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The Riding Room, also referred to as the Joint on the Corner, our vibrant and unusual cocktail + cabaret bar, hosts seven nights of on-stage activity every week (a mix of live sets, burlesque, side-show and magic); a tip of the hat to old-fashioned socialising mixed with riotous entertainment of all shapes and sizes.

If that's not quite your thing... you can always relax in our dark little corners where you lose track of time. Think of our draped and gated booths as a private carriage train to cabaret town!

Our stable-boys delight in serving unusual but indulgent cocktails in just about any vessel we can put our hand to, from tin cans to jam jars, soda bottles to silver kettles, with perhaps a feather or two as garnish!

And for the brave, you can unlock our "hard liquor cabinet" and get a little absinthe-minded! Just handle with care...

Press for service and bottoms up!



Riding Room
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Ciaran Hunter
00:04 14 Feb 24
Liam was fabulous, attentive despite being alone on a busy bar, definitely a credit to the bar. He dealt with everyone fabulously and kept the drinks flowing
Ikraam Iqbal
21:22 26 Jan 24
This is mySecond time coming here but i have found the woman at the Bar so rude, no smiles DEAD miserable no attentiveness. I wont be returning its a real shame the whole place is let down this is the second time and iv spent a lot of money here too!
Marc B.
16:19 26 Jan 24
Been here twice now. Female bar staff are so rude, stare at you, glare and don't speak. They really shouldn't be working in a bar when they want to be rude...
Ian Johnston-Oates
00:45 09 Jan 24
Bar staff so rude, didn’t speak when ordered drink, no smile just glowered, payed, just another hard faced stare and turned back, not a word spoken !!! Is that good customer service, nothing changed from last time we came in. Every other bar in Glasgow seems so welcoming but give this one a miss
Jamie Stanley
21:49 07 Oct 23
Fave cabaret bar in town. Drinks are good prices and the entertainment is fab.
Rebecca Craig
21:21 14 Apr 23
Fantastic bar with a great vibe. Sadly not the safest of spaces for the queer community. Was greeted by door staff that made sure I knew it was a gay bar, which is fine but the venom with which it was done was not. As a queer person it made me very insecure in my gender identity and sexual presentation and frankly, ruined my evening. Two stars because the bouncer ruined my evening as I’ve saw many other posts say but the entertainment was fantastic.
Clara Bella
20:47 08 Apr 23
We had a really good time last night. Didn't know there was entertainment on but Alana Hollywood, the singer was great. Lovely voice & I enjoyed her song selections. A brilliant start to our evening out. I liked the cocktails and shot recommendations too. Bar staff were quick & efficient.
Samuel Maxwell
21:33 24 Feb 23
Ya gotta meet the checklist the security have to get in or else no chance. Went to another bar and had a good night instead :^)
Luke Wellings
13:27 10 Dec 22
Terrible Bar, the security staff were really rude and aggressive.
Chase H.
17:10 01 Sep 22
Door staff is a weird security force that won't let you in based on your looks with no explanation. Can't believe how sorely they treat a patron trying to...
Chase H.
17:05 01 Sep 22
Visiting from San Francisco and staying at the Revolver near by, my friend and I hoping to grab a few drinks on our way into town were met by a grumpy swat...
13:46 30 Aug 22
Cosy cocktail bar with performances every night of the week! Perfect place to start your night 🏳️‍🌈
Hannah Campbell
21:04 26 Jul 22
Not impressed. Horrifically overpriced - tried to book a table for 6 and the website wouldn't let me go further without spending £300. Messaged them on Facebook to try and figure out if that was for just a normal booking or what and they left me on read and blocked me. Most bizarre customer service ever. Looks like we got off lightly looking at the other reviews
Paul Boldra
20:21 07 May 22
My and my friends had a really fun night out here. The show was good, the staff friendly, and the atmosphere among the other guests incredibly positive and relaxed. Only missing a star because we paid 150 for our table and couldn't see the show. I would have thought for that price, the performers could at least do one number where we could see them.
David David
22:05 25 Apr 22
