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Phuket's rainbow flag flies high, and its LGBTQ+ scene sizzles with vibrant nightlife. But if you crave something a little more, well, extra, Zag Bar Phuket is your Phuket party kryptonite. Buckle up, honey, because Zag's not your average cocktail bar – it's a full-on sensory extravaganza.

Picture this: velvet curtains frame a jewel-toned interior dripping with opulent chandeliers and plush seating. Think Gatsby's mansion reimagined by a drag queen with a serious design degree. The air thrums with a curated mix of house and disco, punctuated by the infectious laughter of a diverse crowd.

Zag's star isn't just the ambiance, though. The bartenders are mixologists with flair, crafting bespoke cocktails that are as Instagrammable as they are delicious. Think smoking concoctions served in vintage teacups, fiery infusions that'll tickle your taste buds, and classics with a Zag twist.

But Zag isn't just about the drinks (although, let's be real, they're pretty darn good). This is where Phuket's LGBTQ+ scene comes alive after dark. Live music and drag performances ignite the stage, while themed nights like "Glitter Bomb Fridays" and "Masquerade Mondays" keep the party fresh and fabulous.

Zag's not afraid to push boundaries, and that's what makes it so damn special. It's a place where you can dress to the nines or roll up in ripped denim, and everyone's welcome with open arms and a killer cocktail. It's a place to celebrate, to connect, to let loose and be your most authentic self.



