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Wild Rose Bar
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Blake S.
13:11 21 Aug 23
I am writing this review as a queer person who desperately wants more fem queer spaces in the city and it sucks that the time I had at Wildrose (seattles...
Samantha H.
23:19 15 Jul 23
Mandatory stop for all queer women visiting Seattle! We ended up stopping here every night we were in town and had the best time!
Sarah Bollard
23:05 06 Jul 23
The staff here is always kind and helpful, the best bar for sapphic folks in Seattle.
Stevie S.
05:47 10 May 23
Drinks are great, lots of variety as well! The staff are super sweet and we somehow stumbled into bingo night which was super fun and we actually ended up...
18:00 07 May 23
The drinks are great, the staff are always friendly and appreciated the gender neutral bathroom. The music is great and a good area to dance.
Cammy Larson
18:04 01 May 23
LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Kinda lifechanging. A really beautiful place. I don't have any money but one day I'll be a regular here. ❤️
Janice Baker
14:32 25 Apr 23
I had a great time here. A place for women to to kick back, relax, and have a good time. Women-owned establishment. They get it right.
Christina Phillips
03:19 24 Apr 23
Me and my girl were celebrating her 21st and not only was security extremely unfriendly and condescending but the atmosphere overall didn’t feel welcoming. The drinks were okay and moderately priced. We constantly got dirty looks and someone even told us the DJ “wanted to see us” just so they could take our table. We went ahead and danced until the DJ started messing up. We were really disappointed and won’t be coming back.
Brandon R.
21:07 25 Mar 23
What a gift to the Seattle scene. A truly loving, safe and personal space to celebrate things. Ive been to trivia nights, drag shows, karaoke. So many...
Thomas Manning III
15:27 23 Feb 23
It's a gay establishment - love ❤️ abounds mostly Gay woman's but my Service Dog CashMoney is Gay
Didi S.
09:42 19 Feb 23
Bartenders was short n irritable! And...it wasn't even busy!!! I haven't been here in years and this place has changed!!!
23:45 14 Jan 23
My friends and I had a wonderful time here, friendly staff and we all enjoyed the drinks and the vibes❤️
Julie c
00:39 31 Dec 22
Such a special place of legacy and so much fun! So grateful The Rose has stood the test of time, a pandemic and politics!💗
Sam M.
18:08 24 Oct 22
I saw pride stuff and as a gay man thought it would be cool to see what's up? I was wrong. They not so politely asked me and my friends to leave the line. I...
Bianca N.
10:33 25 Sep 22
Great spot and friendly staff. Visited on my trip from Australia, will definitely return. Felt really safe and welcomed there.
Nicole F.
20:06 02 Sep 22
My first experience here and the bouncer asked to hang onto my water bottle which was in a visiblepocket of my backpack while I was standing at the bar to...
Rosa D
05:44 26 Jun 22
How dare you! The last lesbian bar in the region and you charge a $35 cover. Shame!
Sunshine by V.
22:43 24 Jun 22
I'm from a state with no lesbian bars, and it meant so much to me to be able to come here. I ordered the Strawberry Dyke-uiri and it was lovely, and quite...
Jason G.
23:08 18 Jun 22
My friend and I stumbled across this place because we thought it looked cool from the outside and had a good vibe. Yes, we were two straight men who didn't...
Sarah M.
01:28 21 May 22
I'm a 6' cis woman with short hair and tonight I got yelled at for going into the women's bathroom. I turned around to face the owner and she said "oh,...
Landes Bauter
05:50 01 May 22
The WildRose is a great place to get a drink and dance with fellow queer women! The bouncer is great and has always made us feel welcome. They're super diligent about keeping the space clean and picking up empty cups, and the crowd is always a ton of fun to dance with! Sometimes I wish they'd play a bit more music intended for queer women and music by queer musicians, but the music they play is still good!It's the only space in Seattle intended for queer women, so don't be surprised when people are protective of that! I find that most of the bad reviews this place gets are people completely misunderstanding the atmosphere of the bar or people not realizing how protecting we have to be of these spaces to keep them open!
James Slone
03:43 23 Apr 22
They asked for my ID and vaccination card after the state requirement was dropped. I gave them both but they weren’t satisfied even though I got all 3 of my covid vaccines at CVS. If they have wanted money they would have let me in to spend it.No worries Life on Mars loved me there and I spent a lot of money to support them. Life on Mars is beautiful, go there instead
Kacha Angeline
08:19 26 Mar 22
Friendly staff, drinks were horrible and the place is too small to be a night club and a bar.
Erinn F.
20:13 24 Mar 22
A lesbian bar is a city's rare gem, and this one is solid. Our community is lucky to have them holdin it down for the dykes.
Danielle Jones
05:59 22 Mar 22
Fast service and ridiculously delicious drinks, great vibes
Camille Levin
05:17 19 Mar 22
Refused to let my friend in, saying her green card isn’t a valid ID. So much for acceptance and diversity!
Ruby S.
00:58 27 Feb 22
Wouldn't let me take water to go and bartenders came and took my friends drink from our table and poured them out while we were dancing
09:52 02 Feb 22
I really want to love this bar. As an avid supporter of gay women's spaces - and we all know lesbian bars are closing faster than you can say "Ellen...
Claire P.
02:38 29 Jan 22
We went queer bar hopping tonight and by far Wildrose was the one that passed the vibe check. The bartenders are friendly, the drinks are strong and...
