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The Court

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The Court welcomes everyone regardless of gender or sexuality as long as you're here to have fun & respect others! 6 bars, 3 dance floors and so much more!



The Court
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Matthew Correia
13:53 10 Apr 24
I was expecting this to be a gay bar, but it's not a gay space at all, just a typical young straight club with mainstream club music. We felt out of place. Pretty sad to see what happened since i remember originally it was a gay bar over 10 years ago, and Perth has so few gay spaces, seeing this one taken over by a straight crowd completely oblivious to the history of the space... just sold out and soulless. Staff were nice though. Based on my one recent visit.
Maddy Barnes
04:16 17 Mar 24
Used to spend lots of time here, but it's changed in recent years.Staff service was really good, but the energy and vibe is totally changed from what it was.Pizza still slaps really hard.Used to feel like a comfy gay club, now feels like a straight club that happens to feature the occasional drag queen. The music is straight up awful in what used to be the beer garden, not sure about the other areas, but the drinks were still reasonably priced and tasty.
SRK “Brisvegas Bites”
17:28 16 Mar 24
Nice venue, Great staff. But it's not a gay bar anymore. Just another straight club with a playlist that made me cringe. 2008 called they want their Flo Rida records back.
Jessica King
15:35 08 Feb 24
Always an excellent night out. The staff are so friendly and definitely bring the energy. The DJ’s are the best in Perth and have you dancing all night long. The lighting and visuals are amazing. Can’t wait to come pack and party really soon.
Tristan Sherlock
04:16 09 Jan 24
I went out a couple weeks ago and the place was amazing. The music was pumping and the staff put in such an amazing effort to help make the place a safe space. The floor staff member, I think her name was Alex, was so helpful when I spilt my drink (I wasn’t drunk I swear!!).The super hot blonde manager was so nice as well, didn’t get their name tho (RIP me).
Alexandra Walkley
04:13 09 Jan 24
The staff were so friendly and helpful. Such a great atmosphere. Best place to go out in Perth. The bartender Tristan was the best for my function.
Jasmin Buchauer
15:49 31 Dec 23
Not sure what was wrong with your bar tenders tonightBut being ignored for a solid 30 minutes by the bartenders is pretty trashIt's not hard to poor drinksWe stood Infront of the bar downstairs and waited.. and waited.. waved at servers. Others were served before usAnd when we finally got the attention of someone we were told that we weren't standing in the right place... Last time I checked.. standing Infront of a point of sail system in the center of a bar wasn't the wrong place to standWe were refused service because the person didn't want to walk 2m to take our orderReally disappointed in the venueNeeds better management
tushar shinde
14:30 25 Dec 23
Happened to visit here after seeing Christmas lights on one of the Wednesdays, and watched the drag show and some excellent dance performances. It's a quite large venue. Loved the ambience. Staff is friendly. Must visit place.
Hayley Buckner
07:45 15 Dec 23
By far my favourite venue in Perth! Fabulous atmosphere, staff are always friendly, great range of drinks, late night pizza is always a hit and love the variety of music! Always looking forward to the next big event at the court!!
Tim Buckner
09:41 13 Dec 23
I have been to multiple events, club nights, functions and just even afternoon lunches at the court for the last 10 years. The place never let's us down from the fantastic alert staff, service is great, drinks are well priced, food is good and the tunes are always pumping!Highly recommend going if you haven't!
Melissa Freeman
03:11 13 Dec 23
We went to the Court over the weekend for a function and it is hands down the best venue in Perth. Neil the GM and his team are so friendly and welcoming. The service was brilliant as was the music. Cannot wait to go here again!
Simon Bird
14:10 11 Dec 23
We never really venture out but reluctantly decided to go to a work gathering here and we are soo glad we did! Awesome venue with so many zones and different vibes and the staff were all so welcoming and friendly… we will definitely be back! Thank you for a great night out.
