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23:19 26 Jan 24
Gay guy at the bar refused to serve me alcohol because I was intoxicated which wasn’t the case.I’d had no more than 4/5 drinks.He was being extremely discriminatory.when I came on here to check reviews I mean this place speaks for itself with the high volume of bad 1 star reviews. They need to look further into the way they treat people. I won’t ever be coming back… not that they care but I certainly won’t be recommending it and I’ll be telling everyone to avoid the place at all costs.
Sequin Entertainment
04:08 25 Jan 24
We are a Queensland based entertainment and events company and we have worked with universal Sydney on 2 joint projects within Australia and also 1 overseas.Extremely pleasant and professional experience on all accounts.Particularly impressed with Dillon and Johnny. Their professional approach and management of diverse queer talent and community awareness is something to be seriously acknowledged.Excited to work with this company again in the future.
Alex “Alex” Bouchet
07:35 23 Jan 24
Iconic gay bar with an incredible $5 happy hour every day from 5-7pm. Great staff and a camp atmosphere - plus there’s drag every night! Previously known as the Midnight Shift, Universal has reshaped itself in a similar vein to other bars like G-A-Y in London. The first place I recommend to visiting friends.
06:43 22 Jan 24
Always have such an amazing time at universal. The performers are always awesome. The shows just as good. The team behind the venue are the best on Oxford Street (in my opinion). Always feel welcomed here it's like my second home. They always live by their motto that love is universal.Favourite night is Sunday Nights for Sunday shenanigans because it's an open night for people who want to perform which is always amazing and the hosts that night are awesome.
Jude Parsons
05:32 11 Jan 24
Was my first time visiting Universal last weekend.First off it was an amazing vibe, the stage area, lighting and atmosphere was stunning. I can imagine that later in the night it would really kick off as we were there from 6pm on a Friday.Unfortunately, after 45 mins of waiting, my food never came out. This was upsetting because my friends all got their food but mine never came. The staff explained that the "ticket hadn't printed". It was only then when I realised that the kitchen was next door and not physically part of the venue. Perhaps there was a technical communication issue between the two venues- which was a shame because the food actually looked quite nice!The staff were a mixed bag also. Front bar staff making drinks were lovely as well as the manager for giving me a refund for the food that never came out. But I found the dark haired waitress quite rude as she only collected the glasses and not the plates after a few table runs. When I told her about the plates that needed to be cleared she scowled and seemed visibly frustrated.I won't be eating here again unfortunately.But I will definitely give the club area upstairs a go next time I come to Sydney.
11:26 03 Jan 24
I had a bad experience here on NYE while visiting Sydney from the states on Dec 31st 2023.Me, my date who was a queer femme, and 2 friends walked to this place to dance at the club. After lining up, once we got to the door, the bouncer, N, said that he wanted me to go for a 15min walk and come back! I asked why, and he said because when I passed him to get to the end of the line, the way I was walking seemed as if I’m too drunk to him. Note that my date and I were laying into each other having a good time, which to N seemed like a problem. I asked to talk to his manager, and someone came to talk to me. Even though they had a nice attitude, they basically said that they need to adhere to N’s call. I asked them what their metric to determining someone’s level of alcohol based on the way they walk cheek to cheek with their date is? Didn’t get a straight answer.I don’t know what N’s problem was. Is it queer women? Did he need to go on a power trip? I recoded the conversation just in case, but I decided not upload it and protect N’s identity. But they could and should do much better.
Stephen Jay Exclamado
20:06 17 Dec 23
a great place for LGBTQ people, my first time in Sydney on a solo trip, went there and everyone was so lovely and fun. Would definitely go back again for a night out. Fun filled music and drag performances
05:21 28 Nov 23
My favorite place for an excellent party, one hundred percent recommended. I loved Luis's service; he was very attentive and guided us to the best liquors to try. I come back to this place every week for Luis's service and the great atmosphere
Caroline Oak
17:04 24 Nov 23
I was really surprised! The best part of the bar was the experience with the service of Eliel. The energy and the charisma! Thank u.And the prices are great!
