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Bar TR3S Lisboa is Lisbon biggest gay bar serving the LGBT community since 2010. Bear owned and operated it was elected under the 10 best bear bars in the world by Bear World Magazine.

Friendly cute bartenders mixing your cocktails and serving you cold beers. The unique outside seating area is a big attraction point. Very popular and even on slow nights it is the place where there is always something happening.



Bar TR3S Lisboa
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Carlos Alberto Guevara Galarza
12:21 25 Jun 24
Great gay bar in Lisbon. Cozy and with a nice (and handsome) staff. If you are gay this is a nice place to start drinking before jumping to one of the 3 clubs near the area.
Yasser Mohammed
01:30 20 Jun 24
I had so much fun there and the staff was very friendly 🐻❤️
06:58 19 Jun 24
despite windows (taped not to see through) dark looks, made for standing bar mostly. no style, elegance, ambience but prices of a nightclub (port tonico 9,50€). Drinks were stiered in bowl glasses with huge mercadona ice cubes (=not much of coctail itself) and we needed to fetch them ourselves from bardesk one by one :/
Tom Bílý
01:27 12 Feb 24
Welcoming atmosphere, great staff, what else do you need? 🙂 Definitely a place for a drink!
Tony Kennedy
20:36 21 Dec 23
After our last experience being in Lisbon, and making our way to TR3S, we can’t wait to get back. We will arrive Jan 7, and this time there for a month. So line ‘em up David 😉
Kevin de Loor
22:41 17 Nov 23
Lovely bar and great bartenders. Love the staff and always feel welcome here! Drinks are good and they clean the tables and bar good.
Alberto Lemus
23:02 18 Oct 23
Amazing place to sit down, grab a beer, listen to a varied and good music mix and talk with locals and/or visitors. While visiting Lisbon we spent a few nights chilling at the end of a day of walking and eating 🤣.
Michael Hargas
08:14 03 Oct 23
In gay area. Nice bar. Friendly service. Mixed local and tourist. Outside and inside.
Alex Pollard
17:56 18 Sep 23
Bar Tr3s. Popular and friendly community-oriented bear bar open in the late afternoon, with outdoor seating until closing! Voted one of the top ten bear bars in the world by Bear World Magazine! Free cake on Sunday 18:00-20:00. (one of the few gay bars to open early at 6pm).
Dan M
20:56 21 Aug 23
Cool bear bar. A bit quiet when I went but it was also a Monday nights before 9. Bar tender friendly and made conservation. Under 10 euros for a whiskey cola which is great. Tasted strong as well.
Harrison Tsai
12:31 17 Aug 23
I came traveling solo and left meeting new people (bartenders and patrons). Easy place to meet and talk story with new people. Bartenders are all friendly and attentive. Til next time I come back here 👍🏽
Udi Bet (TheUB)
17:36 24 Jul 23
Great bar!Staff could be a bit more friendly but that’s how they are. Would go back anyway!
Vitaliy Kralka
00:37 01 Jun 23
Cute place with nice/friendly bartenders! Would highly recommend!
21:40 13 Apr 23
Really good friendly bear bar, people are super nice here.
David Luz
16:30 05 Apr 23
Best gay bar in town! In the 5 days I spent in Lisbon, I spent every evening on the patio, meeting locals and tourists having a drink or passing by the bar. Can't wait to visit it next time!
Philip Thomas
20:45 28 Jan 23
Ok I’ve read the reviews and been to the bar, anyone that says the bartenders are not friendly is clearly a pessimist because everyone was super friendly and so welcoming and we are American that speak no Portuguese and they were still very friendly, I would gladly come back over and over.
Hélio Braga
13:51 20 Dec 22
Unfortunately, we visited the bar on a Thursday, so naturally, it was less busy than it might be during the weekend. Friendly staff and fairly priced.
Richard Renn
23:56 11 Nov 22
Walked through the Bairro Alto feeling old and out-of-place until getting here. Welcoming, fun vibe. Great music at a perfect volume. Fantastic mix of gents.
Garland Brooks
14:39 31 Oct 22
I haven't been to the Bar but I suspect I would enjoy it a lot. I have been reading the reviews, however, and would suggest that the owners think a bit more before responding to negative comments. The responses often come across as defensive; you request that patrons think more about what the issues might be that would have spurred their lack of enthusiasm--a good point, certainly, but the same argument could be made to you, the owners: instead of striking out, consider what might have sparked the negative experience. No matter how great a restaurant or bar is, there will always be problems--best to think about whether there may have been an actual failing and if so, what could be done about it.
Trond Skamsdalen Sveen
17:45 22 Oct 22
Came here to grab a beer after our flight got cancelled and we had to spend a night in Lisbon! Cold beer, nice and friendly crew and relaxed and welcoming atmosphere! Highly recommend🤩
John N.
18:03 20 Sep 22
