West Five Bar

West Five Bar

West London's Gay and Cabaret Venue

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West Five Bar nestled in the heart of West London this bar has become a go-to destination since 1998 for those seeking a fun and inclusive night out. It's a place where diversity thrives and everyone, regardless of their background, is welcomed with open arms.

The bar is renowned for its lively atmosphere, described by regulars as both bubbly and fun. This creates a relaxed environment where visitors can easily make new friends and enjoy a night of camaraderie. The venue is more than just a bar; it's a hub of social interaction and community bonding, offering a perfect mix of dancing, drag performances, and cabaret shows. These elements combine to create an experience that is both entertaining and engaging, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Moreover, the value offered at West Five Bar extends beyond its entertainment. Patrons often praise the great value of the drinks, which adds to the overall appeal of the venue. This aspect ensures that guests can enjoy their evening without the worry of overspending, further enhancing the bar's welcoming and accessible vibe.



West Five Bar
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Lewis Coleman
02:30 21 Jan 24
I hate this place, asking anything from the staff is a challenge, overpriced for the area, nothing interesting ever happens here!!Don’t go here, it’s tragic!! Second review?? Let’s not pretend!! Many more bad reviews to come obviously under this extremely poor management, Walt and see
Lewis Coleman
02:27 21 Jan 24
Don’t go here. They will not not accept your sterling money. Will report to HMRC!! Don’t you dare thank me, you were condescending, offensive and angry over this!!DO NOT GO HERE
Jason W
17:01 26 Nov 23
Awful place, transistor radio sound system. Rude and aggressive security guards. Never to set foot in the place again.Avoid. Judging by the responses, the manager needs to learn to spell properly
Chloe Dhami
15:29 21 Oct 23
My friend got chocked by the big white bold manager at the venue , we alll got thrown out for no reason at all . Im soo disappointed in the community for the fact we are all brown/black American woman and I feel this is literal hate crime . This is disgusting
Aaron Aubrey
03:40 24 Aug 23
Great night, I had here last month, you do have to pay at the door when it's late but great night. Deals on shots dance floor, live music karaoke. Outside smoking area. And extremely clear toilets for a place that's open so late.
Tony Smith
12:47 17 Aug 23
Enjoyed the 25th party. My partner and I like going on a Thursday evening to see and join in the fun with Barbara and Nicky. Great fun
michael finan
13:14 06 Aug 23
Been here 1000 times, have loved every experience I've been here, Daniel and the team have amazing and welcoming. Shout out to the security team who looked after my friend and I with the up most of care and respect!!!! 👮🏿‍♀️
South East Paranormal team (S.E.P.T)
12:33 06 Aug 23
Absolutely fabulous night here , the atmosphere was electric , the entertainment brilliant , and the staff what a wonderful bunch of people ,Can’t recommend this venue enough .
Fiona Maguire
00:00 16 Jul 23
The pianist was very annoyed to hear people cheering and shouting support for their friends singing karaoke - very rude and blunt which made the whole karaoke experience basically pointless
Scott Gregory
16:51 14 May 23
Very much a local vibe. Good location and nice not to have to go to central london. Door staff, security staff, and bar staff were very welcoming.
Cassie Gates
22:01 12 Feb 23
Came here for the first time recently and was very impressed. Security and bar staff were friendly and helpful. Shout out to the staff at the cloakroom who were lovely. Reasonable prices, lots of rooms to explore and a great dancefloor. Overall a great experience in one of the few queer clubs in this area
18:31 13 Sep 22
Oh my god, what a total blast from the past… The last time I was in this place the poofy little bartender jumped the bar and started making out with my boyfriend. I almost snapped his neck. Fun times!
maharajaandlittlegirl podcast
13:01 20 Jul 22
Good lgbt venue large room with Dj and sitting area and garden for smoking security very pleasant and helpful too Dan and Lisa managers
Lorraine Macedo
20:51 15 May 22
Brilliant/ loved the big fish little fish event
Priscila Hancock
08:57 19 Apr 22
I only came for the Big Fish Little Fish kiddy rave then hired the space for my own childrens' day time birthday party rave. The staff were so attentive and made our celebration super special. Special thanks fir Daniel and his team!
Darren Thrower
21:37 11 Apr 22
I worked at west 5 for many years as maintenance man looking after the place helping maintenance up-to-date and also is a Dorman making sure everyone was safe and got home safely into Texas and their vehicles I love the atmosphere was five it really is a very good atmosphere. I looked a bit different back then but will have to come down to London and see the place again.bal & de ran it then I don’t know who runs it now it will be so nice to see some old faces
