Pathetic teens hurl homophobic abuse at loved-up couple as they celebrate their anniversary

A same-sex couple celebrating their anniversary were subjected to appalling homophobic abuse just for walking past a group of teenagers in a local park.

Daniel Allman told CheshireLive that he was celebrating his eighth anniversary with his partner by walking into town with their dog, going shopping and having a drink at a pub. As they walked home, Allman said they encountered a group of teens sitting on a bench in the Moor – a park in Knutsford, England.

He described how the teens started shouting homophobic slurs at them just because “we literally walked past them”.

“They were shouting the usual jives and slurs that you tend to get from homophobic people which really doesn’t phase me anymore,” Allman said.

He told CheshireLive that he posted about the unprovoked attack on a Facebook group for people living in Knutsford. Allman said he hoped the post would raise awareness for other people who may have been affected by homophobic abuse.

He explained: “I’m quite thick-skinned, I came out 20 years ago and I’m very comfortable in my own skin and sexuality, the reason I put the post was because if it was somebody who wasn’t quite as sure of themselves and secure in their own skin and sexuality it could have had a bigger impact on them.”

In the post, Allman described how he encountered a “barrage of homophobic abuse from what I can only describe as kids” at the Moor. He recognised “that they are children” but said it’s unacceptable for “this kind of language to happen to anyone in our lovely town”.

Allman then called on parents to “educate your children on how to be kind” to everyone. He added the incident is proof of “why we need Pride” because “no one should ever feel like that in a place they call home”.

The post has received hundreds of comments on Facebook with many people horrified by the homophobic abuse and sharing their support for Allman and his partner. Allman told CheshireLive that he was “really humbled and surprised” that so many people “had taken the time to comment and stand with me”.

He added that some people were even talking about hosting an LGBT+ Pride event in “a small place like Knutsford”.

“That’s something good to come out of it, where we can educate people,” Allman said.