Nintendogs speedruns are a thing, apparently, but it seems they can sometimes go very wrong

A Nintendogs speedrun was scuppered on the Summer Games Done Quick stream due to a very bad boy.

Speedrunner ZooKetra featured on the Twitch channel racing through the 2005 Nintendo DS launch game as fast as possible.

A few tricks were used to speed up the process. The Japanese version of Chihuahua and Friends runs slightly quicker, for instance, and ZooKetra uses short vowel sounds instead of words like “sit” and “stay” to keep his pup in check.

He also chose a black labrador, named Korone by the chat, as they’re superior at running, jumping and doing tricks – handy for competitions later.

The run was going fine with Korone leaping through doggie walks, despite a few random occurrences that can hold up time.

At least, until the agility competition.

To achieve a gold medal, Korone would need to complete the course without missing more than a single jump.

Instead, he was caught in a tunnel.

Despite ZooKetra frantically tapping the screen to guide the pup, he would not budge from the tunnel. Bad boy!

Occasionally dogs can get stuck but only for a couple of seconds. Here, though, Korone wouldn’t move at all, forcing ZooKetra to reboot the game for another try.

And then it happened again.

As ZooKetra’s commentator Mook said, “I’ve run an ungodly amount of this game, like a disgusting amount, and I have legitimately never seen that happen.”

It’s the kind of luck that only happens with thousands of people watching.

ZooKetra went on to complete the other competitions first before coming back to the agility course. Thankfully, Korone eventually complied and ZooKetra won all the necessary gold medals to complete Nintendogs with a time of 16:56.

“The real gift was spending time together playing Nintendogs,” joked ZooKetra.

You can watch the full run below.

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