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The Peel provides an environment where the well being, comfort, safety, and enjoyment of Gay Males is paramount, and to this end, its policies, its marketing, and it's overall philosophy has Gay Men as it's No. 1 priority at ALL times.



The Peel
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Thomas Lobley
02:01 29 Feb 24
The Peel can be a bit intimidating and pushy at times, but regardless, still deserves to be celebrated regionally as one of the premier LGBT venues within Melbourne. The aesthetic is sexy, the venue well maintained, drinks selection vast and comprehensive, friendly interpersonally magnetic staff, layout intricate and geometrically interesting, good music, and when it's really busy some of the most intensive energetic resonance saturations (heavy vibes) you can experience in a bar in this region.Just be prepared to have good footing so when all those immensely physically strong young bucks push past you you don't topple over! 😀 (some of the hallways around the cloaking area in particular (if this hasn't been recently changed. I haven't visited in years but plan to again soon this weekend) are a bit narrow for the amount of people passing through at peak times, but if you have a thick skin psychologically it only adds to the fun.) Regardless, truly an epic, memorable venue.
Cool Cam
19:20 17 Feb 24
It is about time this is said and after many conversations with other frequent patrons of this venue and failed attempts at contacting the owner of the business we are now left with no other option. The attitude and look of pure disgust shown by both Micheal and Jason (Managers) towards all customers/ patrons is extremely offensive and gives no desire to visit The Peel. All bar staff are fantastic, it’s just a shame that Jason and Michael let this venue down. Weekend after weekend myself and my friends pay the wages of 2 employees, we support and we cause no harm yet it seems near impossible to crack a smile or appreciation from management. Jason, try and smile! It will do you a world of good and if someone approaches you try cracking a hello. When I feel unsafe it is discerning to know I will not be welcomed with support from two senior members of our community with respect and compassion. Michael, Jason - Time to hang up the boots boys?We have been so lucky to find a new venue to support and wish to never step foot in The Peel again.
Jacob Smith
07:28 20 Nov 23
The staff at the peel are kind, helpful, enthusiastic and very easy on the eyes, if you're interested in cheap drinks, good music and great atmosphere then look no further.Seek out our main man Michael who went above and beyond for me in a moment of need, and shone a light on the decency and kindness of the peels crew
Trina Heim
04:01 18 Sep 23
It's critical to remember that this is a safe environment for LGBT people to enjoy their life while being served by the amazing bartenders!However, it is unimportant to their management that they do not pay their employees.I am outraged that this establishment exploits their bartenders and fails to pay their wages. That is both selfish and illegal. The employees there are essentially exploited and labour for free. Their managers do not respect them enough to respond to any messages and calls. Hopefully, filing a complaint with the Fair Work Ombudsman will prompt further investigation. Slavery is still practised today.
Andrés Serna
21:25 01 Sep 23
The bartender didn’t understand what I ordered first so he gave me something different. I explained him what I wanted and then he got me the drink I requested.However when I said I didn’t request the shots he said they were already served so I would have to take them as they would be charge regardless.
Oliver Molnar
19:56 29 Jul 23
Never felt so uncomfortable as a gay man at a gay bar never going back got told the bathroom was ‘only for men’ by security waiting for a stall ( I am aMan and present as a man) and the whole experience was just awkward and horrible
Matt Titanium
19:43 30 Jun 23
There is nowhere that can make me feel safe and not being alone like The Peel. More than 15 years that I keep going to the Peel. I am so glad that I can see it looks better better. New generations join the community of the Peel. I can't find anywhere better. Love all the staffs and the DJs. The Peel will always stay in my memory forever till Alzheimer's ruins me 😅
David Alexander
18:30 22 Apr 23
Great bar, enjoy our weekly visits. Janelle, Jason & all the bar staff, Nathan & Jerome from security are all fantastic. They make the night fantastic, even when it's a busy night like tonight. Needs more bathrooms, but otherwise great. Thankyou Peel Hotel!