Zag Club
Based on 204 reviews
Marm marmmarm
11:01 06 May 24
So Bad.👎 this is my worst experience going to bar in Thailand. I saw many staffs fought one group of young guys in toilet and that was not enough, I saw them with group follow those guys and fought them again outside. Those young guys look like not Thai people. I don’t mean all Thai people. What I want to mean is ZAG staffs fight Customers who want to enjoy in their trip.i myself will never ever go to ZAG gay bar again. So amazing what I have never seen before.
dunstan b
18:51 30 Apr 24
OMG I've been to Drag shows in the states and I MUST SAY BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO ... so enjoyable.. costumes choreography.. song choices ... ladies were PERFECTION.. men were the cutest ever .. my friendsv And I had the Best time thank you..
JAF Cloud
18:20 12 Apr 24
A tourist rip-off without end! Of course it's the best gay area in Patong. For all those who don't know the local Thai meeting places. And it's a great disco atmosphere. No doubt about it. But watch out! All the guys who want to join you and have a drink are only doing so because they get 50 THB commission from every order. Most of the time they let you order and then disappear. They don't drink at all. So: only order a drink for them if you are sure they will stay and drink. Or leave it alone. The drinks are endlessly expensive anyway. I think it's just a tourist rip-off. If you want to meet a Thai guy, go to the other, quieter bars in the side streets. Believe me, I've known Patong and the gay scene here for over 20 years now.
Alexander Klingsten
11:48 03 Feb 24
We spend many nights here during our trip to Phuket. The show starts 22.30-23 and since it's free I think it's obligated to tip some of the dancers cause they are there for entertaning you. They litterally have a show for 3-4 hours straight, that is what I like the most.Thank you all for amazing time at Zag! Guests and staff!Xtra thanks to Gaga, ur best 🙂
Omar Alabbasi
08:15 26 Dec 23
They have the best shows I have ever seenCame here multiple times during my stay and they had something different every night. I never got bored of it!!Make sure to get a massage while you wash your hands in the restroom! 😂
Corbmac McKay
06:23 25 Dec 23
There are very limited options for nightlife in Patong and this club is probably the best out of a bad bunch.The only positive part of this club is that the drag performance is fun (although a copy and paste every night so don’t expect something new if you go more than once).The staff, unfortunately, are what destroys this place. They are extremely intense, pushing their customers to drink more and more (the moment you finish a drink they insist you buy more and if you need a break they start getting angry). Even worse, the staff are selling illegal drugs and pressuring people to buy them. When I refused they started to get aggressive. They also try to take money from you for everything… the staff will offer to get you a drink and if you accept they’ll charge you for both yours and theirs (and theirs is more expensive). The staff pretend to be friendly but they just want to empty every baht from your pocket.Additionally, the place is overpriced, the alcohol is mixed with juice or sugar, and they don’t accept card.My recommendation is to join for the drag show and leave for a better place afterwards.
Denys Zagrebin
18:30 15 Dec 23
aggressive behavior of the waiters of this club. We just stood there filming a video, the club employee said that we should leave here immediately. Think twice before visiting this establishment, as your vacation will definitely be ruined here.
Vlad Reed
07:34 15 Dec 23
If you don’t like places like that - don’t go there. Boring show (though some of the actresses have charisma), super annoying staff that will try to push you to buy their “services”.I went to the toilet and the guy (most probably janitor or whoever he is) started doing massage without asking if I want or need it, so I asked him to stop. Next time I went there - he helped me with warm towel to wipe my hands after washing, then he asked me to tip him for that. Ridiculous!Boys who work in this place will do their best to pretend that they are interested in your company, after couple of minutes they will ask to buy them a drink right away. I’ve been to many gay places all over the world but this one is like a gay gipsy market.I would never come back there and would never recommend anyone to visit. Unless you really like this atmosphere - feel free, they love your money 😌
#hashtag Travel ideas for everyone
01:28 10 Dec 23
This place is fun just make sure you know there just after money that also means watch you money of belongs. They are thieves. If you want to take one home with you be careful they don't rob you blind. Me my friend went there 3 times. Third time they rob him 20000baht also his pills he needed later and one joint. Lucky I didn't see it. So just remember they do not care one bit about you just money money money. Have fun and keep everything locked in your pockets....
Dennis Semola
13:22 20 Sep 23
We went for a short walk not expecting to find anything to do. We stumbled onto this little gem of a spot and had some of the best nights of our lives. We highly recommend if you get a chance to go then do so. The performers were amazing and interacted with audience. Scan not fault anything here at all. Great work guys will see you next year.
moe hashem
09:37 13 Sep 23
It is fun, but the bartenders are really annoying, they keep on checking your drinks and ask you if you want more constantly,LIKE CONSTANTLY. The drag show was ok, it could have been better. But it’s ok to spend some time if you have extra time.
Urko De Pedro
23:54 27 Aug 23
Great club. They do a long drag show. Had a great night here
17:07 26 Aug 23
A SAFE place for everyone. You don't waste your time waiting at the bar like other clubs, here the staff are so attentive. You don't wait, and there's no risk of padded bills. Hours-long shows on the weekend, great talent and fab atmosphere. This place is awesome. 💕
Maddie Krishnapillai
11:10 19 Aug 23
Found this place by chance and I’m so glad!!! Amazing burlesque show out on the street which continued inside. You could tell the performers really enjoyed it and got to choose songs/costumes that they loved. Not to mention, while washing your hands you can get a great - free - massage !!!Would definitely go back
Nathan Davies
17:23 20 Mar 23