Sudarshan Rokade
09:52 14 Feb 22
Absolutely loved it. Was quiet at the beginning but got busy afterwards. Lovely crowd.
Mary Chapman
11:11 13 Nov 21
Had a great night out with friends here Atmosphere is great too
Karlos Young
18:19 24 Oct 21
Awesome place for a goodnight out!! Deffo come back soon!
Barros Luis
14:16 18 Oct 21
Single middle age man, went on a Friday night out and was shocked at how young the crowd was 😅. Nevertheless still had fun with friends and people around which are friendly so nice place all around!
Hugh Mcfarlane
20:49 08 Sep 21
Very good venue, music was good and the people very interactive.
Mohammad Arif Choudhry
11:18 05 Sep 21
Love to go again
Jasmin Wade
19:38 14 Jul 21
Saw Aidan Orange's show and it was INCREDIBLE! Also I got a bottle of wine for £11 and the staff were really lovely 😀 so yeah I was happy
william bull
07:05 26 Sep 20
The staff are friendly and very welcoming. Felt super relaxed. Would definitely go again
College Backup
04:00 07 Mar 20
Great night until the end, new security guard is doing too much totally unprofessional trying to fight people over confrontation instead of defusion the situation. Did nothing to make a situation better only added to the negativity and started more confrontations
Michał Cisło
00:39 30 Jan 20
If you haven;t been in West Five yet, it means you know nothing about the life , and West London too!
Daniel D. Reimer
11:29 20 Oct 19
Rather big gay venue a bit further out in South Ealing (night tube Piccadilly Line). Has a bit of everything: bar, club, outside garden, karaoke space with live music. Staff and security were very friendly. Starts to get busier late at night so dont arrive too early. Great for groups. When I went age range was more on the younger side. Biggest downside it is the minimum spend for cards on entrance AND the bar, which seems outdated.
Jad Greisaty
19:31 16 Oct 19
Diverse, Affordable and a Fantastic night out!West 5 is a true hidden gem. Situated in Ealing, West 5 is located in a part of west London where you wouldn’t normally find many safe spaces for LGBTQIAP+ folk.Bar staff and security are as charming as they are helpful and are always up for a little bit of banter.Not to mention that they also book plenty of Ru Girls from all seasons so it’s a real treat for those familiar with the show!
Jack Riggall
23:32 07 Sep 19
We visited this place after a great night at Gunnersbury park (seeing the specials). The staff here (mainly the security) were actively aggressive towards us, I'm not sure if it's because we were a straight four or not bit it certainly felt like it. I definitely wouldn't recommend a visit. Good luck to any other astray travellers!
Nicky C
10:48 21 Sep 18
Love it here! I have never had any of the problems anyone else has stated, it's always busy (when going late-ish on a Friday or Saturday night) and the music is brilliant...I love pop music and it's played by the bucket load. Out of respect for their neighbours you have to be quiet when smoking outside as it's in a really residential area.
Alexandra Lloyd Hamilton
14:02 30 Sep 17
Usually LOVE a night here. Great prices, great music, great atmosphere.However. The last time a group of me and my girlfriends went, we were spoken to in an awful way. Lied to. And shouted and sworn at by members of staff.After we were spoken to in a highly unprofessional manner, including one member of staff telling one of our party to "f**k off", of course we retaliated and returned the gesture. If a member of staff is unnecessarily rude to a friend the natural reaction is to stick up for your friend.I myself have worked in customer service for numerous years and I have never encountered anything like the language being used at paying customers before.Such a shame this one night ruined the bar for myself and friends.
Tara Ryan
13:23 15 Aug 15
We visited to go and see a show and had a really good time! The bar is spacious with lots of room for dancing and the floor isn't sticky which is always a plus for a pub/nightclub.Drinks were reasonably priced and with a good selection and the staff were really friendly which is great.Something to note - if you're getting an Uber from here, make sure to drop the pin yourself as if you put the address in it ends up halfway down the road. In the early hours of the morning after a few it will save you a lot of "Where are you" conversations.
Michelle B.
03:02 30 Nov 12
This place is hilarious. Nestled in the surburban-y nowhere of South Ealing is this strange and wonderful place. I'd heard of West Five. It has an...
Gina K.
17:25 31 Jul 11
This is a cute spot. The only gay bar i know of in Ealing. I came here with friends for karaoke night and found we came on the wrong day! oops! but we...
08:41 21 Apr 10
This is my favorite gay venue in the whole of London! The place is just great, it's big, got friendly staff and something for everyone. Bingo nights,...

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