David Giraldo Restrepo
05:24 24 Nov 23
Love coming here with my mates for a fun night. Such a great and well managed venue. Don’t sleep on the 5$ deal during happy hour! The drag queens shows are amazing
Alexander Manz
15:14 21 Oct 23
The guards turned me away simply because I had red cheeks, assuming that meant I was drunk because I’m Asian. I explained I was just wearing blush and they wouldn’t listen. The guards are clearly racist and this club is clearly not accepting of men wearing makeup.
David Slater
16:15 07 Oct 23
Don't waste your time. They took our money for the cover charge, we had ZERO drinks in their establishment, came downstairs to say goodbye to someone, then got refused reentry due to "intoxication". On top of that, the male security guard on a power trip was getting in the face of WOMEN then dared to call the women aggressive. Don't waste your money on these people.
Dearbhla Cummins
14:10 05 Oct 23
I have been to establishment many times always enjoyed. However tonight manager with long haired bumped into my friend knocked her drink very clearly and then he accused her of very inappropriately touching him. Tbh is just outright disrespectful and rude. She hadn’t had any alcohol and tried to address this issue and it was brushed off and he refused to address her concerns. It’s absolutely outrageous and disgusting in this day and age to accuse somebody of such a thing when even the female bouncer on the property acknowledged how ridiculous the accusation was. Clearly on a very clear power trip in which they themselves addressed “ I’m the manager I can do what I want”. In this day and age where it’s difficult for people to find a safe place to exist it’s very upsetting and disappointing from a queer establishment to act in such a way. I’d recommend never returning to such a place.
12:47 21 Sep 23
Upstairs staff and cloak room staff are really nice and professional so good job on them, now my problem is with the security down stairs, most of them are nice, but there is this one guy whos really passive aggressive, and everytime me or my friends encounter him, it sours the mood. Can you please replace this guy? His ruining your business reputation.
17:14 19 Sep 23
Like it was all good!! BUT I came for a drag show on a Monday, I know she works for tips, and it’s not a busy night, but she left the second she didnt get a tip, which she warned for. But we thought it was a tease and she was out and left the building within legit 10 seconds. Bit extreme.
Lauren G
11:27 02 Sep 23
The security and management of this establishment was disgusting. I have never been treated more disrespectfully. They denied entry for one of our friends stating he was too drunk to enter. This was simply not true - we had just come from dinner. I tried to reason with one of the managers who didn't listen to me, waved their hands in my face and dismissed me. It was clear to us that they had singled out our mate due to his background. We watched on as others who couldn't walk straight were let through. Spend your money elsewhere.
Axe Whizee
19:32 26 Aug 23
I have been here pretty regularly for few months until an unfortunate incident where I got a bad stomach ache. I have just taken my stuff from cloakroom and was waiting for my friend doing the same. If you've read various reviews about terrible/disgusting treatments from security, yeah it's that bad...I am putting 1 star because it's pretty clear they've been content about this issue for a while.
Victor Nwosu
19:48 15 Aug 23
While I was visiting Sydney on a solo travel, I wanted to experience the nightlife and find a spot where I could meet new people, have a drink, and dance to good music. Universal Sydney checked off all the boxes! I arrived to the club on a Friday night around 11PM, and there was no line or cover charge. It didn't take me that long to order a drink despite the large crowd on the first floor. The second floor was less busy, but around midnight got very crowded, which was awesome. Everybody seemed to be having such a great time, and I made so many new friends. The drinks were reasonably priced and tasted great. The music and DJ were everything. The bartenders and bouncers were friendly. I would love to come back if I ever revisit Sydney!
Maria Capitanelis
11:29 13 Aug 23
Universal is the place to feel accepted, respected and l9ved all whilst partying your booty off.Downstairs disco makes you dance your best moves while upstairs hardcore so much fun with best new sounds techno and dance with acts that are underestimated . Smoking areas boh up amd down stairs are a pleasant addition where also lots of the social happens, sit chat and meet .