Went to the bar on a Monday night. Wouldn't allow me in because apparently they have a single policy...meaning if you go alone your not allowed in.Came back from Spain for weekend. Unbelievable as didn't have anything to drink
David Wilson
12:25 19 Apr 22
Need to sort the security workers out. Ego trip and a half. Total rocket of a woman on the door. Not allowed entry after arriving sober and being asked multiple questions, well i Suppose something needs to fulfill her/its sad wee life.
David Wilson
20:40 14 Apr 22
Need to sort the security workers out. Ego trip and a half. Total rocket of a woman on the door. Enjoy yer hardon
Scott Straughan
14:23 14 Feb 22
Great night last night with great Cabaret, the guy singing had a great voice and very friendly staff. Lady working the door was lovely.
Donald Grant
00:20 31 Jan 22
Great prices good. Atmosphere
Ryan Spears
23:05 17 Dec 21
Unprofessional, uneducated Mafia like security team who refuse entry with no valid reason, and the security management guy cannot articulate a rationale, such a shame that a pretty looking place has such a rude, ill mannered and thuggish security team who discriminate and think they are above the law, no wonder many gay Scots leave Glasgow with such disgusting treatment.I hope the venue looks into this, awful experience of discrimination I have ever received by female individual guarding the entrance.I would suggest the security team have training on the equality act 2021, while this security team are in place I wouldn't recommend here to anyone, when I return back to London I will ensure anyone I know who is visiting Glasgow avoids this place at all costs.
Louise Lawn
19:47 24 Nov 21
OK no vaccine passport no entry . Omg since when does a so called everyone is welcome place turn into this so so disgusted and disappointed what happened to freedom of choice? What happened to free to choose . Seems unless you conform you don't get in. I'm bitterly upset here. Invited to see my gorgeous friend perform. Previously couldn't say enough amazing things about this place. That's it for me . Never coming back ever . again
Castro Eye
23:29 01 Oct 19
Really wanted to like this place seeing the photos and some reviews, dismissing the entry refusal reviews but after trying to patronize the establishment it was clear the two women at the door did not want my husband and I to come in. Mid week with an empty bar you’d expect staff to be asking you in. I thought two gay men would welcome here. Train staff to be more welcoming - your reputation and bottom line depend on it.
Peter Andrewa
00:23 20 May 19
Was here last night as a recommendation from a friend about their amazing cabaret and I was 100% not disappointed! Cabaret was amazing, the whole room was mesmerised by the performers! Would definitely be back.Niche little cocktail and cabaret bar in the heart of the city centre. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a night out for fun and affordable cocktails.
21:39 20 Sep 18
THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. My cocktail was mediocre (although to be fair, reasonable priced) and the music was terrible (except when they played Kylie). The bitter aftertaste was left when the bar man turfed our group out of a booth, with the claim it was reserved - only for him to sit there not long after.
Alan Wallace
16:27 03 Jun 18
This bar was the quietest place I was at all night, I was here with 2 drunk girls, who seemed to be part of the furniture here, but even they could not create an atmosphere. This is seemingly a gay orientated bar although it was all couples (men and women couples ) and anyway in this day and age why do we need gay bars, they should be able to mix freely
Benoît Dacier
19:46 12 Nov 16
Absolutely lovely and quirky! Good music and a nice cabaret! The drinks are a silty perfect value for money with great tasting cocktails for around a fiver! Being London based this is absolutely perfect!
Gordon M.
03:19 02 Jun 14
I've been in here a couple of times, both for shows and both times left a little underwhelmed, but maybe that's because I've not tried is as a regular...
Lauren G.
09:13 27 Oct 13
Formerly Moda, this little place has been knocked through to act as an extension to The Polo Lounge and you can see the horse theme running in the name. I...
Martyn M.
13:00 14 Dec 12
Formally Moda, I can't actually decide if this place has improved or worsened since becoming The Riding Room. Bit of both maybe. Moda was very classy and...

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