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Intimate Gay bar in the Reguliersdwarsstraat, the main gaystreet. With friendly staff, good service, two daily happy hours, an extensive menu with cocktail´s and monthly specials. A nice terrace, large smoking lounge and free wifi complete this busy venue.

Taboo bar is a favorite hotspot for a after work drink and pre clubbing cocktail. The friendly staff is always willing to play your requested music video on the multiple plasma screens. Taboo bar is a great addition to the wide variety of gay venues in the Reguliersdwarsstraat, the main gaystreet in Amsterdam.



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Анастасия Галас
17:25 05 Feb 24
Very cool club, great music, excellent service, friendly staff, celebrated my birthday here, ready to come back again and again. Great place. Recommended ❤️💯❤️
Paul Doherty
04:08 28 Jan 24
Do not go here under any circumstance if you are not from the Netherlands. The drag queens will find a way to rip you off particularly if they suspect that you are not European. Unfortunately for this bar we are European and we know exactly when we are being ripped off and it's shameful to rip off a queer person of any nationality. Do better or shut up shop.
15:46 30 Dec 23
Terrible bar with awful, rude bar staff.Ordered a round of drinks, despite repeating myself several times, but barman got my order wrong, refused to change it to the correct order and then forced me to pay for drinks I didn’t want.Will not be going back and refuse to give them any more of my money.
15:12 23 Dec 23
A fun gay bar with 2 floors for dancing and hanging out. The bartenders were extremely nice and made good drinks. The crowd was fun and spill out into the street outside. A mix between youthful and more mature people. The music was great.
Juan B.
07:12 23 Dec 23
A fun gay bar with 2 floors for dancing and hanging out. The bartenders were extremely nice and made good drinks. The crowd was fun and spill out into the...
Matthias Woll
08:08 18 Dec 23
No entry fee, toilets got no fee either. Quick and friendly bartenders. Good atmosphere.
20:09 15 Dec 23
After a concert at Tolhustuin I wanted to have a drink with my girlfriend before going back to our hotel. So we decided to visit the gay twin of our "Schaafenstraße" in Cologne. It was monday so there was no great choice but we chose the right bar. It was a wonderful evening with plenty of drinks and the choice of music invited to dance a lot! We will come back 🙂
Santos Herrera
13:09 10 Dec 23
Great place for a fun time, everyone sings along to the songs and the drinks are top notch!!
Osman Boz
08:08 13 Nov 23
We are visiting from London, where we are use to order double Hendricks gin tonic. Barman at Taboo served us the cocktail with lemon, lime and cucumber in it, while Hendricks must be known to be served with cucumber. Anyway, 41 euros for 2 double gin tonic! We left!! This is absolutely a rob! Never seen this price in any gay bar! The day before, We went to Taboo (and had great time) and to Blend. We paid between 22 - 30 euros max for double gin tonics (which is normal prices) Different barman - Different prices though. Still in shock for 41 euros! Shame on you guys! Stop ripping off your customer/visitors!
Osman B.
12:56 12 Nov 23
We are from London. Experienced gay bars in hour city home and also Paris. Ordering often double Hendricks Gin tonics. Barmen at Taboo bar served us 2...
Michael Jung
05:47 06 Nov 23
Everything about the bar was awesome apart of the fact that no want would tell you where to get some Party sTuff to slam or smoke.I met a guy at the toilet shooting so he advise me to go to Bitchemic dot com if I needed some good quality Ice
Vincent Smit
01:26 16 Sep 23
Manager is awesome. Makes you welcome. Best place to go in Amsterdam everyday of the week.
Jerry C.
03:39 04 Sep 23
If I say I have a regular bar that I stop by whenever I'm in Amsterdam, it would be Taboo. It's in the heart of the gayborhood with a number of other gay...
02:44 01 Aug 23
The waiter and the service and all was great. I'm giving only 1 star because they hired an I think somewhat mentally challenged security guard, which on its own is not a problem, but this guy is extremely aggressive. I saw him punch a customer in the face for no reason at all. The guy fell on the ground and was extremely upset afterwards. He was crying and clearly in shock. The whole terrace was appalled and tried to comfort him, none of us could understand why this happened. I'm actually still in shock now myself. I hope this will be reported to the police and the security guard will be (at least!) fired. And to the guy it happened to, I hope you are okay
Arthur Neri
22:45 28 Jul 23
An Unfortunate Reality at "Taboo" - the name itself now an unfortunate jest. This establishment served us not with cocktails, but with a disheartening dose of xenophobia. Their refusal to accept payments from 'certain countries' exemplified an ignorance that’s truly the biggest 'taboo' of them all. For any true globetrotter, this is one place to sidestep in Amsterdam’s otherwise welcoming landscape.
Myrto Symeonidi
09:07 24 Jul 23
It used to be one of my favorite places, but now it's infested with hetero creeps trying to hook up with any woman that tries to escape them from the straight clubs.Two guys were heavily harassing a woman that kept pushing them away until we intervened. And all that happened right in front of the bar, the staff behind it did nothing. A guy tried to grab my friends tongue, I wish I was joking.Security clearly has no idea what they're doing letting those people in and allowing them to prey upon others. As a lesbian I enjoyed Taboo, the community it hosted and the refuge from unwanted attention. Shame, I won't be going there again
Alejandro Duarte
13:47 01 Jul 23
Great place with amazing service! I love the music and the vibes are really friendly. Is my favorite gay bar in Ámsterdam to enjoy the party ❤️ completely recommended. You can also enjoy delicious food!
Samuel Francisco Figueroa Lanza
06:50 21 May 23