Jordan Lomax
09:52 31 Jul 23
Clearly not the only one after reading all the reviews. The long haired manager here is a power-hungry aggressive guy with serious issues. I was dancing with a girlfriend at 9pm, and then got told by a security member that I was being kicked out for being drunk - which I was clearly not. I had just purchased a drink and when I asked if I could finish it before leaving since I had paid for it, the long haired manager snatched it out of my hands and walked away. Don't go here if you just want to dance with your friends - Apparently that's not allowed.
Nick D
05:55 15 Jul 23
They put drinks price up. We paid $12 per schooner. I’m normally drinking all night but with these prices my partner and I only bought one drink each. Also, 50% of the club is now full of rude straight girls who bump into everyone all night, spill their drinks everywhere and force themselves through groups of people when there is no space. It doesn’t feel like a gay bar anymore.. exception is dejavu on Saturday nights. Many of our friends have stopped going downstairs due to the volume of straight drunken girls and their boyfriends that are outnumbering gay people. They need to remember it’s a gay bar otherwise more gay people will stop going.
09:54 13 Jul 23
Dangerous venue, will never recommend or visit this venue again!The security Staff are like something out of the south west America. Absolutely power hungry cowboys. The set three men on me saying I was to drunk wile with a group. I got singled out after only being in the venue for 20min. When they were questioned why they had picked on me all three grabbed me and tossed me out leaving me with visible marks and bruises. Police as always sided with them. This venue is known for its brutal treatment of people in what should be a safe space. It’s sad what’s it has become. Staff and management need to be investigated.
Amy Kersten
12:38 24 Jun 23
Very bad! I had one drink early in the night. Having a good time dancing but challenged the bouncer about the dance floor not being open. 10 minutes later I was asked to leave because I was supposedly bumping into other people, which i wasn't, and the people I was with said I was fine and not drunk! I don't recommend this venue!!! Avoid this venue!!!
Miss Thomas
11:23 13 Jun 23
Extremely upsetting experience here due to a very rude and agro security guard who refused my entry after claiming i was too intoxicated when in fact I was definitely and clearly not, and would have happily proven this if given a chance. The scary thing is, he only targeted me as i was the last of my group to enter and was left alone for seconds - an easy target in his eyes and completely changed persona once it was my turn at the front of line. I asked why he thought what he did and he just proceeded to ignore me and attempt to intimidate me, completely unreasonable. I will never go back to this club and would not feel safe too in the future, very upsetting and unsettling.
Kirstie Hansen
16:16 10 Jun 23
Had a great time until they approached my friend saying she was showing “signs of intoxication” even though she was completely coherent. Management threatened police when I asked what set her apart from the rest of bar bc she was just dancing and having fun…not to mention they served us another round right before kicking us out.
Alvin A.
01:37 26 May 23
It's a Saturday Night out in Oxford and few of my friends wanted to go check out more nightlife after leaving the first bar. Universal seemed to be the...