Matthew Jackson
01:05 26 Mar 23
The Peel Hotel: Unknown year Established. Entry Requirements Proof of Age Card, Car License or Passport. Photo Taken information is stored on computer. Entry Payment Required. Bags and coats can be stored with Staff. No Lockers. Dance Music and Performances for entertainment. Three Bars Available. Gay Bi Facility. General Patrons are under age of 30.
Nau Lahi
15:44 10 Feb 23
This is the place to be in Melbourne if you're a gay male. Has everything you could ever ask for, a heart throbbing show...incredible staff who respects the customers, friendly securities who'll get down to the bottom of things if they were to get out of hand. Just a lovely lovely place to be. If this is your first time in Melbourne I highly recommend this place as it has no equal.
Alex Catta
17:59 29 Jan 23
I loved my experience here on 28/01/2023, my friends brought me here and it was amazing. Multiple bars and areas, hot vibe and great music. Drinks were cheaper here than other venues
Frankie Tseu
16:54 28 Jan 23
Visited The Peel with a group of friends for the first time and overall, had a decent experience. The best part was that there was no cover charge to get in. Though, surprised that it was Saturday night and there was no line. We didn't end up staying for very long as the atmosphere didn't quite have the clubbing vibe we were looking for. All in all, it's worth checking out if you're in the area, but maybe not be the best spot for a night out.
Ricky Nelson
09:39 03 Jan 23
Much better than before. Excellent ambience with dark mood lighting and nice Decor. Large smoking area where you can gather, mingle, chat, smoke ( of course) and drink. Dancefloor area is located in middle and is large enough for a boogie. Get on the stage if that takes your fancy. Very inclusive place.
Tracey Mathews
04:35 23 Oct 22
Nice place very reasonably priced drinks friendly staff ... Just they should be a bit more cautious with who they are letting in there is an Indian looking guy with long hair with some highlights he comes with a big group of indian or middle eastern friends they are all straight and make girls feel very uncomfortable. Peel used to be a safe place for women but unfortunately last night 23rd October me and my friend felt very uncomfortable because of some people from that group. But other than that crowd it's a really nice venue. Would have given 5 stars else.
Samantha Jane
18:05 08 Oct 22
Jordan is great, he is good looking in a Scooby doo type of way. Will come back l n
John Tawaf
00:25 31 Aug 22
Wow, what else can I say but the man talent in here is off choppps. I was blowing kisses left and right......Recommended to me by my mate Mat G (aka Stinky Pinky)
Ioto 😀
17:04 27 Aug 22
I love janelle, amazing service !!! Please give them a raise
11:51 31 Jul 22
I think Melbourne still has restrictions for nightclubs.Can't over 100 people I guess,So not many people around now, but the line is still long outside.Music improves so much better.No more Britney spears and Madonna songs. I know they're gay icons but they need to take a break.Some classic songs are still there but the DJ working on some new songs is just beautiful.30/07/22Have not come back to peel for a few months.I travel back here from Sydney but I didn't enjoy it much tonight.The music was really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!The tempo was too fast and loud to dance I always see myself as a dancing Queen however I always have to stop because I'm not able to catch the vibe.I saw a few guys they not even stay for 5 minutes.They need to work on the music and upgrade the speaker seriously.Very disappointed.
Sez Sezzi
21:58 12 Jun 22
If I could give this place 0 stars I SO WOULD!!!THIS IS THE WORST PLACE!They did not let me and my partner in with open toed shoes. Ridiculous rules, the old short man at the entrance was soooo rude! If you expect people to come back DO NOT reject them over their open toed shoes! I would never come back to this place. So so so rude and only picks and chooses who they want in the club. Absolutely sickening and disgusting.
RockaHero XL
07:13 11 Jun 22
This was about to be my first ever gay bar to go to but I guess not. Didn’t let me in because I had track shorts/pants on? Was this always a rule? Also the doorman was being rude for no reason at all
Denise Cooke
01:05 15 Apr 22
The management here fills the liquor up with cheaper alcohol.
