Ten Mens Club

Ten Mens Club

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Sauna for Muscular, GMPD, Slim fit, Bear, Cub and Chub in Singapore



Ten Mens Club
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Michael Scott
01:42 08 Jan 24
Very nice modern🌈 facility with 5 floors of relaxation and fun 😋.They do offer free supplies 😉And there are plenty of rooms to use them in 🤫You get one large towel and one small towel upon entry. The lockers are digital so no rattling key to carry around.There is a mixed crowd here, mostly older.There is a Sunday night four hour no towel area on the fourth floor 🤭The sauna is very small but it is new and nice. The steam room is dark but fun. And the hot tub is very nice and it's hot. They all are all next to each other in the same area on the first floor.
Sid Shrty
00:21 23 Dec 23
Friendly check in and check out.Clean warm showers.Not much men on Saturday 9pm...Had a few quick blow bangs till a young man came along who wanted cuddles and hugs. 🤗Would go again, but have to find a time with more men.
andrew lum
11:35 25 Nov 23
I alway go there to gym every saturday but i think the manager or boss wearing glasses do not like me. Every time he issue the locker key is at the bottom end near the bathroom which is very troublesome to change my clothing. I am very disappointed because the guy enter behind me get locker at a better spot.Seem they do not think i a good customer and alway give me this lousy spot area locker while they have better spot for customers behind me. So today i paid $12 and left immediately after seeing he give me the same lousy locker area again.I will never visit tenmenclub again consider today i waste $12 for nothing and learn a lesson.
Phoenix Arizona
17:39 22 Aug 23
Boring and I can't get what I want too many straight guys invading and too many Indians guys that I'm not interested at all!
neeraj seth
16:36 18 Aug 23
It's empty! Old uncles and really few guys...no one to meet really. I would say don't waste you money..facilities are not bad.
12:37 25 Jun 23
Clean and easy to find. Staff good. Quite dark and on a Sunday night not so busy despite being nude night. Mostly 40yo + localsA few fit young guys
sky wu
07:13 26 Apr 23
Like the roof top free for Nude Tan no one to disturbBut if there are, hopefully wana big long Panana for fun, reason was I seldom stay out late, normally bed at 6pmLol
r r
01:40 19 Mar 23
The place itself is quite nice, but if you want to go there you need to have thick skin because the men will literally judge you from your hair to your toes (as if they’re a catch themselves, lol). They also will literally try to see what you look like in the dark room (keyword: dark) to decide whether you’re attractive enough for their small pp. nothing wrong with having preferences but i think the crowd here could learn a thing or two about subtlety.
Dan W
09:34 24 Feb 23
I register at their app and it showed i'm their member at their website, but when i reached, they said i am not their member and demand for $10. it didn't mentioned anywhere member registation fee $10 nor any email indicate/ requested for $10. only reached and requested to paid. i'm not sure how many hidden cost to rib off ppl. now not interested in using the sauna anymore
Mark Guevarra
05:29 17 Feb 23
I love the place. I never realize that there's place like this in Singapore. My 18hrs layover is worth it. The ambiance is nice, the staff are very accomodating.I will surely come back again.
Tom Biondi
22:04 15 Nov 22
I was a tourist, nice place but as mentioned serious stairs to get up and down every floor. Clean, would go back.
strata phore
10:27 13 Nov 22
Very clean and immaculately kept. Toilets and shower facilities are kept clean and plenty. Crowd was sizeable on Sunday afternoon and definitely feels more classy compared to a similar establishment not far away. Would recommend to those looking.
Tan Johnny
08:05 06 Jul 22
Enjoyed my weekend at Ten Men's Club. Nice environment for meeting new friends. Has met cute guy at the club.
08:59 02 Jul 22
Visiting Singapore so went to this sauna, ok I think you’re better off in grindr searching. Was there on sat evening and it’s full of old and chubby men. Nothing against them , if you prefer such crowd then by all means.
chad lopez
12:05 16 May 22
The place was great. Too bad that I discover this place on my last day here in Singapore 😭. I’ll come for sure next year.
David D'souza
11:32 07 May 22
Great place for chill and staff was friendly and helpful.They should have gone over night stay and live popular happy hour on google.
Arvin Lim
18:59 11 Mar 22
rly gd bar w good men
tom Tommy
14:02 04 Nov 21
Price is getting more expensive now. Not worth it.
Nick Augustine
05:37 23 Jan 21
Very hurtful experience . Went in with 2 Chinese non Singaporean friends who were ahead of me in the Queue. I was asked to produce my PR IC and abruptly told PRs cannot enter. My friends were not even PRs , so clearly counter staff were Racist and xenophobic. Wil never return to this place. I would recommend people to go Shogun , which has a more diverse clientele and warmer and more accepting Staff.
Khan S
12:39 28 Oct 20
Told only Singapore nationals can visit.All are welcome my foot.
K Raaajaja
13:37 25 Oct 20
Heard a lot about this place and it seems they need younger boys maybe the boss could work something out cause many young boys like me would like to go there to try make some extra cash this would bring in more business for the place potentially since many have stated they want a younger crowd
Marcel Bijsterveld
09:44 18 Mar 20
We were there on a Sunday afternoon. Lot of people inside. Not bad atmosphere. We had a nice time. Guy behind the reception was friendly and showed us the way. Mostly older gentlemen, few young guys. We liked the steam room.
Anderson England
09:13 01 Dec 19
Clean and affordable place to relax in the heart of Chinatown. The roof terrace was especially welcome for some fresh air. The personnel are friendly and helpful. There are many floors and when I visited on a weekday at 1830 it was quite busy. Best of all there was no attitude being thrown around.
Luke G
05:38 08 Nov 19
Good Venu very clean and lots of areas to explore, some areas are hidden but you eventually find them. Steam Room is completely dark which is a little off putting but and there is no sauna or spa. Guys are mixed from 20-50 different shapes and sizes something for everyone. Only seen local Singapore guys but I went at lunch time on a Friday maybe more mix race at night. Worth going to for a look and play.

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