Jamiah Tappin
14:45 16 Apr 23
I don’t usually write many reviews but I keep coming back to this sad memory from my travels when I was kicked out of this venue during world pride because I accidentally bumped into a security guard who thought I was drunk. Basically, I was making my way across a VERY crowded dance floor to get to the bathroom with a drink in my hand. I was so focused on getting to the bathroom, I didn’t even realize that I bumped into anyone. I noticed a person sort of post up in front of me, preventing me from passing. I looked down and realized they were speaking to me. They said, “you spilled your drink on me,” while pointing to their shoulder, which was wet. I said, “oh, excuse me, I’m just trying to get to the bathroom.” The person asked me if was intoxicated and then I realized it was a security guard. I said, “no, is this the way to the bathroom?” At this point, they should have let me pass but instead kept asking if I was drunk and pointing to their shoulder. After circling around this point a few times, I said frustratingly, “what’s happening here. I just need to use the bathroom. This is starting to feel targeted.” Mind you, I’m a Black, American woman. At this point, they called someone over to escort me out.This all escalated in less than two minutes! I walked away from the venue confused and disrespected. After a few minutes, I returned to talk to a manager. Not to get back into the club, but to understand the miscommunication. I explained that this is global city with different cultures and their could have been some room for the security guard to explain what was happening. The manager I spoke to was rude. Though they did, in fact, validate that I was not intoxicated, they lacked compassion and told me that Americans think they are better than others because I was taking up their time speaking to them. Huh? After they said that, I just walked away feeling demeaned and disgusted by this place.As a traveler, it really left a sour taste in my mouth. I did not feel welcomed nor safe. I wasn’t even in the club for 30 minutes! I understand that Australia has very strict laws about intoxication but this matter should have been handled better. Your staff could use training on how to distinguish between an accident and actual drunkenness. Also, maybe some cultural competency?
Jess Pleydell
08:17 15 Jan 23
My friends and I had the most amazing meals lastnight! We were also obsessed with the new refreshed space. Such a cute night out with the girls! Can’t wait to go back and try more
Azima Melis kyzy
00:57 04 Dec 22
I used to like coming here, but after the most recent experience of extremely rude staff (mainly bouncers) - never again. If you have a diverse group of friends and you wish everyone to have a good time, go someplace else and avoid this venue. People in your group will be profiled and treated differently and I have no tolerance for discrimination.
Florian G
06:17 30 Nov 22
Definitely the best place to be if you are around Oxford Street. Bartenders are super nice and friendly. Bouncers have welcomed me every time I went there with kindness. Never felt more safe to be myself in a place like this one. Drag shows every nights with amazing performers and on the Friday night upstairs is open for free to give you an other point of view on the venue. After a couple of drinks feel free to sit in the smoking area to join anyone for a conversations where patrons are kind and amazing! It's definitely my to go place everytime I'm on my day off. Congrats on the DJs Johnny and Rachel with theirs amazing duo of music once in a while!
Penny Christie
21:59 13 Nov 22
Universal Bar is a very popular club in the heart of Oxford Street Sydney. The atmosphere is always fun and welcoming and the drinks served at the bar are delicious. My favourite part is the amazing drag shows up on the stage. They are really cool and fun.
Matthew Miller
16:44 28 Sep 22
I attended this place on Wednesday 28/08/2022 with my partner.After having a couple of beers my next round of beers did not have a head on it.When I approached the staff member to organise a replacement it took 5 minutes to be served as he decided it was more important to speak to his colleagues than serve a paying customer.When I was finally served he complained to me that I was rude and it was uninterested in my beer.This however was the same staff member who had just poured two flat beers.I felt that I was in the wrong.Maybe some staff training could help and some customer service.Avoid if you want flat beer and rude staff.
Naja P.
09:46 10 Sep 22
Security here are extremely rude, especially for non locals. They kick ppl off for no reason at all (even when are minding your own business with friends)....
Richard Dean
03:34 10 Sep 22
I don't came to a bar expecting to get served my drinks in cheap plastic cups because the staff are lazy. I expecting these cheap plastic cups at the football game because there are thousands people at once. I have never seen this place with thousands of people then why are there using them ?????
Julia K.
09:00 08 Sep 22
Don’t be fooled by the positive reviews as those are mostly from their own staff.The people working there are disrespectful e unreasonable towards customers. They claim to be compliant with liquor rules but it only applies to specific groups while their clientele is free to do whatever they want.
Nicole Reeves
09:37 06 Aug 22
If I could give zero stars I honestly would! Was literally pushed in the door when entering. Security didn’t check ID!! Even though we insisted! 30 minutes in, My partner was refused service at the bar for “being too loud”. Out of no where was told to leave the venue and was given no valid reason! Two security staff used to intimidate him. They Never asked me any questions when I was with my partner the entire night along with four other mates. Also overheard security on entry state “keep an eye on him”. AGAIN, NO REASONING!!! IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE, BRING IT UP BEFORE WE HEAD IN INSTEAD OF PUSHING US THROUGH AND NOT CHECKING ID.