Rebecca Fernandez
09:09 22 Jan 22
If you are a cis man, PLEASE STOP COMING HERE. Gay or not, STOP. This is our ONE SPOT and my god, we are SICK of you randomly approaching us cause you think it’s a safe space. Stop!!! I didn’t come to a lesbian bar for a cis man to come try and get my number. There are TWELVE lesbian bars left in the WHOLE country, PLEASE LET US HAVE OUR SPACE.
Elsa L.
21:19 19 Nov 21
The wonderful bartender recommended their new slushees and boy, did they not disappoint. Absolutely delicious and a must-try for anybody that can't stand...
Elsa L.
08:00 02 Oct 21
The wonderful bartender recommended their new slushees and boy, did they not disappoint. Absolutely delicious and a must-try for anybody that can't stand...
Nicole W.
18:56 30 Sep 21
I came here on pride weekend with a good friend. We live somewhere where there aren't any gay bars let alone lesbian bars so we were really excited to hang...
Claire D.
20:59 14 Sep 21
I went there Saturday and they have a dj starting to play at 8:00 pm. They ask for pictures of covid test before entering. The drinks are really pricey...
Cora H.
22:18 04 Sep 21
If I could give a negative amount of stars, I would. This used to be a place that I supported and loved. Until I realized and found out that they had a...
Annette W.
16:13 15 Jul 21
I always have a good time here and have fun for years but what i don't understand is you have lines full of people right now after you almost closed and you...
Sean C.
16:16 08 Jun 21
Taco Tuesdays are still poppin. Such a fun and enjoyable safe space for the queer community. I highly recommend this lesbian bar to anyone looking for an...
Louie Schoenknecht
05:18 05 Jun 21
Wonderful bar! Super friendly staff, great service. Their newly renovated outdoor seating is so nice! Truly a diamond in terms of Seattle bars.
Landes B.
22:18 04 Jun 21
The Wildrose is a great place. Good drinks and a nice bouncer! They have a great patio and atmosphere
Seydel Dubon
18:40 30 May 21
Great drinks!! Hot women!!! Loved the owner and her dog! Had the absolute best time for my first time! 💜❤️
Sean Champagne
18:44 28 May 21
Taco Tuesday is still a thing
Ross Burnett
21:21 26 May 21
A great lesbian dive bar with a fun drink menu.
J J.
18:00 13 Apr 21
Sad. So sad. So much opportunity wasted. Lesbian bars are closing all over the country, and this bar has the opportunity to be the last bastion of lesbian...
Andrew R.
19:34 25 Feb 21
Love the Taco Tuesday! Staff is friendly. Space to be socially distant. Lots of hand sani. Totally recommend!
00:12 07 Nov 20
Horrible service. The workers are so rude and awful. Why?Lol calm down...You take yourselves WAY to seriously.
05:16 09 Sep 20
I finally got to go to Wildrose. The Captain Punch is delicious! Also got the black bean tacos. I was very pleased. The bouncer and bartender were nice. I am going to come again on a weekend when they have the street shut down for more seating.
Meilani C.
12:13 22 Jul 20
I visited in January while on a solo trip for my birthday and had an incredible time. The drinks were affordable, the music was the best on the block (this...
Rt Sears
10:08 15 Dec 19
Lovely place to stop by for a casual meal & people/women watching. Especially if you can snag a window table/seat. Intimate and cozy venue for concerts and other such events too. Staff doesn’t usually feel the need to put up with customer rudeness, so respect will garner you best service.Sit and read, play pool, socialize and even do some cruising. Welcoming to the full range of the Womens’ and Lesbians’ communities, and courteously serves all other (well behaved) other folk too.Evenings, eat, drink, dance and be merry!
Indigo Hansen
07:43 17 Nov 19
The concept was good, but I’m frustrated by the fact that my friend was asked to leave based on her having a French accent and not being served due to being “intoxicated” after only having one drink. The music was average, the service was mediocre, and I will not be returning. For an inclusive bar, this feels quite the opposite.
Tye Jones
04:06 06 Aug 19
The Wild Rose Bar is a great place to have drinks with friends. And bartender Joe is awesome. Stop through for a laid-back time.
Robinson F.
15:49 25 Apr 19
Okay men and womyn. My sister and aunt are both lesbians and I am a gay man. We've been coming here for years. So here's how people conduct themselves in a...
Anna bigunt
21:20 13 Oct 18
Me and my partner visited Seattle's "Only Lesbian Bar" all the way from Canada Sunday, Oct 7th; and it was the worst, uninviting horrible experience we've ever had. We were met by a blue haired angry and rude bartender who immediately and gruffly greeted us bluntly with "I.D.S". We then proceeded to sit at the bar and order drinks, but we seemed like an inconvenience and being hurried to order when there was only two other patrons in the entire bar. The bartender was VERY unfriendly, angry, and literally the worst customer service experience we've ever come across, especially at a bar that touts an "inclusive-friendly-community" on the signs at the door. We ordered one beer and were there 5 minutes before leaving due to the aggressive nature of the bartender. The bar is tired and sad, and so is it's staff. Stay as far away as you can if you're looking for a good vibe.
Timothy Anderson
20:51 16 Jan 18
Taco Tuesday is where it's at! Always have the special veggie taco on Tuesday and cheap Tecate. Usually not too crowded here when I go for some reason. Friendly bar and table service, they are always quick to take care of you.

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