Twin Peaks Tavern

Twin Peaks Tavern

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A legend in its own time and the best view of the Castro, any day, any time. Windows to watch the world go by with the unquestionably the neighborhoods best cocktails, beers on tap, and wines by the glass… all fashioned in this long established "icon" of the Castro, a changing minute by minute collage of life all seen through the panoramic windows. Often referred to as the gay Cheers located on the historic corner of Market and Castro under the oscillating rainbow arrow, offers regulars the comforts of home, and visitors a warm welcome to the neighborhood and one of San Francisco's greatest assets.



Twin Peaks Tavern
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Daniel R
23:06 16 Apr 24
Great bar in the Castro, good prices and service.It is located between Castro and Market St. They have big windows to watch people.Sometimes they have tables outside.It usually gets busy in the afternoon with locals and tourists.I have been going there for years and love it.
Carole McRae
22:05 12 Apr 24
Great service, prices, and ambience. Felt very welcomed by locals over our 2 week vacation period. Great views, comfortable setting, and friendly bar service x
Tracey A.
10:30 28 Mar 24
Even if you know nothing about its historic significance, Twin Peaks Tavern is a place you'll want to visit not just for the best-priced beer in town but...
Eric Curry
23:08 05 Feb 24
What makes them so trashy and rude here? Do you only get treated like a human being if you’re middle-aged? How sad that such an iconic, historic institution has such disrespectful bartenders.
Ted Gautsch
02:28 24 Jan 24
Walking into this place, I immediately thought to look around for the Golden Girls to see if they were in. This bar is definitely very warm with a mix of vibrant and eclectic decor, a heavily carpeted and comfortable locals' hangout. The only thing I see missing here is the wooden chairs with floral or patterned upholstery.Although It's not a large bar, its quaint, very full and requires a bit of maneuvering to get around. Although if you're lucky you may be able to score a table in the limited number of cheap seats in the 2nd floor loft. Its bar service here only, so plan your drinks accordingly. They do make a decent old fashioned! Cheers!!
Ted G.
18:25 23 Jan 24
Walking into this place, I immediately thought to look around for the Golden Girls to see if they were in. This bar is definitely very warm with a mix of...
erika e.
13:39 07 Jan 24
Love this place at winter time. Stopped by for a hot buttered rum before a show and the place was packed. So warm and cozy! I love seeing the nutcrackers in...
John B.
23:45 24 Dec 23
Don't get a hot drink when it's busy or they'll unapologetically serve lukewarm water so the buttered rum curdles. Basically paid ten bucks for a cup of tap...
Suzanne B.
20:17 09 Nov 23
Had a fantastic time at this tavern, famous for its killer location on the corner of Castro and Market, it's great clientele and vibe, and a bathroom that...
Carmen Gabriela V.
12:11 22 Oct 23
Excellent people. Good drinks. Cool decor and vibes in the saloon-like bar. This was our first stop before dinner. Mixologist 😉 was attentive w a heavy pour.
Jessica McGrath
04:02 19 Oct 23
Fantastically fab bar. Bartenders and clientele are friendly and fun to chat with. Cash bar, they have an ATM so don’t fret. Love the Halloween decor and the overall vibe. Make sure to see this historic bar in the heart of Castro. Super friendly to all LGBTQ and allies.
Morris Bryant
16:45 22 Sep 23
We were clearly not welcome here from the snarky look on the barman's face when we walked in to his then refusal to serve us.He wouldn't accept my Australian licence or serve us without my passport.I am 37. While flattered, my face isn't youthful enough to disguise that I remember Y2K and Nikki Webster.That didn't matter, he said.But at what point would it not matter?
Ed U.
20:26 25 Aug 23
I've decided to celebrate my 6,700th Yelp review at the Glass Coffin because I was NOT the oldest patron in the place. I wasn't the youngest either, not by...
Cristina Ríos
20:15 29 Jul 23
The waiter was very rude, and we felt very uncomfortable. The way he spoke to us and explain that he was the only one in charge of serving all tables is not our problem. We went there to relax and have fun but as soon as we could we just walked away.