Brad Griffiths
22:12 05 Dec 23
Very disappointing we had a 60th birthday celebration which was ruined by the staff at the venue.The room was not ready set up wrongly.The food was not supplied to the request and payment.The music was not arranged as previously arranged.The drag queen was fantastic but no lighting and introduction.Worst was the party we’re all evicted because we drank.Sad as the hotel is not the gay venue anymore.Down stairs was empty till 11 pm.That’s another 50 people who won’t go back
Richard Ye
04:24 13 Nov 23
Felt the music flowing through me. Nice atmosphere and people. Tho people would jump in line but the wait wasn't too bad
Kat T
02:32 12 Nov 23
With at least five bars inside, food service, three dancefloors and a beer garden, there is something for everyone. The vibes here are always fantastic and I always visit this place first whenever I'm in Perth.They play a good range of mainstream dance (Pitbull, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift etc) with Hip Hop, Dance Pop, R&B and some EDM.UPDATE:3 Stripes was tearing up dance floor with banging EDM and wicked transitions, would definitwly come back to hear him play. Compared to Kayty Banks, who seems to prefer playing Taylor Swift and Ke$ha songs in full -_- energy is lacking on those nights.
P & L Paterson
02:50 05 Nov 23
Good atmosphere that gets totally ruined by overbearing security.For example when the security guards smell dope being smoked somewhere in the club and assume that any pouch tobacco smoker is to blame. Then force the smoker to turn out their pockets and put all personal belongings onto the floor infront of family and friends and all other court hotel patrons.I don't recommend!
Ruby X
12:54 29 Oct 23
The Halloween party was awesome and the drag queen performance wasv amazing.
12:58 28 Oct 23
Less than 1 star. I got kicked out on Halloween night for no reason expect the fact that I dress “too feminine” which is astounding for a “gay” club? Would love to know how that works. They are discriminative and disgusting towards patrons that are not straight. Will not go ever again.
Nicolas Oliveira
05:32 18 Oct 23
Staff always looking to kick you out in their first looking. I don't know why. The place can handle the best Perth environment, such a good infrastructure, stages, bar and toilets, all these facilities to have a really bad management in Security.
Shell Harrison
11:19 26 Sep 23
Always a happy, fun atmosphere at the court. No hassels, no problems, just lots of fun, great music, tongue-in-cheek shows, and super friendly bar staff. The talent are more than happy to stop for photos, and everyone is welcome 🌈. Fabulous pizzas!
Kiryu SC
11:29 09 Sep 23
Please don’t claim this bar to be LGBTQ+ friendly, single person friendly, and age friendly. Because its not, the security we’re nice at first but they laugh and judge you behind your back. Which is very RUDE!!! I should’ve have gave them a middle finger while I was walking away. I didn’t stay too long in the bar because the environment was toxic and uncomfortable. PLEASE REMOVE THE RAINBOW LIGHTS AND THE RAINBOW DESIGN IN YOUR LOGO because clearly it is not a friendly bar.
pad bennett
23:17 26 Aug 23
Great place for a quiet Friday Afternoon drink to wind down from work - from 2 until 5 you pretty much have the place to yourself plus a few other like-minded folks. People largely keep to themselves in ones, twos or threes. A few bigger groups celebrating getting through another week in little ole Perth.Food and Service are great. Good location and easy to find. Nice big Open doors at the front.As usual when I enter a place - people leave or pretend they are busy on important business.This time the only people who would talk to me were a returning Irishman - who had lost his bags in Bangkok and the DJ.The excellent bearded DJ (GREG?) took a bit of time out to chat. We shared a few (lots) of laughs before he had to finish set up for the 4 0clock crowd.Greg promised to look up and play my favourite ABBA Song - Me&I (Super Trooper - 79). Also, he said he would Google my name so he could see what looked like in 87. Finally, he suggested I come back on a Thursday Evening when they do Comedy a thing.I said I might just do that. If they want me on stage - I would need a comfy chair. Simply because I am a Sit-Down Comic. Too lazy to stand up. Plus, I could bring my two friends - Heckle and Jeckle to help with audience participation.I guess I will do an Arnie - meaning Aisle Bee Bak.Cheers PadPS "Iampad" which Kylie almost got backwards in her latest song - PADAM... in which she tells me that she wants to see what's under my tshirt. What a flirt:)
zan leišavnieks
07:49 24 Aug 23
I adore this venueI always have a great friendly fun and safe night out here....feeling safe is huge to me as I got out on my own 💖not to mention the fabulous music and lovely staff
Kat T
02:20 15 Aug 23
With at least five bars inside, food service, three dancefloors and a beer garden, there is something for everyone. The vibes here are always fantastic and I always visit this place first whenever I'm in Perth.Joined what look to be a long queue on a Saturday night at about 12am, but I know it moves fast and it did, must have been 15mins tops in line, no need to line up at the express lane when the $10 lane is quite quick.They play a good range of mainstream dance (Pitbull, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift etc) with Hip Hop, R&B and EDM. The only thing to top it all off would be to stay open to 5am because I dont wanna go to Rapture or Connections.Dont particularly like paying the card fees though, I feel like thats a cost of doing business and the business should wear it, I am paying for goods after all so take the cost out of the product. There is signage that this occurs but when I look at what Im tapping, it says $20, but then I was actually charged $20.22, the full charge amount should be shown the first time, not after they've taken the machine away so you dont see what was processes. This practice seems to be standard amongst clubs nowadays.
