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Located in Amsterdam's Kerkstraat, Spijker Bar stands as an emblem of the city's gay nightlife history. Established in 1983, this cozy bar has evolved from its jeans and leather roots into a welcoming neighborhood hub that caters to a diverse age group, ensuring it remains a favorite for both locals and tourists alike​.

Spijker Bar is renowned not just for its historical significance but also for its lively ambiance and unique features. The bar is decked out with a pool table, a smoking room, and even a small dark room upstairs, creating a space where patrons can enjoy a casual night out with a touch of adventure. It is particularly famous for its happy hours and the friendly, relaxed atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home​​.

The bar’s clientele is predominantly a 'jeans' crowd in their 30's, but its doors are open to everyone looking to have a good time in an authentic setting. Weekends see the bar come alive around midnight, turning into a bustling spot where guests can mingle and enjoy the night with old and new friends alike​​.

In addition to its fun atmosphere, Spijker Bar also hosts various events and theme nights, making it a dynamic part of Amsterdam's gay scene.



Spijker Bar Amsterdam
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John B.
08:59 07 May 24
Classic dark, hole-in-the-wall gay bar. Loved it. (Hot, friendly bartenders, too!) it was a high point on my trip to Amsterdam.
hasan hüseyin Kabay
05:19 02 May 24
Don't go to this place. Everyone inside, including the waiter, is a thief. My wallet was stolen at this bar but the waiter never let me check the cameras. It's a terrible place. Don't go.
Morgan Stafford
14:57 27 Apr 24
I wish I could give this place zero stars. We tried to get in and they turned us away for someone in my group saying they weren't gay. When I told them I wasn't straight, he told me 'you don't look gay enough, honey'. The LGBQT community should be a safe, welcoming space.
Ally B.
12:36 06 Apr 24
Het is een nare kloten bar want mensen achter de bar gebruiken date app grinder om mensen geld te vragen voor sex en het ergste is dat de klanten zijn die...
Sam Nasrat
01:47 24 Mar 24
This is hands down the best gay venue in Amsterdam. Welcoming, fun, naughty and cultural. Wish there were more places like this in the world.
Angelo Musceca
01:47 28 Feb 24
Nice bar filled with a good mix between locals and tourists. Vibe is perfect, drinks are nice and cheap, barmans are all super nice and friendly, and the clientele is also very nice and polite.The crowd ranges between 30-60 and it s nice.I’d recommend anyone, including gay couples, to visit this place 🌈
Zach Hoffman
18:17 29 Jan 24
My favorite gay bar in Amsterdam. The owners and bartenders are always so nice. The music and atmosphere is great. A mostly 30s-50s crowd. They have a pool table and space upstairs to have fun.
Dennis Joroen
13:27 24 Nov 23
One of my favourite Gay bars in Amsterdam since my 1st visit in 1991 a regular Gayhaven in super chilled local bar perfect mix of friendly/cruise bar. Unfortunately this visit wasnt up to standard I had tripped on my way to bar and was unaware that I had hit my face and forehead and had been bleeding. I justed needed to sit down and gather myself so hadn't brought a drink slightly concussed and disorientated all of a sudden the barman did ask me politely to leave the bar. I did have a few drinks before hand. But i wasnt aggressive or drunk just disorientated. I got home to find I had a bruised bloody face. I was disappointed that No one had asked me if I was okay? or if I needed help? ... pointed out or offered me to clean my wounds. I was just asked to leave. Whilst I realize that I didnt look appealing and not appetising.I found it amazing that somewhere flying a rainbow flag which is a symbol of pride, freedom and sanctuary. Offered no care or support but just kicked me out of bar.Perhaps as a disabled older gay man who also happens to have Asperges I wasnt the kind of Gay clientele this bar wants any more?disappointing.
Marin Rotari
16:37 08 Nov 23
It's a best gay bar in Amsterdam. For everybody and not for everyone. Have a really very nice "Naked Bar" in every Tuesday and many other events in the week and year. Definitely recommend it to visit if you are in Amsterdam
Ashley K.
21:00 03 Apr 23
We stopped in for a drink after searching for LGBT+ friendly bars in Amsterdam. We didn't try the food if there was any, but we did have a cocktail. It was...
Gg L.
04:10 26 Feb 23
Oh my Dears a semi-quiet Kerkstraat just off the tram !
Leif A.
04:02 21 Oct 16
Good place to relax and grab a couple of beer. They got a pool table in the back and some dirty movies playing on a small tv. Small dark room upstairs with...

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