I am deeply disappointed by the discriminatory treatment that I faced at this establishment. While bar hopping with my friends, we were shocked when Taboo denied entry to me and my friends, solely based on our racial background.This experience ranks among the most disturbing instances of racial profiling I have encountered.There’s no possible way I’ll be recommending or returning to a venue that perpetuates such offensive practices. It's disappointing to see an establishment that prides itself on being part of the LGBTQ+ community acting more like a straight mainstream club
Danny Edwards
08:48 16 Apr 23
Totally bizarre experience last night where the bouncer quizzed each of my (gay) friends if they knew what kind of establishment it was before they would let us in, and actually physically removed one of us from entering (ps, he was sober). The bouncer did not extend the same treatment to the largely straight female people who made up the majority of the people inside. Have never felt less welcome as a gay man at a gay bar. Incredible.
C 82
11:21 06 Apr 23
Went here after dinner across the street. Great for people watching with cosy blankets outside. Service is a little slow from the gossipy bar staff and the menu a little pricey. Bar itself is small but fun in its decor. Watch out for the steep stairs up and down to the toilets and lounge.
04:08 20 Feb 23
Friendly staff, affordable drinks, and yummy snacks! Cute gay bar!
Brandon Beaumont
03:05 03 Jan 23
Favorite gay bar to go to and the people there are the best. I love going on Sundays especially because of the wonderful drag shows. The owner and bartenders are the best and we love the bar queen Emma. This is a spot to visit.
Milan Meriwani
18:05 22 Dec 22
Such a beautiful bar. There was a bartender named Nate and they were very nice ❤️ I had a blast there. Recommended 100%. If you reading this Nate, you were amazing and keep shining.
Wanda Borter
15:55 11 Dec 22
Good drinks, not too cheap in pourings, great atmosphere, nice staff. Even in winter you can sit cosily outside if you want, there are heaters and blankets. Inside is great as well. There are little events often. Worth the visit, go and see what they have in store that night!
Kelly Michael Heesink Dumasig
15:56 17 Oct 22
Great to chill/relax here. Servers are really friendly! But the wines are not the best ones! My husband didn't like it.
00:05 17 Oct 22
LOVE IT!!! Been to Amsterdam multiple times and never had this much fun. Drag queens are funny and entertaining, staff is lovely, drinks well priced and overall had a great experience!
Sophie Gensicke
14:35 17 Sep 22
Foot and service where amazing TJ took amazing care of us we will return on our next trip to Amsterdam 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Mary Brown
18:18 04 Aug 22
Such a cute bar!! I love the decor and the manager is a hottie who is super personal and sweet. 10/10 recommend coming here. Also welcoming to non cis men gays hehe. - Xoxo ur non-binary qt
Nikki Swarts
18:13 04 Aug 22
Really cute place, we got amazing service
Azeem Putra
10:37 04 Aug 22
One of the best gay bars in Amsterdam
Alon Malhi
14:12 25 Jul 22
Liked it!Liked the drag queens in itLiked the mini eventAt some point there was a guy harassing a girl, and then he went to the bartender - but she handled it pretty quickly and efficient and he got kicked out fast, without allowing him to come back.Prices are normal to Amsterdam, nothing too high I feel.A pretty small bar but goodYou can also sit outside but inside is where the fun is
andrew felisberto
16:08 08 Jul 22
A must go! Great music, great drinks and just an overall fun atmosphere. Make sure you see Monique and Sam, they really know how to throw a party! And make sure to check out the unique “stained glass windows.” So much fun, ten out of ten would recommend!
Allison Caudron
09:40 24 Jan 22
Really good vibes and great cocktails!
Jordy G
06:41 26 Jun 21
Service is not ok, when you're coming from outside, you don't get treated well. A shame, since they do need local people as well to keep the business running.
Skycruiser Travel Channel
18:55 18 Jun 21
Best gay bar in town, wonderful staff, friendly attitude and crowd!
Dan T
16:03 07 Mar 21
It’s the go to place I guess...wish it was better somehow
Milton Bratton
21:11 02 Feb 21
Great place....
Elixir Rubei
22:01 25 Aug 20
Used to come here very often, very fun, but after Corona it's not that busy. The service got a lot better though, David ( I think that's his name.). brought us drinks and entertained us. He was really amazing, will def come back. Love taboo 🥰🥰
Iman Firouzifard
23:09 24 Aug 20
Amazing staff. Friendly and nice but try not to order wine here!
Sabrina Zuccato
09:07 23 Apr 20
Good place for a drink with your friends.
Danny S.
06:30 11 Oct 19
Friendly atmosphere, drinks were yummy, great DJ, Drags popped in for a set or two and the crowd was attractive! It was in somewhat of a gay district, cool...
Ervin Zarka
14:23 04 Aug 19
Being recently often there and im so dissapointed of staff. Very rude and impolite. Of course their behaviour come from above. We were a group of guys and we left without ordering coz the bartender didnt want to serve us but to someone who came much more later. And also another bartender on other side was trying to avoid a couple waiting to order. Pffff ridiculous!
Neil M.
23:41 09 Jun 19
Taboo is one of the best bars anywhere with a great vibe and FAB staff - especially Nordin, Manuel and Collin who always make us all welcome.Happy hour...
Thomas W.
13:34 12 May 19
This was a nice bar in a pretty central location to several other gay friendly bars and restaurants or just entertainment in general. I saw a few things...
Rebeca A.
05:41 11 Apr 19
I went there with a friend yesterday (Wednesday) we were really exited to go at first but as soon as we entered we saw that the place was really crowded, we...
Torrpedo T.
09:59 28 Apr 14
prosfree wifi (!!)friendly dutch menlocals when it's not kingsdayinteresting music videos (not the typical recycled trash)friendly bartenders bicycle...

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