Mark Palmer
07:39 19 Jul 23
Was there for a DJ competition. Little disappointed at first, as one bar would only serve sponsors drinks. But when you don't like what the sponsors make, anyway issue resolved very quickly. Full bar open. Great music, so many stages to choose from. Plenty of security, good night out...
bre catchpole
15:47 07 Jul 23
Gautam is the absolute best ! He is so accommodating and makes sure he knows what you want. He is the reason I will come here again, please don’t hesitate to let him know how amazing he is! 10/10 service !!
Garry Watts
10:35 28 Jun 23
Hosted a party for my birthday and shout out to Tia for organising it. Bar team were friendly but some didn't know about my event. Not great when you put on a bar card and friends tell you they were denied getting a beer 🙁
05:43 28 May 23
The night I went, the music was bad I felt embarrassed to be there. The staff were neutral and void of personality, which I guess is the new black. But whoever Her Duchess is, try listening to Tina Says. Apart from the music, it was fine. I'm not talking about the sound quality either, I'm talking about the song choices. It was condescending.
Luna Hocking
03:37 30 Mar 23
This was my first time going and attending a ticketed event here. I was told that the venue was very LGBT+ friendly so I was excited to see the place for myself.It wasn't long before we were told to leave for being "too intoxicated' saying we were mumbling our words and stumbling while walking.A couple of us are neuro-divergent so yes, people might stumble a little and lose track of words but not to the degree of seeming smashed and dangerous for the venue. The venues security was incredibly rude, we were told to sit for half an hour and have some water before we could come back in. Less than 5 minutes later security told us that there was a 24 hour ban and basically shooed us away.I had to return an hour later because I'd left my phone in the mad rush of being pushed away down the road. And again the security was arrogant and rude for no reason other than their own inflated ego.I've read lots of reviews saying similar things and that the LGBT+ community is in fact not very welcome there at all. I'm transgender and did not feel welcome and was extremely disheartened by the whole experience.Management needs to do something about their staff and security before they can claim they are allies, because as it is I would never recommend anyone go there, especially LGBT+ people.Fix yourself before you fly the pride flag because right now the only pride you have is your own.
Kent Goi
13:05 18 Mar 23
Came here on Friday night. So good that they played all the retro musics. Had a fun night with all the songs!
Dan Ward
22:51 15 Mar 23
Kinda weird to lock the gender neutral bathroom, especially at a drag show event. Then when somebody asks for the key, you fail to read the situation entirely and refer to them as "man" and "bro" and "just use the regular bathrooms". Staff need inclusivity training. The experience was extremely invalidating to me as a trans person, and I strongly recommend other non-binary people to avoid this venue.
Peter Francisco
10:37 01 Mar 23
Had the best time partying here even if it was my first time. Nice and spacious for dancing. Makes pizza until late. Good drag performers. Wish their stage was higher so the floor dance moves can be seen from the back.
Faith Hart
13:40 25 Dec 22
Absolutely worst service I've ever had in my life. Showed up for a paid event that started at 8pm. I was in a group of five & had four of us allowed into the venue whilst one person wasn't allowed in "due to intoxication". We had all had a couple of drinks but we were by no means drunk. My friend was asked to wait an hour to sober up before he could enter. In that time had multiple glasses of water provided by the security of The Court but after the hour was still not allowed in. I was then threatened to be kicked out of the venue for asking security why my friend could not be let in. Apparently I had also become intoxicated after drinking water for the hour. After another hour he was still told to wait and when we asked for a refund on the ticket we were directed to contact the event coordinators on Facebook.Totally ridiculous.I would at least expect a phone number or email.The event ended at 1am and the friend was finally allowed in at 11pm allowing two hours of the five hour event.We will NEVER be coming back to this venue, was the worst service I have ever received.I have an unrestricted bar managers license and not a single person we spoke to had any kind of idea what they were doing or any legitimate reason for denying entry to my friend.The only possible reason we could see was the colour of his skin.The only kind of refund policy listed is "No Refunds", according to Australian Consumer Law they were to provide access to the five hour event which they did not provide so would warrant a refund under law.Again, terrible service.