Always happy to visit one of my favorite bar!Friendly owners. Friendly staff. Nice crowd, always a good and relaxed atmosphere. They are also doing their best to create events like Lisbon Bear Pride. Tr3s is definitely a place to visit if you are in Lisbon!
Aldy Lee
01:31 19 Sep 22
As some of the reviews here, this is another 1 star related to the crew. The bar is ok and comfortable, but once the bartenders don't like you, they will not make you to feel welcome. When is people going to undestand that customers must feel welcome and be treated well? I found one of them being very kind, but other being so stuck up and making things tough for that experience. I also heard that from a guy I met that was also there, but he was there in a different day, he reported me the same feelings. Please, make a meeting and show these reviews to your staff and tell them that the focus is the customer and that people just want to have a graceful experience regardless the gay judgmental stuff inside our community.
Hector Duarte Rouanet
12:29 13 Sep 22
We got early about 7.00 pm on monday afternoon our first time to the bar. Not a good experience at all, we sat inside nobody approach to ask what we want to drink. We walk to the bar and set the drink order, staff was not friendly. No music , dark, etc.Next time we would consider going to another place. At this we do not recommend this place.
Padri Veum
23:31 12 Sep 22
I have visited several times, and always find the bartenders kind and responsive, and always meet interesting people. If you live here or are visiting, a definite must. If you are visiting, please know that southern Europeans go out later than Brits or Americans - do not judge the activity if you arrive before 10 pm. Trust me, it's lovely!
David Hanson
19:21 12 Aug 22
Got here kind of early so it was slow. It was a long uphill trek from where we were staying. Cocktails were needed by the time we reach the bar! Bartender did not disappoint. Quiet chill vibe. It was our first day in Lisbon but we should be back!
Martin Johansen
09:30 05 Aug 22
Very nice place with a welcoming atmosphere and relatively cheap beer. Although it's catered to bears mainly, all types og guys from all ages can be seen here. The inside area isn't very big but area effective with a lot of sitting groups. If you want to relax with some beer in a LGBTQ friendly place, this is the one.
Javier Peña
22:58 09 Jul 22
If you are a foreigner or do not fit into the bar standards do not bother to enter. The waiters are going to ignore you on purpose. The waiters attended any other person that came in before us. My partner and I could not order anything for more than 30 minutes and we had no other choice but to leave the place. Such a shame.
Marko Lukačević
21:59 05 Jul 22
Amazing bear heaven in Lisbone, staff was so lovely and quick, huge choice of drinks and cocktails, definitely coming back on next holidays 😊 thank you beautiful night out 😊
Ghislain Huon
10:10 26 Jun 22
Gréât place where you feel welcome and great meeting point. You can talk and more matured place!
Max Willson
21:46 11 May 22
Great little bar with outside space. The staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming. We went multiple times on our trip and it didn’t disappoint. Good music
H Jun
08:54 09 Apr 22
I got to talk to the bartender and the owner (?) last night when I visited TR3S with my fiancé. They were very nice and friendly. If you want to drink before you hop to other gay clubs in town, this is the place to be.
Hans van Vleuten
06:06 26 Jan 22
Nice place, good service
kasra belyani
00:17 16 Oct 21
It would be your pleasure to visit this place. VIP service with a unique cocktails selection
Menno Dekker
18:08 24 Jan 20
Friendly bear bar. Visited a few times, never really busy but nice atmosphere and nice people.
Corey Hoyt
20:25 20 Dec 19
Arrived earlier in the evening for drinks. The bartender was really friendly and offered restaurant recommendations and popular areas to visit around Lisbon. Great experience stopping in on a rainy evening and friendly, attentive service.
Simon Gamble
07:37 14 Sep 19
Fun bar with lots of nice people in. Serves the beary side of the scene.
Antonio Monteiro-Sampson
10:02 19 Aug 19
Relaxed atmosphere, friendly bar staff, good place to start the night before going out partying. Always a must when we're in Lisbon
John from Bourbon Street New Orleans
09:23 06 Jul 19
Great bar with friendly bartenders, great outdoor seating and a large selection of standard and premium drinks. Visited several times and met new friends each night while enjoying a pint. Or two. Or three. Definitely recommend. Oh, and it’s extremely clean! Love that.
Roy Cormier
23:11 06 Jul 17
Good bar. Our visit was on a Thursday night. There are table outside in front unit you'd like to enjoy the night air. Or stay inside to enjoy the music and bear company. Staff if is bear hot. And music is at a comfortable level so you can still talk. And there is a coat rack to hang your wig (or coat if you must) and bar darts. Happy bar hopping!

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