Matthew Andress
17:35 26 Jul 23
Undoubtedly the worst service I’ve ever experienced. While visiting the amazing city of San Fran, two friends and I stopped in for cocktails on a Tuesday evening. We approached the bar where there were only a handful of other patrons and encountered the most rude bartender I’ve ever met. He just stared at us not a hello not a smile not a “what can I get you” I had to ask him how he was an for our drinks. At which he again just glared at us. Mind you we are three professional men, two of which worked behind a bar earlier in life and we are always courteous, patient, kind and tip well knowing tending bar can be thankless at times. Anyway, we left after one drink and I’ll never go back. Worst experience at a bar ever.
maciejadams (Helios Adams)
03:06 26 Jul 23
Very disappointing experience. Bartender served us without a hint of a smile or even acknowledgement. Aperol Spritz we ordered was the worst I've ever had. $12.50 for iced water with a slight hint of a aperol taste. Stay away, it's a tourist trap.
Jay W.
11:01 26 Jun 23
An amazing and historical place. One of the first lesbian owned places, first to have windows instead of walls to the outside. Come here to meet your...
Kathryn L.
02:55 25 Jun 23
Employee Stephen (or Steven) claimed that "he was going to pull rank" and use the restroom meanwhile my girlfriend and I had to wait in line to use the...
Eric C.
14:27 18 Jun 23
Has this establishment always been hostile to the under 60 crowd? I've made the huge mistake of stepping in here a couple times- what this place means...
Geoff v.
17:50 22 May 23
Sadly, this bar only takes cash. When I realized that I'd need to go next door to the ATM the bartender got all pissy and called me a "bitch". As I walked...
Mitch Mitchell
15:33 18 Apr 23
Twin Peaks is the go-to meeting place for most of my friends or myself. The staff are friendly and the drinks are well-made. The large glass windows make it fun to watch people as you wait. This pub is one of the few in the Castro that doesn't play music so obnoxiously loud that you can't even carry on a conversation.
Yinzú Nairouz
14:35 17 Apr 23
An authentic place to grab some drinks while you visit the Castro District. They only accept cash and have an ATM on the second floor. They have a lot of seats inside and outside.
Steven Lastname
04:20 06 Mar 23
The reason to go here is for the history and strong drinks. It’s not the fanciest, or even the cleanest, bar ever, and the bartenders vary between fun and indifferent. It’s mostly populated by tourists and older neighborhood holdouts who cling to this remaining faded wedge of old Castro.
Igor Bandeira
22:45 18 Jan 23
Cool bar to hang out with friends and try a few drinks in Castro. The bar is old, and it has historical value! Definitely, a place to stop when visiting the area, along with so many other gay bars in this tourist region of the city. It’s right across the street after the BART station!
Howie P.
05:58 07 Jan 23
This place is run by a very low budget homosexual that has no manners, last time I was here it was messy upstairs and the mullet wearing manager had a ton...
Michael N.
18:28 28 Dec 22
If you are reading this during the holiday season, definitely try the Hot Buttered Rum! Only served seasonally, this cocktail is just so perfect on a chilly...
Patrick travers
20:41 20 Dec 22
Been going to San Francisco for years and never walked in to this bar . This week past i finally got to experience this amazing happy and welcoming establishment. Felt very welcome and the drinks were absolutely amazing . The staff welcoming and engaging as well. I had champagne and a Espresso martini yummy and made with love .Thanks for being a great part of the community and I’ll definitely be back next month .Also one more note the collection of Nut crackers is absolutely Impressive it’s add such unique atmosphere to this already amazing bar
Jordana J.
15:35 08 Dec 22
I am originally from NYC, and this place makes me feel like I'm at Marie's Crisis or somewhere similar in the Village in Manhattan. I came here on my first...
Alex T.
15:10 16 Nov 22
Cash only. .We came in and waited for a drink when they were busy. We got out drinks and went up stairs for the open seat. .We wanted Miller high life,...
Larry Geddes
09:11 08 Nov 22
The least pleasant experience I’ve had in a bar or pub in decades. The bartender was aggressively uninterested in the customers. Twin Peaks is a profoundly disappointing gateway to a historically significant neighborhood.
Taylor Leigh
18:11 09 Oct 22
Cool place! Interesting interior with lots to look at and wonder about haha. Nothing crazy just a cool place. I’d say drinks are a little cheaper here- more towards $9 instead of $15
Sam G.