01:18 16 Nov 22
my stay was too short but it was bring you dogs on the day i went and i must say ill be coming back again. people were nice and staff were nice and the pizza was nice, cocktails and dogs....... life at its finest
Mike Seal
14:30 16 Oct 22
Perth's only GLBTI pub. Shame that they got rid of all the pool tables - used to look forward to playing a game while having a pint or two. Massive renovations over the last decade have seen this once tired and somewhat stingy pub into one of the hottest and hippest venues Perth has to offer. Especially love the special events as it seems so do most other West Aussies.
15:47 03 Sep 22
Denied entry for having two standard drinks, and having an eccentric personality. If you are of Asian heritage like I am, do not even bother lining up go. The security will discriminate against you even before you open your mouth.This club isn’t accepting of diversity anymore.
Anonymous Girl
17:29 19 Aug 22
Used to be a great gay space. Now full of straight gen Z kids. Not safe and definitely not a place to meet queer people. I’d give it a 0 if I could.
Priya Krishnamurthy
00:55 17 Aug 22
The place to go if you're looking for a great clubbing scene on a Friday or Saturday night. The rest of the time, food is inconsistent and basic (chips and pizza). Cocktails are not great and tap selection is small. The floors in some of the inside areas are so sticky your shoes noticeably stick to the floor.
10:57 15 Aug 22
This place has changed so much over the years since I started going!It has really cool areas to hang out and order food, and the upstairs hosts some really fun and awesome events!!It's definitely a place to head to if you want the party vibes, and definitely check out if any events are coming up!
Adam Vidotto
19:00 13 Aug 22
The court security team on the 13th of august was plain disrespectful and rude tonight. They acted in a manner that was very arrogant and rude towards other customers and myself. I usually love the court and going there but tonight I was disgusted in how the court security dealt with people tonight. Definitely would not recommend to anyone to visit the court as the were extremely disrespectful and rude tonight. Would much prefer to go another bar in perth that is a lot more nicer to paying customers
Codey Smith
01:23 08 Aug 22
The entire energy this place gives off is nothing like it used to be... if you're reading this and looking for a new business opportunity, the gays need a decent pub in Perth where they feel safe and welcome. I'm not really interested in coming back, will also add to the reviews commenting about security... kills the vibe, never used to be as rude/heavy-handed as they seem to be now.
Audrey B
13:07 07 Aug 22
They kick you out for no good reason. I was dancing in the dance floor and the bouncer said I was "noshing" too much so I needed to leave even if I was able to follow him without a trouble. Once I got out the lady at the front said she can't let me in even if I looked alright because I was talking with other people. What a power trip. I can't believe they force people out for having fun. I was genuinely having fun ang not caring about other pople but i guess i can't even have fun for that night without looking too drunk and getting kicked out
03:19 22 Jun 22
$20 entry to get in. Yeah was happy to pay that. Checked my bank charge the next morning and it was $20.22 and my mates had all been charged a different amount of cents extra between $20.05 and $20.30. I don’t care about the 20cents but it’s the principle of them stiffing every single person to walk through the door and to make an extra several hundred dollars by the end of the night. Poor way to run a business.
Joe Deaaan
00:18 19 May 22
Horrible place with horrible security. I've heard things about the security here before but never witnessed it first-hand. If I've had too many wines, approach me and ask me to leave. Do not wait for me outside the bathroom then grab me by the neck. Raised the issue with staff and they laughed at me. Horrible place and will never ever ever be back. Not a gay venue, horrible.
Zac Hayes
16:23 30 Apr 22
Needing a physical ID?!?! catch up with the times. NSW holographic ID on my phone and can't get in, get with the times. And your security guards don't know the first thing about being polite and genuine. Well done on being popular and abusing your own popularity.