09:56 10 Apr 22
I think in Melbourne still have the restrictions for the night club.Can't over 100 people I guess,So not many people around now,but the line still long outside.Music improve so much better.No more Britney spears and Madonna songs. I know they're gay icon but they need to take a break.Some classic songs still there but the DJ working on some new songs just beautiful.
Simon Amor Riddoch
13:23 19 Mar 22
On the 20th of March, the “doorman” was nothing short of rude. Needs to check his attitude, if you expect people to come back here.
Steven Kakatsis
21:00 15 Mar 22
The door 🚪 person was nice but the police stinksI had my covvite vaccination but because l couldn't prove who l was l got knocked back.So what I'm not looking for a 1 nightI'm for a long term relationship
03:25 05 Jan 22
Went here as soon as it opens in December (after it was declared a tier 1 exposure). Music here is unbeatable. Everything is just my jam. 😅👌🏼 Would love to come back regularly.
Fat doug
14:27 11 Sep 21
Kinda Rude Rules..
Pranil Chitre
06:35 11 Jul 21
Entrance security peeps are the worst. Rude and obnoxious staff. This place is full of drugs. Beware of scamsters.
Pranil Chitre
16:54 10 Jul 21
Absolutely rude and disgusting entrance staff. Mannerless and cheap freaks. This place is a drug haven. Beware of scamsters.
Ryan Davies
01:54 30 Jun 21
Owned and operated by Melbournes most unethical and dodgy publican - Tom McFealy.I worked here for 5 weeks and the owner tried to underpay me over one thousand dollars. I resigned and it took a further 2 weeks to be paid for my time spent working. This only happened after I had to put forward substantial communication advising him I will gladly take this all the way legally.If you buy a drink from this bar you a lining the pockets of a thug theif who exploits vulnerable young people. I shudder to think of what he has done to other people.
Ant L
16:01 30 Apr 21
Terrible entrance rules, rude and also inappropriate
Tayler-Zak Heaney
20:01 28 Apr 21
Always a great night with good music
gizelle rowlands
17:34 17 Apr 21
Told we weren’t allowed in as we were ‘female’ my partner identifies as non-binary. On a Saturday night which is apparently ‘all gendered night’ Such a horrible place to encounter. Will NEVER go back
Boris Nikoscenko
17:17 06 Feb 21
Security guy was rude and power assertive
George Khan
04:06 15 Oct 20
Such beautiful men here. Ive missed you all soo much during lock down.
08:04 27 Dec 19
An iconic venue that is one of Melbourne’s last remaining gay focused clubs/bars. Have had some great nights at The Peel, met some fabulous people and it never fails to entertain. There’s a large dance floor area well covered by two bars, another quieter area with pool tables & a massive semi enclosed smoking area. Security has always been friendly from what I’ve seen, however if it’s a very busy night i have seen them refuse entry to females which is understandable since it is a gay club!
Destiny M.
02:34 28 May 17
1. The bouncers were inappropriately rude. One short female bouncer with curly hair assumed that my friend and I cut the line and told us to move to the...
Mark R.
22:48 24 May 16
The music is disgustingly cheesy, but that's part of the appeal. This bar has, and will continue to stand the test of time. All roads lead to the peel!
Lee H.
06:06 12 Mar 16
Wow. The staff here were so terribly rude! Good crowd but getting through the door and grabbing a drink was painful... A little less screaming and a little...
Jess C.
00:00 26 Jun 12
This review goes out to the ladies.So you have been asked to queue...I think we've all gotten that little brochure by now. While a part of me gets a little...
Allan B.
21:37 07 Oct 11
1. They are picky, as stated, with allowing entry to women. However, you can bring a couple girlfriends, but you really must make sure they're dressed ready...
Evan K.
15:27 05 Oct 11
Flashing disco lights, electro beats and boys as far as the eye can see.Peel dance bar is not the kind of place you bring your girlfriends, its almost...

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