Austin Booth
15:20 18 Jul 22
The bar was fun. The staff on the other hand was the worst I've ever experienced. They wanted conflict and we're targeting people to bully. Do not recommend this establishment.
Oscar Peñailillo
09:35 22 May 22
Probably the best open mind/gay bar in Sydney.Always feel safe and welcome, downstairs is a proper bar, good drinks and fun drags shows, always fun... upstairs more full on, a proper party, dance music and amazing laser lights, and the music is always on point.This photo was taken a while ago on a Friday drag show (upstairs) called "Premier" a truly amazing show!
17:16 06 May 22
What I am touched most about this place is security people like Juan he was so sweet to make sure I was home safe when I was tipsy. I’m always grateful for him and his mates for taking care of me when I was off. Oh and it’s a great place to visit And you will love the vibe here.
James D
10:55 04 May 22
I used to spend time here when it was the Midnight Shift, and it’s great to see it revitalised as Universal under new owners. Friendly staff, good vibes, entertainment, and drink prices that won’t leave you broke for the next week. The upstairs nightclub has amazing lights and lasers and the downstairs drag shows are always fun.
Andrew Hawes
05:44 04 May 22
Universal Sydney is my choice of club on Oxford street! They have drag 7 nights a week! This is exactly what needs to be happening! They are extremely inclusive sometimes maybe a little too inclusive haha!I will always recommend universal as a place to check out on Oxford street!
17:42 30 Apr 22
Bouncers are just ridiculous. I've never had such a bad experience at a club in my life.Am very disappointed with the personalities (staff).I can only advise against leaving your money there!Once u leave the club u can’t even get in to get your stuff (jacket, whatever) out!
Gareth Perkins
09:16 25 Apr 22
The bar that it used to be, the Shift, was fun. Old Sydney spectacular. Now. Pushy door people. Cranky bar. Disneyland without the fun. Whoever is running the place needs a slap. Avoid at all costs.
Noah J
00:02 17 Apr 22
Bouncer extremely uncooperative. Live around the corner and came by to pick my partner up because he was a bit drunk and lost his wallet. Not sure if the bouncer is homophobic or just racist but refused me entry based on bar policy (without telling me what the policy was). Let in a group of 3 drunk girls right after me without questioning them at all. I don’t mind that straight people are coming to share gay bars to hang out and learn about the gay community but when you’re giving priority to straight white girls because they’re attractive it seems like there’s a conflict of interest with running a gay bar.
John Walker
11:13 16 Apr 22
Last night my friend was assaulted by one of the security team and asked to leave after buying $150 of drinks. We were all shocked because he had done absolutely nothing wrong and was minding his own businesses. The only thing we could think of is he accidentally tripped over someone in the bathroom. Bouncer was incredibly rude and forcefully pushed him into the bar. Avoid this place.
Lyndon Steele
01:52 09 Apr 22
The bouncer was telling us that entry was $50, when we knew it wasn’t. He tried hard to convince us we’d have to pay more. He wasn’t telling anyone else the same. We were the youngest goers there, so unless he didn’t like our energy, he seemed to prejudice us on our age and tried to shun us away.
Craig Rathwell
09:37 06 Apr 22
I was here a few years ago in the ‘before times’. Staff are fun and friendly. The drag queens are hilarious. It’s camp and cute.I dig it.
Nicola Steenson
13:49 01 Apr 22
Spend nearly $800 on the premiere: oz with my friends. This was a great show however within the hour afterwards the staff quickly told my friend she was “to drunk” for the way she was dancing despite not actually being & escorted her out. Following excorting her out he actually thanked her for coming out & said she’s not drunk but because it was over the radio she couldn’t get back in: We went with our friend to get her a taxi home & went to come back to be told we were not allowed back in. We were called abusive things by the bouncers and told “your kind is not welcome” following this despite explaining the situation. Extremely rude staff. Would not recommend.