Rohnan Morrison
11:07 23 Apr 22
Best club in perth,super inclusive and friendly vibe, the staff are all lovely and helpful and the music is always great.I constantly recommend the court to everyone and anyone
04:54 23 Apr 22
i love this club and the drag performances. however the drinks are poorly made. they’re not mixed in the slightest and the ratios don’t seem right. i understand having no straws but maybe provide a pop stick or something to mix with.
Franziska Höppner
04:10 15 Apr 22
Really nice bar and super cool looking outside/inside area super spacious. it wasn't really busy when I got there but as soon as "Padunne" started playing the atmosphere increased and it became super busy and It was a great party and absolute incredibly talented DJ.
13:49 06 Apr 22
Pretty amazing drag queen every Wednesday night. And pizza is cheap.
Samara Morgan
15:08 26 Mar 22
Would not recommend for disabled persons. They keep a lock on the only disabled restroom and when I asked to be let in they sent me to the other side of the building to gendered stalls UP STAIRS. Did not treat other people the same. Not sure if it's sexism because I was wearing a dress or ablism because my ankle braces was out of view.
Raymond Tindall
00:52 19 Mar 22
Great place, good staff, I'm a straight guy and my friends I go with are straight females and males and never have any issues. Always good music playing and everyone is generally happy there. I don't think I've ever seen a fight once which is hard to say about from any place in northbridge area, Definitely recommend going.
06:40 17 Feb 22
Had my purse stolen while getting a drink at the bar. Tried to talk to a security guard who had a problem with me being intoxicated in the first place, he told me to “try to find the girl” instead of telling me to write down the time that the incident occurred so they could review the bar footage. Was told there was nothing he could do after I refused to try to find the girl in the club (I’m not one for conflict) Great venue but uncooperative security. I feel like I might have my purse by now or the person who took it prosecuted if the security had gone through proper measures.
Jaye Ferris
12:55 30 Jan 22
5 stars for the food! Not something you would expect in just a pub. It was absolutely delicious
Jack Clemett
18:30 29 Jan 22
Don't drink with your mask on!....well that doesn't make sense, another venue which is still a little "slow". It's okay, maybe start with educating staff...
Daniel Nazzari
19:40 21 Jan 22
I first went to this place a couple years ago and enjoyed myself. I went there today with some friends and when the drag queen started up she approached my married friend who was toward the front of the stage and shoved him in a significant way and accused him of some sort of misconduct towards a woman who he was chatting to. We all couldnt believe it because he had done absolutely nothing wrong however he immediately got kicked out, despite his attempts to defend himself. The woman he was talking too actually was the one who approached him initially and she said he didnt do a thing wrong. The drag queen slandered him and used to event to rouse the crowd. I will never go to this club again as I would hate to have such a thing done towards me or any of my mates again.
Ryle Kemp
15:45 27 Dec 21
Great atmosphere but theres some creepy security guards that stalk female patrons on Facebook especially the short buffy one, made my friend really uncomfortable when she got a message from him. Everything else is fantastic but wouldn’t recommend some of the guards
07:13 23 Dec 21
dogsh*t rude and highly sensitive staff! overpriced badly made drinks. Not the same as it was a few years ago. Very dissapointing.
Invisible Poet
23:14 17 Dec 21
It is a shame that the some of the staff members working on the door treat potential customers with absolute disregard and disrespect. I witnessed one door person push a customer physically last night. There was no provocation whatsoever. They simply asked for their name to file a report. The management need to supervise the door staff as they are abusing their authority on the street.
Jordan Pyne
15:11 26 Nov 21
The bouncers require RSA re-training. As a frequent patron of the venue, the deterioration of the professionalism of the security staff is obvious. It may be best to avoid until the contract is re-tendered and management address the issue.
Britney M
14:18 23 Nov 21
I usually don't make reviews but I thought this was definitely note worthy. On a night out with my friends my heel broke off of my shoe and my entire night would've been cut short if a worker named Hannah hadn't helped me. I'm so thankful for her help because I had such a great night and it wouldn't have happened without her. She was so determined to fix my shoe! Brought gorilla glue, pliers and something that cut off screws. Never would've expected someone to go to such lengths to help a stranger. Hannah deserves a raise.
Flynn Morrissy
09:02 16 Sep 21
How funny is it that all the negative reviews are about the drag bouncers. Just stop giving them bouncer powers and let security do their job, they obviously can’t be trusted to act professionally or use proper judgment, it’s amazing management hasn’t thought of this yet
04:05 13 Sep 21
This review is specifically about overcharging 56 cents at the door. Normalising this in hospitality is cancerous, how can I feel welcome and trusted if staff members immediately are trying to steal a few cents here and there, it might add up but so does a reputation for your venue. People might not be vocal about it but they definitely do notice. This is a one star review that costs you 56 cents. Get onto it.