SCAMMERS!!! Stay well clear of this place. An old man came over to take our order.I asked “how much for a Chang?” He clarified with us that we want a small Chang for 80Baht each.He came out with two bottles of water and we said “no we asked for Chang, 80Baht.”He came back out with two beers and asked us to pay 400Baht for two SMALL bottles of Chang.This Zag Club has absolutely DESTROYED the Bay Area in Patong.FOUR HUNDRED BAHT for two warm beers to sit outside on an empty grotty little street at a bar that is absolutely dead.You need your head checked if you visit this bar after reading this.
Angelos Angelidis
08:48 07 Mar 23
The drag show was really nice and it was the whole night. Service is ok but avoid drinks that are not in a bottle.
10:32 11 Feb 23
Spent a couple of mid week evenings here - great service. The ‘street’ shows started at 10:30 and were really well done and entertaining. The performers were the same but they had all new costumes / routines each night - impressive.Supposedly the bars/street used to be a lot more crowded but still a good crowd each night.Prices were reasonable considering the entertainment. Glad we went.
Lala Ru
21:17 25 Jan 23
This is supposed to be zero star.. As an Asian Trans I felt discriminated by the waitress(which she’s also trans). How come is that? I or we (my husband) asked politely for the last cocktail drink to end the night, but instead the waitress ignored us with the rolling eyes she made and even said to her other coworkers to not entertain us. I felt bad not for me but for my husband. He is very frustrated as we saw the next table they served them cocktails before we ordered..
Luke Atkins
04:15 22 Jan 23
I would of given 5 stars as it’s really fun and good entertainment the show is really well done. We went 2 nights in a row and had drinks and left good tips for the staff. On the last night we finished our drinks and ordered a grab. Which took 12 mins so we watched the show whilst waiting. And then a tall skinny guy with glasses came over and said if we don’t order right now we can’t sit there. So my advice will be go have fun but don’t tip as all they want is your money. It’s a great place. Till your not paying
Stuart C
02:18 28 Dec 22
Great place for a night out, good drag show and you sit outside, once the main show is fine you can go inside and various other drag performances throughout the night
endrew smith
02:34 05 Dec 22
It’s good show. But don’t expect drag shows from the west. There’s no over the top make-up. They all look gorgeous women. But they need to get rid of annoying washroom guard who asks every single person if they want massage.
22:54 28 Oct 22
Complete fabulous and fun gay bar in Phuket! There were very many different shows throughout the night with a lot of effort clearly put in! I was seriously impressed - so much fun and joy! Friendly and great atmosphere and service.
15:42 04 Sep 22
Netty. Was. Here. Wow! What a show! And all you have to do is be here! Nearby bar that will serve you drinks. Enjoy the show and it’s completely FREE!
Iurii Zanozin
16:18 12 Aug 22
Main gay place in Patong, non-stop drag performance. Staff is friendly, hope it's more crowded in the season (unlike August).
06:22 08 Jul 22
Beautifully put up shows. The performers are very professional. Costumes are superb. Drinks are affordable and the hosts are very friendly.
Mark Osborne
06:41 17 May 22
Fabulous party atmosphere drinks reasonable priced 3 cabaret shows a night
Pedro Martinho
03:03 15 May 22
After coming from Ram Bar this was quite disapointing. The show is average, and it is impossible to stay at the bar. They come every 2 minutes asking if you want more drinks, even when your drink is full and you tell them 4 times "i'm ok". Its not a very welcoming place.
Tomaz Justin
00:35 14 May 22
Very weak show and obnoxious waiters trying to force you to buy them a drink.
15:47 01 Apr 22
Fun place, super friendly staff, moderate prices but supper weak drinks. Have you heard of Margarita without alcohol? 😅
Stephen Carr
14:36 16 Mar 22
Great show, but the drinks are cheaper in the bar across the road where you can still enjoy the show.
Houman Bozorgipou
15:02 13 Dec 21
Nice to see they reopened ❤
Manfred Krautter
21:45 30 Oct 21
The Zig and Zag clubs are open in an outdoor version. The street between them is used as a stage for the show at around 9pm. The performance I saw was mostly done by drags with lipsinging. Quite loud and not really glamerous. Drink prices were was 80 thb
Indo_ Mateo
22:07 18 Sep 21
I love the shows and performers at Zag. However, they do have staff issues and instead of dealing with it, I sit directly across the lane and enjoy the show from the bar across the street.I have never had a bad time at Zag; and if you say no to the money boys, 99% of the time they appreciate the notice of non-interest and pursue other likely customers.If you’re visiting Patong, I highly recommend watching a show at Zag.. then stick around for dancing afterwards.Get your drinks across the street or next door. 😅
Michael Waldron
02:17 13 Mar 20
This place is ok. The drag shows are fun, the drink prices are reasonable. If your coming from Bangkok and thinking it's like DreamBoys, it's not. Totally different. The waiting staff are very over the top, very flamboyant. But friendly enough. However, like other comments, I can see them being rude, if they wanted to be. When in the toilets if you wash your hands, expect a full back crack. This was fun. But, you will need to pay. Even without knowing about it. This place is more of the "straight" female crowd, who want to go out into gay bars. You can see even when the men carousel happens, they're interested in the girls. It's fun, it's worth a visit. Just don't expect a 5 star service, you need to pay for that. It is Thailand after all.
Ritchi Kay
16:02 06 Mar 20
It's good from about mid night on. They go overboard with the shows and have too many. Westerners just want to drink and mingle not watch 300000000 shows. Turn it into a bar/ club again 🙌
Ivan Dyachkov
17:26 28 Feb 20
Worst place to be. Waiters are rude. Service is bad. Very keen im to buy a drink. Show is super bad. Visit only fir expensive. Don't worth to come again !!!.
Bee Jay
02:15 07 Feb 20
Sad to say that the whole Paradise precinct has had its day. It now feels like a storage area for the hotel, crumbling concrete, peeling paint and drabness dominates the day and even the lights of the night can't hide the neglect of the area. Once a favourite place to dance and see shows the boat bar has moved across the street but struggle desperately as the crowds are focussed on the Zag bar. The scene in Phuket appears to be lost. Sad.
Dirk Katzer
16:04 15 Oct 19
Most borring high class show proformance i think if i send my grandmother she bring more power to the dancefloor

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