Stew Ali
15:51 07 Mar 22
I love the bouncer Juan very nice and very good to everyone, the venue is awesome and we enjoyed a lot my mum who is 74yrs old love the environment and the people here are very nice and welcoming. Polite is overwhelming.
maxime peyrot
19:43 06 Mar 22
Been to Rogue party. Security of this club is borderline RUDE slightly homophobic.They need training! Train then with the security team of candyland at Argyl!!! This party was the BEST also because the security was smiling helpful respectful. We felt very alcove. Finally a place to have real fun! Hopefully more gay events will happen there
John C
21:49 27 Feb 22
Another one star, several one stars in a row.Dear owners I hope you can realise that one stars in a row means something is wrong with your staff service towards your paying customers. Feel free to chat to discuss with me
John C
12:11 24 Feb 22
Another one star, several in a row.Dear owners I hope you can realise that one stars in a row means something is wrong with your staff service towards your paying customers. Feel free to chat to discuss with me
Paul Merriman
13:24 19 Feb 22
Downstairs staff really lovely. It's hard to rate this place based on the two separate experiences. But it's important not to forget the impolite, horrible people at the door for upstairs.
Rob Roelofs
12:45 17 Feb 22
Very disappointed that I was not allowed to buy drinks for my friends and myself because I was moving too much and being an extrovert they immediately think you are drunk.I understand you have to stick to regulations and keep the place safe, but even after a chat she would not change her mind. Ok, If that’s what you want, congratulations, I’m not coming back, plenty of other options.
cody twohill
13:12 11 Feb 22
Security was super rude!! Went in the Saturday 11th of feb asked us for a second form of ID after showing our drivers license, showed him a pic of my passport (which I know isn’t considered a form of ID however thought after showing him my license it should be fine) security did not let us in and did not ask anyone else for a second form of ID!!!!! Super disappointed not gay friendly at all!!
Poppy Schulz
16:52 10 Feb 22
I had a great time at universal and felt very welcomed by the security guard Juan 💂‍♀️ nice cocktails and great environment. I’ll deff be back again!
Colin Craig
03:33 22 Jan 22
AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! Laughably over zealous, latino bouncer asked us half a dozen questions about our alcohol consumption at 8:30 on a very, quiet Friday night as he obviously couldn't tell by sight that we weren't drunk.He even strangely asked us if we had been there before, to which I was going to answer "Yes Honey, when is was a leather bar and long before you were ever here".This is the opposite of hospitality. Why make it so difficult to gain entry?The cigarette smoke from front smoking section pervades the whole bar and it's incredibly unpleasant like a flashback to the 90s. Barman couldn't have been less interested in our complaint about our treatment by the bouncer. I think these guys think they're a bit special. Which they're not.Why would we ever go back? Short answer is, WE WON'T.Good luck guys, we were doing YOU a favour by stopping by, NOT other way round.
Wayne F
23:02 14 Dec 21
Decided to stop for a glass of wine after shopping. What a mistake! After politely asking for a glass of wine, the barman snapped at me to put my mask on at the bar. I was unaware of the policy the premises held and had already shown my vaccination certificate. l then added that it had been some time since I had been there. His reply was rather dismissive.I can't believe how Oxford Street has sunk to such a level that you feel like an intruder.
Jay Perrin
09:30 14 Dec 21
The security are a massive joke. They’re on a massive power trip aggressively kicking out people and making up excuses probably in order to charge more people to get in. Arq was so much better.