Joel Anderson
14:08 21 Aug 21
Didnt warn us of private events yet charged us full price when we didnt have access to any of the club
Emma Crisp
11:25 25 Jul 21
Came for an event hosted by inhibitit. Convinced a friend to come who suffers from major anxiety to attend because of the nature of the courts accepting behaviours and attitudes. My friend was pinpointed from the start even though describing the situation to security why he was acting odd (ie scared!) We explained to security his situation but as soon as I left for the bathroom, he was kicked out. I can't express how disgusted I am with a place that's meant to be open to all personality types. Will be demanding a refund.
Ben Merchant
10:13 25 Jul 21
Brought our friend to his first concert who suffers social anxiety and doesn’t usually drink. He wasn’t keen on dancing so was standing still with us and was kicked out at 6pm for having a glazed look in his eyesWhen we tried to explain he had social anxiety we were ask “why would you bring him out then?”
Shane Sanders
10:47 19 Jul 21
Always a fun time. Great staff.
Morgan Klug
01:33 28 Jun 21
$20 to get in even early in the night, takes about 20 minutes each time to line up for a drink, drinks are so overpriced its not funny, even more than other clubs and staff out the front are so rude, additionally every time you use a card they have a surcharge which really adds up when you get several drinks this is the first time I have seen a club do this and its borderline illegal. Go to paramount instead - way better or anywhere else really.
Loose Juice
13:19 19 Jun 21
DO NOT VISIT THIS CLUB!I have heard countless stories about security being aggressive and horrible however I have finally experienced it myself.Security are egotistical, power hungry and want to make an example out of you.Do not visit here if you are worried about being singled out of the crowd and made to feel discriminated.They claim to be friendly to all however will happily abuse their power to make you feel insignificant. The toilets are also revolting.Avoid this club at all costs.
Eva Ogilvie
02:23 08 Jun 21
Was verbally abused by a lady checking IDs in the line. So rude and definitely ruined my evening.
Daniel N.
06:50 19 Apr 21
I've been going to the court for 10+ years and it is sad to see what it has become. Unrecognisable and No longer a venue for LGBTQ+ patrons. I went with a...
Elena craig
15:03 11 Apr 21
The staff were friendly, the toilets were clean compared to other clubs, the music was amazing!! And it felt really welcoming didn’t feel judged once :,)
12:46 24 Feb 21
Absolutely love this venue! Such a fantastic club to go and have a good time WITHOUT any one being gross or inappropriate to you! The Court has always made me and my friends feel safe and welcome.
04:41 23 Feb 21
From every person in their team, to the slick look, the multiple rooms allowing plenty of different event configurations, to the bar service, the location and the incredible Void sound system, everything in this club deserves a 5 star. The Court is a welcoming place, with welcoming people and fantastic entertainment options and parties.
Fletcher B.
08:59 11 Jan 20
No longer a gay place on the weekend. It's embarrassing for overseas and interstate guests who want to attend a safe place that is an establishment set up...
Shizly G.
05:51 18 Feb 19
You Will Probably be Violated, Attacked, Filmed, Groped, or Potty-Policed and Mgmt DGAF. LGBTQ persons are reporting assaults and attacks and management is...
Lukas W.
23:28 01 Jun 18
One of my favourite places to go and party!Wonderful staff and an amazing atmosphere, only issue is some of the patrons being a bit pushy.A great place to...
David S.
04:53 21 Apr 18
Okay, while I'm not really down on the social scene in Perth, I suspect this place does have a life of its own, and is somewhat of an institution - you can...
Demelza B.
01:14 28 Oct 15
The Court HotelNestled in a prime location the Court Hotel is walking distance from Perth's main train and bus stations. Sitting on the edge of Beaufort...
Indy F.
04:52 15 Sep 15
I think The Court is all fun, froth and bubbles and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself on every visit. Everyone is so friendly, relaxed and welcoming. It is...
Emma S.
03:20 09 Mar 15
The Court is a very different place during the day. You won't find a DJ mixing it up on the main stage, but you will find a cool breeze, sunshine and a...

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