23:22 22 Sep 22
Super snuffy and pretentious. Every seat is spoken for at the bar so don't sit down without asking first! Small and not worth waiting for, the crowd...
Steve Susoyev
05:42 22 Sep 22
A popular destination for a lot of my friends, including straight men. The place is super-comfortable, with private tables upstairs and a great patio. There’s no blaring recorded music, so people get to talk with each other and become acquainted.
Erica W S.
21:46 15 Sep 22
Updated review: This place only hires kind, friendly and skilled bartenders. Do you want to feel at peace? Come to this bar.
20:42 17 Aug 22
Went on a Monday night, so it wasn't too crowded but we had a wonderful time. Great energy inside! Lovely staff. Time warp vibes- you'll feel like you...
Fernando Ramos
00:03 30 Jul 22
Iconic establishment in the Castro District. It looks like time has stood still. Great service and ambiance.
Fernando R.
17:04 29 Jul 22
Iconic establishment in the Castro District. It looks like time has stood still. Great service and ambiance.
Craig A.
15:41 21 Jul 22
Literally, no joking, the bartender is mental. While trying to pay him go to ATM and he's yelling at me and then telling my family to get out who brought...
Alejandro G
17:18 03 Jul 22
Very lovely place, a must in the area! The tenders are great but José at the bar is the best 🫶🏻
16:02 23 Jun 22
Friendly staff and quiet atmosphere. One of the few places in the Castro that has a jukebox. Cash only bar, ATM is upstairs.
Jason B
23:15 06 Jun 22
I’m not a bar person but I feel I should at least come here and experience it once since I’m in San Francisco. The laid back atmosphere here and a sense of community make me feel at ease. We will be back.
Topo Gigio
15:15 06 Jun 22
Certainly a classic with a storied history. We made a quick stop for one after dinner drink then continued our adventures.
Erica W S.
22:26 22 May 22
this bar has the best vibe and atmosphere of any bar in America. Period. My post is too short so I'm adding text lol
Boomer Ed
05:15 10 May 22
Nice place, old baby boomer gay crowd.. Bartender is friendly. The usual Castro overpriced drinks though. I did notice that during the pandemic they were begging for donations to stay afloat. Funny, they have never bought me a cocktail, EVER and now they want a handout in the name of nastalgia. Funny I don't remember any one donating to keep the Gay bars open on Polk Street during the AIDS PANDEMIC. IT Decimated San Francisco's original gay neighborhood.
Jackeline Escobar
08:19 12 Apr 22
I love this corner in the center of Castro district. Bring cash. They don’t accept cards. Just spend some time on this corner in the tables outside for a while and you will see some naked guy walking in the sun. I love the art and colors, the neighborhood is so clean.
Alexis P.
23:46 14 Mar 22
Twin Peaks has amazing history as the first gay bar that didn't have tinted windows to show those that frequented the space were not afraid. Good drinks and...
Anh L.
19:52 27 Feb 22
I've been here twice and I really like the chill vibe of it. It has a jukebox for you to choose a variety genres of music, not too loud volume (my ears get...
Natalie A
23:31 21 Feb 22
Love their outside spot, it’s always in the sun and they have great cocktails that are very well priced!
John Jones
19:29 21 Feb 22
In the heart of the Castro district San Francisco I recommend everybody go there everybody seems to be on a different level of happy
Sadie H.
06:47 08 Feb 22
I love this place! Friendly staff and always good cocktails. Especially their Irish coffee drinks. The perfect anecdote for a breezy, chilly San...
Ray Alan
02:32 23 Jan 22
Years ago we used to walk past the glass coffin making fun of the old people that would go there. 25 years later, Now I'm one of those old people and I still call it the glass coffin. Good Irish coffees, great bloody Marys and especially the great view of City Life walking by. Cheers! Thank you for still being here.
Æbîlēne HNrs
08:37 11 Jan 22
Place is ok, a bit dated but still a cool hang out venue. Coffee is really good but really small. Staff is very friendly and accommodating.
Andrew W.
17:15 06 Jan 22
Bryant is a great bartender and great atmosphere
Paul Wellons
13:37 28 Dec 21
Support Castro businesses. The drinks are strong, the service is wonderful, and you're in a piece of gay history. Also, three best Irish Coffees in San Francisco.