LeXaL LoStrE
17:33 10 Dec 21
Venue,dance floor, music and performances are great no one can dispute that 🔥If only the security values got up to today’s society’s standards that would be great too
Lanna Bee
15:16 10 Dec 21
I would have to say if you are a LGBTI community, do not go, if you are trans, Dylan who is the licensee, is the most miss judged LGBTI member of our community he is not inclusive of the trans community. This place once called "the shift" completely changed since I first went there in 1994 Mardi Gras, is transphobic. Being a member of the LGBTI since 1972 this person Dylan was unable to communicate effectively why I was not allowed into this venue.
Bobby Dee
15:14 10 Dec 21
I would have to say if you are a LGBTI community, Dylan who is the licencee I would have to say if you are a LGBTI community, do not go, if you are trans, Dylan who is the licensee, is the most miss judged LGBTI member of our community he is not inclusive of the trans community. This place once called "the shift" completely changed since I first went there in 1994 Mardi Gras, is transphobic. Being a member of the LGBTI since 1972 this person Dylan was unable to communicate effectively why I was not allowed into this venue.
08:27 21 Nov 21
We had a great time inside the venue, but when we asked to enter the club section the bouncer became needlessly aggressive to us. He ran up to us after we left and were ordering an Uber to go home and terrified and antagonised us for no reason, my brother then started filming him and he snatched his phone and threw it in the gutter while it was raining. Everybody around us came to our aid as this behaviour was completely unnecessary and illegal. He was clearly overzealous and desperately looking for a fight. I would avoid this place until they have people like this removed from security. Somebody of this nature should not be trusted to work in a space such as this. I won't publicly describe the person on this review but he will be reported through the appropriate channels. Disgusting and abhorrent behaviour to say the least. Be careful.
CeeCee Sun
22:31 12 Nov 21
I had the best time here a few weeks ago. Everything was just amazing. Cheap drinks too which is always a bonus
Jason Lee Holcroft
03:23 08 Nov 21
Love it! One of the few places in Sydney that I can truly feel myself and not be judged for it. Cheers Universal, I will see you all soon!
Diego Cardona
07:07 02 Nov 21
Best staff specifically the manager is Divine 🙂 ❤️
Ash Beukenex
01:27 03 May 21
We had so much fun! On a Sunday we expected the place to be more quieter than usual but it felt like a busy Saturday night 😃A perfect night out for travelers !
Olivia H.
07:52 10 Apr 21
rude security. would not recommend so many other places around for a better time. 1/10
Salmaan Saleem
13:15 05 Apr 21
Fun and lively bar/club in the heart of oxford street. You can be yourself and have a fun amazing night with your mates. Love the place. LGBT friendly and all welcome.
Sophie Bex
00:33 20 Mar 21
Used to love going to this place with all my friends, but absolutely astounded what we seen and heard last night.We where sitting up the front of the bar towards the stage and was having a good night till we seen this blonde haired guy who was working there come over to a man sitting on the booth and verbally abused him and brought him to tears. Not sure if there is something underlying that we don’t know off but no staff should have the right to speak to a customers like that in my opinion. This is not the first time I have seen this man do this. I would like universal to action this and supply a reason to why this is happening as is making the place very uncomfortable to be in. I have attached a picture of this man from you Instagram so there is no confusion.
Haz L
00:50 16 Mar 21
Fun spot in the heart of Sydney’s Oxford Street night life district. Went with a group of 6 on the Friday night and they managed to sit us within 10 minutes. Good music throughout the night with a mix of classics and current pop music. Had a few snacks as well and the food was surprisingly good for what is more a bar than restaurant. Plenty of entertainment throughout the night with various dances and whatnot
Joanne Stage
06:08 02 Jan 21
We were greeted by a lovely guy at the door could not have been nicer his hospitality skills were amazing. Really cool atmosphere inside friendly staff and patrons. The show was very entertaining and the food was delicious. This venue has been taken over by new management Dillon Shaw and his team are doing a great job.
M H.
11:47 30 Dec 18
Open Daily from 12pm. Nice Inexpensive Lunch Menu. Very Friendly Staff & Security. Happy hour daily.Great Large Video Screen, 2 Pool Tables , Air...

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