my mother's card and I got in anyways. LMAO! They just want the money.Speaking of vaccination,...
Cyrus D.
21:00 24 Jul 22
My friend who frequent this establishment contracted Monkeypox from this place just last week so I am giving heads up to my brothers to be careful/cautious...
Sovetskiy Kozel
01:41 16 Jul 22
Why do they still require vaccination, When L.A> dropped the requirement for bars and clubs?
Thyrd I.
08:41 20 Jun 22
Unethical bigoted antagonistic behavior from management, go out of their way to remove negative reviews calling them out on Yelp.
John C.
14:54 14 Jun 22
This place is fantastic. Was hesitant but they were friendly at the entrance and I had a ton of fun exploring the nooks and crannies.
Northern N.
20:53 08 Jun 22
The worst business practices of any business I've ever encountered. I just purchased a 5 month membership 3 days ago and can't seem to find my card. They...
Dave T.
14:14 02 Jun 22
It seems like the only people that go here are people who can't find sex anywhere else. There is a cute on every now and then but the far majority is out of...
Todd Stein
14:44 09 May 22
My best friend and I went 2 different nights and all I can say is hot hot hot. Variety of men for every one, no attitudes just men looking to have a good time. Secure valet parking amazing friendly staff. Will buy the 5 month pass next time I visit. A+++++++++++
John R.
11:00 11 Apr 22
Had best time ever x clean and tons of sexy guys x will definitely come again and again
Stef N.
00:48 10 Apr 22
First time ever experience! Very surprised. I'm 26 so I was a little afraid for getting touched by guys I don't like but... If you make them clear that you...
Thyrd I.
09:42 30 Mar 22
Their posted closing time is inaccurate. They close at least a half hour early every night. The staff also rudely kick out all patrons before the club's...
P. S.
21:08 11 Mar 22
33 USD? For entry? Are you Nuts? No way....I pay 10€ for the best club in Berlin (Lab.oratory)
S R.
01:49 03 Mar 22
Probably the filthiest club iv'e ever visited. After payment to the front door staff member ( who was really nice and patient BTW ) I entered in to a the...
Michael M.
21:04 14 Jan 22
I've been here . Essentially a Sex club for indiscriminate men . Me that identify as Gay or Bi curious. There's small rooms for privacy . Lockers . A patio...
sandip kuriakose
23:31 25 Dec 21
Really fun. All kinds of men, went on a Wednesday night so wasn’t packed, but just a great place to go get some.
Sebastian B.
22:41 14 Dec 21
Another awesome part of Gay Los Angeles. Slammer is like the leather bar answer to sex clubs. Kink. Fetish and leather scenes are totally catered to and...
Stephen F.
09:11 28 Nov 21
27/11/21 20:00-Finally went here last night for the first time since COVID began. It was just like old times, except that everyone was wearing a mask. Well...
20:00 18 Nov 21
Closed minded. don't waste your money to hang out with a weird old uncle . and especially don't go if you're trans
Daniel Jones
14:18 13 Oct 21
It's exciting just as get there!
Keith Sattely
07:58 10 Oct 21
Magical Wonders are to behold for those who enter.
Charles Kuykendoll Jr (Onlythesexy)
02:42 02 Oct 21
Honestly my favorite place in LA, if you are open minded and love wild fun this is the place for you. Only credit cards but bring change for a locker. The guys aren't what your typical LA pretty boys, and there is the spectrum in age groups.
jeremy clay
01:10 13 Aug 21
They have made some really great changes aesthetically. You have to check it out! I always have fun.

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