Julian Munoz
01:38 12 Dec 21
Strong drinks. Great bartenders and a great place to people watch.
Avin Vijay
18:11 19 Nov 21
Twin Peaks was crowded but definitely has a good queer vibe to it. Do take your ID and vaccine cards and not just online copies as they won't accept that.They only accepts cash and no cards. They do have an ATM machine but it would cost you upwards of 3USD in transaction fees.Drinks were not the best and a bit watered down. The first floor washroom has no latch, climb up to the second floor to use one with a latch.
Ryan Scheidemantle
15:13 03 Oct 21
Cute little bar with nice ambience. Gets pretty crowded on weekends!
Heather Layne
17:24 25 Sep 21
Bartender was very friendly. Drinks were tasty. Atmosphere was calm and relaxing.
kiwi Canton
22:59 09 Sep 21
Excellent service stiff drinks.Lots of castro history
John Kearon
01:18 14 Aug 21
We spent Wed and thursday this week at Twin Peaks tavern very friendly staff especially Michael making us feel so relaxed and happy to be there. I want to thank him also for directing us to cafe Mystique a great place with top quality food. We shall be back next year for a definite. Thanks again John & Ian
Aaron Nance
05:20 08 Aug 21
VACCINATION REQUIRED! They check your vaccine card and have hand sanitizer at the bar. LOVE IT!! We felt very comfortable here. Great location. Nice atmosphere. Great bar. Very good pricing. Friendly staff.
Maggie C.
07:28 05 Aug 21
These hours are not accurate. Google indicates that they were open until 2a on Wednesday.Mask mandates are strict, and they check to ensure you are fully...
Erin Geer
20:09 18 Jul 21
Best bar view, tender is nice and Knowledgeable about drinks. I actually love this place to take a tourists who are visiting from out of town. Great bar and you don’t get that usual snobbery.
David Chang
07:55 09 Jul 21
Nice place, but more hanging on to its reputation than actually good.
David Chen
23:57 08 Jul 21
Walked in for a quick drink. Very historical and stylish place. Great crowd. The drinks here are very…innovatively named, like the 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die. Also a full menu of coffee liquors. Definitely a must-visit if you’re in town or the neighborhood!
Arianna J.
22:35 27 Jun 21
He took 20 dollars tip said it was 66 and we gave Him88 he took the shots free tall medium skin guy
Noelle Holland
02:46 20 Jun 21
Bryant was amazing! Loved the drinks he poured and the knowledge he shared!
Joseph Anthony
13:17 16 Jun 21
Also known as the "Glass Coffin ⚰️" as typically, much much older men occupy all of the areas where glass is, Thus, from the outside, you're looking into a glass coffin of old people haha..FACT**
Vincent L.
16:47 11 Jun 21
This iconic tavern at the key intersection of Castro and Market had been going strong for almost 50 years until Covid came along and wreaked havoc on the...
Kevin Sitter
18:36 24 Feb 21
An institution that survived the AIDS pandemic and is resiliently staying a community anchor during this Covid pandemic. Cheers!
Paul Pecena
02:00 07 Feb 21
Thanks to the very handsome and talented Joe for all the great stories, as well as the kitchen at Orphan Andy's for a well executed meal and draaaanks! I enjoyed the fantastic potato salad very much. Thumbs up, like & subscribe.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💎💎💎💎💎❤❤❤❤❤
Pablo Lo Giudice
18:28 25 Sep 20
I went to have drinks with my husband a random weekday and we had a blast. Service is very friendly and the tables set on the street are nice and great to enjoy seen and be seen. It is a great spots to enjoy all the great craziness of the Castro and to spontaneously meet your friends.
Paul W.
07:35 04 Feb 20
While this may not be the oldest gay bar in the USA, it is supposedly the first one where they didn't hide the fact that it was a bar for the LGBT...
Victoria W.
18:46 18 Oct 19
Very cozy bar my friend took me to towards the end of the summer. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect knowing that I was at one of the most...
Dirk Hopkins
19:25 29 Jul 18
Loved Twin Peaks! Such a friendly place. Very crowded when we went but made it easy to meet new people. Good drink prices and great location. Cash only fyi!Bonus: it's right next to a bakery and it smells amazing.

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