Thompsons Arms

Thompsons Arms

Super cheap and super cheerful

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Super cheap and super cheerful Manchester gay pub



The Thompsons Arms
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Melissa Braithwaite
12:06 11 Sep 22
Owner Philip Hughes is a vile, rude, DISRESPECTFUL man. Was extremely abusive over a misunderstanding. AVOID at all costs. Also the music in here is awful and it looks like a scummy social club. Disgusting door policies as well.
Mark Smith
09:06 03 Sep 22
This has to be the best bar in Manchester your always made welcome the owners and great and bar staff are always happy and drinks are cheap this bar needs more than 5 stars
stay free
20:51 30 Aug 22
I witnessed racism from the owner of this pub. Disgusting hateful evil person. He's so lucky the man he was racist 2 did not want to put a statement against him because he's a lovely guy and forgave him.
Aimee Williams
09:23 28 Aug 22
Appalling even worse...avoid at all cost plenty of great bars near just walk a few feet further
Harry Macey
07:34 28 Aug 22
Absolutely terrible service. I was given the wrong drink so asked for it changing and had it taken from me, tipped away and then I was told to leave. Absolutely disgusting. I will not be going back.
Joseph Green
21:25 12 Jul 22
A tragic venue that you will love.It's unapologetic, and that's why everyone enjoys it.Go in with minimal expectations and you'll have a lovely time .Oh, but don't drink the vodka.
John Parkforth
22:40 10 Jun 22
Great bar in Manchester's Gay Village. Well worth visiting if you're from out of town or live in Manchester. It gets busy at a weekend but not until later. The music is great, the DJ really good and the drinks are a good price and cheaper than a lot of the other places
ThatsHot B
12:12 06 Mar 22
Had a horrid experience recently, me and my friend have been visiting here for over a decade. This is due to the manager Dan and staff, who make this place. But recently we got shouted and finger pointed by the owner. He shouted, "this is your last warning". How very dare you! Will not be visiting ever. Charging at us like Mrs Trunchball. The place had two people in on the dancefloor. We kept it a float, when it was table seating. Yet he had the nerve to discriminate against us. This is not the first time he has been rude. There are far for pleasant places to be at. Go to New Union, instead of here, where you are welcomed and not pointed at. It's safe to say we left after this ordeal. I feel sorry for the staff. Don't be his next target.
Victoria Reeve
18:12 01 Feb 22
Absolute vile doorman, bald, obese with a pea shaped head for a description. Avoid at all costs. He has a massive chip on his shoulder and an extremely low IQ with zero logic.We was on a trip to manc from brighton. He wouldn’t let us in the club because we were “too straight” and “not regulars” he then asked us where we went for lunch and then said it wasn’t “gay enough”! He was so horrible it was honestly like talking to a 3 year old and trying to understand their logic as to why they won’t eat their dinner! We were coherent and non offensive. To the point young gay men leaving the bar were saying to him to let us in they just didn’t get it. Not sure what really goes on here for it to be such a random selection process who can and can’t get in but thank the lord we live in brighton and can party with our queer peers openly and happily. Sorry Manchester you missed out as we’re a good crack toParty with. All the best
Jemma L
18:45 30 Dec 21
As a frequent visitor of over 15 years I was horrified at the treatment i received from the large male bar man last night. Rude, arrogant, clearly not a fan of a straight female, intimidating and down right disgusting. If I could select - 100 stars I would.
Harris Pervez
01:13 18 Dec 21
Worst ever experience with security guards who are acting like fools and with no brains " just doing our job"Not accepting covid vaccination cards and wants nhs app proof which sounds really stupid and unnecessary. Ruined my weekend night.. management is requested to put some brains into their head and tell them nhs app pass and vaccination card is the same thing.
Sue Caldwell
10:45 12 Nov 21
Friendly bar. Great room upstairs for dancing!
09:48 05 Nov 21
An absolute dump of a place. Simple as that
Ian Hughes
08:23 01 Aug 21
Was a great place and I had a really good night
Kevin L.
15:06 15 Jan 12
Where -else- can you find pop music even -I- recognise, cougar-ish ladies who must have been at least in their forties, and Jerry Springer clips on the...
02:51 15 Feb 10
Thompson's is super cheap and super cheerful. Packed to the rafters at the weekend with crowds of people drawn in by the £2.50 doubles offer (it used to be...
james b.
04:18 17 Sep 09
Worst bar I've ever been in. A kind of macabre take on a tacky British legion or council faced social hall that a gay friend of mine said made him...

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